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Found 24 results

  1. This month, we are beginning a brand-new initiative for the Coppermind. The Coppermind is a living, breathing thing, and there's so much to write that it's impossible to have the wiki succeed without your help. But often, people are interested in writing for the Coppermind but don't know where to start. To this end we are going to have monthly objectives to help guide people towards what should be done. Our plan is to have a mix of larger tasks as well as smaller tasks that are much less of a time commitment. If you're new to editing the Coppermind, don't worry; we'll help you out with guides and plenty of assistance. You don't need experience, just the will to do help out! We'll also provide awards, because everyone loves fake internet points. So, here are our objectives for July. There's still so much from Oathbringer and Stormlight to do, so we're focusing on that this month. (And, let's face it, probably for the next little while, too.) We're going to try and make things fairly focused. Larger Projects 1. Kaladin's History in Oathbringer Part Three Kaladin's article needs a lot of updating for Oathbringer, but let's start by just updating the events in Part Three and getting that up to speed. 2. Siege of Kholinar Behold, one of the worst articles on the wiki! Yeah, this needs vast expansion. For subsections that should be here, you can look at the article structure for battles. 3. Lopen We know there's Lopen fans, and if you're a fan of Lopen you should hate this criminally short article of his! 4. Hesina You know, a lot of people worry when they start on the Coppermind, "oh no, I'll screw something up!" And I can understand that, especially for big character articles. But if you just look at Hesina's article you'll quickly realize that you cannot possibly screw this up, because it is so short and so bad. It is criminal that no one has given this one more attention! 5. Update Rysn for Oathbringer Rysn just has one interlude, but it's pretty meaty. Let's update her article with all the Oathbringer stuff and call it good. 6. Roshone Oathbringer Stuff Similar to Rysn, Roshone doesn't have a big role to play in Oathbringer, but there's still stuff to add in all of his sections. 7. Mraize's History from Words of Radiance If you look around the Coppermind, you'll see that in most character articles, the longest section is the History, where the events of their lives (and in turn, events from the books) are chronicled. Well you know who doesn't have a history section? Mraize. Literally none! Let's start by writing down what he did in Words of Radiance first. 8. Celebrant How about a location article to mix things up? Celebrant is cool. Let's get everything down about this place from Part Four of Oathbringer. For guidance, see our article structure for cities. 9. History of the Refounded Windrunners So on the Order of Windrunners page, there's a lot of stuff on what's going on with them magically, but we should also have some information about the refounding of the Windrunners. What happened there? Obviously, if we learned more about the history of the Windrunners before the Recreance, that would go on this page too, but we don't have too much on it at the moment. 10. Wax's History in Alloy of Law And for a non-Stormlight bonus, there's Wax's article. The history of his literally ends when he arrives back in Elendel. Let's start with working on his history during what happens in Alloy of Law, to say nothing of Shadows of Self and Bands of Mourning. Smaller tasks These are tasks that are much shorter and involve characters that are minor. But hey, minor things are important to have done too! Most of these articles are so short that they will not require separate sections. For short articles, include as much as you can possibly think of about them. 1. Skybreaker acolytes Szeth meets a lot of Skybreaker acolytes in Oathbringer. None have too much on them. They are: Warren, Joret, Cali, Zedzil, Ty 2. Lunamor's family Of course, we get Rock's family in this one, and his family is big! This includes: Tuaka, Gift, Cord, Rock (junior), Star, Kuma'tiki, Beautiful Song 3. Kaladin's singer squad Kaladin meets various singers in Part One of Oathbringer. Let's complete these up: Khen, Sah, Vai, Hesh, Jali 4. Wall Guard squadmembers Another Kaladin squad (Kaladin getting another squad, what's new) from Part Three of Oathbringer. This could be really good to do if you're also doing Siege of Kholinar or Kaladin's Part Three History. These are: Deedanor, Noromin, Alaward, Beard, Hid, Hadinar, Vaceslv, Vardinar, Ved 5. Fladm This is a minor guard who dies in Rsyn's interlude. 6. Insah This article refers to a character referred to once in Oathbringer Chapter 50. Include as much detail as possible, but there's not much here. 7. Mara Mara is Lirin's apprentice when Kaladin returns to Hearthstone. 8. Fullnight Fullnight is a bit harder than the last two. It's Dalinar's gelding in his first flashback, but there still isn't much about him. 9. Helt This is a master-servant to Elhokar in Urithiru. This should be a fast one. 10. Hariel This is one of the Fused, who took over Demid's body. There's some to expand on here but again, very little. When you are totally done with an article, change the text at the bottom from {{stub}} or {{partial}} to {{complete}}. What's in it for me? We want to motivate people to help, so we will be giving out Coppermind awards for the users in July with the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd most edits, and we'll also give out awards if you contributed to one of these items. They'll be on your user page for all to see. Okay, I'm in, how do I to start? The most important thing is to be bold! Content is hard to write, but we can always format your stuff if it doesn't quite match conventions. MediaWiki notation is not the easiest to learn. If you're interested, we have lots of guides to help. It does very much help to have ebooks so you can find instances of a specific word or person. (This is extremely helpful for minor characters). If you have physical books, ask us and we can help you determine this so you don't need to reread the whole text. Come join us on the dedicated Coppermind Discord, or come chat in the #coppermind channel on the 17th Shard Discord. We are really happy to help. Lastly, but certainly not least, we have something pretty special that's happened on the wiki that we would like to spotlight. Through a lot of effort, people have been able to figure out where the continent of Roshar is on the planet, and look what the user Otto didact has made: sweet, sweet maps highlighting locations on Roshar. For example, Alethkar: Emul: And for bodies of water: How awesome are these? They are just spectacular. Give Otto a big round of applause!
  2. 1) On the main shard blade page it says that the "Wider than average - cleaver-like" shardblade that Dalinar had and gave up in WoR was "Talenel - Unbound" as the "Previous Holder", isn't that very misleading? That blade was never owned or held by Talenel, but people pretended it was. 2) For Talenels Honorblade it says it was stolen by Taravangian, is their citation for that? Thanks.
  3. I'm actually a somewhat reluctant member ... for various reasons. But, I'm here now and want to make an impact. I'm a big time editor and will have far more a presence on the Coppermind in the long run than I'll have on-site. (I'll admit right now that I'm much more a lurker than a contributor.) Still, I do want to know what's going on with all of you, but I'll not be engaging with all of you much of the time. Please don't take this as an affront; I'm just kind-of inept at interpersonal communication much of the time. I'm hopeful you'll indulge me. Thank you.
  4. Hello fellow wiki editors! With new Words of Radiance sample chapters, we definitely need to get Words of Radiance policies in place, so we're all on the same page. I think having some structure and planning will be very beneficial for this huge project for the wiki. After all, we really haven't dealt with sequels to this degree, since we existed after the first Mistborn trilogy was completed. With Words of Radiance, we have some complications, because we have a bunch of Complete articles that will obviously not be complete anymore. We definitely need a way to disseminate knowledge that is finished from Way of Kings and the work we need to do in Words of Radiance, so we need a really solid plan. Not only that, we need a plan for dealing with direct sequels that will be easily expandable for later books and series. Things are going to get a bit complex, so let's start laying the groundwork now. I've spoken with Windy and Joe about the Words of Radiance plan (though they don't remember it at all ) and I want to know what you think. Here's what I'm thinking. As usual, we will need the Spoiler tag on articles that contain content from Words of Radiance (I will be adding this to some recent articles after I'm done typing this up). We will need a list of articles on new subjects that Words of Radiance reveals--obviously there will be a lot of new characters, places, and other things revealed here. Next we need a list of terms mentioned in Words of Radiance that need updating due to new information in Words of Radiance. You will not need to worry about creating this list; it will be provided very shortly after release, if not same day. We'll need to use our Project: Stormlight spreadsheet a massive deal in this process. We should add a new column in that spreadsheet for "Requires updating". From there, we can use this spreadsheet to look at what articles are complete from knowledge in book one, and ones that need updating. I would like it to be a big priority for us to quickly update current complete articles to include WoR content. If we dally too much on updating them, the "complete" tag loses meaning. Hopefully, many of these will be easy to update. I think it would be best if we added two temporary categories for articles: one will be Category:Words of Radiance, which will be a temporary category that consists of any article that has WoR content (I just think a list like this will be really, really helpful for the initial months). That category will be removed whenever we find its use to be over--after all, we don't want a category like this for each book and have them be permanent--that would be silly if Kaladin had ten categories of just book names, not to mention superfluous. We just need this category for use in initial editing work on WoR. Nextly and more importantly, we need Category:Articles that need updates, for the old terms that are mentioned in WoR. Once we have a relatively complete list of those old terms, it should be an easy matter to add this tag to those articles. We would need a header template like Spoilers for this, something that says "This articles requires updates from Words of Radiance! In its current state, it doesn't include this new content yet." I've adapted the Spoiler tag and created the Update tag to automatically put things in these categories. So when you put {{spoilers| for [[Words of Radiance]]}}, it goes in Category: Words of Radiance, and {{update| from [[Words of Radiance]]}} puts it in the articles that need updating. Once we have all read Words of Radiance, it might be a good idea for editors to "call" what articles they want to update. We already do this--people who do a major revision of an article are kind of like that article's patron. For example, Weiry would be the patron to the Elantris article, Windy about Lift, Cem for Kaladin and Jasnah. So we could use this topic to call out what they would prefer to work on. There will be a lot of activity on the week of the release, and I highly, highly recommend not looking at the Recent Changes on the wiki at all until we have all read the book. Even the list of old terms mentioned are possible spoilers, you know? The tl;dr version: --We add two new categories, "Words of Radiance" and "Articles that need updating", which I've already done! --When Words of Radiance comes out, there will be a list of new terms and old articles that need updating. We will need to add these two templates to things. For updates, use {{update| from [[Words of Radiance]]}}, and when you put anything that has WoR content in it, use {{spoilers| for [[Words of Radiance]]}}. I will be adding the update tag to many of these articles, so you don't really need to worry about it much. --Windy will focus on new articles and terms, but I think otherwise, we should all make it a priority to work on current exemplary and complete articles and get them up-to-date before moving to other things. --People can use this topic to declare what articles they want to work on. I've always wanted to do a big, substantial revision to Vorinism. So with that in mind, and me making some assumptions about people wanting to update their own articles... Articles that have been claimed Vorinism - Chaos Odium - Chaos Cultivation - Chaos Hoid - Windy Glyphs - Windy Purelake - Windy Spren - Weiry Fabrials - Weiry Artifabrian - Weiry Kaladin - Cem Jasnah - Cem This is just looking at the exemplary articles. If you have any other big articles you intend to work on, let me know and I'll add you to the list. How does all this sound?
  5. Hello all, I want to discuss what it is we all think Kairominas can do with Lancing. What can Lancing do? I initially thought it allowed energy manipulation, as most descriptions of it seem to make that obvious, but then there's chapter 3. I'm not well versed in pigment science, so I could use some help. Would Kai drawing out the pigment still classify as energy manipulation? Pulling the moisture and splitting the molecule all fall under that umbrella, but I am unsure about the pigment stuff. As a note, this is a discussion as to what Lancing can do on Alornia, or in a world where it functions in the way Kai is familiar with. This is not a discussion about how Lancing works after Sophie hacks Maltese to let Kai control heat. Thanks for the help! Edit: After looking it up, pigmentation alteration is a form of energy manipulation.
  6. As I'm getting my feet wet with editing Coppermind I find myself learning new things frequently. As far as I'm aware, there's not really a "How To" guide for people interested in getting involved. I'm aware of the Help:Contents page, but it's more like a collection of helpful info than a guide for new folks. Particularly for those who are new to editing wikis in general. Would it be helpful if I tried to organize my thoughts on this into a kind of "onboarding" document? Something that's easy for new people to find and get caught up to speed? It would cover things like... setting up an account and user page how to navigate Coppermind and make edits important stylistic information basic article formats templates categories citations and references etiquite Again, a lot of these things are covered under the Help:Contents page, but I feel like these are written in a way that assume you're very familiar with how wikis work. Any thoughts on this? Maybe it would be better to just make comments on the existing Help pages?
  7. Apparently I can't make pages on the Coppermind. I don't know whether a restriction has been placed deliberately on accounts, or whether there's some sort of permission error, but I thought it would be good to bring it to the attention of the admins. For reference, I was going to create a page on the Edgedancer Novella.
  8. A short while ago, I was browsing another Wikimedia forum, and I found a spoiler tag. After a short time of investigating, I found this. It's allows spoiler tags to be used on the Coppermind. I, personally would be in favour of this. It can prevent other awkward work-arounds. Very tangential SoS spoilers: It also means that we might be able to spoiler some of the older books major twists as well. Warbreaker Spoilers: So, are spoiler tags on the Coppermind a viable option? Is there any reason not to have them, seeing as they're already Wikimedia software?
  9. I just tried to copy paste an image from the Coppermind to the 17th Shard (Aon Edo, specifically), except when I tried to post, it said "You are not allowed to use that image extension on this community". It appears to be a .svg file, having just looked it up. Is there any reason it might not be permitted? (I assume there's a perfectly valid reason for this, in which case, we should probably swap the Aon Images from svg to jpg.)
  10. It seems like Lift has been the featured page for a while, so I think that the featured page should get changed. One idea I have had is Wax, since he's the main character of the recently-released Shadows of Self. Does anyone else have featured page suggestions?
  11. It is now (way past (whoops)) the end of June, and so our Coppermind Birthday Bonanza has come to an end. Many many thanks to all the new and returning editors who gave wikiying a try in the last month. We’re currently in the process of sorting through all the edits to determine prize levels. Overall, the Bonanza was a huge success. A few highlights: 72 editors this month 70 new accounts made (some of these accounts made no edits) 35 articles completed over 1400 edits on more than 700 different articles Isolde finished writing the Adolin article A number of users contributed to our chapter summaries, including WinespringBrother and Haelbarde Blaze1616 vastly improved our coverage of Perfect State we now have over 2.5k pages the 1000th Stormlight article was written We will be reaching out to those contributors we know how to reach in the near future, but not everyone has given us contact info. You can contact Joe via PM if you wish to claim your prize. Thank you so much again to everyone who helped and contributed! We invite all to do the same.
  12. Is it allowed, if you mention it's non canon? Specifically, I'm thinking of this. Source
  13. I tried logging into the Coppermind recently on Microsoft Edge, but it wouldn't let me. It said that I needed to 'enable cookies', even though I already had cookies enabled. I double checked on Chrome, but it still worked fine. Does anyone have idea why that would be? Can someone else who has upgraded to Windows 10 confirm whether it's just my computer or an actual flaw in the script?
  14. I'm working on a 'History of the Cosmere' page on the Coppermind. I still need to flesh out the details in each one, and create some sort of Universal Cosmere Calendar to compare dates, but I think I have all the main events I need. Can someone confirm/ deny this? Also, I thought the Everstorm was just the starting point for the true desolation, but they seem to be registered as the same thing. Can someone tell me whether it's the Coppermind or my memory that's wrong? So, here it is. PLEASE NOTE: THIS HAS MAJOR SPOILERS FOR SEVERAL COSMERE NOVELS. History of the Cosmere Thanks, TheYoungBard
  15. I've frequently seen the pages at the bottom of the page with information on, for example, "History of the Cosmere". The annoying thing is, these things often break off halfway, sometimes not allowing you to go pack to the previous page. I feel if we were to have a page with, in order, links to all the pages in the "History of the Cosmere" category, that it would be easier to navigate. Same applies to others like this. I'd be willing to work on this, but I'd just like to get approval from admin before I do, in case there's another plan that I don't know about.
  16. Hey all, I've been starting to create new individual chapter summaries for Words of Radiance and I ran across an issue with the Chapter Summary Template not allowing more than one viewpoint character. This isn't too big of an issue as most chapters focus on one character but later in the book some chapters jump around quite a bit. Is there a way to add this functionality? I'm a nooby at this and don't want to go breaking the official template . On another note, right now the main summary page contains most of the information for a given chapter. Do we want to change this to be more in line with the Way of Kings summary, which just includes the summary and epigraph, and move the additional information to the individual chapter summary? I would like to work on improving and unifying the look of the summaries and just wanted the vision that you guys have for them! Thanks for your time!
  17. Hey guys, I'm currently working on the page for Lancing, and there's a couple of things I wanted to ask. First, Lancing is a magic system, but is non-Cosmere. What info-box should I use? I normally try to look at other similar pages, but most of the magic pages are Cosmere, and the template clearly indicates that (with Shardic influence, focus, and typing). I'm currently going to use it and omit all the Cosmere sections (like Rithmatist), but let me know if there is another template I should be using, or if there are sections to the template I am unawares of. Second, the Perfect State footer infobox should have Lancesight replaced with Lancing. I've mentioned this before, but then got busy and neglected my quest to finish the Perfect State articles, so it escaped my mind. To reiterate my previous arguments, I felt, upon reading the Novella, that "Lancing" was the magic system, and "Lancesight" was a feature within that system. This is similar to seeing blue lines when burning iron/steel in Allomancy. If you were merely waiting for the page to exist before making the change, my apologies for beating the dead horse. The page should be up and running today P.S. - As a side note unrelated to Lancing, it would be nice if the template pages listed all the potential sections that are usable. Just a thought.
  18. So casual Coppermind editors might not really understand the crazy scheme for articles. A while back it was apparent that there needed to be a way to measure quality of articles. "Stub" didn't really say much if you literally had everything about a given subject in its article. And so there are four different article quality categories: Stubs - The lowest on the totem pole, these are short or incomplete articles that need work. Complete - Articles that are "Complete" are generally shorter articles, but ones that contain everything about the subject that is currently known. It is considered "done" because there is literally no more information that could be added to it. Good - "Good" articles are articles that are longer than the "Stub" category warrants, so they generally have multiple sections and a good amount of content. Exemplary - These are long-form articles that contain everything on a given subject. They are also considered done until new information on the subject is revealed. Basically, I feel like the long-term goal is to have important subjects all be Exemplary articles eventually, and for shorter ones, Complete. By the way, every article should be in one of these categories. If you de-stub something because you expanded it and you don't feel the stub category counts yet, then please mark it Good using the {{good}} template. I don't mind if people promote things to Good status, but I would like to formalize the process for Complete and Exemplary articles. To keep standards high, I think it's a good idea to have someone look over articles. And by "someone," for now I think Windy or I. (Not Joe though. He's banned from completing articles without discussing it with us ) Just having a second once-over seems like a smart idea. Before now, those tags have basically involved me asking Windy, "hey is this complete?" or "Think this can be Exemplary status?" And with you guys working on improving Emperor's Soul articles and as our editor base grows, we ought to include you guys So I'm thinking this topic will be where you post if you think an article is Exemplary or Complete, and then we go look at it and mark it as such. I'll start. I think Shai and Ashravan should be Exemplary. They are fantastic. Anyone see any additions needed on those? Candidates for Completion Spanreed Painrial Candidates for Exemplary Shai Fabrial Spren
  19. Hi, I am fairly new to the forum here, but I've noted that many forum regulars have an espoused theory tag as their signature. At the moment, I've found that the forum is hip-deep in theories, and it's impossible to find many previous theories without those signature links. Many theories are fantastic, well thought out, and highlight important quotes or passages I would not have or would never have noticed. I'd like to suggest an overhaul to the system, where theories could be added to the coppermind wiki. This would have the following benefits: • Theories would all be gathered in one place • Theories would be easily accessible through categories and navigation pages • Theories would be formally laid out, updateable, and contain links back to the forum discussion thread • Pages on the wiki have the benefit of easy citation, easy linking to other relevant pages on the wiki, and all the information gathering power that implies • Theory pages on the wiki could have a list of the author/maintainer of the theory, as well as any individuals who espouse it I've gone ahead and made a sample page for a miniature theory I posted the other day. If there is interest in this system, I am volunteering to make a category framework, all necessary templates, and any other wiki formatting necessary to make the system very easy to use. In addition, I'll also transcribe maybe a dozen theories floating around into the wiki myself right away to give it a bit of a push. So, I'd like to have from the community and moderators the following: • Permission to create a theories category and section on the Coppermind • Feedback on the presentation of the theory pages, what information should be included, and the topic headers • A dozen choco chip cookies • General thoughts about the proposal and ways to make Espousing and viewing theories easier • Throw around possibilities for a better term than 'espoused theories' and people who espouse them
  20. Hello fellow Worldbringers (as in, people who work on the Coppermind a lot). I remember in a previous discussion about past vs. present tense we came up with a standardized sections for Character articles. Since our main book pages are generally awful (Well of Ascension is finally acceptable thanks to Feather), I thought we'd discuss some other section titles that should be standard for the primary content categories. First off we'll discuss what to do with books, and then this topic can expand this to other categories. So what sections should be in a good Books article? Looking at the books articles, we get this list: Cover synopsis Summary Characters Magic Publications Awards What else should be added? I also feel that we need to include multiple editions of the covers--at least the English ones--on a book page, which would be most important for the Mistborn books, where the covers changed a lot from hardback to paperback.
  21. I noticed that the Hemalurgy page doesn't list "Between the Shoulder blades" as a possible bind point for Feru-Gold. The following WoB quote suggests this, however: The part I've highlighted implies that the linchpin spike can be the healing spike which, based on my understanding of Hemalurgy, implies that "Between the Shoulder blades" is a possible bind point for Feru-Gold. Does anyone want to amend this in the wiki (provided no one sees a flaw in my logic of course)?
  22. I was reading the glyphs page on the coppermind when I came across what I'm pretty sure is a mistake. I believe whoever wrote this is referring to the fact that Vorin law mandates that slaves be paid for their labor (Albeit at half normal wages). Vorinism doesn't have an actually "ban" on slavery, so far as I know, slave conditions are just slightly better in Vorin lands. (If Vorinism didn't permit slaves, then how could Kaladin have been sold to the bridge crews in the first place?) I don't have a coppermind account (yet), and I'm not sure what I'd fix this with anyway, so does someone want to cater to my hyperactive sense of semantics and make a correction?
  23. I do not think this is correct but I want to be sure before change it. My interpretation of the conversation in the book is that Kaladin is given command over a number of soldiers that normally is given to a lighteyes of fourth dahn but he still keeps his nahn rank. (second or mabye raised to first). He also has no say over lighteyes with rank under fourth dahn so he is not over them in rank. He have just been given a command usually not given to anyone with his rank and have been excluded from the normal chain of command for security reasons. Any thoughts?