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Found 29 results

  1. I finally joined the 17th Shard!!! I've read both the Mistborn trilogies, the three Stormlight Archives, Warbreaker, and Arcanum Unbounded. Outside of the Cosmere, I've read the Reckoners and Legion. I can't wait for when he decides to write Warbreaker 2, but it sadly doesn't look like its going to be anytime soon.
  2. I just saw this very cool response from Brandon over on this Reddit thread. Basically, BS had previously said he'd like to include a Nalthis essay (which was notably absent from the original Arcanum Unbounded) in a future edition, around the time of its paperback release and/or Oathbringer. Given that both have happened, they asked if he still intended to write that and here's his response: So... that's pretty awesome, yeah?
  3. Forgive me if someone has already asked this, but a quick search didn't bring it up, so I though I would ask it. From what planet are we viewing the cosmere on the inside cover of Arcanum Unbounded? We can see the worlds of Threnody, Taldain, Scadrial, Roshal, Sel, Nalthis, First of the Sun, and even The Scar, but whose planet are we seeing these from? I was showing my friend the map, and she dropped the question, and it blew my mind. Is there another post I can refer to? Thanks!
  4. During the Arcanum Unbounded short story The Eleventh Metal, right after the fight between kelsier and shezler, Gemmel walks over and: "Carefully and meticulously selected a fork from the fallen tools and other scattered laboratory remains. He smiled and chuckled to himself. 'Now that is a fork.' He shoved it into his pocket." Earlier gemmel tells kelsier that their goal for the evening was in the basement. While we interpret this via kelsier to mean that the goal was to fight a mistborn for his training. But i think that was just a side benefit for the evening and that gemmel's true goal was to get this fork. We know that shezler is attempting to snap these skaa and manifest more allomantic abilities through beatings and torture. Is it possible that this fork is a makeshift torture implement that is tearing off bits of investiture and gaining charge? I believe there is a WoB or theory talking about how gemmel may have been muttering and conversing with ruin because of some embedded shrapnel or just his madness allowing ruin to communicate with him. If this fork did have hemalurgic properties to it, then it may have been a powerful tool in the hands of an agent of ruin. Perhaps in the next mistborn novels we will encounter someone who gained abilities from the fork of power!! Discuss.
  5. Hey, the paperback edition of Arcanum Unbounded is releasing in my country in November and the copies are up for pre-order now. Since there have not been any official releases of the hardcover editions of the Cosmere books in my country (we end up having to import them with hefty import charges) and Book Depository not delivering them here, I'll have to buy the paperback edition of the Arcanum Unbounded. So my question is for those here have the Arcanum Unbounded paperback/ hardcover editions. What are the differences between them? How are the paperback illustrations compared to the hardcover edition, especially the Cosmere star chart?
  6. So I finished this shory story in the cosmere collection and I can't help but get this creepy vibe through the whole thing. Was Brandon intentionally trying to show us the aftermath of odiums shattering of ambition and what could possibly occur in some form on Roshar?
  7. While rereading Edgedancer, I noticed Darkness said this while talking to one of his sky breakers. Could it be possible that the voidbringers are actually the Odium spren and not the Parshendi? I know it doesn't make a lot of sense but it would be interesting if true. EDIT: My reasoning for this is that as far as we know the parshmen never left Roshar after the most recent desolation, yet Nale talks as if they did. Also, wouldn't Nale recognize the parshmen or were the true voidbringer forms so different from dull form that he couldn't see the similarities.
  8. We said there would be a December episode, and here we are on New Year's Eve with one! This month we have an extra long episode as well: over an hour and twenty minutes digging through the Arcanum Unbounded essays and picking apart everything in them. Shockingly, we were more than able to talk about these for a very long time. We dig through each of Khriss's essays. I feel we could have even talked longer, but I'm sure we will mention them a lot in the future. We also learn that I can't pronounce at least a thing, and Ian proves me wrong (fine, you win this time), showing he is probably the most competent one here. Let us know what you think in our forum thread: And if you hadn't seen it, the Star Chart. Our Hosts: Kerry (KChan), Ian (WeiryWriter), David (Windrunner), and Eric (Chaos)
  9. Are there any ideas about when the essays about each System from AU were written? It seems that they were written a long time after the events of White Sand,as Kriss speaks about not being able to visit it for a long time. She doesn't mention Harmony in the Scadrian essay which would seem to be a topic of great importance, but she does mention the IRE so perhaps it happens around the events of Mistborn Era 1. It is possible that the essays were written at different times and I have no solid evidence to the contrary, so please share thoughts on the matter.
  10. Hey guys, we posted a new Shardkeepers on the AU essays: If you have a listen and have extensive comments, let's discuss it here!
  11. From the album crab land

    hug that man, lift. Hug that man.
  12. Question about the physics of the Taldain system. It was complicated enough with one sun, one tidally locked planet, and one moon that always rotates around the light/dark terminus. How does a binary system work with this? From what I understand, the L1 point (aka the barycenter) between the two stars is extremely unstable. Any kind of jiggle to the rotations or gravity of the system and the planet spins off into space or crashes into one of the stars. Judging from the sketch of the system, we have the two suns in a near-circular orbit (very difficult). And Taldain in the gravitational center of the binary system, with a rotational period that exactly matches the orbits of the stars? And that still doesn't explain the orbit of the moon, which should stay the same no matter which direction the planet itself is facing. It seems to be an extreme balancing act. I suppose Investiture could account for it, but I kinda hate to see this hand-waved away as "magic," since from what I understand of Brandon, he tries to keep as close to actual physics as possible (red/blue shifts not withstanding ). Does anyone smarter than me have a good explanation?
  13. Hey everyone, just posted the tour locations for Brandon's Arcanum Unbounded tour in late November/early December, check them out below! Remember if you are planning to go to any of these signings to read the details carefully. Some of these events are ticketed and some are being held at separate location from the store hosting them. In other news Brandon recently revealed over on Reddit that his submission to the Unfettered II anthology, edited by Shawn Speakman, is the first four Dalinar flashback chapters from Stormlight 3! That anthology will be released on December 6, 2016 and you can check out the full list of contributing authors here. PROVO, UT (Release Party) Store: BYU Bookstore (In-Store Event) Location: BYU Store Wilkinson Student Center (WSC) Brigham Young University, University Hill, Provo, Utah 84602 When: Tuesday, November 22, 2016 @ 7:00 PM (event thread) FORT COLLINS, CO Store: Old Firehouse Books (Ticketed Offsite Event: $5 admission with $5 off coupon for purchase of Arcanum Unbounded ) Location: Midtown Arts Center, 3750 S Mason St, Fort Collins, CO 80524 When: Tuesday, November 29, 2016 @ 6:00 PM (event thread) SAN FRANCISCO, CA Store: Borderlands Books (In-Store Event) Location: 866 Valencia St., San Francisco, CA 94110 When: Wednesday, November 30, 2016 @ 5:00 PM (event thread) SEATTLE, WA Store: University Bookstore (Ticketed Offsite Event: $27.99 ticket price includes 1 copy of Arcanum Unbounded and admission for 2 people ) Location: University Temple United Methodist Church, 1415 NE 43rd St, Seattle, WA 98105 When: Thursday, December 1, 2016 @ 7:00 PM (event thread) HOBOKEN, NJ Store: Little City Books (Non-ticketed Offsite Event) Location: Stevens Tech University, The Babbio Center, 1 Castle Point Ter, Hoboken, NJ 07030 When: Saturday, December 3, 2016 @ 7:00 PM (event thread) CHICAGO, IL Store: Volumes Books Location: Harold Washington Library, 400 S State St, 60605 (Non-ticketed Offsite Event) When: Tuesday, December 6, 2016 @ 6:00 PM (event thread)
  14. Arcanum Unbounded: The Cosmere Collection is finally here. This is a big, 670+ page book, with a ton of stuff. This has every single cosmere story that has been published outside of the main novels in one convenient collection. It has: The Hope of Elantris, The Emperor's Soul (which is incredible), The Eleventh Metal, "Allomancer Jak and the Pits of Eltania, Episodes 28 and 30", an excerpt from White Sand (both graphic novel and from prose), Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell, The Sixth of Dusk, and, for the first time in physical print, Mistborn: Secret History. That's a ton of value, just considering Secret History and Emperor's Soul. But that is not all. Its main headline feature is a large, 40,000 word long Stormlight Archive novella: Edgedancer. It's a novella about Lift, of course, and covers her story after we saw her interlude up until the end of Words of Radiance. Not only that, but Arcanum Unbounded has some crazy cosmere information--essays from the author of the Ars Arcanum, Khriss, on each of the star systems--and star charts. So how is it? I'd say its a resounding success. The original content is enough for me to be thrilled about this release, and if you haven't read any of the older content, the value keeps piling up. Khriss Essays and Artwork First, let's talk about the cosmere goodies. Each of the stories is separated per star system, and at the beginning, we have a gorgeous drawing of each solar system, followed by a short two page essay written by Khriss. Since she writes the Ars Arcana in each book, that gives you a certain level of expectation on awesomeness. And, well, get excited. Khriss talks about more than a planet's magic system. She talks about the sizes of planets, the Shards of the planets, and overall covers the basic history. I know that sounds boring, and maybe if you aren't into the cosmere, some of this will be boring. But each star system has crazy, unique things. Here's the thing: Khriss delivers lore bombs casually, if they were nothing. Things that I have wondered for years are answered in a sentence. There's a thing that I never even considered could be possible that is discussed, and it is insane. And, like always, there are new mysteries for us to ponder. (If Khriss can't figure them out... well, we will have on the forums theorizing about it for years to come.) There are essays on every planet, save for Nalthis. It's probably because there was no Nalthis content in this rather than any other deeper reason. While I'm sure much of this essay info you'll find on the internet (like on the forums, or on the Coppermind soon), but it really does add to this idea that these worldhoppers collected and catalogued this information. It's awesome. Each story has original artwork preceding it, and every star system gets a neat icon. Oh, and on the endpages of the book, there's also a completely awesome star chart of the cosmere. It's an artistic thing, with drawings that represent constellations on it. It's gorgeous, and terrifying, for a reason that you'll see as soon as you lay your eyes upon it. The entire product is far more than an anthology. Edgedancer But, of course, you want to know about new Stormlight content. It feels like an eternity since Words of Radiance, so it is amazing to finally advance the story. Edgedancer is about Lift, featured in one of the interludes of Words of Radiance. She'll actually be a main viewpoint character in the back five Stormlight books. So, if you love Lift, you'll love Edgedancer. It is that simple. It's funny. It's dramatic. It's emotional. It's everything you wanted out of a Lift story and more. It's hard for me to imagine going into Oathbringer without having read this. Significant stuff happens. There was actually some mindblowing events here. (And it also has something I did not expect, which answered a huge, huge question in the series. It totally blindsided me that this was the story that this happened in, and I did actually scream.) I suppose it isn't strictly necessary, because the characters here are separated from the main characters of the Stormlight Archive, but you'll be really glad you read this. I will say, though, that Edgedancer was so sweet that it made me desperate for Oathbringer. It made me realize how much I love Roshar. So, in a way, this piece which Brandon wrote to tide us over until Book 3 as an apology for it taking so long ends up being a novella which makes me need Oathbringer, immediately. I'm basically Gollum, and I wantses it now. I think any way you slice it Arcanum Unbounded is worth the full price release. The original stuff is great, and the value that the art and the essays bring to the old work is fantastic. Sure, some of the older works in this collection are not my favorite, but come on, with Emperor's Soul, Secret History, and Edgedancer, you get a lot here, and that isn't everything. It's a great anthology.
  15. So I was just looking at the Google excerpt from Arcanum Unbounded's section on Scadrial, and I noticed this from Khris's description of the system: "...the Shards undoubtedly used humans from Yolen as a model (indeed, both of the Vessels for these Shards were human before their Ascensions) in creating life." Mostly this isn't anything new, but the way it's worded makes me think that some of the original Vessels weren't human, or at least that some of the current ones aren't. Any thoughts on the implications of that? Has anyone heard or seen any theories about the possibility of non-human Vessels?
  16. There's just a few days until the Arcanum Unbounded release on Tuesday, but there's plenty of news to discuss! Oathbringer Update #5 This week, Oathbringer--Stormlight 3--passed 93% on the progress bar on Brandon's site. As is customary, Brandon posted another Oathbringer Update on Reddit, with this one being his fifth. He thinks there will be one or two more to discuss the editing process, but this will be the last one for the writing portion. I'll do my best to sum it up! Brandon finished Part Four of the book, which puts the book at a colossal 420,000 words. He expects the book to be 450,000 words, which is quite a bit longer than Words of Radiance. It should be cut down in revision, but it's still going to be huge. (Duh.) His current plan is to finish Part Five, then immediately revise Parts Four and Five. Next up will be to write the prologue, interludes, and the epigraphs. (I find it interesting that he writes those at the end, but I suppose the rest of the book is quite a bit more important to get down first.) His editor has already made comments on Parts One and Two, which were minor, so things are going well on that front. He doesn't expect major problems with the novels structure that will really slow the revision process down, which is really good news, in my opinion. He does intend to finish the first draft this month, which is quite exciting. Lastly, he apologized things are taking so long with the book. They take a ton out of Brandon. (So do try and be nice? At least we have a novella coming in just about a day!) Brandon Comments on the Movie Deal Late October, we talked about how DMG Entertainment had optioned the cosmere for film adaptations. It's a bit past its prime, but I thought I'd bring to your attention some comments Brandon made after our first news post went up. Some comments are extremely promising and quell some concerns I had after that initial announcement. People on the DMG team really like Stormlight, so that's why there's a lot of stuff on Stormlight. Brandon thinks it is likely that Mistborn will be done first though. One thing on their mind is that Hoid be people's entry character to the cosmere, and since there is a lot of screentime of Hoid in Way of Kings, that is a consideration as well. Brandon says he has reason to be optimistic about the writers' involvement. Now, a lot of people in the community have been worried about Stormlight being a film, preferring it to be a TV show styled like Game of Thrones. Here's what's going on. Both film and television options have been raised for Stormlight and Mistborn. DMG has started work on making a film and attached screenwriters, and a film is more likely. But, if the screenwriters say that it wouldn't work or cuts too much, then it could be proof that a film wouldn't work. If they come out with a great script, then that'd be proof a film would work. They can't know until they try. It is "very possible" for Stormlight to be made into a TV series instead of a movie. Everything is exploratory right now, and don't count anything out yet.. TV and animations are options that have been explored. One thing Brandon has been firm on is that Wax and Wayne should be TV, which I definitely agree is ideal. Many in the community have discussed the ethnicities of Rosharan characters, and Brandon has talked "a lot" with DMG to make sure to not whitewash Stormlight. (In case you did not realize, those characters are not white, despite some covers.) DMG is a Chinese company, after all, and the ease of casting Asian actors in Stormlight and Emperor's Soul drew DMG to the cosmere in the first place. They aren't sure how they want to express Alethi characters, though. They could just use Asian actors or something else. Needless to say, I'm sure many fans are relieved to hear this, myself included. There are a few other things Brandon said. A Warbreaker film is "very likely" if the others do well. To no one's surprise, they bought the whole cosmere because crossover films and connected universes are all the rage. Brandon is pushing to have the crossover stuff subtle so that it still works on their own. It's likely that Mistborn: Birthright could get a new developer if the movie takes off (RIP Birthright for now). Lastly, Brandon isn't big enough to have creative control over the films. He said people much bigger than him get that ability. He hopes to be involved, though. (On that last link, there's an interesting discussion about relative sizes of author popularity, if you are interested.) All in all, I think that this makes me relieved about this whole process. Here's to hoping this will turn out awesome. Other Cool Comments There's also been some neat Reddit comments on deep cosmere stuff. All of the first five Stormlight books will have letters like in Way of Kings and Words of Radiance. People asked that because The Way of Kings and Words of Radiance were in-world books, how did the title Oathbringer make sense? Brandon said the title will make sense at some point. Seons and Skaze were created when a Shard Splintered. It's a thing we long suspected but cool to get confirmed. He continues there to discuss end positive and end neutral magics. He discusses that there's some disagreement with scholars as to whether Surgebinding is end positive or end neutral. Some picky scholars argue it is end neutral. Brandon says Investiture isn't leaving the system in Surgebinding, but it is doing work. On deep Realmatic Theory, Brandon said that things in the Spiritual Realm do change, just subtly. Someone's Spiritual aspect knows their age. Some in the Reddit thread implied that maybe Hoid is changing his Spiritual's aspects age, but Brandon demurred, instead saying (Mistborn 1 spoilers:) Neat! Lastly, and a bit older, is a comment where Brandon confirms Kwaan may have understood Realmatic Theory. It's a little vague what exactly Brandon is confirming, since he does some confirming and RAFOing all at the same time, but he said that this Reddit thread had a correct premise, so that's what I'm going with. This had been noted for a long time so good to see some confirmation (if vague confirmation at best.) Arcanum Unbounded Spoiler Policy and Events Policy A few other things! We posted our Arcanum Unbounded Spoiler Policy. Long story short, Edgedancer stuff will have its own spoiler board, but content on the essays can be talked about in Cosmere Theories as long as topics are tagged to mark that they have Arcanum Unbounded spoilers. Note: some bookstores have broken street date on Arcanum Unbounded, but we won't allow spoiler discussion on it until Tuesday. So obviously if you read Edgedancer, no spoiler discussion quite yet! Lastly, we codified some policies about events and signings. Generally if you receive some cool fact at an event that you wish to share, put it first into the signing's event topic before making a second discussion topic. If you have comments, please let us know! We want these policies to be useful and reflect what the community wants, so feedback is appreciated.
  17. Today on, Brandon has posted a preview of Edgedancer, the new Stormlight novella that comes in Arcanum Unbounded. It includes Chapters 1-3 of the novella, featuring Lift being, well, awesome. (That's not a spoiler.) This snippet is the same as from the newsletter Brandon sent off earlier this year. Edgedancer is brand-new, and only found in Arcanum Unbounded, but it is quite a long novella, so there's a lot of value there. Plus, as Lift would say, it is awesome. If this makes you desperate for more Stormlight, as it does for me, fear not, for the rest of Arcanum Unbounded is tomorrow! Discuss Edgedancer and this preview in our Edgedancer Spoiler Board. This preview will be the only content we can discuss on Edgedancer right now (some booksellers have broken street date), but we won't have to wait much longer to discuss all the goodies here.
  18. Hey guys, I mentioned our plan for Arcanum Unbounded spoilers here briefly, but I wanted to solidly codify them so we are all on the same page. There will be an Edgedancer Spoiler Board in the Stormlight Archive forum for all your Edgedancer needs. For the first two weeks put the tag "[Edgedancer Spoilers]" in topic titles here. Content in Edgedancer will go through the usual spoiler policy which will mean that if you want to talk about said content in a place other than the spoiler board and other than Cosmere Theories, it must be flagged as spoilers. For general Arcanum Unbounded stuff regarding things like the essays you will probably want to put them in Cosmere Theories. Spoilers are okay, but mark topics with "[AU Spoilers]" for the first two weeks of release. We are generally treating these similar to WoBs, so we aren't making a subforum for this more general stuff. As always, work hard to avoid spoilers in the topic title as much as possible. Let me know if you have questions.
  19. The small theory and question to follow is based on the Scadrian system essay, which is included in this excerpt. Spoilers for this essay, Mistborn and Warbreaker are to follow. In the essay, Khriss writes the following on Hemalurgy: "Usable by anyone with the right knowledge, this dangerous creation has proven able to warp souls regardless of planet or Investiture, creating false Connections that no Shard designed or intended." Notice that she is no speaking in hypotheticals here, but is instead stating that Hemalurgy has been used on other planets to steal attributes from other systems. So my question to you guys is this: has there ever been any sign or trace of Hemalurgy at work on other planets?
  20. Hey everyone, just in case you forget (and not obsessively counting down the days like I am) Arcanum Unbounded comes out a week from tomorrow! Following last week's reveal of the Drominad system essay, Google Play has released a preview from Arcanum Unbounded as well. It includes a preface from Brandon discussing the collection and the origins of the Cosmere, Khriss' essay on Scadrial, and the text of The Eleventh Metal. Check it out here! Also, if you are interested, don't forget about the HumbleBundle including three Mistborn Adventure Game books. There's just under two days left!
  21. Hey everyone, just a reminder Arcanum Unbounded comes out in 15 days! Before we get on that particular hype train though I do want to let everyone know that three of the rulebooks for the Mistborn Adventure Game from Crafty Games are in a HumbleBudle. Specifically it's the core rulebook, the Alloy of Law supplement, and the Terris: Wrought of Copper supplement. This particular HumbleBundle has the theme of pen and paper rpg's based on popular science fiction and fantasy fiction, such as A Song of Ice and Fire and The Dresden Files. Last week posted the table of contents for the collection, which showed how the books was set up, and also revealed the name of the system First of the Sun (the setting of Sixth of the Dusk) is in. Today they posted a sneak preview of the system map and essay, written by Khriss, about the system. Go check out the Drominad system essay over on and then join in on the conversation about it on the forums. The two art pieces, a symbol that seems to represent First of the Sun and the system map are both really well done. The Tor/Forge Blog has also posted a preview from Arcanum Unbounded today in the form of the new illustration for The Emperor's Soul. Ben McSweeney really did a fantastic job with all of his illustrations for the book but this one is definitely my favorite. The Tor/Forge Blog post also contains a short interview with Ben so go and check that out! In other news, a picture of an early prototype of the Reckoners board game was posted back in September on Twitter by CardboardEdison. For those who don’t remember we reported back in August that the rights for a Reckoners-themed board game had been sold to Nauvoo Games. While I’m sure we are still very far any sort of release, it is nice to know that they are working on it and progress is being made. Now I’m sure a more experienced board game player would be better able to understand what sorts of mechanics we can see in this picture, but I think there are a few things that even a novice such as myself can deduce. The game board appears to be representing Newcago, and is broken up into a number of city blocks. Each block is further broken up into different areas, the “Overstreets”, “Understreets”, and “Steel Catacombs” all have a place where cards representing Epics can be set, as well a place for tokens (which appear to be tied to generating Epics to be placed in that area). There are also areas noted as “Reckoners”, “Environment”, and “Mechanized Environment” where more tokens can be placed. As mentioned above there are cards that represent different Epics, currently they are just given generic designations (such as “Epic 16a”) though. The cards have what appears to be the requirements to defeat the epic and/or the rewards for defeating them, it’s not clear from the pictographs alone. There are also Objective cards that give a certain number of victory points by completing missions such as killing a number of Epics in a certain area or using a certain ability a given number of times. Near the top of the picture there are cards that appear to be labeled “Reckoner Condition”, but unfortunately I cannot make out the text below that. Dice are also involved in some way, but that’s about as much as I can figure out.
  22. has, as part of the marketing for Arcanum Unbounded, released the essay (either in whole or in part is not clear) for the "Drominad System" (Otherwise known as the system where Sixth of the Dusk takes place). However, when discussing Drominad's record 3 human societies, Khriss drops this bombshell: "only the Rosharan system can rival it, and there one of the planets is inhabited solely by Splinters." Roshar obviously has humans on it, so that's out. If "The Silence Divine" remains canon in some form, then humans are present as well, so that's out. So therefore, the only remaining relevant planet in the Rosharan System is Braize. Discuss.
  23. So the Tor Arcanum Unbounded release about the drominad system says that In other words, there is a SYSTEM ENTIRELY INHABITED BY SPLINTERS! What shard is this? Why is it split up like this? Are these splinters of one shard or multiple? Are these splinters all human? Are there many, or only a few? Did Odium do this? What's going on?
  24. So I'm not sure if this has been posted elsewhere, but has released a snippet of info regarding the latest Sanderson book. While it's only a small sample, it gives us a bunch of info I don't think was previously known! This book is gonna be fully of juicy tidbits, and I for one cannot wait!
  25. just released the Table of Contents, along with some other minor info, about this month's release: Arcanum Unbounded. Someone commented that there was no mention of Nalthis. I was wondering, is that merely because there is no novella set in the Nalthis system or does it mean Khriss, who is doing introductions for each of the other systems we know of in the Cosmere, has never been there? Does anyone remember any mention of Khriss having been to Nalthis? Source: