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Found 99 results

  1. From the album General SA Art

    This commission took me more than two months… and woah, finally, I have another version of WoK main cast! (2013 version is here.) My personal fave is probably Navani =) This set: Kaladin | Shallan | Syl | Szeth | Navani | Wit | Adolin | Dalinar (Viewing separately) Sketches on paper: Development meme:
  2. I just really liked the idea of Dalinar falling asleep and his family gathering around him. I’d say this is set in Kholinar or someplace close. I was going to draw little Jasnah conspiring with little Adolin up there, but I decided Adolin looked fine by himself. He wants to go get a cookie from the kitchen.
  3. We know that to become a Knight Radiant, you have to be broken. But Adolin is such a happy, cheerful person. What if his 'breaking' happens when he finds out the truth about how Evi really died? The omission of Adolin's feelings on his mother's death was glaringly obvious....
  4. So it's a trope in anime that their massive swords break at least once. Tetsusaiga breaks in Inuyasha, Guts' sword breaks in Berserk in the battle of Doldry. So what if a Shardblade broke either in half or was shattered worse than the plains? How could this happen? My best guess would either be Nightblood, Odium or a Fused. Would an Honorblade break differently from a Shardblade? What if Syl was broken in blade form? Or Maya, what would happen to them?
  5. Key frames from animated tests of major Stormlight Archive characters. Kaladin Adolin Dalinar Jasnah Renarin Shallan Bonus: Wit Shattered Plains
  6. So I have a theory. I'm guessing it's already out there though. I was thinking it would be really cool if Adolin's blade somehow revived through her bond with him. And maybe he could become a Knight Radiant through that. We do get to see that the blade doesn't seem dead. Just more brain dead. Do you guys think it could be revived in some way?
  7. [OB] SPOILERS There's been a pattern to the romance in the Cosmere novels. The protagonists marry the person who isn't the most powerful one to begin with but as the books progress they seem to get a power boost. Rather like the pawn on a chessboard that receives the power of a queen if it manages to cross to the opponent's side. Like Elend becoming Mistborn, Adolin on the verge of bringing Maya back to life and becoming a Radiant. Will Steris be the next to get powered up?
  8. I haven't been part of the forums when WoR was released so forgive me if this has been done before. I'd like y'all to give input about Adolin's sense of morality, because frankly I've started believing he doesn't have a personal sense of moral code. We need evidence that he has a conscience and that his actions are drived by his innate sense of right and wrong, and not by social ideals or his family's laws/code. To clarify, this is not an Adolin bashing thread, I want to see logical arguments and parts in the books. I know that we do not have a lot of Adolin POV, so that will probably lead to a lot of misleading and assumptions, but either way whatever parts we can use that indicate what drives his sense of moral are most welcome. EDIT: CLARIFICATION!!!! My point for making this thread isn't about what you and I think about his morality, but to define where his morality stands. I believe his morality is 'I'd everything to keep the Kholin family in power' and I ask people to give counter examples from the books that show his personal moral code, where he does something that does not give power to the Kholin family, but he does it either way because he thinks it's the right thing to do. I added the Sadeas murder as a second question, in order to see where people stand in terms of how moral it is to kill an unarmed evil man. If my comments on Sadeas' murder anger you please do not comment on them. We clearly disagree. My point is not to disagree, but to agree on a common ground, which can only be parts from the books. /CLARIFICATION!!!! ============================================================================================================= I'll start with his worst bit. Sadeas' murder. 1. He is troubled that the "world has shifted" with the discovery of Urithiru. Specifically his position within society is changing. Is this so important to him that it gives him an identity crisis? 2. He describes himself as being a powerful man being charitable in betrothing "a relatively minor scion of a distant house". Does he stay betrothed because he wants it or because it was initially the charitable, and now socially logical thing to do? 3. He wanted to kill Sadeas beforehand and his presence challenges his sense of control over himself. He even visualizes Sadeas' face as bloody before he murders him. We also have another part before this scene that shows that he wanted to kill Sadeas before, but the only thing stopping him was "it would undermine the very laws and codes Adolin’s father was working so hard to uphold" edit: It was premeditated, not 'in the heat of passion'. 4. Something clearly snapped within him. It's just not irrevocably enraged. Is there a 'yet' implied here ? Is this foreshadowing to his future? 5. This wasn't 'in the heat of passion' but clearly in cold blood. There is no remorse there and he knows it himself as he does it. Removed because I messed up the quoting! 6. He thinks he is a worse man than his father. I this the moment of this realization or has he already done other things that made him conclude to this beforehand? Also, we see him placing his father as his moral code. If his father's placement changes, what will that do to him? 7. Again he doesn't recognize Sadeas as a person or someone that he personally knows but 'a highprince', that's how society views him. He clearly detaches himself from the connection to the victim. 8. He is considering of retrieving the Shardblade later on, either for the fortune, himself or father. I'd personally bet on 'for his father'. 9. He is cool headed enough to not get blood on his clothing, cut off his cuffs and erase all evidence that proved that he was there in the first place. Another evidence of cold blood.
  9. I believe that Szeth will try to execute Balat Davar, Shallan's oldest living brother, for the crime of murder during book four. Balat has a past of troubling behavior; going to blood sports just to watch the pain and violence, torturing animals to death, and even setting fire to the servant's sleeping quarters at the Davar manor. Shallan thinks he is better now that their father is dead and he is married, but we see from the WoK chapter from his viewpoint that he still needs to torture animals to relieve stress. Now he and the rest of the family have just been traveling across a civil war torn country in the custody of the Ghost-Bloods (not exactly stress relieving) to get to Urithiru. It seems inevitable that he will cross the line at some point and begin murdering in the tower. Whether this is the influence of one of the unmade or mental illness the result doesn't change; Balat is a walking time bomb. What will Dalinar say? Will he allow Szeth to pursue justice against his son-in-law? Will Kaladin try to stop it? Balat has missed all the changes towards a classless society, and so he will likely try to restrict his victims to Darkeyes. What about Adolin? I would love to know what everybody is thinking. This is my first topic post so hopefully the discussion goes well.
  10. I would like to polity and respectfully ask why some readers like Adolin, because right now I hate him. Sure, I would love to be his drinking buddy or friend, but as a character I fail to see any compelling inner conflict or struggles. He's just to good to be true. It bugs me that a main character is that, especially in a book in which everyone is broken, where the Heralds themselves turned their back on humanity at the very beginning of the book. It is hard to care for him when he is written alongside: A: A young women who is apparently suffering a mental breakdown due in part of a lack of a self assured identity and past emotional trauma at the hands of an initially well meaning father B: Mr. Chronic Hero Syndrome (which thank god is proper deconstruction) who is being constantly thrust into situations that he fears most (watching those he worked to protect die while he survives, and his struggle with depression) With such a wide and varied cast, there is no way someone will like all of them, and that's good. My favorites happen to be Jasnah, Szeth, and, after Oathbringer, Dalinar, in that order. But even those who I don't personally like I can say that they are well written, compelling characters that add something to the story. For example, I personally don't like Lift, but there is no doubt value in showcasing a destitute street urchin seeking a higher and vital purpose. It is interesting to see such a bizarre and chaotic child become a freakin Knights Radiant. I want to understand so could Adolin fans please explain why his story is worth caring about or is compelling in any way. There are no wrong answers, I just don't see him being worthy of holding up the mantle of a main character, especially when we have yet to see much insight into his brother. I will say that while I don't like him at the moment, my thoughts of Adolin are similar to how I thought of Dalinar in the beginning of Way of Kings. Dalinar at first was also to noble, even though he had struggles with putting honor before reason. But Dalinar's growth has been nothing short of amazing and his slow change from becaming a diplomat to forming a coletion to seeking forgivness have injected depth into his character, depth that right now Adolin simply does not have. Back in Words of Radiance, my ears started to perk up a bit when I read Adolin showing a thirst for battle during his duels. However, this plot point seems to have fizzled out and, after Oathbringer, going down this path would obviously be redundant. But like I mentioned above, I have grown to love Dalinar, despite his less then interesting beginning, the same could happen to Adolin. But three books later and I still having doubts seeing the point of Adolin. Until his character gets interesting I will be calling him "Poor Man's Dalinar". Hopefully this will change, maybe he will be worthy of the name "A(n)dolinsm". Am I alone in hating him? Why is he so popular with readers?
  11. This is the argument that Adolin makes a much better Stoneward than Edgedancer, and that it's possible he might actually become one. There's a lot of stuff to get through here, so I'll try to be concise. And yes, this theory addresses the fact that Adolin is already sort of bonded to Maya. I've already posted this idea on tumblr and reddit (with mixed reactions) and am now posting it here with some new arguments and evidence I've thought of since. Why not Edgedancer? Why Stoneward? How could this even happen? Seeing as Adolin is already bonded to Maya, a cultivationspren? Why would this even happen? Why would Brandon or any of the characters in the book want this to happen? That's it. Please tell me what you think.
  12. A portrait of Adolin Kholin. Drew this one immediately after Dalinar, so my first priority was to keep the family resemblance strong... thus the square jaw and thick brows similar to his father's. The rest of his features and the cheerful, social disposition are all Adolin though. Button your coat!
  13. Hello Guys, While reading Oathbringer (amazing experience by the way), the exchange between Kaladin and Jasnah (Chapter 39, Page 467) struck me as a relationship that just might work. I thought of this because I believe it would be so cliche if BS takes Shallan from Adolin (that combo already works IMHO) Kaladin with Jasnah works perfectly especially with when Kaladin falls into his auto depression mode, Jasnah can easily logic him back to focus and Kal can give Jasnah the tilt to human emotions(Lol!). And please don't talk about the age difference. The book already is as liberal as it gets with Drehy being gay..
  14. I have a very basic, probably wrong - in which case feel free to rip me apart -theory on how Adolin is going to be broken enough for him to become a radiant. He seems to be well on the path to atleast partially revive his blade (IMO he already did that in oathbringer) and I am hoping this means he can bond to maya and become an edgedancer, but for him to be a radiant he needs to be broken enough to accommodate a spren into his spirit web, and let's be honest he is no where near broken enough. So, I think he is going to snap. He is going to Snap, like in mistborn. Why do Radiants need to be broken? To accommodate for spren in their spririt web. Why do Allomancers need to snap? To let investiture enter their spirit web, atleast that's what I think. Here, I think Adolin is more similar to Mistborn (Maya is already there with him, always. She just needs an opening to enter his spirit web) than Radiants who have to stay broken for a while, atleast until they attract and bond with a spren. So, I can see how it's going to go down if he ever becomes a radiant, he is going to be in a very stressful situation ( Like in Oathbringer when Maya came back to him in 7 heart-beats, he was very stressed then), and boom Radiant.
  15. Happy Oathbringer day, Lets not ruin anyone elses by spoiling the book for the people that may not read as quickly as you, or that may not be as fortunate to have obtained the book on the first day. I love you all my Bridge 4 Bretheren. Happy Reading.
  16. Prepare your tinfoil hats and bear with me. So I found this little WoB on facebook: QUESTIONER: Is Adolin and Shallan going to get together, or will Kaladin and Shallan? BRANDON SANDERSON: That is quite the question. I will eventually answer that, but you are getting Read-and-Find-Outed. It is intentionally a bit of a mimicry of something else that happened in the past. [Source: https://wob.coppermind.net/events/34-arcanum-unbounded-seattle-signing/#e5903] And it immediately made me (and other people, based on the comments) think of the Honor-Cultivation-Odium situation that supposedly happened. The obvious reaction to that would be that Shallan, as the female is Cultivation and Kaladin, having a HONORspren would be Honor...or would he? Now let's look at this little blurb from the back of WoK: There are four whom we watch. The first is the surgeon, forced to put aside healing to become a soldier in the most brutal war of our time. The second is the assassin, a murderer who weeps as he kills. The third is the liar, a young woman who wears a scholar’s mantle over the heart of a thief. The last is the highprince, a warlord whose eyes have opened to the past as his thirst for battle wanes. The world can change. Surgebinding and Shardwielding can return; the magics of ancient days can become ours again. These four people are key. One of them may redeem us. And one of them will destroy us. So the possibilities for Odium's champion are: - Szeth (too obvious) - Shallan (we already ruled that out) - Dalinar (but it'd spoil his "redemption arc" with turning from being the blood-lusty Blackthorn to being the wise leader) - Kaladin (who even based solely on this blurb I'd guess to be the Champion.) So we have a proof that the "Darth Adolin" theory that became so popular, seeing him as the obvious choice for the Champion is pure chulldung as he's not even mentioned and if this "love triangle" is really supposed to mimic the situation with rosharan shards, we'll probably all cry for Kaladin. A lot. Feel free to yell at me if you disagree or if this has been said before. OB pre-released chapters spoilers hat (I think) back up Kaladin being the Odium's champion:
  17. Hey guys, so I'm not sure if this is the kind of content you want to see, but I thought it would be fun! You see, I'm not smart enough to contribute to the amazing fan theories, so this is my contribution (; Anyways, so if you're not familiar with the Myer Briggs Type Indicator, it's basically a set of 16 personality types that everyone falls under. (take the test, it's fun) I decided I would try to assign these traits to the Stormlight characters as best I could. If you are familiar (or lowkey obsessed) with MBTI, I hope you can relate with this! Here goes: Kaladin - ISFJ, The Defender. First off, I know the cover image for ISFJ is a smiling, kind woman and that is the exact opposite image that we associate with our boy Kal. But, to quote the article, "Though sensitive, Defenders have excellent analytical abilities; though reserved, they have well-developed people skills and robust social relationships; and though they are generally a conservative type, Defenders are often receptive to change and new ideas." That seems pretty accurate. To break down the different letters, the I stands for Introverted vs Extroverted. We can all agree that Kal is Introverted. S stands for Sensory or obServant vs intuitive. I think as a surgeon, Kal is pretty Sensory. F stands for Feeling vs Thinking, meaning he processes most of his information through emotion. I'd say Kal is a pretty hotheaded guy who doesn't really think before he acts. J means Judging over Perceiving. He is logical and judges situations without the bias of perception. Shallan - ISFP, The Adventurer. I think this is a perfect match. At first I was tempted to say INTP, the Logician, but I think Shallan is more SF than NT. As an artist, she is very Sensory, and as Shallan, she is more of a Feeling person than a Thinking person. She uses the Thinking side of her personality a lot, but her emotions have so much control over her and so much say in her decision-making. As the article says, "Adventurers enjoy upsetting traditional expectations with experiments in beauty and behavior – chances are, they’ve expressed more than once the phrase 'Don’t box me in!'" Shallan most definitely hates being boxed in and trapped, due to her childhood experiences. Another spot-on quote says, "When faced with criticism, it can be a challenge for people with this type to step away from the moment long enough to not get caught up in the heat of the moment." Passionate insult battles, anyone? Adolin - ESFJ, The Consul. I find it hilarious that Adolin and Kaladin are almost identical in personality type, with only the E/I switched. Adolin is the Consul, most definitely. The article says that "Discussing scientific theories or debating European politics isn’t likely to capture Consuls’ interest for too long. Consuls are more concerned with fashion and their appearance, their social status and the standings of other people." That rings a bell to me. We can see that Adolin is a Feeling character rather than a Thinking character. However, he is a Judging character, because he has the innate ability to see people without bias. (Amaram, Sadeas, Kaladin, his dad) Renarin - ISTJ, The Logistician. Honestly, I don't really know Renarin's character too well, so this is a ballpark guess. I am positive that Renarin is Introverted, and I am not sure about the Sensory, but it seems right to me. He is very practical, so I can see him being Sensory. He is definitely a Thinking character, but we don't really know if he's Judging or Perceiving. For now, however, I think Judging is a good guess. Dalinar - ENFJ, The Protagonist. Dalinar is a natural born leader and is amazing at handling people. These traits put him as the Protagonist. "Protagonists radiate authenticity, concern and altruism, unafraid to stand up and speak when they feel something needs to be said... Protagonists easily see people’s motivations and seemingly disconnected events, and are able to bring these ideas together and communicate them as a common goal with an eloquence that is nothing short of mesmerizing." Honestly, the accuracy of this is astounding and a bit creepy. I think Dalinar is the Protagonist poster child. Also, this little quote here, "The interest Protagonists have in others is genuine, almost to a fault – when they believe in someone, they can become too involved in the other person’s problems, and place too much trust in them." Does that sound like a certain Sadeas vs Dalinar situation to you? Bonus note - because parents tend to pass on portions of their personality traits to their kids, we can guess that Shshshsh, Dalinar's mystery wife, is IST-. We can guess that she's IST because Renarin got the I and the T from somewhere and both Adolin and Renarin have an S that didn't come from Dalinar. We don't really know the J/P, because it seems Dalinar passed the J to both Adolin and Renarin. She could be either. Jasnah - ENTJ, The Commander. Jasnah is purely the Commander. The only thing that might be up for debate is the E vs the I, but I think she is more Extroverted than Introverted. She is definitely a Thinking and Judging type, because of her scholarly nature. I think she is iNtuitive over Sensory, but I think we might not know her well enough to discern that. For now, however, I'm sticking with ENTJ. The funny thing is, Shallan is the exact opposite of her, being ISFP, yet the way they interact with others is strikingly similar. Navani - INTP, The Logician. The tagline for the Logician is "Innovative inventors with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge." To me, this describes Navani perfectly. She is the amazingly smart scientist, the adorable nerd and the creative inventor. Navani is an introverted type, but she is so strong around people that we only ever see that side of her around Dalinar. She is an NT, like Jasnah, but she processes information through Perception rather than Judging. This sounds surprising since she is a scientist, but she is a creative and an inventor rather than a scholar. Bonus note - with the info that we have about Jasnah and Navani, we can guess that Gavilar was an E--J. Knowing the little that we know about Gavilar, we can assume he is a Protagonist, like Dalinar. Hoid as Wit - ENTP, the Debater. Hoid is honestly so hard to figure out. This is not my most confident guess, so if you have a better guess please let me know! (Keep in mind we're talking about Hoid as Wit) Wit is definitely Extroverted, moving through the crowds with ease and making fun of talking to people with confidence. "Debaters don’t [play devil's advocate] because they are trying to achieve some deeper purpose or strategic goal, but for the simple reason that it’s fun. No one loves the process of mental sparring more than Debaters, as it gives them a chance to exercise their effortlessly quick wit, broad accumulated knowledge base, and capacity for connecting disparate ideas to prove their points." This sounds like Wit to me. His iNtuitiveness allows him to create beautiful stories that apply to other people's specific situations, while his Perception allows him to poke fun at others with scary accuracy. Because he is a Thinking type, he is analytical and has a pretty good reign on his emotions. Bonus! Syl - ENFP, The Campaigner - Syl is ENFP all the way. She's got the childlike wonder and Perception and the iNtuitiveness that guides her decisions as honorspren in what Feels wrong and right. She is almost the opposite of Kaladin, yet their ideals are very similar. I believe this is what attracted her to Kaladin. Pattern - INTP, The Logician. Pattern, our adorable, miniscule scholar! He is the same Personality type as Navani, INTP. We see his Perception in how he views the world, and his iNtuitiveness and Thought through how he learns and applies those worldviews. He is similar to Shallan, but she is an SF and he is an NT. She an artist in her core, but she loves scholarship, and that is what drew Pattern to her. That's it for now! I hope it was understandable to those who have no clue what the MBTI types are :? I tried to do as many characters as I could, but if you want me to expand on this one let me know what characters to do! Also, if you would like to suggest a change in one I did, feel free-- I'd love to hear your opinions on this! Also, if you have any suggestions for Wit's personality that would be awesome (; Let me know your personality type! I'm INFP, and I'd love to chat with y'all about it. Here's the website where I got all my info, and be sure to take the test! (It's free, fun, and it will tell you things about yourself that are creepily accurate) I may do one for Mistborn! If you would like that, let me know. That's all, Catie
  18. Give me a moment to put on my shardplate. Now before you Shaolin shippers light your torches and raise your pitchforks, I am one of you. I want Shallan to end up with Adolin in the end. But what about my title.? Well, I think the idea of a Kaladin and Shallan pairing is getting an unnatural amount of hate. In fact, if there are any Shalladin fans out there, I am sorry your ship is being so thoroughly wrecked by this odium toward this pairing. (Sorry I had to.) Kaladin and Shallan will not work in the end. Besides the issues that they have little in common, don't speak the same social language at times, and have spren who are as diametrical as two spren can be, Kaladin killed her brother. Even if Shallan understands and forgives, I don't think she could be in an intimate relationship with someone who killed Heleran. So if the two begin dating their relationship is doomed. However, I don't hear this as the reason people are complaining about the pairing. "NO LOVE TRIANGLES!" is the cry. Why? Because it is a tired trope, you say. I don't think that is your problem. What if the triangle was between Adolin, Shallan, and Mraize? Some might still cry no love triangles, but I don't think the call would be as loud. I think the problem isn't the dreaded "love triangle" as much as it is we are all avid readers and are tired of seeing the main hero end up with the main heroine. It would be refreshing to see a man and woman who were central characters just remain friends. I get this desire. I am writing a whole series with the goal of having the main hero and heroine only be friends. Still, this is an expectation less avid readers do often have for heroes and heroines. Consider all the fans who were disappointed Harry Potter did not end up with Hermione Granger. I was happy to see Ron ended up with Hermione (Ron from the books at least) and would have hated to see her end up with Harry. But for many, the Harry Potter series was their first obsession, so naturally, they imagined the great love story of Harry and Hermione. I doubt SA can be a gateway series for many because of the learning curve that is WoK. Therefore a majority of SA fans have seen the hero and heroine end up together in a plethora of stories, and we are tired of the trope as much as love triangles. You might be tired of it, but that does not make it a bad thing Brandon should not do. Shalladin would help Shaolin become a lasting relationship. That might sound like an odd statement, but it is true. I think we worry about Shalladin because Kal is a great guy and why would Shallan leave him once they were together. Further, it would destroy the budding bromance between Kaladin and Adolin. However, I don't think either of these fears would come to pass if Shallan and Kaladin flirted for a few chapters to half a book and it would bring great conflict, but not be a true love triangle, at least not in the classic sense. I have already established why Kaladin and Shallan are doomed as a couple, so I am not going to go over that again. However, I don't think Kaladin and Shallan flirting will harm his friendship with Adolin at all. I don't think Kal would pursue a relationship with Shallan until Adolin is out of the picture because of the friendship (and she's lighteyed, or that is what Kaladin will tell himself until Adolin is exiled). Right now Shaolin is also a doomed relationship but not forever. Both Adolin and Shallan are really messed up people. I don't think either could have a healthy relationship right now until they address their issues. And the issue that will temporarily break them up is Adolin killing Sadeas. Brandon has hinted as much in chapter 13 of Oathbringer. Besides the fact that Shallan saying neither of them will mess this up sounds like famous last words, the last topic of the chapter is Adolin's hidden crime. Putting the ideas of them breaking up and the killing of Sadeas together suggests this is how their relationship will end, but not forever. Now I don't think Shallan is going to break up with Adolin when she finds out what he did. In a twisted way that might even bring them closer to together. No, I think this will break them up because Adolin is going to be exiled from Urithru and likely Alethkar as well and that will be the end of the engagement. Some would argue Adolin will get away with it, but the way the story is structured and the hints Brandon is dropping point to Adolin needing to face some consequences for his actions. Still, that is a debate for another thread. Just go with me on the fact murder of Sadeas will push Adolin away from Shallan for a time. After that happens Kaladin and Shallan may consider a relationship with each other. They might look past their different backgrounds and go for it because they are both KR so why not give it a try. At that point, it will not be a true love triangle. Adolin and Shallan will be over with, and Adolin will be somewhere out in Roshar reviving his blade or something. Still, Shallan is such a metal mess that her time with Kaladin will not go well even before she learns he killed Heleran. She is going to need to face her issues, and this will damage the relationship she is in no matter whom she is with at the time. I'd much rather have her self-discovery ruin Shalladin than Shaodin. Let her go through this learning period with Kaladin, have them both part as better people, and hopefully still friends even after she learns the truth. Then Shallan will hopefully be ready for a stable relationship. After this happens, I hope Adolin will return to Urithru as an Edgedancer with his a restored blade (yes he would make a great Edgedancer, shut up) and he will reestablish his relationship with Shallan. Then they would be on equal footing as KR and more mature people. Thus, the relationship will last the rest of their lives. As for Kal, he will be happy for them because he knows "they fit" and he will have moved on, but hopefully remain their friend. I'm likely wrong about all of this, but it could work. So please don't demand "no Shalladin." It might be an interesting source of conflict, and I trust Brandon to show it to us in an engaging way.
  19. From the album In this house we respect Dalinar Kholin

    Wow Adolin didn't come out great huh
  20. Okay, as I have said on previous posts, I am new to this series and I'm sure I'm not the only one who has expressed some of these ideas. That being said, I am 100% behind the love triangle between Kaladin, Shallan, and Adolin. I love the teasing that Brandon does for it especially with Kaladin starting to get weak at the knees around her after their stint in the chasms. I just kind of wanted to pick some brains on the subject. Sorry Adolin, but I'm on the side of Kaladin with this one. Let me know what you guys think. But I definitely think that this love triangle will have some more time in the sun especially with the slight hints that Brandon gave to them from both Kaladin's and Shallan's point of view.
  21. So, I've been re-reading Stormlight in preparation for Oathbringer(and assiduously avoiding the chapters as they come out... it's hard, though...), as well as the Way of Kings Prime snippets. I just re-read the duel between Adolin and the four shardbearers, in which he doesn't have his dead mothers "lucky" necklace. It always just seemed a good luck charm, and that's probably what it is. But... in Way of Kings Prime, Merin(Kaladin) had a strange glyphward necklace stuck in his gauntlet, that gave him increased fighting ability. I'm wondering if it's possible that that is related to Adolin's necklace. Rather, I'm pretty sure it HAS to be, it's too similar. I'm wondering HOW it's related. Is it simply a tribute? Or, perhaps, is it a remnant kept over, that in fact DOES help Adolin when he's fighting? (Not to diminish him at all, he's pretty stormblasted amazing without it.)
  22. This is a theory, that I've been forming in the current Shalladin thread here yesterday. Well, the thread moved on and never really got into any discussion about it. I believe the theory alone is enough to allow for a whole thread. I don't want this thread to become part of the shipping war. I want to see opinions about this. So, please refrain from getting too worked up about any of it. It's just a theory. (And I know, that I have problems with not getting worked up, too. I try to work on it. ) ---- So, in Chapter 15 of Oathbringer we see Shallan getting confronted by Adolin with the fact, that she actually has a Shardblade, a fact she has been trying to forget by splitting Pattern into two personalities - the spren and the Blade. Now, I'm a pretty vocal fan of the Shallan/Kaladin pairing, so this might seem a bit biased, but I hope you try to understand my perspective, when I try to explain the Shallan/Adolin relationship in it's current form - from Shallan's perspective - Adolin's is pretty short, he is infatuated with her, maybe even in love, and wants to keep her. But I digress, Shallan's perspective: The world is ending, listeners all around Roshar are turning into mindless murder machines threatening mankind. And damnation, Shallan is supposed to be a Radiant. To step up and help save mankind? Imagine the pressure. Imagine the uncertainty. Adolin is the only thing, that currently is certain in Shallan's life. She clings to it, she bends herself to make it work, like when she wouldn't tell Adolin, that she rather would not train duelling stances. That is also why her subconscious starts to kick in and panicks, when she gets the feeling, he might blow off the betrothal. But only the betrothal, she's so focused on the betrothal, of that anchor, that she is afraid of losing that. But I don't blame her, it's human. It is true, that she likes Adolin, but in my opinion, there is little true textual evidence, that she loves him. She never says, "Oh no, Adolin is going to leave me.", but, instead, says "Oh no, he's going to blow off the betrothal." Now, how does Adolin inhibit Shallan's character growth? By being that one anchor in her life, she is too afraid to lose it. So, in order to not disappoint him, she creates Brightness Radiant, just so she can have a good time with him. It would be fine, but it is not what she has to do to progress. Pattern basically confirms that. Shallan needs to become a Knight, but she needs to be it herself. Not Brightness Radiant. Not Veil. It needs to be Shallan. As seen above, when Shallan denies the fact, that she can be a Knight Radiant, Pattern is confused. Or, at least, Shallan recognizes it as confusion. Maybe it is irritation. Anyway, I don't believe, that Pattern can help her with this. He blames himself for her state of mind and even offers to kill himself for Shallan. So she can become, who she needs to be. He thinks, that she hates him. Even if Shallan tells him, she doesn't. He is confused, because he is oblivious to the fact, that Shallan, in her mind, has been splitting Pattern in two. I really is a strange relationship Shallan has been creating for them after the hard truth at the end of WoR. One might argue, that Brightness Radiant is just a role, like an actor would play, but I don't agree with that. She is a different personality, which takes over. A facade. A Shallan-influenced, but different soul. The biggest takeaway for that is, that Brightness Radiant apparently can't draw, one of Shallan's best skills. She's even talking of Radiant as a different person. Anyway, the bottom line is, that Shallan is already building walls again. And, though not through his intent, Adolin is enabling it. The worst part is, that he doesn't even see the change in Shallan, when she takes on the Brightness Radiant persona. I have seen some arguments about Shallan being able to overcome her fear of Pattern, by Adolin's love of Blades rubbing off on her. Could be, the problem is, that it currently is rubbing off on Radiant, who is a completely different entity from Shallan. Even in Shallan's own mind! I can't emphasize that enough. Poor Adolin doesn't know it, but he's doing her a disservice. And now he thinks, that she enjoys Shardblade practice, so I am positive, that it will become a regular thing. And everytime he won't be with Shallan, but with Radiant. Then I've been thinking: "What could help her then? If her own betrothed can't help her, because of their convolution in being betrothed in the first place?" And then it hit me: Kaladin. In the end, it always comes down to Kaladin. Why? I'll tell you. Remember after Kaladin killed that Veden Shardbearer (I won't call him Helaran here, because I'm still not 100 percent convinced it really is him. The description was suspiciously vague.), who killed his men? He refused the shards. He said, that he can't bear them, that he won't bear them. For one, because they were coated with the blood of his own men. See the parallel to Pattern being tainted by Shallan's mother's blood? And, secondly, because it would make him a lighteyes. Remember how Adolin offers Kaladin Shards after the duel? He still refuses. He still can't imagine ever carrying a Shardblade. He fears them for their killing power, he disrespects them for that. But he overcame his problems. He saw, that he needed to be a Knight Radiant, to wield a Shardblade and, if necessary, even become lighteyed in the process. Become one of those persons, that he hated for all his life. What I think is, that Shallan doesn't need someone, who tells her how great Blades are and that she should be happy for having one. She needs someone, who she can relate to. Who understands her problem. Someone, who says, "I know how you feel, I felt the same not so long ago. I hated the idea of wielding a Shardblade. But let me help you get over that fear. Let me help you become what you have to become. You don't have to do this all by yourself, you're not alone." And that someone is Kaladin. Because, if you break it down to bottom, they both have or had the same problem. The unability to use a Shardblade as a weapon. Hating them for their killing power. Plus it would give a wonderful opportunity to finally talk about Helaran. Kaladin also seems to be pretty good at noticing, when she's hiding herself again. Like he did in the carriage ride in WoR, where she was hiding some emotions from Adolin. Conclusion: Shallan is barricading herself in lies again. Pattern blames himself for it. Adolin is involuntarily enabling her. Kaladin might be the solution.
  23. What do you want to happen to Adolin. I want him to remain a relevant character in the story. I don't like the idea of everything going great for him and him just being a highprince happily married to Shallan. That would be boring. Want him to face consequences for killing Sadeas both good and bad. I want him to be exiled, but then revive his Blade and become an Edgedancer. Then he can return to Urithru as a fellow Knight Radiant and get back together with a more mentally healthy Shallan. That's what I want. What do you want to happen?
  24. I first found this board while googling about the romances in Stormlight (specifically the possibility of Adolin-Kaladin romance, but that's another story ), and obviously found lots of threads about possible Kaladin/Adolin/Shallan love triangle, and primarily about how the idea was hated and (at least from my reading at the time) something Brandon was unlikely to do... Imagine my surprise when Mistborn has a love triangle! And a pretty classic one at that (girl protagonist who falls for the good guy (and prince to boot!) but is distracted from the romance by bad boy love interest.) Why the shock that Brandon would do this again? Or did everyone hate it and it's just hope he won't? If anything, at least the outcome in the Stormlight triangle isn't predetermined; I'm not even finished with Well of Ascension, and I'm 99.9% sure Elend is the winner.
  25. Chapters 10-12 were released today, and everyone's talking about the big comedy moment: the image of Syl watching Kaladin have sex. Yes, the peeping spren is indeed hilarious. But it's also so much more. I think Brandon may have just dropped some epic foreshadowing, disguised as an innocuous joke. Spren do not respect closed doors. Spren are usually invisible to most people. Radiants are popping up all over Roshar, so sapient spren are about to be almost as common as regular spren. Conclusion? There is no more privacy on Roshar. Every single private conversation and covert activity is vulnerable to spyspren. No secret is safe. The Sleepless are nothing compared to spyspren. We've already seen Pattern used this way, but any Radiant spren should be able to do the same. And it's too big an advantage not to use. In fact, I'm a little disappointed that Shallan hasn't shared this technique with Dalinar and the others. It would probably be a big help in the murder investigation. Speaking of which... Adolin did a bad thing at the end of WoR, and he doesn't think there were any witnesses. Same for the copycat killer. (Assuming Adolin himself isn't the copycat killer.) But there could always be a spyspren. And what about voidspren? What if Odium has little eyes and ears all over the place, and no one can see them?