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Found 33 results

  1. A short look on this morning showed 100% on the progress bar for Oathbringer. It's done! Now its time for a little joyous dance and the long waiting until November begins. What are you guys doing until the release date? Me, I am going to reread Warbreaker, Way of Kings and Words of Radiance for sure - but only after summer is over. Those "tiny" books should be done in one or two weeks -;)
  2. Here we go folks: I've made that topic six minutes after Brandon posted the update at reddit. Some say it's coincidence, some say it's fate, some try to spike me for Feruchemical chromium, I say I'm a bit fanatical at checking Brandon's reddit account.
  3. Title says it all. With the Voidbringers now on the rampage, new Radiants seem to be appearing left and right. They are even appearing in places not really relevant to the main story, such as Lift and The Stump. I think Oathbringer and subsequent books are going to introduce lots of new surfbinders, so which characters do you think have the potential to become Radiants, and what Order could they belong to? As a side not, when I was first reading WoR I thought there was an order of Soulcasters, of which Jasnah was a member. The shame.
  4. I am assuming that with spoiler tag in the title, The Thrill is fair game on this forum? At any rate, this is less about the actual things we learn from the flashbacks, and more about Brandon's writing. Has anyone else read the flashback at the dinner party and thought that Dalinar sounded like he was separated at birth from Wayne?
  5. I'm sure a lot of you have read the Oathbringer interlude set right outside of Aimia (find it here if you havent) and i have a theory on one of the questions posed in it. What is on the island that can possibly cure Soulcaster savantism? My theory proposes that the Larkin/Lanceryn or their gemhearts (which are rumored to be on Aimian islands), used in fabrials, have the ability to rid the soul of the affects of savantism. This fits with what we already have seen them do (suck stormlight out of Lift). Expanding on this, I could see how these powers could greatly help Odium and his forces conquer Roshar. Not only could the Lanceryn be uused to easily combat Shardbearers and Surgebinders, but I could see how their powers could possibly be used in many other ways. As always, let me know what you guys think. edit: FIRST!11!!one!11
  6. My friend who finished reading the Stormlight Archives before me told me about this when she finished WoR and I was really close to finishing WoK. Now I am done with both, and I love her idea. It makes perfect since. In Oathbringer, there will almost definitely be an awkward love triangle between Adolin, Shallan, and Kaladin. When Kaladin and Shallan were in the chasms together for three days, they goy to know each other. And Shallan and Adolin, well, let's just say it was love at first sight. Sure, Kaladin are friends by the end of the book, but that would make it even more awkward. That is for the love triangle part. We were thinking, who would Shallan go for? Then I thought, first, maybe Renarin! My second thought was that it didn't make any scence (I can't spell) but it would make a great plot twist. My friend said that her friend (one I am not on speaking terms with) said that maybe Shaladin and they will adopt Lift! Again, no scence but awesome. But if Renarin joined the Love Triangle, would that make it a love SQUARE?
  7. This is a brief theory I had regarding the next series. Kaladin still has 2 more ideals to reach, and is likely to speak more Words while visiting his home. Personally, I think that he will swear his next oath while saving or sparing Brightlord Roshone's life. We know that both times before when Kaladin swore to the ideals, it was at a point where he was suffering from intense despair, (out on the shattered plains, exhausted, empty of Stormlight and watching the parshendi kill his men, and suffering a flashback to the day his brother died,) or doubt (lost his connection with Syl, having to choose between fighting one of his closest friends or letting Elhokar be murdered.) What would define "doubt and despair" more for Kaladin then having to save the life of the man who singlehandedly turned his family into outcasts, forced Kaladin and Tien into military service, (thus resulting in Tien's death), and killed Moash's parents (thus resulting in the betrayal of one of Kaladin's own men)?
  8. From the album Rosharan High Fashion

    Here we got the skirtlike takama, a kind of Alethi traditional warrior’s garb =)
  9. Axies is pretty fun, and has appeared in both WoK and WoR.Do you guys think we will see him in Oathbringer?
  10. So, I've saved up enough money to buy both parts of any Stormlight Archive book. So, the question is, which one? I've already read the Way of Kings, since it's in my school library, so should I get Words of Radiance or wait for Oathbringer to come out?
  11. So this is just something up for speculation and possible theorizing: Do any of you think we'll get another major Letter written among the epigraphs of Oathbringer as we had with The Way of Kings and Words of Radiance? And if so, who do you think will be the one writing the Letter and what do you think it will be about? Just wondering what y'all think of it.
  12. An early happy new year! In celebration of the year of Stormlight 3, I drew something from the flashbacks XD
  13. Today, we got the cover for the third Stormlight novel, Oathbringer. It's also by Michael Whelan, featuring Jasnah being totally awesome. This scene is quite evocative, so maybe you can glean some plot details from this. We also get the scheduled release date for the book, and an Oathbringer update on Reddit. Here's the cover: Whelan describes the scene in the article: "We’re centered on a scene where Jasnah confronts the invaders. A giant has smashed a breach in the city wall, and Jasnah is called upon to restore it. After dispatching several invaders with her Shardblade sword, she covers the gap with a brassy wall of magical metal. It’s a very visual scene, in which I saw a lot of possibilities for good images." I will say that the expanded cover looks quite a bit cooler than the zoomed in part on the front cover: So we see Jasnah with her Shardblade (uh... spoilers if you haven't read Words of Radiance?). There's a city under attack, and in the background we see a number of cool things. First, we see a lot of red lightning, probably the Everstorm. I would rate the situation as being "quite bad" by the looks of it. Then there's a giant thing in the breach. People on forums suggest its a thunderclast, and that seems like a reasonable assumption. If you look closely, Jasnah isn't actually floating , but is on some stairs of glass, probably Soulcast. On you can see more of Whelan's sketches of this scene and how it proceeded. What do you think of the cover? What city do you think it is? Tell us all your thoughts. We also get a release date: November 14th, 2017. Astute readers already knew this from Amazon, but we wanted to wait to a more official source. Tor says that is when it is scheduled, so that isn't definitive, but it seems quite likely. One more bit of Oathbringer news: Brandon posted another Stormlight update on Reddit. Oathbringer 3.0 was finished, incorporating feedback from Team Sanderson and Tor, and he recently wrote the epigraphs and epilogue. The length of the book is insane, at 514,000 words, which is 100,000 longer than Words of Radiance. (Hey, remember at Way of Kings' release when Brandon said the future books would be shorter? Hahahahaha.) I expect revisions might cut this down a bit, but it's still huge. Brandon says the US hardcover release will be in one single volume, but for the paperback, there may be two volumes released at the same time. That's about it, though Brandon does finish with: Comment below on this exciting Oathbringer news, or discuss the cover on the forums, too!
  14. Just occurred to me that Dalinar could, in response to Sadeas' murder, take the fall of Adolin legally if (or when) the consequences eventually come to fruition. Thoughts on this?
  15. Brandon just posted his seventh update over on the stormlight subreddit.
  16. Brandon isn't GRRM, but still. Any guesses?
  17. I just attended a book signing with Brandon in Provo and he did a reading of the Prologue to Stormlight Book 3, Oathbringer. Oathbringer.m4a
  18. I'll leave it to you to analyze every word about Oathbringer; I myself will keep to obsessing over possibility of Brandon coming to Poland in March
  19. Shortly ago, late this night, Brandon has completed the first draft of Oathbringer, the third Stormlight Archive novel. This draft weighs in at a tiny word count of 461,233 words--which, as a comparison, is longer than Way of Kings (which was 387,000), Words of Radiance (at about 400,000), and the Lord of the Rings trilogy (at 455,000 words). So, you know, it'll fit right in your pocket. Brandon says, of course, there is much work to do and that it will be out November 2017. In the process of editing, generally the word count is trimmed quite a bit as prose tightens. What's next for Oathbringer? Peter Ahlstrom, Brandon's assistant, explained on Reddit the process: So that's the process! There really is much to do still. (An unrelated, but interesting fact in that Reddit thread is that Brandon sells twice as many ebooks as print, which is pretty insane, I think.) Needless to say, after Edgedancer I can't wait to see what is in store in Oathbringer. If it ends up being longer than Words of Radiance--which I imagine it easily will--I can't wait to have an even bigger epic doorstop. Er... I mean, blunt force weapon. Er, I mean... paperweight! All of those things and more. It will be very multifunctional, I'm sure.
  20. In the recent Oathbringer prologue reading we learned that Gavilar believes that some kind of acient, powerful spren was used to turn the Parshendi into Parshmen. A lot some people believe this spren to be an Adonalsium spren (and that this Adonalsium spren is the third bondsmith spren), but I have a different theory. A quote directly relating to how a Bondsmith defeated the Voidbringers is as follows. "So Melishi retired to his tent, and resolved to destroy the Voidbringers upon the next day, but that night did present a different stratagem, related to the unique abilities of the Bondsmiths; and being hurried, he could make no specific account of his process; it was related to the very nature of the Herald and their divine duties, an attribute the Bondsmiths alone could address." This suggests that a Bondsmith, Melishi, is responsible for the creation of Parshmen. It has long been hinted at and theorized that the Nightwatcher is the second Bondsmith spren, and this is supported by a recent interview when Brandon seemed to believe that the fandom knew who the second Bondsmith spren is. It struck me that the Nightwatcher has displayed the ability to change beings and their spiritual or cognitive aspects. I think that it would make sense that Bondsmith bonded to the Nightwatcher would be able to 'curse' the Parshendi into the state they are in now, or at least persuade the Nightwatcher herself to do so. What are your guy's thoughts on this new info?
  21. All SA book titles are in-universe books. Oathbringer is no different, so what is the book about? My guess is a history of the sword and its wielders. Other ideas?
  22. As you may read the first draft of Oathbringer is done
  23. We're at 93% now.
  24. There's just a few days until the Arcanum Unbounded release on Tuesday, but there's plenty of news to discuss! Oathbringer Update #5 This week, Oathbringer--Stormlight 3--passed 93% on the progress bar on Brandon's site. As is customary, Brandon posted another Oathbringer Update on Reddit, with this one being his fifth. He thinks there will be one or two more to discuss the editing process, but this will be the last one for the writing portion. I'll do my best to sum it up! Brandon finished Part Four of the book, which puts the book at a colossal 420,000 words. He expects the book to be 450,000 words, which is quite a bit longer than Words of Radiance. It should be cut down in revision, but it's still going to be huge. (Duh.) His current plan is to finish Part Five, then immediately revise Parts Four and Five. Next up will be to write the prologue, interludes, and the epigraphs. (I find it interesting that he writes those at the end, but I suppose the rest of the book is quite a bit more important to get down first.) His editor has already made comments on Parts One and Two, which were minor, so things are going well on that front. He doesn't expect major problems with the novels structure that will really slow the revision process down, which is really good news, in my opinion. He does intend to finish the first draft this month, which is quite exciting. Lastly, he apologized things are taking so long with the book. They take a ton out of Brandon. (So do try and be nice? At least we have a novella coming in just about a day!) Brandon Comments on the Movie Deal Late October, we talked about how DMG Entertainment had optioned the cosmere for film adaptations. It's a bit past its prime, but I thought I'd bring to your attention some comments Brandon made after our first news post went up. Some comments are extremely promising and quell some concerns I had after that initial announcement. People on the DMG team really like Stormlight, so that's why there's a lot of stuff on Stormlight. Brandon thinks it is likely that Mistborn will be done first though. One thing on their mind is that Hoid be people's entry character to the cosmere, and since there is a lot of screentime of Hoid in Way of Kings, that is a consideration as well. Brandon says he has reason to be optimistic about the writers' involvement. Now, a lot of people in the community have been worried about Stormlight being a film, preferring it to be a TV show styled like Game of Thrones. Here's what's going on. Both film and television options have been raised for Stormlight and Mistborn. DMG has started work on making a film and attached screenwriters, and a film is more likely. But, if the screenwriters say that it wouldn't work or cuts too much, then it could be proof that a film wouldn't work. If they come out with a great script, then that'd be proof a film would work. They can't know until they try. It is "very possible" for Stormlight to be made into a TV series instead of a movie. Everything is exploratory right now, and don't count anything out yet.. TV and animations are options that have been explored. One thing Brandon has been firm on is that Wax and Wayne should be TV, which I definitely agree is ideal. Many in the community have discussed the ethnicities of Rosharan characters, and Brandon has talked "a lot" with DMG to make sure to not whitewash Stormlight. (In case you did not realize, those characters are not white, despite some covers.) DMG is a Chinese company, after all, and the ease of casting Asian actors in Stormlight and Emperor's Soul drew DMG to the cosmere in the first place. They aren't sure how they want to express Alethi characters, though. They could just use Asian actors or something else. Needless to say, I'm sure many fans are relieved to hear this, myself included. There are a few other things Brandon said. A Warbreaker film is "very likely" if the others do well. To no one's surprise, they bought the whole cosmere because crossover films and connected universes are all the rage. Brandon is pushing to have the crossover stuff subtle so that it still works on their own. It's likely that Mistborn: Birthright could get a new developer if the movie takes off (RIP Birthright for now). Lastly, Brandon isn't big enough to have creative control over the films. He said people much bigger than him get that ability. He hopes to be involved, though. (On that last link, there's an interesting discussion about relative sizes of author popularity, if you are interested.) All in all, I think that this makes me relieved about this whole process. Here's to hoping this will turn out awesome. Other Cool Comments There's also been some neat Reddit comments on deep cosmere stuff. All of the first five Stormlight books will have letters like in Way of Kings and Words of Radiance. People asked that because The Way of Kings and Words of Radiance were in-world books, how did the title Oathbringer make sense? Brandon said the title will make sense at some point. Seons and Skaze were created when a Shard Splintered. It's a thing we long suspected but cool to get confirmed. He continues there to discuss end positive and end neutral magics. He discusses that there's some disagreement with scholars as to whether Surgebinding is end positive or end neutral. Some picky scholars argue it is end neutral. Brandon says Investiture isn't leaving the system in Surgebinding, but it is doing work. On deep Realmatic Theory, Brandon said that things in the Spiritual Realm do change, just subtly. Someone's Spiritual aspect knows their age. Some in the Reddit thread implied that maybe Hoid is changing his Spiritual's aspects age, but Brandon demurred, instead saying (Mistborn 1 spoilers:) Neat! Lastly, and a bit older, is a comment where Brandon confirms Kwaan may have understood Realmatic Theory. It's a little vague what exactly Brandon is confirming, since he does some confirming and RAFOing all at the same time, but he said that this Reddit thread had a correct premise, so that's what I'm going with. This had been noted for a long time so good to see some confirmation (if vague confirmation at best.) Arcanum Unbounded Spoiler Policy and Events Policy A few other things! We posted our Arcanum Unbounded Spoiler Policy. Long story short, Edgedancer stuff will have its own spoiler board, but content on the essays can be talked about in Cosmere Theories as long as topics are tagged to mark that they have Arcanum Unbounded spoilers. Note: some bookstores have broken street date on Arcanum Unbounded, but we won't allow spoiler discussion on it until Tuesday. So obviously if you read Edgedancer, no spoiler discussion quite yet! Lastly, we codified some policies about events and signings. Generally if you receive some cool fact at an event that you wish to share, put it first into the signing's event topic before making a second discussion topic. If you have comments, please let us know! We want these policies to be useful and reflect what the community wants, so feedback is appreciated.