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Found 78 results

  1. Another week, another set of updates! Of course the big one is more Oathbringer: Chapters 22-24. Discuss them in our forum topic. Or, if you missed last week, check out our Oathbringer chapter index. Next up we got two Dragonsteel chapters (which clearly are coming out Monday and Wednesday): Bridge Four Chapter 5 and Bridge Four Chapter 6. This one is pretty cool too, because we get to see a creature we've never seen in the cosmere before. Also, there's a ton of [REDACTED], so that's fun.
  2. We're a bit late here, but there's some new Oathbringer chapters, this time chapters 19-21! Great! Go discuss them in our Oathbringer Spoiler Board. You can also now get a signed and numbered edition of Oathbringer from Weller's Book Works, as usual. If you'd like an inscription or a special inscription (like, asking a cosmere question), it will cost more, but the proceeds are going to charity. Brandon's Lightweaver Foundation will match those donations. Lastly, we have a new chapter from Dragonsteel Prime: Bridge Four Chapter 4. Check it out! As always, for Oathbringer, only post content from Oathbringer in the Oathbringer Spoiler Board. Thanks!
  3. If you find any, please post them here so that @PeterAhlstrom knows about them Chapter 19 “I assume,” Gavilar said, sounding amused, “that people he knows don’t casually go for strolls in highstorms Shouldn't this be 'that the people he knows don't casually go for strolls in highstorms '?
  4. Hey folks, I usually get a signed copy from Brandon's website (, but I am not seeing it. I went to his other website ( and read the latest update about the release party at BYU. It mentioned ordering it from the BYU book store, but I am uncertain if I can just get it shipped to my house or if I have to go to Utah to pick it up (not happening). It also mentioned that Weller Books was going to ship signed copies, but the link is broken. So my question is, how do I get a signed, hardcover copy of Oathbringer???
  5. A very premature thread... but couldn't help asking. Hoid has welcomed one person back at the end of each of the books back to the physical realm. First, the man who calls himself Taln and Jasnah the second time around. Will the pattern repeat? If so, who will it be? Vote / post your thoughts!
  6. Apologies if this has already been raised. It just occurred to me and there are too many posts to read through to try and figure it out if it has already been noted. So I wonder if this scene where Dalinar invites the archer into his service might have been intended to set some precedent where Dalinar takes a very pragmatic view of the realities of loyalty (and oaths) to a particular side. I can see that it would give him some degree of forgiveness toward Eshonai because she was very much a soldier. Who I wonder about though, is Szeth. I think the scene may be intended to demonstrate that Dalinar is capable of accepting Szeth into the fold in his new order when he is made aware of the circumstances of Szeths assassination of Gavilar. As is mentioned in the other threads, when it comes to keeping oaths and following the ideals of honor there is nobody who does that as completely as does Szeth. I think the purpose of the scene was less about exploring the history of Dalinar, and more about exploring the character and how he is capable of forgiving what is done in war in service to your cause. Thoughts?
  7. (Sitting in a tree....) Serious Theory Time: Szeth is rebuilding a moral code based on Nightblood, and that will seriously affect all of his future interactions. Spoilers for Oathbringer, Edgedancer and Warbreaker. When Szeth ‘died’ and was revived by Our Friend Nale he admired Szeth’s dedication to his law, and tried to recruit him to the Skybreakers. And then he introduced him to Nightblood. Nightblood, destroyer of evil and sword of terrifying hilarity. Would you like to kill some evil today? Nightblood is a super sword created to destroy evil, and it’s pretty darn good at it - well, the destroying part anyway. Most interestingly, however, is that Nightblood has a resonance with people. If someone is good/innocent/relatively moral, they will feel profoundly nauseated by Nightblood. If someone is evil/selfish/relatively immoral they will be filled with lust to claim and use Nightblood; all but inevitably ending in their death. Where does this leave us? Well, Szeth is starting to dedicate himself to, or at least live by the precepts of, the Sword. He will go about ‘destroying evil’ - but only those who are nauseated by Nightblood. This will create extremely interesting conflicts as he uses the ‘Nightblood Litmus Test’ to determine who he should kill, and if he should kill. This will especially be interesting when he runs into our ‘voidbringers’ the freed Parsh-people. It will be even more interesting when we run into ‘possessed’ parsh-people like Eshonai. Would they qualify as evil to be destroyed? But that’s an aside. Evidence for this theory: this mostly comes from Edgedancer. It’s pretty clear that Our Friend Nale was trying to recruit Szeth, and Szeth was hanging around, but he was not buying into the Skybreaker motto, and did not drink their kool-aid as it were. He’s openly questioning the man he believes to be the Herald of Justice. Interestingly too they have a discussion about being unable/unwilling to trust their own minds. Most strikingly, when Szeth notices Lift, he doesn’t turn her over to Nale’s ‘justice’. Instead, he uses the Nightblood Litmus Test. Lift is nauseated, passing the test, after which Szeth talks to her and helps her, instead of killing her or turning her in. So, I think Szeth, not trusting the minds or manners of feeble Men or their laws, is instead trusting himself and his behaviour to the Nightblood Litmus Test. Of course, there’s a lot left open - where will he go? To whom will he apply the test? But there we are!
  8. The intervention of another Shard irrevocably changing the balance of power in the system. My theory is rooted in the knowledge that Odium is diminished somewhat making him weaker than other Shards, though he would be safe from Cultivation as her intent likely keeps her more passive another Shard would be able to defeat him. So that gives me 3 main variants of this idea, A) Odium is shattered and/or absorbed by another Shard between books 5 and 6 creating a new antagonist and changing the game entirely B.) Odium finally absorbs another Shard, prizing his survival over his purity, making the Champion plan likely unusable and likely necessitating intervention from outside forces C) Another Shard arrives in Roshar but doesn't immediately shatter and/or absorb Odium, likely being hostile to the native humans this could force a 3 way conflict and/or intervention from outside forces All of these are also founded on the idea of needed a significant status quo shift for the second arc and the Desolation of the first arc being over by then, it would also be likely that Hoid might try to engineer one of the above scenarios given his opposition to Odium and all could result in the destruction of life on Roshar which he's stated wouldn't deter him from his goal. I admit this is all a bit vague and wild but let me know what you think and if you agree which scenario is most likely or the one you would most like to see. edit: also please be forgiving of this topic, I haven't started one in a long time if ever.
  9. Based on this passage in the new chapters: I am led to believe that Odium is not, and never will be again, in top fighting shape. To hazard a guess, I'd say he got wounded killing Ambition and lost chunks of power like Ambition did. That might be a partial cause of the Evil, or the shades. That is assuming a lot though. Also, what does the Stormfather mean by 'forces?' My initial assumption was Cultivation, but I don't think it has to be that simple. Maybe the 'survival' Shard is actually just lying in wait for the day Odium over-extends himself. This Shard doesn't have any of its power tied up in a planet, while Odium is Invested at this point, and apparently wounded to boot. Maybe the other Shards, known or not, are watching closely to pounce on any mistake Odium makes. Maybe the worldhopping community has some potential plans they could put into motion if things start heating up. I don't know that any of these are likely, but I do think that, whatever the answer, this is going to be important, at least behind the scenes. I was always a bit bothered that it seemed Odium came out on top of all these fights without any sign of injury. I guess that wasn't the case, which makes me feel a lot better.
  10. It's Tuesday, so you know what that means. It's time for yet another set of Oathbringer chapters, this time chapters 16-18! Since I'm not going to spoil them here, go check them out, or check out our discussion thread here. We also have some super exciting other things. We have another Merin chapter from Way of Kings Prime, but we also have an annotation for the prologue of Way of Kings. Most excitingly, we have a Bridge Four scene from Dragonsteel Prime. That's right. That Dragonsteel. The annotation on the Szeth prologue is quite interesting. He explains how the magic was quite different in Way of Kings Prime, and how he immediately wanted to make sure that readers knew it would be a high learning-curve series. He says that Jek, the old version of Szeth (which we read a chapter from) had no magical abilities. Brandon also talks about how he needs to put his foreshadowing front and center, and teases us with the black sphere, as usual. But we have to talk about Dragonsteel Prime. This was Brandon's thesis long ago (and you can still read it at the BYU library). This excerpt is from Bridge Four. Yup. If you don't know the story, Brandon lifted the entire Shattered Plains from Dragonsteel, and the entire Bridge Four sequence. In this section we are introduced to the Shattered Plains--and immediately told why they are Shattered on Yolen, which is still a mystery to their existence on Roshar. Then we get Bridge Four, and you can tell it's very similar but less well-written. Oh yeah, and you also meet Frost, the guy who Hoid writes the letter to in Way of Kings, and responds to Hoid in Words of Radiance. He's here. You get a mention of the Sho Del, because they aren't fighting Parshendi on the Plains here. So yeah, it's pretty cool, because basically no one has read Dragonsteel. Check it out. As usual, only discuss Oathbringer spoilers in our Oathbringer spoiler board, or our Discord's #oathbringer_spoilers channel. You can view all the Oathbringer chapters and their discussion thread in our Oathbringer Chapter Index.
  11. As we discuss Oathbringer for the next few weeks, I think it would be useful to have some agreed-upon names to distinguish the former Parshendi and the former Parshmen. It would also be nice to have a term that encompasses both groups. Here is what I propose: Formerly Parshendi (Eshonai's group that lived on the shattered plains) - Listeners because they listen to the rhythms, unlike the newly transformed Parshmen Former Parshmen (used to be servants until the Everstorm) - Awakened Parshmen or Talking Parshmen (I don't love these terms. Anyone have anything better?) Both of those groups collectively (all the marble-skinned bipeds) - Parshendi since that means "Parshmen who can think" in Alethi, and the former Parshmen can think now that they are out of no-form/slaveform Parshmen who have not transformed/still don't have a form - Parshmen (We don't know if there are any of these left) Thoughts? I'll update this post if there is a consensus on better names.
  12. I didn't see a place to report errors from Tor's chapter releases of Oathbringer, so I figured I would start one myself. I'm assuming we can probably ignore the weird mistakes like the occasional 'e' that seems to be replaced with a space. If you see any spelling, grammar, or content mistakes, though, feel free to post them here!
  13. We all have scenes that we would love to see in Oathbringer, but are there any scenes that we expressly do not want to see? For me a reconciliation between Amraam and Kaladin would be horrific. The Stormfather getting revenge on Kaladin would also be awful. Well fellow Sharders what do you think?
  14. Well, this is just for quick reference. Just to see how many days until Oathbringer's release. And this random tidbit of information. Oathbringer is 1,240 pages long. Now, countdown! This is a timer that I found somewhere, I think @Ammanas posted it somewhere. (If you didn't, please tell me so I can edit this. ) Oathbringer Countdown And I also did this to my calendar, so... September So, I'm not sure all of the little handwritten numbers next to the date are legible, but those are the amount of days until the release. So, if you can see them, yay! If not, sorry.
  15. In Shallan's new chapters we've noticed several mentions of the patterns on the walls of Urithiru. Now, this may just be a coincidence due to her greater aesthetic refinement, but I think there is more to it than that. We know that Lightweaving involves "Light, Sound, and other waveforms." To me, the patterns could very well be some of these other "waveforms." Thus, the majority of the information the Radiants had gathered is encoded in the walls, waiting to be unlocked by an appropriately aware Lightweaver. This is part of Urithiru's protection, since even if an enemy gets inside, they can't get at any of the Radiant's information since they aren't bonded with a Cryptic and don't have the surges to interpret it. Let me know if you have any other ideas as to why so much time has been spent expositing the walls.
  16. Shallan Davar is insane. Now, I know the first reaction of many of you would be to point out that, yes, of course she’s insane. It’s a requirement for the Knights Radiant. I mean, after all, Syl says in Words of Radiance that’s how they [Knights Radiants] all were, silly’ to Kaladin’s complaint that he was ‘broken’. None of current Knight Radiants that we know of (Kaladin, Shallan, Dalinar, Renarin, Lift) are shining examples of perfect mental stability. Also, in Shallan’s defense, she is guilty of both patricide and matricide, so you can’t expect her to be perfectly sane, can you? Which is fine, I don’t. Kaladin's an emotional wreck. Shallan's an emotional wreck. It’s a requirement for the Knights Radiant to have undergone some form of mental anguish. So, why am I talking here? Well, simply put, Shallan’s insanity is getting worse because she’s a Knight Radiant. Whereas Kaladin is getting better, Shallan is just getting worse as a direct result of her Ideals and her Surges. Let me explain why I think that. As revealed in Chapter Fifteen of Oathbringer, Shallan cannot emotionally use her Shardblade because of the truth she was forced to admit for her Second Ideal, that she killed her mother with Pattern. Therefore, to get around the emotional scars, Shallan creates a new personality, Brightness Radiant, to fight in her place instead. Now, while this may seem innocent enough, and one could argue it’s no different from the pen names that we Sharders use on the Shard, it’s not. Not at all. To explain why, let’s take a step back and talk about the human mind, more specifically psychology, more specifically Jungian psychology, most specifically archetypes. Carl Jung, based on the work of Sigmund Freud, claimed that the human mind is made up ‘archetypes’. Now, I’m just going to skim the basics, feel free to look around for a more in-depth analysis elsewhere on the internet. I also must admit to having a cursory knowledge of the subjects, so if you know more and I made a mistake, I apologize. Archetypes can be described as the building blocks of personality. A person is composed of dozens of these ‘archetypes’ each slightly modified and relating together differently to create the full spectrum of personality. This is why we have many common character types across many civilizations stories. For example, there’s always the ‘warrior’, the ‘hero’, the ‘wise man’, the ‘mentor’ (which sometimes overlaps with the ‘wise man’), etc. These form a ‘persona’ or your exterior personality. From this chapter, it’s kind of clear that the alternative personalities Shallan is creating are based off of these archetypes. This makes sense, as character archetypes are one of the basic tools of all writers, so it’d be natural to create personalities using them. Veil seems to be based off the ‘trickster’ archetype, and ‘Brightness Radiant’ seems to be based of the ‘knight’ archetype, perhaps with a handful of ‘stoic’ thrown in. It’s a bit early to tell for sure. The problem now arises that Shallan is separated from these archetypes of hers. Brightness Radiant speaks like Shallan is a different person, and Shallan can’t wield her Shardblade at all. They''re separate. In Jungian psychology, this is a huge problem. In Jungian psychology, one of the reasons for insanity comes from the idea that these archetypes aren’t lining up. In order to treat mental disorders, Jungian psychologists will attempt to have the subject comes to terms with themselves, ending in catharsis. Now, this should be what the Ideal of the Lightweavers force Shallan to do, but it's not, because of it's own Surges. Shallan can’t ignore the truths of her paths, so she must come to grips with them for an eventual catharsis. But she isn’t. She’s using her Surge of Illumination to create these false personas that are Veil and Brightness Radiant. But by doing so, she’s locking herself out of catharsis and forcing her emotions aside to where she won’t have to deal with them. By using Veil and Brightness Radiant, Shallan is repressing her weakness and flaws. She isn’t trying to be fixed. She’s just trying to create an illusion that she is. If this continues, Shallan might get even worse, possibly developing multiple personalities, which would (I must admit) make for a fascinating read. Anyway, these are just my thoughts on the subject, and I have an unbearable tendency to overthink things. I would love to hear the rest of your thoughts on this.
  17. Good morning! has posted Oathbringer chapters 13-15. Check out our forum topic on chapters 13-15, and for all Oathbringer preview chapters--and their discussion topic--check out the Oathbringer Preview Chapter Index. As usual, keep Oathbringer discussion in our Oathbringer Spoiler Board and the #oathbringer_spoilers channel in the 17th Shard Discord. Do not post Oathbringer material elsewhere! There's also two more Way of Kings Prime Chapters: Merin 3 and Merin 4. Prime continues to be a profoundly different story than the one we know but It's fascinating to see glimmers of what it will one day be. There have also been two Annotations for The Way of Kings posted, one for the world map, and one for the prelude. In other news the Kaladin album Kickstarter funded yesterday, ultimately raising $112,667! They have also announced that they will be composing the full album. The second half of the songs will be digital, rather than recorded instruments, but they are going to try to record at least the strings for them.
  18. Chapters 10-12 were released today, and everyone's talking about the big comedy moment: the image of Syl watching Kaladin have sex. Yes, the peeping spren is indeed hilarious. But it's also so much more. I think Brandon may have just dropped some epic foreshadowing, disguised as an innocuous joke. Spren do not respect closed doors. Spren are usually invisible to most people. Radiants are popping up all over Roshar, so sapient spren are about to be almost as common as regular spren. Conclusion? There is no more privacy on Roshar. Every single private conversation and covert activity is vulnerable to spyspren. No secret is safe. The Sleepless are nothing compared to spyspren. We've already seen Pattern used this way, but any Radiant spren should be able to do the same. And it's too big an advantage not to use. In fact, I'm a little disappointed that Shallan hasn't shared this technique with Dalinar and the others. It would probably be a big help in the murder investigation. Speaking of which... Adolin did a bad thing at the end of WoR, and he doesn't think there were any witnesses. Same for the copycat killer. (Assuming Adolin himself isn't the copycat killer.) But there could always be a spyspren. And what about voidspren? What if Odium has little eyes and ears all over the place, and no one can see them?
  19. So, we know that Bridge four have become Kaladin's squires, gaining Windrunner powers when in his proximity. We also know that Rlain has stayed with Bridge Four, thankfully untransformed by the Everstorm. So, is he a squire? Do we finally have a listener who can surge bind? Will he be the bridge that will finally allow listeners to attract and bond radiant spren?
  20. Good morning! has posted Oathbringer chapters 10-12.Check out our forum topic on chapters 10-12, and for all Oathbringer preview chapters--and their discussion topic--check out the Oathbringer Preview Chapter Index. As usual, keep Oathbringer discussion in our Oathbringer Spoiler Board and the #oathbringer_spoilers channel in the 17th Shard Discord. Do not post Oathbringer material elsewhere! There's also two Way of Kings Prime Chapters: Merin 1 and Merin 2. Merin, who, remember, is the version of Kaladin in Prime, is insanely different from Kaladin. There's lots of differences in the world. Oathgates exist and are active! Check it out. It's a fascinating look into an old draft.
  21. Hello my fellow cosmere inhabitants! I want to introduce myself by telling you about my not so mystical journey through the cosmere. My now Ex-Wife was reading a silly sounding book called "Mistborn". I remember her trying to explain the concept of Mistborn and Mistings, and saying to her "that sounds really stupid". Well, she insisted that i give the book a chance and that I'd "love it". And now, to this day I am so happy that I gave in and read the rusting book! I was hooked by the end of the first chapter, which was very strange for me because I do not enjoy reading. Well, I DIDN'T enjoy reading at least... But now I had found purpose. I binge read the first trilogy then waited patiently for the second trilogy, and ended up re-reading the first trilogy twice over. At this point, I was picking up on little things and realized that Brandon Sanderson is god among men, and he was tying up loose ends and answering questions that I didn't even think to ask the first time over. At this point in time, I was convinced that there could be no book saga greater than the Mistborn Saga... but then I had the opportunity to meet Brandon at SLC Comic Con. I was a little starstruck, but played it cool and told him, "I love your mistborn series, like, absolutely love it. What is another one of your books that you would recommend to me. I will go buy it right this second" Brandon in his wisdom told me, I had a lot of fun writing the mistborn books, but my very favorite book to write was Way Of Kings. So I bought the storming book. Kalak's breath, the book was HUGE. I didn't realize what I was getting myself into, but after some failed attempts at reading it, I reached out to audible and purchased the copy ready by the majestic Michael Kramer and the lovely Kate Reading. I listened to the book and was disappointed and confused listening to the first few chapters. It was confusing to me how it jumped from the Heralds over to Kaladin over to Shallan. I almost gave up on the book, until I started making sense of the jumping around. Then... I was hooked! Even though I live in Utah, in one of the higher elevated peaks, I still considered myself an airsick lowlander... I read through WOK and straight on into WOR. At the end of WOR, I started searching for the next book. The one that hadn't yet been written. My heart broke. I became shattered as if Odium himself had ripped me out of my world. I was broken, and didn't know what to do with myself and shrunk away... After some time, I decided to re-listen to the books. I also found out that Oathbringer will be out by the end of this year, and I decided to peruse the wiki to hear the speculation.. This is when I heard talks about Hoid. I have so many questions about him, but those can wait. I'm on my second time through WOK and WOR, and I'm nearing the end of WOR. I'll probably read WOK and WOR a third time before Oathbringer comes out, because I NEED TO KNOW EVERYTHING. I have become obsessed, I go to sleep thinking about the cosmere. I need to know everything about this universe. I'm getting ready to go back to read elantris and warbreaker for the first time.. I'm like an awakening Spren, I feel like I should have all of these answers, but I just don't yet. Anyway, Happy to be here.. I'll be as active as I can. I'll be here, even through a High Storm if need be because, Storm it! I love this universe!
  22. theory

    I just want to release this statement early. I don't have hard evidence, and I don't know if others have submitted the theory in the past. The in-world auther of the epigraphs we have seen in Oathbringer, is HONOR. I do not remember his proper name, but the epigraphs were written by the holder of HONOR, after he was separated from his shard. He states that "those who saw farther" than himself, would likely presume him dead, but that he had in fact experienced something much worse. He is referring to the other holders of Shards, some of whom are able to see quite a distance into the future. The fate-worse-than-death he refers to is his separation from his shard (which may or may not have been voluntary), and having to view the events on Roshar, powerless to effect them as he once could. Honor may, or may not have acquired a Splinter of his previous Power, and he may, or may not still be alive.
  23. Putting this here well ahead of time so we don't have multiple threads next week hopefully.
  24. Top of the morning to you all! has posted Oathbringer chapters 7-9, and the plot thickens! Check out our forum topic on chapters 7-9, and for all Oathbringer preview chapters--and their discussion topic--check out the Oathbringer Preview Chapter Index. As usual, keep Oathbringer discussion in our Oathbringer Spoiler Board and the #oathbringer_spoilers channel in the 17th Shard Discord. But wait, there's more! Yesterday we have a new Way of Kings Prime scene (this one is actually new, unlike the Jek scene which we apparently had since, uh, 2012. Oops), with our good friend "Dalenar." Yeah, the names are pretty wonky in this. This scene introduces proto-Dalinar and also, interestingly enough, the start of proto-Kaladin, who in this version was named Merin. You can see some dramatic differences in this version, because in Prime, Kaladin took the Shards he won. Yup. That kind of makes everything different. Another interesting note: when they say "Awakening" in this chapter, that just means Soulcasting. Clearly they changed the name when Warbreaker came out. It's a fascinating look into Roshar, with so many things different (like no spren). Also check out Brandon's essay above the chapter talking about writing depression with Kaladin. It's like we get an annotation with this scene, too!