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Found 11 results

  1. The Venture ball

    Vin and Elend have been one of my absolute fictional pairing from the start. Pure perfection.
  2. Mistborn

    From early on in the FinalEmpire, the first time Kelsier brings Vin out in the mist to learn to use her abilities. I have discovered the Mistborn books late this year, and they have been a huge inspirations. This was the first drawings I made of them, and I have clearly got the mistcloaks wrong! It doesn't help that I have actually read the whole trilogy thinking they looked this way because I didn't let myself look at amy art for fear of spoilers. Worth it! I'm currently re-reading the first trilogy with the aim of illustrating much more of the salient scenes (and the get the clothes and descriptions of the characters right this time!).
  3. The time is here. There is an anniversary edition of the first Mistborn book, in gorgeous leatherbound, and it's going on sale tonight, December 1st, at midnight EST. That's just over six hours away. It does have a hefty price tag, like the Elantris leatherbound, at $100. But I will say that the Elantris leatherbound was spectacular, and its first printing went out of stock rapidly. If you're interested, don't delay. Note that these Mistborn leatherbounds will not be guaranteed for a Christmas delivery, due to Brandon's tour schedule and tour delays. There's awesome stuff in the Mistborn leatherbound. Let Kara from Dragonsteel Entertainment explain: Speaking of the Final Empire art, it is spectacular. You can also buy a poster of it, which I am absolutely doing right now. It has a fantastic style to it, and is simply gorgeous. It actually has a date on it, 1021, which is the first time canonically in the Final Empire time period that we explicitly have a date on something. (1021, by the way, is three years before the end of The Well of Ascension.) Also, it canonizes locations mentioned The Eleventh Metal, and in in the Mistborn Adventure Game, and if I'm not mistaken, it includes brand-new locations on the imperial map. Maybe I missed things in the Mistborn Adventure Game, but I absolutely do not recall Lekal City in the Southern Dominance, for one. I'm pretty sure this is brand-new Final Empire lore. And that makes me unreasonably excited. Maybe these places are mentioned in some of the Mistborn Adventure Game supplements, though, but I can't find references to them. Feel free to zoom in on this poster and post your thoughts, because I'd love to hear them. Okay, I'm going to shut up about Final Empire geography now, because there's also some fantastic pieces of art from Arcanum Unbounded that you can buy. There's the star map of the cosmere, which were the endsheets for Arcanum Unbounded, and there are beautiful, colorized versions of each star system, too. The colorized versions are truly incredible, so at least click the link and zoom in on them.
  4. Nazh and maps of Final Empire

    From Coppermind... but without any source: Anybody got any info? Screens, maybe?
  5. During TLR's conquests (beginning of his reign), could he have conquered these historical empires in these specific time periods? (TLR will not be fighting actively) -Persia (Xerxes I) -Hellenistic Empire (Alexander the Great) -Roman Empire (Emperor Hadrian) -Han Dynasty (Emperor Wudi) -Mongol Empire(Genghis Khan) Could TLR 50 years before the events of mistborn with 10 years of planning and preparation conquer these european nations?(TLR will be fighting actively along with his inquisitors, kandra, and nobility) -Britain (Victorian Era) -Napoleonic France Each historical empire will start with its eastern edge grafted onto the coast of the farmost dominance (england will remain an island).
  6. TLR's Metalminds

    Just something that's been in the back of my mind since I started my reread/relisten to the Final Empire series.... When Vin pushed TLR's Atiumminds from his arms she was at what we've dubbed on the forums "Mistpoint", burning the mists to the peak of an Allomancer's potential minus ascending to being a Vessel. However, once they were out, she no longer held the mists (As far as I recall, don't have the book or the audiobook in front of me at the moment...) Yet she was able to Push on TLR's Atiumminds without them, despite the fact that they SHOULD have been Invested to all Braize, especially if they WERE the Bands of Mourning. Just wondering if we have any thoughts/explanations? Maybe Vin still held the mists or a fraction of them, and I'm just forgetting, but it seems like a continuity hiccup with metalminds being hard to sense/push on, or them not being Invested, the Bands.... Though considering they were definitely Atiumminds, they should have been Invested.
  7. Question about passage from Final Empire

    Hey - so I have ONLY finished the first Mistborn (Final Empire). Please keep that in mind when you answer! I have a question about a passage from Chapter 31, p. 522 (paperback) Vin and Kelsier are talking on the roof and she has just told him she could see through Shan's coppercloud. Kelsier is asking her to sense what metal he's burning through his copper... And then she ends up sensing Kelsier's metal instead. SO - my question is, it is the Lord Ruler she is sensing? I kind of guessed that at first, but then again, we all know Sanderson is NOT a wasteful writer. He never mentions something that isn't important, in some way (even if it's not answered until way later.) I feel like he never actually answered the question of what she sensed. Should I keep this passage in mind for the next book? This may be a short thread, since these are almost yes or no questions (sorry!) but it's really bugging me. Thanks in advance!
  8. Fish in the Final Empire

    Can someone please tell me how fish could survive in the ash polluted waters of the final empire? I mean they don't even have to exist (not sure if they do since they're never mentioned that I know of) but I would appreciate knowing if they did. Since I'm pretty sure the Ascension was over the course of a few minutes, the fish wouldn't have time to evolve so that they could survive the ash that infested the rivers and oceans. The ones that could survive this would have nothing to eat and they would die too. The only thing that I can think of is the Lord Ruler changing their biology like he did with humans, but I wouldn't be too concerned about fish if I ever got control over the world for a few minutes. And please upvote if you like fish!
  9. Mechanical Hemalurgy

    I thought I'd better post some Mistborn theories before Shadows of Self/ Bands of Mourning came out, in case they were confirmed or debunked. The first of these: MECHANICAL HEMALURGY. These are some separate facts in my head which caused me to believe that Hemalurgy can somehow be transferred to machines. While I haven't exactly worked out how, I am fairly confident it can be done. Here are some of the things that caused me to start thinking about this. Exhibit A: The machine built by the Ones Above in Sixth of the Dusk. Sharders seem increasingly certain that the Ones Above in Sixth of the Dusk are the Scadrians, who have gained access to space travel. We do know that it is set shortly prior to the sci-fi Mistborn Trilogy. One of the only things we know about them is that they built a machine that detects Avian (or the Investiture inside the Avian). This sounds almost like the capabilities of bronze, being able to detect the metals inside someones bodies. We have WoB that bronze can detect non-Scadrian magic in it's radar as well. So, I believe that this is one such machine that can convert Hemalurgy from a human into a mechanical operation. Exhibit B: The Southern Continent of Scadrial. We have WoB that they have magic there, but he has said it is used 'quite differently'. I believe that this is due to the presence of mechanical objects. They would have discovered it long before the northern continent, because they didn't have a stagnant 1000 years when the Lord Ruler took over. This means they would have had 1000 extra years to tinker around with this, and see how it works, as I believe they have done. Why Hemalurgy? Well, we know that inanimate objects don't have Investiture by natural means (Brandon has stressed quite strongly that metals don't contain Investiture, they merely 'unlock' the ability to access the Investiture inside yourself). Therefore, it must be 'given' to the machine somehow. So... Hemalurgy. What do you guys (and girls) think? Have I finally gone stark-raving mad? Or is there something salvageable to this theory? I'll get sources for the WoB's mentioned as soon as I can be bothered.
  10. I am not familiar with what the writing tropes in literature actually are and i was wondering to what extent does Brandon, and other authors, use them? What are common Fantasy writing tropes? Does Brandon ever make a mockery of the use of them? I felt like that is what he was doing in The Stormlight Archive with Rosharan society having such strict Gender specific roles. To me it made me look at the whole idea of Gender specific roles as ridiculous. Did he ever do something like that with other writing tropes that i never noticed? Finally, is there a trope that Brandon consistently uses across most of his books?
  11. Allomantic table (FE Era)

    This was a collaborative work between nard1993 and I using the Hero of Ages and current Allomantic tables (More detail here). We designed it to use as the back of Shelldry cards.