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  1. If I could throw out an oddball recommendation here in between these other fantastic ones, I highly recommend Yojouhan Shinwa Taikei, or The Tatami Galaxy. I loved the weird aesthetics, and the ending and the final message it gave was a great emotional punch to the gut. Er, get ready to read subs very fast though. Other odd shows I've heard about but haven't watched yet are Shin Sekai Yori (From the New World) and Uchouten Kazoku (The Eccentric Family), both high up on my "to watch" list. Anyone watched these two yet?
  2. Awww, it warms the heart to see Mistborn and Stormlight Archive up there. One series I'd recommend that I don't see in that reddit is the Temeraire series, if only because of the dragons haha. And because I dig the old-fashioned, Pride and Prejudice kind of prose, although I'll totally understand if not a lot of people do.
  3. Like others here, I was really disappointed by the Farseer trilogy. I was fascinated by the world and the dynamics, but after a while everything was just such a drag; seriously, could no one else see how goddamn evil Regal was? And don't even get me started on that ending. Another series I couldn't even get through was the Night Angel trilogy. I found the writing just so awful, and starting off the series with a child getting raped just made me close the book and go, "WELL, time to find something else to read!"
  4. ^Shallan's fast transition was the same problem I had with Vin, but I think Shallan might have been more understandable, given her kind of ability? to turn lies or possibilities into truths. Especially since she explicitly used Jasnah as a kind of model, and then people--like Dalinar--started seeing Jasnah in her. Possibly a personality disorder in the future? Just kidding though; I think Shallan already has more than enough to worry about. I'm surprised that a lot of people are really happy about Sadeas' death; I mean, I can understand it, and I'm actually pretty glad about it too, that he won't be a nuisance anymore, but on the other hand I'm really horrified that Adolin did it, after spending a majority of the book being so noble. And that he covered it up so well afterwards; there was something just, worksmanship-wise, so great about how BS made how he covered it up so bland and unordinary. I haven't read Warbreaker yet so I didn't even react to Nightblood showing up, but I'm guessing from all the spazzing that this is a fantastic, amazing thing? When I first read Nightblood's line I heard it in Deadpool/Nolan North's voice, and I wonder how off about that I am.