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  1. Nightblood: Do you to slay some evil today? Ym: No, I thought we could heal some urchins. Nightblood: Dammit Ym! I'm a Sword, not a Doctor!
  2. That argument applies to common troops, but half shard Lords would definitely spring for aluminum plating on their armor if it gave them a fighting chance against full shards... That this is never mentioned as an alternative along with the fact that even a provincial daughter of a minor noble like Shallan knows what aluminum is, means that shard blades can cut aluminum. The guards could, though, be made of some aluminum alloy unknown on Roshar... Perhaps duraluminum?
  3. My guess is that she will turn out to be a dustbringer considering she takes her bravery / obedience to extreme levels. I think she will be paralyzed, but stormlight will eventually heal her.
  4. The second time Adolin meets Szeth, he hears a voice telling him to duck. Was it his sword or just self talk?
  5. Lift and Shallan have been bonded for much longer than Kaladin. I think that is the biggest difference.
  6. I'm new here so this may have been discussed before, but one of the things I am most curious about is how the different Spren in the book will get along. Will they become friends, rivals, something more...? Here are some of my thoughts. Syl Pattern Glys Ivory Wyndle Stormfather Nightwatcher How do you think these Spren will respond to each other? Do you think we will have a Spren POV in the next book?
  7. Thank you for putting these out. I find it fun to hear your reactions. They actually help me understand how I feel about particular chapters more.
  8. Thank you all for the warm welcome! @Morsk - I apologize for not explaining that term and just assuming everyone knew it. I should have just typed it out in the question even though I said MP to Brandon. I interpreted his reply to mean that the purpose of the Skybreakers is to watch the Knights Radiant and to make sure that they are living within the bounds of law. They are the people that protect the rest of humanity from corrupt KR.
  9. I think that the world/religious view of any author act as a filter through which the story is navigates from potential to written form. Both the untapped potential divinity of the human spirit and sacredness of human relationship struck me as themes that are also central in the LDS church the first moments I started reading Sanderson's. Brandon also writes spiritual experience well. This is something I find many authors fail at. That being said, the same themes are also prominent in Baha'i, Mystic Christianity / Islam / Judaism, many strands of Eastern faiths and New Age / Neo paganism. I think one of the beautiful things about good fantasy is that it transcends religious boundaries and evokes something primal in the human spirit. I think it takes a special open-mindedness of belief, a great deal of empathy for others, and a strong connection to mystery of life to be a great fantasy author. Luckily, Brandon seems to have this. - Jerich
  10. Yes, JamHeretic reminded me that the Elantris word I was looking for was Hoed so I could write my questions for Brandon. Thank you Jam Heretic! I also met a few other Sharders, one of whom recorded the entire book-signing so we should be able to get a transcript of everyone's questions.
  11. I was worried about this too, but according to what Brandon said to me today at the Seattle signing there are orders of the KR that would not only be completely okay with what Adolin did, but that they would applaud it. Just like the Skybreakers are the Military Police of the Knights Radiant and the Windrunners are like the Secret Service, there are probably some more Knights Errant / clandestine orders. Every big organization needs them! Luckily, you don't have to take my words and memory for this. Brandon's comment was being recorded and the exact wording of what he said will most likely be posted by another Sharder.
  12. It was a lot of fun to meet you in line today at the signing. I am super excited to read the Nightblade book and see Syl help Kaladin with her non-combat forms. She seems like one of the most brave and intelligent and grounded characters in the book. Out of all the Honorspren, she is the only one with the gumption to directly disobey the Stormfather and then took a huge risk in bonding with Kaladin.
  13. I finally decided to make an account after reading this site for a few months and being thoroughly impressed by the intelligence and politeness on these forums. Here are three questions I asked Brandon today in Seattle as he signed my books (I am shocked he didn't RAFO me): Question 1: Shardblades vs Hoed (Major WoR + Elantris Spoilers): Question 2: Function of the Skybreakers (Minor WoR Spoiler): Question 3: Adolin and the Knights Radiant (Major WoR Spoiler): My thoughts and Interpretations (Major WoR Spoiler): Thanks for Reading! Jerich P.S. It was nice to meet several of the 17th Sharders like Trickonometry and a charming Superfan who gave me her name which I promptly forgot... I will add it here if she posts to this thread:))