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  1. I think Sanderson more than most of the other top tier writers openly admits that he reads the other books out there. And so I think he will avoid 2 of the biggest mistakes that a couple of his fellow writers have made "recently." #1 I don't think there is any chance he pulls a Feast for Crows and splits up the viewpoints into separate books. People killed GRRM for that. So all of our favorite characters will be included. #2 I don't think he will pull a Dust of Dreams/Crippled God deal on us. Ericson did 80+% setup in book 9 and the resolution was all in book 10. He knew he made a mistake as soon as he sent book 9 out to the publisher I think, because it comes with a fore word warning that it's really just the first half of a very long book, not a separate stand alone book. I thinnk BS will make sure book 4 can stand on its own merits.
  2. Is this serious? http://www.dictionary.com/browse/climax They teach you in about 3rd grade that the high point of a story is called the climax. It's specifically pointed out in the very definition of the word that in literary terms it is the point where all the various plot points come together, the most intense point,the decisive moment. Plus anyone old enough to read this book is probably also old enough to realize climaxes are much more satisfying than avalanches anyways.
  3. Book 1 Dalinar thought he had to (UNITE THEM) unite the Alethi nation. Book 2-3 Dalinar decides (UNITE THEM) decides that he actually had to unite all the human nations. Book 4-5 I'm thinking Dalinar will conclude maybe (UNITE THEM) he is actually supposed to try and unite humans and Listeners. Book 6-10 Somewhere along the line Dalinar will realize (UNITE THEM) actually meant to unite the shards of Honor, and he will ascend to become Something special. Maybe new Honor, maybe something more.
  4. I had 2-3 thoughts about Rock. #1. Like some other characters, I think he is a minor character in the first 5 books, but will have a much larger role in the next 5 books. In fact i think Kaladin will stay leader of the Windrunners, while Rock/Lunamor could actually become sort of but not exactly a new Herald. (At first I thought it would be Kaladin who became the new herald, and i kind of go back and forth) #2. I think it has been shown that Syl is very special amongst Honor spren, but definitely not in charge. I think it' been heavily implied that her Aunt, or however the relationhip works, is probably the head honor spren in charge. Possibly even a piece of honor like the Stormfather. Possibly also a god-spren or at least somehow 'more' than "just" an honor spren. I also think that is the spren woman that Rock saw on the plateaus. "The most important god there" as Rock called her. And while young, impetuous Syl might see him as too respectful; I'm sure an older, more dignified spren noble might appreciate it more. In short I think Rock bonds with the Honor Spren Queen. Possibly with restrictions on wielding her like the Stormfather imposes. In which case he might get an Honorblade. #3. I think Rock unites the Horneaters, gains a bunch of his own squires from amongst them, and gets a huge support staff that may all come bolster Urithuru. And while I think Rock is kind of Unique even amongst Horneaters, we do know his wife is also good with a bow, that there are others who can see spren like him, and we believe others who are large like him. All 3 could be useful to the KR going forward. I agree that there should be a HUGE Horneater/Rock/Peaks info dump coming very soon.
  5. I'm 38 now and read WoK when that first came out. But I read LoTR at age 7-8 ish I think. 3rd grade whatever that was. Took me almost the whole 9 month school year to read those 3 books back then. Got started on WoT back in 1990, but at least I waited until book 2 was out (only in hardcover) so there are some people who had a longer wait for those books to publish than me. By 11 months or so. Devoured all the readable, and most of the non readable fantasy since then too. SA may be slightly more "adult" than Harry Potter, but it's still very straight forward and easy to read. It's certainly not The Prince of Nothing level stuff with Bakkar's heavy prose, dense concepts, and philosophical meanderings. My own 12 year old daughter asked to read daddy's favorite books and I told her she can read Stormlight Archive and Kingkiller Chronicles if she wanted but I didn't think she was ready for A Song of Ice and Fire, and it would be years yet before I gave her The Malazan Books of the Fallen.
  6. I've been stuck on the Aimians themselves, soulcasters being from Aimia, and the long term effects they have on humans. Plus the persistent rumor that the "cure" of those side effects is on Aimia. Or perhaps with Aimians? I'm sure there's interesting stuff going on there, I just can't put the pieces together yet. Stone/rock soulcasters turn people into stone. Pieces of those people may fall off/out. Not much difference between stone and some snail shells, so I imagine the same applies to cremlings. Maybe Dysian Aimians figured out how to plug/patch their holes with cremlings. Or are at least the evolution far down the line of somebody who figured that out. Smoke soulcasters on the other hand turn the humans into smoke. Smoke being one of the most malleable substances, it's not hard to imagine somebody whose body is malleable enough to create tattoos on the skin of writing, and apparently to alter their internal organs could somehow be an evolution of that. Axies at least was said to have crystalline/gemlike eyes and fingernails. I believe the stobbe soulcasters from WoR also had that same feature? And then there is shadows. People throw shadows towards light instead of away from it in Shadesmar. But I believe we've also seen both Jasnah and Shallan throw the same shadows when they were soulcasting? I'll have to reread all the scenes with people using fabrial soulcaddters instead of surgebindings, but were their shadows mentioned? Axies definitely casts his shadow towards light instead of away from it. I thought the Dysian Aimians we had seen did too, but apparently not all the time? There was no mention of the cook or the old man in the park having weird shadows. My feeling is the secret of Aimia has something to do with normal humans somehow becoming the Aimians we see today. Probably through manipulation of the spiritual realm in some way, shape, or form. Possibly soulcasting fabrials were a step along that process. Also possible that THOSE were the surges that ruined their original planet.
  7. The one thing about Jasnah that bothered me was her calling Kaladin "Bridgeboy". It's fine for Adolin to o it, or even any of the others that were there. But Jasnah not only never saw Kaladin as a Bridgemen, but never saw the bridge men in general. Literally by the point in time that Jasnah meets him, he has personslly saved Dalinar, Elkohar, and Adolin (her family) all at least one a piece, plus saved Shallan in the Chasms although the full story of that may not have been known, he fought off and then beat the Assasin in White, recovered an Honor Blade, re-founded a Knights Radiant order and had dozens of squires, was the bodyguard to the king and was invited to all of their elite councils when he wasn't the single person out running missions for the people trapped in Uruthiru. For her to resort to calling him "Bridgeboy" and meaning it as an insult just felt completely out of character for her as to be almost jarring to me.
  8. I am infatuated with Rysn and especially her little Chiri-Chiri. Can't wait for her story to be more fleshed out. Was cool that her part ended on the cliffhanger of Chiri-Chiri being noticeably larger after "eating" that much Stormlight and Voidlight. Does she attract a spren and turn into KR? Does she somehow bond one of the greatshell spren from her larkin or bond it directly? Does that bond allow her to use stormlight to heal her broken back? Does she stay crippled but get to ride a giant flying greatshell? Also Kaladin has claimed the skies, and he can compete or beat any of the fused singlehandedly, even before he gets his plate. But nobody is claiming the skies away from a flying chasmfiend that eats stormlight and may or may not have a KR riding on its back. Will be very interested to see how that turns out.
  9. I think a lot of what we've seen so far has been filtered through those eyes, so that brings those names to the forefront. We never even met T's radiant until she met the Kholins. There is also the fact that a lot of the spren politics seem to be involved and the spren societies chose who would be bonded. It kind of makes sense for them to pick the son of the king of the ost, powerful nation or the son of the kings brother who kind of usurped leadership. As individuals Jasnah seems to be known as the foremost researcher/scholar/smart person on the planet. Gavilar was self made king of the most powerful nation, and by all accounts an exceptional individual. We recently found out that The Stormfather was under certain instructions on who to pick as Bondsmith. Dalinar checks all the same boxes his brother did once he came to power. Pluus I do think we had a in book quote or a WOB or something that it does tend to run in families or something.
  10. I just don't see gemhearts in the listeners as being even slightly possible. First of all, gems are actual money on roshar. That would mean they have slaughtered tens of thousands and literally decimated the population of listeners without ever finding out that "Hey! Every one we kill has money inside." Not to mention that Listeners are physically exactly the same as Parshmen, the slaves that everyone across the planet owns in such huge numbers that they think their economy will literally collapse without them. Which have been slaves for generations to the point people don't even believe they could possibly be anything else. Even if you subscribe to that theory that Alethi are so dumb and bloodthirsty that they don't know there are differences between boys and girls, you'd still think that one or two noticed dollar bills falling out of the Parshendi they just cut in half. Even if only by accident. Plus parshmen are world wide, and not everyone is Alethi.
  11. Sometimes I don't know if I'm reading the same books as everyone else? Where do you get the listener gemheart thing from?
  12. The handful of people Amaram killed literally pale in comparison to the number killed by Taravangion. Both did it because they thought it was the only/best way to save the world. Both have kept it a big secret, their biggest darkest secret. But Amaram killed a handful and even spared the life of a man he probably shouldn't have out of sheer respect for him and what he did. T however hasn't spared anyone. He has killed thousands of people, maybe tens of thousands. And people here love him. Can't wait to get more info on him and more chapters with him. Can't wait for him to be a bondsmith and one of the leaders of the whole world. I get it. I just think its interesting.
  13. I just don't see why so many people consider Amaram despicable. Maybe I have to reread WoK, but I was under the impression that he was actually going to let Kaladin have the shards. Kaladin the great warrior who slayed a full shardbearers. Then Kal gave them away to some untrained dark eyed spearman. Meanwhile Amaram was probanly fully trained in the use of both Plate and Blade, and he was already an influential brightlords. Plus as a member of one of the infamous secret societies, he already had knowledge beyond even what we currently know. I honestly think him taking the shards was better for Alethi and probably all of Roshar in general than letting some spearman have them unearned. Not over Kaladin if he had chosen to accept them however. The only way to make it work was to kill a few dark eyes, but he did let Kaladin live, so that's something. Besides, every one else all says he always seemed too good to be true. But nobody else ever found a single thing wrong with him. Dalinar considers himself a good judge of chssracter he tells Kal, which is why he trusts Kaladin so much. And even heccsats Amaram was one of the bedt men he dver knew. He did one distasteful thing, for the greater good. It juddt happens to be magnified because he did it "onscreen" to a beloved main character. I don't considrrr him beyond redemption. With what we currently know.
  14. I have an equally crazy theory. Maybe Earth's moon is actually Adonalsium. AND it is/was made out of bananas peeled and piled on top of each other. I know it doesn't make any sense, and literally everything we've ever read says this can't be the case, but wouldn't it be a huge shock if it was true. Now I'm not necessarily saying it is true, but i kind of want it to be.
  15. Couple things The Unmade - shadows of the enemy's soul. It doesn't look like mind to me. The Traitor has got to be Amaram, right? Only one we have seen do anything for ambition, and pretty sure he still has a bigger part to play. Moash was my first thought, and he was certainly ambitious grabbing the blade and plate. But I feel like if he was broken it was for vengeance. King Taravangian was certainly ambitious, but not sure he was broken by it, and I don't feel like he would be looking for freedom. Actually on second (fifth) thought Eshonai fits really well too, maybe better than Amaran. Broken by her sisters ambition and looking for freedom from Odium. Her sister and the rest of Stormform would consider her a traitor if she left, while Thude and probably her own conscious considers her currently a traitor to her own ideals. The Spy fits Shallan, but doesn't feel right. Cruelty by her mother to try and kill her, and cruelty by her father the rest of her childhood. While true, it just feels wrong. Seeks completion? Her fifth ideal to become a full KR? Completion of her understanding of Uruthiru? I just don't know. Maybe Rlain works better as a spy, but what kind of completion would he be seeking?