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  1. I don't necessarily need all the 4th or 5th Oaths now, but it would be nice to have all of the 3rd Oaths by book 4...Honestly I'd like to start an RP site for the KRs, but don't feel I could give it a good start without at least the 3rd Ideals...
  2. Updated Bondsmith Oaths upon learning of a WoB from Hoidonalsium confirming that only a single Oath was spoken at the end of OB.
  3. This saddens me more than it should. I want to know all the oaths. Its my main hunger in this series. That its only 1 and not 3....book 4 better have a ton of new oaths.
  4. Unity is the same as Dominion in the same way that Confidence and Arrogance are the same thing. One is a good trait, the other is not. They are like 2 sides of the same coin.
  5. While reading the Adolin/Maya thread, I had an idea about Dalinar. I know the Stormfather told Dalinar at the end of WoR that he would be a Radiant with no Shards, but I think the Stormfather will change his mind for two different reasons. 1. Dalinar sort of summoned enough of a Blade to operate the Oathgate in order to escape Jah Keved. The Stormfather was upset, but not overly so. 2. Dalinar almost summoned Shardplate in the dream with Venli. 3. When they were speaking of the Heralds and again with the Recreance Radiants, the Stormfather noted that because of their new Bond, he was starting to understand more about humans. So, now that I've established the possibility, let me take it another step up. I think since he is the first to Bond the Stormfather since he became a Splinter of the Almighty, he will have more powerful Shards and have more control of them. Maybe 2 Shardblades. Maybe multiple that he can control with his mind, telepathically slicing opponents from a distance. Shard Arrows! Shard Shields to defend someone he couldn't possibly get to in time. Just a few ideas I had. I think they are possible, perhaps even likely. Enjoy!
  6. I like this thread. It forces me to think. So heres my thoughts. You're right about how well he fits the Stonewards. Its eerie actually. He does possess Edgedancer traits though. 1. When Kaladin challenged Amaram and got himself imprisoned, Adolin set aside his uncertainties about Kaladin and stood up for him because he had actually listened. He knew Kaladin was a troubled, but good guy and still tried to befriend him despite Kals foul moods and his suspicions. 2. His thoughts on Amaram being too perfect fits. He saw through the facade. 3. The fact that he spoke to his sword before he knew it was a spren. The fact that he made the connection in the first place. 4. He listened to his father despite his initial doubts. When he realized that his father was not crazy, when he told his father he believed in him, Dalinar was finally able to do what he needed to do. 5. He figured out that Kaladin killed Shallans brother before she did. 6. His connections with his own, and his fathers Rhyshadium. 7. The darkeyed prostitute. 8. When he read Shallan and knew she liked Kaladin too. 9. When he killed Sadeas. You could say he listened to Sadeas and thats WHY he killed him. Thats all I can think of right now, but I'd like to close with a crazy thought. Could someone belong to more than one Order? Could they be bound by multiple Oaths and draw from up to 4 Surges?
  7. You're right, he is very knowledgeable about warfare, which is very Alethi and makes sense. I guess I let Shallans opinion of him sway me. And don't get me wrong, Adolins one of my favorite characters. I can't wait to see him Bond Maya!
  8. I love the Stormlight archive, I love dragonball and I love this idea! Great comparisons! I totally wanna see SS2 Kaladin!
  9. Well, first of all, the Heralds went to Honor and suggested the Oathpact. This says to me that they knew Honor, and probably spoke to him on more than 1 occasion. I'm guessing they learned a great deal from him.
  10. If there is a war going on inside Adolin's head, then Brandon hasn't done a good job of writing it. That's the problem with Adolin's character: so much could be written for him, so many interesting angles could be broached, but none really are. I wouldn't put pass Brandon to have Adolin say oaths and revive Maya during the time gap. I think maybe Adolin doesn't even know it yet. He's not the brightest and I doubt he completely made the connection until he went to Shadesmar and figured out who Maya was. I expect to see it more clearly in the 4th book.
  11. I think theres a war going on inside Adolin. He wants to be a Radiant, but if he swears the oaths, he might lose his bond with Maya. He's been talking to his sword for years. Its not a Nahel Bond, but still a bond. He knows Radiants can't hold a dead sprens Shardblade. Especially after meeting her. And now she's talking to him? Just her name, but still. Book 4 will find him searching for a way to revive Maya, for certain.
  12. Also added notes on Oath progression and Bondsmith Oaths courtesy of Beatsmorn.
  13. Added a description of Truthwatcher spren I found in my reread of OB.
  14. Brightlord Maelstrom, I updated the list to show that was taken from the Cpt Ico's daughter is Timbre theory.
  15. Its been in the back of my head since I finished OB, but its kind of seeming like book 4 will kind of be the book of the 4th Ideal. Kaladin will probably speak the 4th, Szeth and Lift are due. If the theories are wrong Dalinar would be on his 4th. And Renarin, his Words have been behind the scenes, but he got his Blade in OB, so probably 3rd. We could not only see his 4th as well, but learn more about his hybrid Knight status. Thats perhaps 5 KRs that could speak the 4th Ideal in the 4th book. Coincidence? Maybe. Maybe not. This is BS. Who can know the mind of one such as he?