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  1. Or something crazy like Dalinar reforming Honor while Navani becomes the new holder of Cultivation and by the end of the series they manage to splinter Odium. Then they split the power between themselves to provide better balance of the intents. In the end 3 shards become 2.
  2. I asked a related question: How close are all of the shard worlds in space? (Not verbatum) The cosmere takes place in a dwarf galaxy and all the worlds are close together. Close as in say 10 light-years? More like 50. He went on to say that Peter has some harder numbers and that it might have to change a little.
  3. This may or may not be related, but in a copy of Shadows of Self that I had inscribed for a friend, Brandon mentions that Roshar / Roshar's system can be seen in Scadrial's night sky. As soon as I get an picture of the actual inscription I will update the post with it.