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  1. My casting choice for Hoid would be Jonathon Young (, mainly because I saw him play two Shakespearean roles last summer (Hamlet and Feste in Twelfth Night, the court jester) and he did a fantastic job switching between a super-witty performance as Feste and the much more serious (though still charmingly funny) performance as Hamlet. I think he would do a fantastic job as someone mysterious as Hoid tends to be. Plus he has a bit of a weird and striking face and is young enough to play the role across a number of films (or a Stormlight Archive TV series).
  2. At the signing today he said we would be seeing Firefight (Reckoners #2), then Rithmatist #2, and then Stormlight #3. He didn't specifically mention the Legion sequel but maybe it will show up sometime earlier.
  3. During the same reply Brandon said that Zahel had been on the planet for a very long time, probably a lot longer then most of the people who currently know him assume.
  4. My question from the signing line (there's about 5 hours of audio, so I imagine it will take her awhile to get it all transcribed): How long has Zahel been slumming it on Roshar? For quite a long time, on this planet he can get something quite easily that is much harder to get where he came from. Fun signing, but the line was super long.
  5. A couple of thoughts on this based on Words of Radiance and the speed of highstorms. First, WoR establishes that: and (both quotes from chapter 87, hardcover page 1049–1050). I can't find the exact quote, but somewhere in the book I remember it saying that a highstorm takes about a day to travel across the continent of Roshar. Assuming that the storm travels at roughly the same speed on its way around the planet, it seems like this gives us a (very) rough idea of how big the continent is in relation to the whole planet.