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  1. Hoid must have just traveled and gave him that advice that is the only logical way.
  2. Is it just me or is that the cat in the hat.
  3. Remember Shallan has Horneater blood which I am pretty sure is from her mothers side and Horneater blood in a highprince family would probably be noticed in the books.
  4. May I ask the High priest if I can become a lowly Stickbinder of the tenth order after I denounced my heresy in another topic? Let us all praise the Stickfather the greatest splinter of the Tree, may he help us with our battles against the Firebringer and their evil lord Flamedium.
  5. Recently in this section of the forum I have noticed this "church of the stick" has gained a very large influential cult following. Has anyone else noted this disturbing and ominous occurrence? Let us hope these radicalists do not become to powerful if they start to gain more power I ask for people's help to crush this "church". Though the Church of The Stick does have a nice ring to it (strokes chin and weak mind crumbles ) I seem to have changed my views on the great church. I Am A Stick, all praise the great Church of the Stick and let it be known I stop my days of Hersey I wil erase my previous identity, I am a stick stick stick stick stick stick stick stick stick stick stick stick stick stick stick stick stick.......
  6. Also I'm pretty sure brandon said each order has only one type of spren that knight can bond to.
  7. What spren do Bondsmiths bond to?
  8. Because according to this theory the spren are not sentient and really bonded so the nahel bond would not be broken but something less might.
  9. Radiants could maybe get immortality or no more aging from there spren because they are part of honor and cultivation essences in combination with holding investure.
  10. Brandon has said that each order has only one type of spren they can bond to. So the spren that the bondsmiths bond to have to have to be same type. I have a theory Theory: Bondsmiths have three superspren that may be dawnshards the nightwatcher, Stormfather and Cuisheish with the Nightwatcher being mostly cultivation, Stormfather being mostly honor and Cuisheish being a mix of honor and cultivation. And if they divided up there bond to much the super spren would not like being split between many people. Also has anyone asked Brandon what type of spren bondsmiths bond because that would clear this up?
  11. Just think of what would happen if this occurred to a sainthid or the reshi islands. If the crawled onto land they would form new mountains. Also Brandon said that the continents move gradually with erosion and deposition. So this might be where all the mountains come from.
  12. Remember all the main characters for the books will have flashbacks from the last ten years like in the first arc.
  13. Nahel spren the kinds of spren that bond with surgebinders have splinters of honor and cultivation of varying amounts.
  14. Mind blown. At your creativity, nice job.