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  1. I’m not as into all of Brandon’s discussions around cosmere workings, so this is coming from a place of ignorance, but is it possible that Evi is indeed cultivation? this passage in Chapter 111 leads me to believe it’s not out of the realm of possibility.
  2. Thank you guys so much for the Blood Song recommendation. It had a tough act to follow with WOR, but it delivered. Very similar in style to King Killer, but I believe it was a more satisfying book than The Name of the Wind. Also Vaelin makes Kvothe look like an amateur. Very excited for book 2 in June.
  3. Also dumb question to add. It would be in English, correct?
  4. Mind blown having read all of this. Quick question as to Brandon's early works. Is this all speculation based off of Q&A's or have some of you read his unreleased early work?
  5. Just wanted to give a heads up to the out of towers. The signing is actually in collegeville which is a suburb about 20 miles west of the city. I believe the bookstore is in a nice newly built shopping center which has a few nice bars in it. Google providence town center for a list. This is my first book signing I have ever attended. I couldn't be more excited that he is signing only a few miles from my house. Brandon Sanderson has completely renewed my interest in reading. I have just recently finished all of his work and I am excited to get a copy of Words of Radiance signed and hear some words from Brandon in person.