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  1. Nice catch DoctorWh0m It could be it what Hoid is looking for, another possibility is this: Maybe this pink crystal is what he's looking for since it's dying (or dead). and a presumably worldhopper has it in his collection. Maybe one of Hoid objectives in coming to Roshar is tracking the thieving worldhopper and getting it back.
  2. Say what you will about Abercrombie he knows how to make memorable characters. ("Say one thing for Logen Ninefingers, say he's a survivor." reference ;P) Logen Ninefingers, Dogman, Harding Grim, Sand dan Glokta were very good, I didn't experience raw feeling of epicness like those since Gemmell's Legend back in the day.
  3. Not books but if you're into Japanese, Korean and Chinese stuff (or can tolerate them) you should read these novels, you won't be dissapointed: "The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor" - around 16 novels out of 40 are translated. a must read for mmorpg lovers. the best VR book around. "Utsuro no Hako to Zero no Maria" - good thriller, sci-fi and psychological novel. like the Liar game manga to whoever know it. "Baccano" - Cannot explain it really, thriller+sci-fi with a pinch of immortality all of them can be found free online. There are more but they are more perverted for the most part so I won't recommend them to everyone. enjoy.
  4. Guys I will add the series Codex Alera, Night Angel trilogy and some YA goodies such as Bartimaeus and Monster Hunter International. I dunno what about you but I find Abercrombie characters and fighting scenes on per with Stormlight Archieve books, just his story and scope (and endings) give much to desire. BS knows how to combine well crafted story, grand scope and fine characters wich develops over time and Isn't scared to kill them off if the story demends it. The little tidbits about the cosmere and foreshadowing he throws in after the xxx number of drafts shows he really cares.
  5. Even if non of the Highprinces will lift a finger against him there are other forces who could easily work against him, mainly Sadeas wife lalai. She can send her Assassins onto Dalinar just cause she can, it will teach them that being KR doesn't make you immortal just hard to kill. Adolin can be effected by it and choose to reveal his secret fearing for his father life.
  6. I will try to predict General info about each part of the book: First part - Kaladin returning to heartstone, getting everyone to follow him to the Kholin Oathgate. Shallan will active the Oathgate on her side with the help of Jasnah. Dalinar will send envoys to escort people into the city from the other towns. quell the rebellion in Alethkar. Second part - Szeth train with the blade and learning more about Skybreakers. Shallan will meet with her family and more Ghostbloods talk about the truth. Kaladin will return to Urithiru with his parents, meet with Bridge four and learn about their glowing. Mr.T will enter Urithiru and meet Dalinar. Adolin will have his issues around here. Dalinar will receive the Honorblade. Third part - A plan to evac Shinovar will be in motion, that or to stop the Everstorm. Kaladin will be on his way to Shinovar chasing the Highstorm to the west, all the other KR+Kal Squires will follow slower(by horses or jumping to the nearest Oathgate). meanwhile Szeth be on his way to Shinovar as well to Judge the elders and pick the rest of the honorblades.(Skybreakers remember?). Fourth part- a fight will happen between the Honorblade bearers and Szeth. Kaladin will hop along and will help him(eventually). but even both of them will have problems and use all their stormlight. suddenly like Gandalf the rest of the KR+ Kal Squires appear around the hill and save them both. Szeth leave with Nalan (or is he?). Edit: too many English mistakes sorry. No Idea where to put Taln(and Amaram) but he had/s an honorblade so he connected to the other honorblades in Shinovar. and what will happen to Eshonai I have no idea.
  7. I think It's foreshadowing to Kaladin journey(next book). We know the Everstorm going to hit Shinovar next, so Kaladin gonna race it(by flying). I assume after leaving for Hearthstone and finishing his buisness there, he will fly east to New Natahan than to the sea after the storm. He will "die" in the struggle, at least his hero self?than stop the storm in it's track. He refused to let the race end, he won't give up. he's all wounded and close to dying but his will is still strong. Kaladin soul is lifted in the wind(Windrunner ) last song= Parshendi last song reference? , dawn = dawnshards?(seems a strech). Kaladin flying past the sea and waves, no longer tired(did he lose stormlight before?). Input is welcome, not sure about all of that. The big problem is that the Everstorm is going around the opposite way of the Highstorm, Kaladin following the Everstorm around the globe seems unlikely lol...
  8. I'll just put mines here, hopefully someone will pick 'em up since I don't live in the USA. - When is the first time Wit visited Roshar? (just wondering) - Will the Everstorm reach the Origin like the normal storm supposedly does?(prob RAFO) - Is there req to be a squire, or just follow the KR that represent you?and does it take certain time? - What with lyatil skin grow around her mask , does she connected to the Parshendi? - Does Rysn saw the eye of santhid in the water? - Did Gavilar had the exact same visions as Dalinar? Could Gavilar bonded with the Stormfather if he were alive? Do with the questions as you may
  9. I agree that it's likely she'll become a Willshaper if she becomes a KR at all, for the above reasons. I will add something funny Willshaper may have the power of control or shape a target will(thinking Jedi mind tricks here). maybe that will let her control her own self after she became Voidbringer and lost control to the red spren.
  10. Apparently they have the power to see past wrong misdeeds, and feel the obligations to act as the judge and executioner if need be. I think they are raged about the past orders leaving them alone to pickup the pieces of humanity after the last desolation. A lot of speculations
  11. - When is the first time Wit visited Roshar? (just wondering) - Will the Everstorm reach the Origin like the normal storm supposedly does?(prob RAFO) - Is there req to be a squire, or just follow the KR that represent you?and does it take certain time? - What with lyatil skin grow around her mask , does she connected to the Parshendi? - Does Rysn saw the eye of santhid in the water? Do with the questions as you may Edit: forgot to add: - Did Gavilar had the exact same visions as Dalinar? Could Gavilar bonded with the Stormfather if he were alive?
  12. Name of Peter file "gores" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gore_(segment) remind you of something? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Waldseem%C3%BCller-Globus.jpg
  13. I think you guys are into something with the east side of Urithiru, it's mentioned awfully a lot. maybe it's stayed in such a good shape since the normal storm going from east to west, It may have defensive problems on the western size. the everstorm going from west to east. it may hit them in time and they will have to evac Urithiru. - The Everstorm is heading to New Natanan shouldn't it head to Aimia before hitting Shinovar? or is it the map tilted so it passes above it? The Origin is mentioned a lot too, I wonder what will happen if the Everstorm reach it. Will this bring the solution in destroying the Everstorm I wonder. Maybe another expedition like "Derethil and the Wandersail" or it's related to Wit story about fleet (a collection of ships) heading east to the origin. and yes I know the obvious Fleet tale and Kaladin doings in this book, just finding another possible explanation.
  14. It's different than vines, silver mist for Kaladin's blade. Sure it could be just a specific summoning to a specific blade but Windle grew vines fast in the LIft prologue so I find it highly suggestive. And there were more than just one KR per order, there is nothing preventing Adolin be a Edgedancer as well as Lift. (I'll find it silly if there were 1 for each order than 2 than 3 etc...or only 1 per order like the Heralds)