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  1. This is a tenuous correlation, but I think it's worth merit if you will all humor me... The term Oathgate has something very much in common with another term often used by/about the heralds. At some point in the conflict between Tanavast and Odium, his Heralds were part of the "Oathpact" that bound Odium (and the heralds) into their cycle of desolations. I find it interesting that 9 out of 10 Oathgates are no longer functioning after 9 out of 10 heralds broke their Oaths. Additionally the formation of the shattered plains has always been an interesting point. I assume it occurred because of Aharietiam. And since 9 cities were not destroyed upon the breaking of oaths, I would assume that the one that was destroyed belonged to or represented Taln.
  2. I feel the most compelling evidence that the drunk is Jezrien is what the drunk says. "Have you seen me?" Really, Brandon? That's some serious trolling there, if it is Jezrien.
  3. There are hints that there's a lot of rivalry (as well as small wars and skirmishes) with Jah Kaved all the time. We know for certain that Helleran Davar was with Veden forces when he attacked and tried to assassinate Amaram. As for the larger Taravangian issue and his boon/curse from the Nightwatcher... We know that Cultivation (and in theory the Nightwatcher, for I believe her to be of Cultivation in the same way that the Stormfather is of Honor) is much better at seeing the future. But since Honor's death, we know that she has grown much less concerned with the lives of humans. So honestly I think she used her 'foresight' to pick what she sees as a guaranteed path to victory... Regardless of the cost of life. Whereas Honor and our friends on the Shattered Plains are more interested in winning the right way. Journey before destination and all of that. On the note of him being a Sparker: If his boon was to be a Zinc Feruchemist, and his curse was to be unable to control it... Then perhaps this theory really is correct. My only qualm with it is that the boon and curse are too linked for the nightwatcher.
  4. I also listened on Audio so I'm not 100% sure of the accuracy of this quote, but it was among my favorites: "Difficult things. Yes, I believe I told you I've learned that lesson already. Thank you."
  5. I did look back, and Szeth specifically mentions the other seven...which are presumably in Shinovar. So I suppose the big question to take away is why Talinel had a different blade. I do agree that the screaming means Dalinar's blade cannot have been an honorblade.
  6. This has actually been really bothering me! I could almost swear that at some point someone references the other nine honor blades still being in Shinovar. I'm going to look it up to confirm when I get a chance. The fact is, though, that Talinel's blade should never have remained at all. And 'Ten Honorblades' is definitely referenced often. Additionally in the epilogue of WoK, Talinel falls unconscious and his blade falls to the ground without disappearing (despite him still being alive). Honestly I took that to mean that it had to be his honorblade, otherwise it would have disappeared. So in theory, the blade Dalinar took from Talinel has no reason not to be an honorblade. I really don't see Wit taking the honorblade and swapping it for a shardblade. The only other thing I can think of is that the blade Talinel had didn't disappear because he wasn't bonded to it, and I suppose he could have banished his own. I'm definitely going to need to look up and see if the number of blades remaining in shinovar is referenced.
  7. For a long time, my favorite book series was The Wheel of Time. Something like a decade ago now, I joined a website called and a lot of the interesting roleplay seemed to be coming from the Aes Sedai. So I used the female version of my given name (Jean) with the appelation 'Sedai' on the site. Not too long after I needed to make a new email address, and thus 'GeneSedai'. Been using it ever since.
  8. Currently I live in DuPage County, Illinois. It's probably an hour drive or so to get to downtown Chicago proper. It's a fairly nice area. Busy, but just quiet enough not to be obnoxious. I've lived here for about seven years. Before that I spent eleven years living in the Ozarks in Missouri, four years in Wisconsin, and two years in my home state of Georgia.
  9. I decided to run (sort of off the seat of my pants) an Epic RPG with my roleplaying group. I created a High Epic (the equivalent to Steelheart in the city the game will be based in). Primary ability: Light manipulation (As in the ability to create white light specifically). Following the trend of breaking the laws of physics, this light is also capable of destroying that which it touches (at the whim of the epic) Secondary Power: The ability to heal others Prime invincibility: Can regenerate from any wound (up to and including disintegration Weakness: Can only be hurt by someone who is pure (as in sexually), and wounds she sustains from a pure person cannot be regenerated. Epic Name: Rapture Evil Manifestation: She insists that the city she rules over be perfect in every way. Imperfections are destroyed. So the crippled or injured or infirm are wiped from existence at a whim (DESPITE the fact that she could, if she so wished, heal them). She creates what she considers a Utopia (so actually provides important services for the populace) but any resistance or disagreement is eliminated with extreme prejudice. She also holds a daily 'benediction' in which the 'imperfect' may come to be 'purified'. There's probably a good 1 in 10 chance that she'll heal the person. Everyone else she purifies in blinding light. Costume: White business attire.
  10. Hello everyone! I decided it was time to use this site for more than just it's extensive and extremely useful Cosmere/Sanderson Wiki. I swear I use it more than Wikipedia, but I digress. I've been a fan of Brandon Sanderson's for several years, basically since he took over Wheel of Time. I actually went to a book signing for The Way of Kings before actually having a chance to read it, so I have to say I was extremely confused by everyone's questions... But I read WoK in a day flat and have been devouring his books ever since. I'm looking forward to having people to talk to about the Cosmere and speculate on upcoming books...
  11. A friend of mine just suggested that perhaps Dalinar is holding his son in Shadesmar, in the "Expanse of the Broken Sky". Meaning that one or both of Dalinar's sons and Dalinar himself may become Radiants... It's already expected seeing as Dalinar wishes to reform the orders.