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  1. Awful. It would be a Rosharan Pride and Prejudice. Please no.
  2. Because the rules don't apply to Kaladin Stormblessed, that's how.
  3. Talenelat is a BOSS. Seriously. If they defeat Odium, then no one deserves more credit than Taln. Who endures endless torture for 4 1/2 millennia! Taln. That's who.
  4. Adolin lets her be her. He doesn't need or want her to be anything else. That's everyone's reaction to Kaladin. It's not Shallan specific. It's what Kaladin is. Sure he's a protector, but even more than that, he's a leader. He inspires others to be better than they were. This will be IMO where his next Ideals will go.
  5. So... seeing the future is of Odium.... but has Sja-anat corrupted that? How else would Kaladin's vision lead them to exactly where they needed to be. How else would Renarin be wrong about Jasnah killing him? Mr. T joined Odium supposedly, yet didn't tell him about the part of the future Odium could no longer see due to Renarin, so maybe he didn't really? I'm interested to see how this plays out. Odium believes he can see the future, but can't see the part that was influenced by Renarin/Sja-Anat? That will be interesting.
  6. Kaladin will be redundant in part 2 IMO. I don't believe he leaves Urithiru with Elhokar until part 3 because there's too much to discuss with Dalinar, Navani, and Jasnah!!! right now. I think most of his time will be spent in council with Dalinar, which means we'll get both of them from Dalinar's POV, and I also think we'll see him in Shallan's POV as well. I think we'll be forced to wait on Jasnah's POV until Part 3 because we'll see Shallan's reaction to her being there first. If tertiary character 3 is Adolin or Renarin(I think it'll be one of them), then we'll get even more Kaladin from their viewpoints which further makes his POV in part 2 redundant. So I put my guess on Kaladin.
  7. You're right. That was on some other post I'd read and saved that part. My bad. I thought I'd had it from an actual chapter.
  8. Dalinar's boon is for the memories of his wife to be taken away. We already know this. This is from Dalinar talking to Navani in WOR. So, that means his boon is gone. It could be because of the way he asked and now being remarried nullified the need for it or it could be because of one of the many other theories out there. The biggest thing is that we still don't know what his curse was and what it means that it might know be lifted also.
  9. Lovely little book. Very Rothfussian for sure. Not really a traditional book as there's no real plot. Brings Auri and all her mystery to light. It seems like she isn't too different from Elodin. Maybe even more perceptive to the world than he is. I have a feeling she's gonna get her heart broken, which just guts me. She clearly cares deeply for Kvothe and his eventual disappearance from her life is going to be a struggle for her, no doubt. The one line that did catch me immediately was "and he was absolutely not a selas sort." Maybe a foreshadowing of Kvothe and Denna's eventual strife and Auri's ability to see the truth inside Kvothe?
  10. I'm sorry Moogle, but I have a fundamental disagreement with what you are stating. Being honorable means being someone who is worthy of honor. Szeth is not worthy of honor in his actions. Killing innocents to appease your masters is not honorable. It is obedient, but obedience is not synonymous with honor. You could say that Szeth is the most obedient man on Roshar and you would have no argument from me. The SS were the most obedient men on earth back in the 1940s, but just because they blindly followed their evil leader does not make them honorable men.
  11. No one on Roshar can make stick do what stick does not want to do. The only reason Kaladin was able to use stick is because stick wanted to fly/stick to the wall.
  12. Yes, he wrote the story long ago, but it was never finished in the sense that it was all ready for publication. A Wise Man's Fear had more manuscript pages when it was finally done than the entire trilogy had to start with. He's added so much to the story(which benefits the story greatly) that his original manuscript can't be considered any more than an outline at this point.
  13. Saying a set of ideals doesn't make someone a master of their craft. Kaladin was always amazing on the battlefield. He nearly killed himself in training to become so. So, give him superhuman reflexes combined with his battle sense and he becomes Superman. It's not even a surprise. I expect if you were to give Adolin or Dalinar the same type of abilities that Kaladin has you would see them become forces of nature as well. Shallan really does have amazing powers. She's able to fool one of the deadliest organizations on Roshar for most of the book. These aren't average people. They are people who know and understand investiture and are seeking it out. She still fools them until the end of the book. She also will likely amaze us all when she finally starts working on her soulcasting. Lightweaving is a much more subtle power. It can be powerful, but isn't so much in your face. Soulcasting is in your face. The things she could likely accomplish as a soulcaster at this point are vast. She just needs practice on doing it. That said, it does seem like Kaladin is able to do more with Stormlight than anyone else at this point. It could very well be that a stronger bond with your spren gives you more power. We still don't understand entirely how it all works. It's also very possible that, even among Radiants, people are given different levels of power. We've already seen on other worlds that not everyone has the same level of power granted to them(i.e. Mistborn).
  14. What a tease. So far the only "real" spoiler that I've seen regarding the 3rd books is that Kvothe (in his tale) will visit Renere. Which isn't much of a spoiler really. We know he's gonna travel more because of all that is happening in the frame. It will be nice to have the Bast story and the Auri novella this year though. I actually expect I'll like the Auri novella better than the 3rd book. Unless, of course, Kvothe finally stops being an idiot and realizes Auri is the bomb and quits chasing that whore, Denna.
  15. Wow. Didn't even think about it at the time, but you are absolutely on to something. Look at this Brandon quote from a Q&A a few years back: So, obviously we aren't going to see SA viewpoints traveling to other world's, but after saying the books won't dive strongly into other worlds he states that the Epilogue of WOR should excite us. Why would there be any excitement for the Cosmere literate if all Jasnah had done was access Shadesmar? Clearly IMO the bandolier is exactly what it looks like.