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  1. Me too. Soooo bad XD
  2. Might be a typo... Might be a pun. Whose to say...
  3. I cry often. And I cry well.
  4. What does a one handed herdazian teenage boy do alone in his bedroom?
  5. **Radiating welcoming vibes** have an upvote and welcome to the brotherhood cookie
  6. It is pronounced Zeth. I know now this has been answered already but I suffer from the desperate need to be included. My psychiatrist believes it stems from my stern and decidedly sand offish father figure.
  7. Plausibly it makes thaylens look consistently unsurprised
  8. The way i read this was Moash killing Elhokar - Moash thought he was right getting his revenge and Kaladin thought he was in the right protecting Elhokar. But that salute!! That hurt. It was like Moash saying "Hope we can still be friends" but in reality is was the worst thing he could have done.
  9. Kaladin in a fair fight. Kelsier would cut his throat in his sleep though.
  10. Honestly don't care what happens. I just want to see Mraize and his invested Chicken.
  11. OMG i've just read those two while ravaging the new Arcanum. I wouldn't mind seeing a few Rosharans Worldhopping about!
  12. I think Adolins plot is going somewhere; his Shard summoning time was shortened and i think it will be more that just the first guy to revive a Shardblade.
  13. Axies is immortal, i have no doubt he's been around for a while, Arclo probably knew him back in the old days before Aimia was scoured. I don't think he's 'famous' per say, i'd say he's just well known in certain circles. For example the Veristitalians are a group of scholars and are probably well versed in his Spren cataloguing but i don't think a random Rosharan would recognise him.
  14. Brightness Jasnah Kholin Everybody. Take a bow.