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  1. I devour them all with relish and no shame.
  2. Mind if i ask your reasoning for this? I'd personally prefer Adolin x Shallan. She was unbearable in the first 90% of WOK but she grew on me after she actually started doing stuff. Kaladin is by far my favourite character but im pretty indifferent towards Adolin i don't really like him but i don't dislike him.
  3. I never said there's no chemistry there, I said I doubted Kal would actively pursue Shallan. I just don't think Kal is the type of guy to chase his friend's (however rocky their relationship started) betrothed and I don't think Shallan would risk breaking an incredibly beneficial engagement that her family desperately needs.
  4. I don't think Kal will actively pursue her. I think there was a mutual attraction enhanced by the soul sharing and adrenaline.
  5. I wouldn't mind seeing some character friction between Kal, Shallan and Adolin. I think it would liven things up a bit. On a different note i think in the Chasms when they had their chemistry it was mostly the danger and the adrenaline that made them open themselves up to each other, Kaladin opened up about his life and she simply responded in kind. They both realised they had far more in common than they thought they had, with both regarding themselves as broken. The close physical proximity wouldn't have hurt either. This triangle could swing either way in truth. Dont Judge me Elena but im guilty of saying this. I think i've written this exactly Haha.
  6. Can Kaladin still summon it? I can recall vaguely BS saying in a WOB being in possession of both would enable minor compounding. I'd still say the safest place for it would be in Kaladins possession.
  7. I think Kal will keep the Honour Blade, theres no safer place. On a more important note.....What about a Shard Bow and Arrow? Pretty handy if you could just keep re-summoning your ammo
  8. Surge-Binders and Shardbearers are definitely different in general, they attained their Shards in different ways but I think there is only a few who actually earned their blades recently. They seem to be just passed down. I think the natives of roshar would have trouble distinguishing the differences between Surge-Binders and Radiants too and there will be a definite stigma/mistrust only inflamed by the ardents. I think the reaction will be mixed but seeing as how Kaladin slew the assassin in white that's got to deserve some credit haha. I don't think they'd be considered less especially with the powers they can wield, maybe a combination of fear, awe and mistrust. They're superior in virtually every way.
  9. I agree! Men would see this as a blending between Masculine and Feminine arts and manly men wouldn't appreciate that lol. Actually having a Shardblade does by default make you a Lighteye and magically transform your eyes lighter. I do agree that him being a Surge-Binder is gonna cause Hella problems for him though and your right people will seize on that. The reason he still has dark eyes is all to do with perception. The reason Lopen could grow back his arm but Kal's slave scars are still there. It's how you view yourself and Kal doesn't see himself as a Lighteye.
  10. THANK YOU!!! That is exactly how i feel!! Hahaha we do enjoy this way way way more than we should XD
  11. I don't think my heart could take it if Kaladin's already epic fight scenes got even more intense...
  12. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Hope you have a nice day :)

  13. I think the thing that will crack Adolin into confessing is when the brunt of the blame or at least the speculation falls on Dalinar. Many will believe it was him or by his order that Sadeas was murdered. It will make Dalinars mission of uniting the Highprinces a little harder with his greatest rival suddenly dying and will make the already scant trust a little harder to achieve. I think there will be some moral repercussions in the form of Adolins guilt but i highly doubt the toll will be that great.
  14. That was the weirdest scene ever.
  15. This reminds me of an awkward moment when i was younger, i was at a friends house playing GTA and My friends mum kept coming in just bringing in his washing and seeing if we wanted anything turned a blind eye to the killing civillians, car jacking and robberies but when we entered a certain gentlemans club... well.... thats just a step too far XD Talk about awkward..