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  1. I got the feeling that Moash's dagger was a dawnshard, honestly. For what it's worth, maybe Nightblood is more similar to one of those than it is a shardblade.
  2. Just in case it's not been said, the giant massive clue in Elantris is the rheod. I wager that the magics making it very dangerous to travel to Sel via shadesmar exploded out violently when Hoid hopped in, creating the chasm, and basically causing the events of the book.
  3. oooh he mentions the big hint in elantris for eviddence of worldhopping. my theory that worldhopping via shadesmar caused the reod is now completely valid in my mind.
  4. Someone ask if the Reod on Sel was caused by worldhopping please :3
  5. Welcome to the forums! If you will scroll up - you will notice that the pretty much consensual agreement is that Hoid/Wit has 'claimed it' for his ever-expanding invested-crap collection.
  6. You aren't missing something - in fact - you hit the nail on the head, it's just perception that is off. Breath is renewable, in the fact that both A) It is renewed, when a person is born. Thus why stormlight is orders of magnitude more abundant. Also because WoB states that it is renewable.
  7. As for the topic of this post, Vasher and the five scholars, but I think specifically the chick I can't remember the name of, created nightblood IIRC. They invested the sword with Breath (freaky amounts of it) and gave it a Command. Nightblood is a shardblade, in the sense that it is an invested weapon. Sylblade is a shardblade, as it is essentially her, sharp - and she is a fragment of the almighty, and is thus, investiture, with consciousness. Very much the same way that Nightblood is. For nightblood to be an honorblade, IMHO, he would have to have been one of the original 10 blades, also - for all the similarities - he is much different as well. Can't be summoned or dismissed, can't be loaned effectively to the average person (he tends to make them do bad things)
  8. Brandon has stated that Stormlight and Breath are extremely similar, and that is why Nightblood would be able to fuel off of Stormlight instead of breath, and Vasher hasn't died. I neeeeeed to know more about the similarities though. In Warbreaker, you can't just 'suck in' Breath like you can stormlight, it has to be given to you. So, assuming that the journey across planets hasn't somehow given Vasher abilities to draw in stormlight, how does he get it, in stead of Breath? Is he eating spheres? does he chill in a highstorm and absorb it in it's primal state (he's a returned, so it's doable) or what? If that were the case, he's just unlocked the cheatcode to ridiculous quantities of breath, a couple of decades worth of weathering highstorms and he'd be able to summon a bunch of awakened armies. Breath and stormlight are both renewable, but obviously, stormlight is much more abundant. But still, similar does not mean the same, so there may be side-effects or quality issues. I wonder if moving to Roshar is like going vegan? The big fuel concern I have is Szeth+Nightblood. Syl was worried about the honorblade, because of the crazy amount of stormlight it went through, and mentions to Kaladin that it was dangerous in that regard. Nightblood will be orders of magnitude worse, way way worse.
  9. On that, the bond operates in two ways, Kaladin to Syl and Syl to Kaladin, he broke his oaths to her, but not she to him, if that makes more sense. It does to me. A part of her was still fighting for him, but we saw from her dialogue at the end with the Stormfather, that she was well and good on the 'other side,'
  10. If she isn't Liss, someone has to be. Shardblade wielding assassins are shockingly common it would seem - but every one of them is critically important to the story, and miss Liss just kind of disappeared.
  11. I also find it interesting that Denethil sailed west to weather a storm. They keep saying that the everstorm is new, but it's odd to me. Maybe Hoid was simply hinting at things to come...
  12. Think about this: Western Roshar is almost nothing but mountains, and the Highstorms are still harsh as crap for Alethkar, shattered plains nd the such. Shinovar is almost completely unevolved to deal with the raging weather. It will be bad, imo. My prediction is that Rysn will somehow be important for some reason, because owning what I imagine will be the only other sample of shin grass. It's Chekov's gun.
  13. What would give me nightmares - is Nightblood holding odium.
  14. WoR Signing WoB on Honorblades: that was when asked if you could bond more than one honorblade Directly contradicts the following from the text: The only thing I can assume would be an error, or he was simply playing to Szeth's beliefs - but Szeth seems to have kinda solid knowledge of the honorblades. Credit to Jam for that thought.