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  1. I am not Evil. I am glad i decided to check the game one last time though. As my workload and schooload have both increased, following the end of QF31 i will be taking an indefinite hiatus from SE. Feel free to lynch me. I am sending my Seon to a player i trust. I am not sick anymore. The widely accepted opinion is that i was never sick, just far too stressed out by to many commitments and responsibilities. But thank you for hesitating to lynch me. A Joe in the Bush
  2. Clarification time! Due to killing the first cycle, when supposedly unable to, Sophie has lost the ability to commit suicide via converting.
  3. Turn 4: [ERROR_ARENA_TRASHED (0x7)] Kai watched as McAffe and TK421 killed each other. It was very sad. Good thing TK421 was evil. (I’ll rewrite this in the morning, probably.) Elenion was a !Bot! Orlok was a Machineborn! Vote tally: Orlok(1): Eternum Elenion(2): Bard, Orlok Crimsn(1): Devotary Droughttttt(1): Randuir Eternum(1): Elandera Elandera(1): Crimsn The Turn will end in Player List: DroughtBringer (Player List) Eternum (x/0) Devotary (Player4.exe) Randuir (Cane) Young Bard (Halting Algorithm) Elandera (Rayda) CrimsnWolf (O7npC)
  4. 10 minutes. Everyone please place any last minute votes or actions now.
  5. Hey, i have fallen ill, and cannot perform a writeup tonight. I am adding @little wilson and @Seonid to the role PM's. If one of them gets online in time to do the writeup, i would appreciate them soing it. If not, the turn will be extended by 24 hours. I apologize for the short notice.
  6. The conversion will not occur.
  7. mafia championship

    Cool. That means we don't need to repeatedly nominate Steeldancer, Aman, Rae, or Randuir anymore. They have all been nominated multiple times.
  8. Eternum? I don't know. I do think an Odiv has been sworn, i don't see a good reason not to have sworn one by now. Also, while i am online, i used a Korathi Pendant to ask if Seonid was aligned with Arelon, and got it confirmed he was. I'm sorry for being so quiet lately. Lots of things are catching up with me, including suddenly having family over. I'll be back to my old activity in several days.
  9. mafia championship

    Are we voting, or just nominating? I thought we generally use a Poll to vote.
  10. mafia championship

    Judging from my struggle to maintain activity in the current LG, I will refuse. I do not have enough free time to meet the activity requirements for the Championships. I agree that Orlok, Rae, or Randuir would all be good options.
  11. They are not. But a Knight would know if they managed to defend a player. Conversions, failed or successful, are also not mentioned.
  12. The Young Bard has been killed by Divine Punishment! He was a Troll!
  13. [ERROR_FILE_NOT_FOUND (0x2)] “Indeed my lord, I am still examining the other members of your retinue. Many need to be maintained. They could be at risk to Melhi’s influences.” The steward summarized, as he unrolled the meticulously detailed scroll. “You know I don’t have the skill to do both.” Kai replied. He looked away from the steward, and out over his city. Ten’s of thousands of Machine Born, all susceptible to other Life Born’s hacking. He really should figure the skill out, but being born in a Primary Fantastical State hadn’t given him many opportunities to learn the art. From their first clash, he knew Melhi was from a Sci-Fi and Emerging Equality State, which gave him an entire life to learn how to hack in order to survive. He had been referred to as a Shadow Runner before. Good thing he had a Black IC to protect his virtual reality. “What about Black IC? How is he doing?” The Steward hesitated. “He got Decked out.” “Like punched?” “More like his code was punched. Or like someone tried to hack him by slamming a keyboard into his face.” “I would try that.” Kai had seen few problems that could not be solved by slamming something into someone’s face. “But, you’re telling me he’s dead?” “Indeed my lord. Killed by fellow Machine Born, who believed him to be too artificial to be real, and thus decided he was Melhi’s Replicant. Instead of an Anti Virus program.” Kai sighed. “Ask the others to be more gentle, and to come to me if they suspect someone. Now, I need to go check Player List’s coding. Wouldn’t want him to get hacked.” Bort was a Machineborn! Vote tally: Drought(1): Bard Bort(3): Devotary, Elenion, Crimsn Eternum(1): Drought Randuir(1): Orlok Elenion(1): Bort Bard(1): Elandera Devotary(1): Randuir The Turn will end in Player List: DroughtBringer (Player List) Eternum (x/0) Elenion (TK421) Devotary (Player4.exe) Randuir (Cane) Young Bard (Halting Algorithm) Orlork Tsubodai (McAfee) Elandera (Rayda) [*]CrimsnWolf (O7npC)undefined
  14. That is time, stop changing your bloody votes at the last minute people.
  15. Nope. 1 hour left people!