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  1. I have been given permission to sign up past the dead line since we still don't have 20 players. I shall be Jost Joslin, and i support Bridge 24601.
  2. Well how do you plan to create discussion this cycle @Sony?
  3. Pile a bunch of chairs againt the front door to prevent anyone from picking the lock to escape. My chair wall collapsed on me instead.
  4. Lame. My action failed. Sorry for the mess. Now that it's day, i would like to hear from @Sony about why he wants to vote me. More to come in a bit. On my lunch break right now, so i'll be back on in about 5 hours tops.
  5. When do the Wardens kill? Do they have a kill?
  6. Since this seems to be the "Twist" of the game, I will focus on this stuff. First off, the actions divide as it applies to technically warring factions. Because only Right People can take actions at Night, and only City People can take actions at day, it seems that both factions can rob the other with relative impunity, assuming they can target their 'rivals'. Right people aren't going to rob eachother, they'll rob the City People, and the city people can't protect themself during that action period. A similar problem; If the Crooked Wardens have a faction kill, can they use it durinf either night or day? Either choice means they only have to worry about that Factions doctors, effectively halving the Villages protection. And minor note, how will the role manipulation roles work if they cannot act during the lynch? Then there is the Not Talking for a third of the game. Will there at least be open PM's? PS: You are right about the first book being the best.
  7. Interesting. And Lo, an artifact of SE is made. Joe's Mug, with the ability to store and preserve anything in it. Currently, it contains Bloody Money, given out of Kindness.
  8. . . . Sony, you're off the hook for now. Sart, that was unoriginal.
  9. Let's open this up to the whole family shall we, everyone, raise your hand if you think you know what is in the Mug.
  10. First of all, we are all inside a Canton building. Second of all, why am i holding a Mug? Third of all, Sony, since votes don't count at night. =P
  11. Eh, not a bad reason to vote for me. Not really anyway i can defend myself against the vote, and i don't think the Seer will really be that active in voting for a player this early, so i'm basically goong to ignore this vote. Haven't really had any thoughts on anything else. One person knows my role so far, though Rae just pm'd me so it might be two soon.
  12. This definetely doesn't remind me of Evil!Joe doing this same thing in the Death Note game. Nope. Not at all. Specifically, the part where he wants to be lynched on D3. Not only can the seer convert you before then to get the info, but Seer!Aman could use the info he got to convert the right people before D3. Possibly 3 players before he dies off. But, i actually do agree with his stated objectives of gathering information. I will happily share my role with people, in exchange for whatever they offer. I also agree with no lynching to give both us time to organize, and the Seer time to find converts (i want a fun game, not a quick game) Also, quick note: not every Thug is a Seer pretending to be a thug, pls remember that.
  13. I will risk signing up. The new job offers more free time than i expected. Don't expect more than a post a day from me though, I am still very busy.Z EDIT: Little Wilson is not on the Player List?
  14. Happy birthday, gon. Many happy returns.