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  1. Shame that neither mr. T foil not Valens had reacted. Small actions begat small chaos, and the plants would only blossom in big chaos. So what else could she do to spook the crowd? Sir T Foil finnaly reacted, opening his lips and hissing out Smart man. Since people we worried about multiple people dying, encouraging that would encourage rashness of action. "Say, mr t. Suppose you're right about that Cactus feller being a plant. Suppose we could kill two of them.for the price of one?"
  2. Sabine smiled softly as she poured more alcohol into the empty cups. "Simpletons see what they want to see, not what is there." She muttered to herself as she picked up another empty glass, and wiped it with her rag. Shining now, it reflected her face, covered in patches of ash, over a coat of darker skin covered paint. Her hair was tied up in a bun instead of free flowing. "Seeing is in the eyes, not the mouth. Surely men of such wiseness should know this." She ducked down under the counter, and grabbed the bottles in the back. Stuff that Breeze reserved for greasing clients and marks both. "Sultan's finest, vintage." She whispered. She poured the drink into two glasses, and set them on the platter. "Sir and ma'am," she projected normally so that valens and Wilson would hear her. "Something more to your liking, sent by Mr. T foil.". Smirking, she winked at Valens.
  3. One Week Later Eh, soonish. Welcome to the GM's final thoughts! First things first, the main 'twist' of the game, Alignment Cross Play. The Serial Killer wins when the Elims are dead, not everyone. I decided on that partially because, as far as i could remember, the only two serial killers to ever win were Mage Star (OP Pls Nerf) and Orlok (Even more OP Pls nerf). So I wanted to give a Serial Killer a fighting chance at victory without making them overpowered. I think I managed it, but I would love to hear from @Steeldancer @Seonid @Alvron and @Drake Marshall. Did you guys, who dealt the most with him, think he had too much power? He could smoke and kill each night. Powers aside, I loved the alignment itself. The fact that the village became willing to protect the Elims was something I was hoping for. Admittedly, an Elim was the person to first suggest it. I think this, like the Alcatraz Marriage mechanic, will become one of my favorite mechanics. Expect to see them both again. Secondly, The Madman. I tossed this gem in for two reasons, it gave the Eliminators a informational lead on the mistborn and village, and it gave the dead doc a much needed excuse to remain active. While the first reason never got utilized, due to the lack of informational roles being used with luck, Seonid did keep the dead doc going for an entire 20 pages. It was quite fun to watch him work, especially when we were discussing Seonid himself. To those of you who were in the Dead Doc, did you enjoy having a living player to talk to? What were your thoughts on the Madman turning out to being an eliminator? Third, The Retired Hazekiller. This role was intended from the beginning. It was the secondary reasoning behind there being two variants of each power. (the primary reason was too weaken seekers, I'll discuss that in a bit.) It was intended to be a boost to the village, though it never happened that way. The Hazekiller did nearly discover the Mistborn though, which I hadn't realized was a possibility until it happen. But Straw was very nearly a Kingmaker twice over. Giving the Mistborn the ability to roleblock was what won Steeldancer the game. Had Straw not done that, Seonid wouldn't have focused on the barely actives as he did. And even if he had, Day 5 would have started with 2 elims, not 1. Steel would have been lynched 3 to 2, and then killed that night, for an elim victory. Straw was nearly a Kingmaker again when he gave the already immortal Seonid the ability to protect his teammate. But Steeldancer took the one set of actions to allow him to win. Fourth, Roles and Balance. Hmmm. This section I dislike. I don't think I gave the village enough of a fighting chance. They had no alignment Scanners, and no proper seekers. What they did have never got used. Both protectors died the second cycle, both seekers were largely ineffective, those who could affect votes didn't last long enough, and both the PM providers died night 1 (which was hilarious). And, I think the Elims were too powerful. Had Ornstein survived the first lynch, he would have returned to Activity. (He PM'd me on Day 2) The Elims would have had 3 players, and a vote manip. Seonid wouldn't have been nearly as trusted, but they could have hammered an Elend vote early on. Fifth, Footnotes and things. I think telling you guys how many secrets there were was the right play. Nothing was too far out of left field. Steeldancer made an amazing Doc Manukos, I misspelled your name far too often. Thank you for Co GMing with me, sorry there wasn't more for you to do. Thank you to @Val for being the best Random Number Generator I could ask for. Thank you to Alvron for being a very fun spectater. Thank you to everyone for playing. I hope to see you all again soon!
  4. From the phrasing, it seems like, if Bob is soothing Alex, and Carol the anger rioter targets Bob, then Bob will kill Alex. Carol doesn't know who Bob's target is, just that Bob will kill them. Seems like it was designed to require two people to agree on who to kill if you want to get any use of it. 'Coutse, that is just my interpretation. It could be wrong.
  5. Nevermind, you just jumped the Queue. And you're at number 4. Aww, now the queue is gone. Can I still kill them?
  6. *Narrows eyes *Scowls I'm killing you two first.
  7. I will sign up as Sabine Seidel, a woman who is far more passionate than Rational.
  8. The Secrets: The First secret was small. It was the Mistborn's ability to Riot Elend's Vote. It was not all that important. The Second Secret was much bigger. Straw used this role to teach the Mistborn how to Roleblock, the Lead Eliminator how to protect his teamates, and Drake Marshall how to seek better after all the roles were public. The Third Secret was smaller, and a lot funner Seonid had a Lurcher Hemalurgic Spike, which cracked his mind enough to allow him permanent access to the dead doc. He mostly used it to have fun. The only strategic information he got from it was Araris's scans.
  9. LG41: Checkmate Elend watched as the twin armies of his Father and Lord Cett marched towards his city. Hammond, Clubs and Dockson stood beside him. It had been a harrowing week of rooting out dissension in his city, made worse by the realization that someone very skilled had been enflaming his emotions to throw the city into chaos. Now he had Clubs and his boys smoking him day and night to prevent any more episodes, and Vin was out hunting the Mistborn who had done it. “Did we get the last of Cett’s Infiltrators?” He asked over his shoulder. “There are still two.” Dockson replied, pulling out a parchment. “Fynn Seidel, the mercenary, and Count Senn Conrad.” “Do we know why Conrad defected yet?” “My men found Letters Elend,” Hammond replied, “from King Cett. He promised Conrad the governorship of the Central Dominance. We’re still trying to find them both. They vanished when the kooky Assassin, Marv, was killed by the Mistborn. They rightly fear him.” “I still think it might be Vin.” Clubs muttered. Elend firmly shook his head. “Vin could do this, but she would be sure first. She wouldn’t slaughter that many innocents to do it. She would also be a lot more effective.” “Then why didn’t she find them already?” Clubs challenged. Elend didn’t reply, and they lapsed into silence as the armies made camp. Jay tied the coat and pants together, then began to sew gloves onto the sleeves. Just the coat had worked on the Skaa guard, but it wouldn’t help much against the Mistborn. He wanted as much might as he could bring to bear against this Mistborn. Which meant more than just awakening his clothing. He couldn’t feel it, but he was constantly aware of the lack of feeling. The spot spot on his right shoulder, near the collarbone. The small Bronze nail he had jammed in there as per his employer’s orders. It had given him the allomantic power of Bronze. Seeking. He hadn’t known how to use it at first, but his teacher had instructed him in the basics. But he still had the second nail, the Steel one. This one would grant him a Physical power. He was hoping to be a coinshot, but he would be glad for being a Thug or Lurcher. Or even a Tineye. He sighed, then grabbed a vial of physical metals. He pulled off the cap and downed the entire concoction, suppressing his gag reflex as the cold metal slid down his throat. Then, squeezing his eyes shut, he rammed the Steel spike into his left shoulder. He gasped at the pain, and his arm spasmed. Within himself, in the same way he sensed his Breath, a new metal reserve appeared. He burned it. Strength flowed through him, and the pain seemed to lessen. A thousand dull aches he had never noticed before vanished, leaving him revitalized. He opened his eyes and grinned. He was a Pewterarm now. He just needed to talk to his teacher to figure out how to best use it. Adfus Syponr sat in the small garden behind his house. He breathed in and out steadily as the morning progressed. He could hear the fear in the crowds that passed by his house. He could hear the fear restrained as they called out greetings, or asked for news. Their noise made it hard to meditate, and he needed the meditation more than ever this morning. He needed the peace. It seemed that his life had been nothing but a series of mistakes, from when he started training as a Hazekiller under Lord Tormander, to when he ran away to Luthadel following the death of The Lord Ruler. He had wanted to atone for the atrocities he had committed against his fellow Skaa, and thought that coming to help the Skaa government in Luthadel would work. Instead he had taught a homicidal Mistborn how to thoroughly break his foes, and then taught a traitor how to protect his comrades. Only Jay had been an honest pupil. He had come for an education, and tried to use it to stop the others. He had nearly succeeded, but now The Dancer couldn’t be stopped. “Master Syponr?” Adfus sighed, giving up on meditation. “I am not your master Jay, nor anyone else’s. Jax is more of a master than I.” He opened his eyes and patted the bench beside him. “Have you come for more help with your bronze, or to deliver news?” Jay walked forward and settled down. “Actually, i implanted the second spike before coming here. I can burn Pewter now as well.” Learning of Hemalurgy had set Adfus’s mind afire, before he had reigned himself in. In Lord Tormander’s service, he had killed a fair share of mistings, and even a few mistborn. If he had known of Hemalurgy then. . . But no. He was done with all that. “Well that’s good news. What do you plan to do with it?” “Hopefully, recruit you, Fynn, and Conrad, and kill this Mistborn once and for all. You in?” Atonement. One last Kill, remove another, far worse killer. “I’m in. Let me teach you how to utilize Pewter.” Count Sen Conrad grabbed more Iron vials and downed them. There might have been worse times than the coming escape to run out of Iron, but he would be hard pressed to think of them. “If we get seperated, where do we meet up?” Fynn looked up from where he was setting stack of paper and clothing on fire. “Meet up? I’m heading back to base. Various and Nis can’t afford to lose me. I have been authorized to offer you a job as a mercenary for Blackened Silver though. You’ve done good work.” “I’m a nobleman, not a thug.” Fynn shrugged. “Not anymore. Offer is still open if you ever change your mind. What do you plan to do next?” Fynn was right. None of the Dominances would recognize his noble status anymore. He had nothing to Offer Cett, and he had betrayed Elend. The other Ventures were killing or enslaving the Nobles that hadn’t cooperated immediately, and Nobles were just vanishing in the South. “I have estate and Family in a town named Tyrian Falls. It’s time for me to retire.” The fire was starting to spread from the piles to the walls. The air began to dry out. “Alright Conrad, ready to leave the city?” “Lead the way glorious Leader.” The two slung their packs onto their backs, and Fynn grabbed his black sword. They hurried out into the busy street as Skaa began to take notice of the flame appearing in the windows of the safehouse. They ducked through the crowd and ran for the Pewter gate. When the large gate was in sight, the crowd started to thin, and Fynn grabbed Conrad’s arm. “Sen, do you hear, singing?” “I kill hard (HE KILLS LOTS) Every day of my life I kill till I ache in my bones At the end (AT THE END OF THE DAY) I take home my hard earned blood all on my own I get down (DOWN) on my knees (KNEES) And I start to pray Till the tears run down from my eyes Lord somebody (SOMEBODY), ooh somebody (PLEASE) can anybody find me somebody to kill? Everyday (EVERYDAY) I try and I try and I try But everybody wants to pull me down They say I'm going crazy They say I got a lot of water in my brain Ah, got no common sense I got nobody left to believe in Yeah yeah yeah yeah Oh God Ooh somebody, ooh somebody Can anybody find me somebody to kill?” The crowd below Zane was almost gone. They had all seen him Steel push his way up here after disemboweling the Guards who had tried to stop him. He grinned as he scanned the remaining onlookers. A few were guards trying to figure out what to do, some where just fool hardy Skaa, and two, at the front of the crowd, were traitors. “Thank you God, for the information and the Backup Singing.” DON’T MENTION IT “Finally, I get to kill the last of the Spiders. I will prove my worth to Vin!” Below, the mercenary drew a Blackend blade out of a sheathe, and began no cautiously advance on the gate. The other drew out a thick wooden shield and followed close at his heels. “Showtime God. Are you going to tell me to do it?” KILL THEM ALL ZANE! He grinned, then threw out a double handful of coins and jumped off the gate wall. He flared steel and pushed the coins towards the two of them. The swordsman sidestepped, and the Lurcher stepped forward. The coins abruptly narrowed in on him. But Zane was ready for that. He extinguished his Steel and flared iron, stopping the coins in midair and pulling the lurcher off his feet. The man yelped as he slammed into his own shield. The pull on the coins abruptly ceased, and the sped towards the still falling Mistborn. He smiled again, and stopped pulling on them while simultaneously pushing himself to the side so they shot past him. He pulled on the same piece of metal to position himself, then pushed against the coins now flattened against the wall. He shot towards the prone Lurcher, but the swordsman stepped in swinging. Zane pulled up on several anchors, arcing over Fynn and landing in a crouch beyond them. He grabbed for his bags, ripped them open, and sprayed them at the pair. Instead of them being ripped apart by loose change, the spray struck an even larger wooden shield than Conrad’s. It bounced and rolled away from them, smacking into a storefront. Zane looked for the source, and snarled. Jay, the Librarian, and Adfus, the Hazekiller, stood there. Adfus was unhooking a Second massive shield from his back while staring serenely at him. Jay was talking to several suits of clothing that appeared to be walking under their own power. INTERFERENCE. EDGLI, I WILL COME FOR YOU NEXT FOR THIS. “Fynn Seidel!” Jay called out. “I would like to propose an alliance. If you and Conrad leave town, we will assist you in fighting against The Steel Dancer.” “Proposal accepted!” Fynn turned and said something to Conrad, who nodded. “Thank you all for sparing me the need of hunting you down.” Zane smirked. “This way I can kill 4 birds with one stone.” “No time for banter I’m afraid.” Jay said. “Grab and Hold Steeldancer!” The 4 suits surged forward. Zane cursed, and dropped a coin. It immediately shot away from him, towards Conrad who was backing up towards the wall. All the coins in the square were heading for his shield. Zane snarled, then pulled himself backwards and upwards towards a store window. He landed in a backwards crouch on the gable, and pulled two obsidian daggers from their sheathes in his shirt. He didn’t have any more metal vials or coins, but he had large reserves of all the metals. Jay, Adfus and Fynn had grouped together, and appeared to be discussing strategy. Conrad was still gathering all the metal in street, and the suits were attempting to climb the walls of the building. He had to act now. He reached inward, and burned Zinc. He enflamed all three of their paranoia’s. They warily inched away from each other and slowly began to turn their weapons away from Zane, but then Adfus shook his head. “Wait, he’s rioting us. Just split up and keep him grounded.” damnation. He flared steel, and pushed off the window latch. He heard it snap, but it slammed into something solid, and still provided him with an anchor. He twisted and spun in midair, slamming into the hastily raised shield of Adfus. It shattered, and both of them went sprawling. Zane jumped up, and immediately dodged back away from Fynn’s slash. Jay lunged forward in an attempted bear hug. Zane slashed at him, but his knives were smacked aside by the tassels of his cloak. He flared pewter and lunged backward, deflecting another sword stroke. He continued to step back as they continued their assault, not giving him time to recover or attack them. He frowned and defended himself, leading them further into his trap. Once they were near enough the gate, he abruptly pulled himself to the side, leaving them behind. Adfus was still recovering from his first blow. He was on all fours and coughing up blood. Entirely unprotected. He flared steel and iron and snapped away from the wall towards the hazekiller. Adfus looked up in horror, and began to move aside, but Zane closed the gap, slamming his daggers through his chest and neck. He yanked them out, then pewter kicked the corpse into the ambulatory clothing that was finally closing the distance on him. ONE DOWN, BUT CONRAD HAS ESCAPED. “What?” He spun around. Jay and Fynn were still charging him, but Conrad was no where to be seen. “He ran?” INDEED. He didn’t have time for games anymore. He waited for them to get closer, then finally, burned Atium. Shadows burst forward from them, showing him their every move. Oddly, they were both skidding to a halt, and as their real counterparts followed suit, Fynn pulled something from his coat. Zane sprung forward as Shadow Fynn activated a small ruby studded device. He stabbed forward, cursing as they vanished into light. HUH. THAT WAS TANAVAST’S INVESTITURE. WHAT IS HE DOING? Zane screamed in the empty square. “Where are they God?!” GONE. I WILL NEED TO INVESTIGATE THAT DEVICE. IT TOOK THEM BEYOND SCADRIAL’S BORDERS. “Well, the City is cleared of Cett’s Spiders at least.” INDEED. “Then it is time.” The sun was just beginning to set as Zane landed on Vin’s balcony. She wasn’t in her room, so he opened the door and entered, surveying her small domain. Stacks of paper carpeted the floor, giving him no room to walk. He frowned, and stepped back onto the balcony to wait. The mist began to flow in, pulsating around him. Vin’s door opened. She walked in, yawning and holding a lit lantern. She crept forward, dodging piles of paper until she reached her desk. She extinguished the lantern and sighed. Zane stepped forward, and the balcony creaked below him. Vin spun, her hand reaching for a dagger, but she froze when she saw him. “It’s time.” “Time for what?” Vin asked. “To go,” Zane said, “to leave these men and their armies. To leave the Squabbling. To be free.” “I. . . I don’t know Zane.” “Where would you go Vin? If you weren’t bound here, if you were free to do as you pleased, where would you go?” She hesitated, “North. To Terris “We can go there. Wherever you want. Location is irrelevant to me, as long as it is not this place. “I can’t abandon them,” Vin said. “Even if by doing so, you steal me away? It is an even trade.” Zane replied. “My father will know I am gone, but will be unaware of your disappearance. He will be too afraid to attack.” He reached out and took her hand. She stared at him, searching his face for something. “You can save me Vin.” He pulled her towards him, and slowly, she began to follow. She reached for a vial of metal, and he tensed up momentarily, but she was just preparing for the trip. Together, they burned Steel, and jumped away into the Mist. THE GAME IS OVER! STEELDANCER, THE UNSTABLE MISTBORN, HAS WON THE DAY! If you're wondering, both Seonid and Steel were lynched. Thank you all for playing, GM's Final thought's will be posted soon, for now, enjoy several docs! The Master Spread Sheet The Eliminator Doc The Mistborn Doc The Spectator Doc The Dead Doc
  10. The Writeup will be posted within an hour.
  11. That is three votes. I'll end this cycle once i have computer access for ling enough to write a writeup. When do Y'all go to bed?
  12. The Writeup will be coming. Hemalurgic Headshot was killed by the Mistborn. He was a Eliminator Seeker 1 and Assassin! Shanerockes has been killed by the Eliminators! He was a Village Smoker 2! The cycle will end in or Your Choice. Surviving Players! Seonid! Straw! Steeldancer! SDrake Marshall!
  13. Nah, work kicked up again. I'm not on vacation anymore
  14. I think this SK mechanic will be included in more of my games. Anyway, rollover is happening at normal time tonight, but the new thread being posted might be delayed. I'll keep you all posted.