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  1. do you guys think that squires were originally just general squires until a particular orders spren liked you instead of being a squire for only one order? seems like a better way to do it since you might like windrunners but be a stoneward at heart. with only being a squire to one order i could see them getting stuck at low ideals that they didn't truly fit
  2. does it mention anywhere in the book how long they have been around. you don't know they haven't been doing this for thousands of years . The technology on the planet was around equivalent to 1700-1800's or more. Stormlight is happening around the time that scandrail is in the 1980s. should only take a few hundred years to get to FTL travel for a society that already has magic time bubbles and speed compounding. Doesn't seem far fetched that these groups would already have been making these birds for a long time
  3. ob

    i suspect that a planed break from the desolation will happen. like they will go back for a set number of years in order to prepare to end the desolation's once and for all. and that is what the time skip after book 5 will be.
  4. its not like he has to go make the bird himself he could have just bought it off someone. there was a whole group of people making these special birds just to sell them. i would bet a fair number of these end up off world.
  5. my favorite part was when he reaches in to the spiritual realm and hears "i forgive you"
  6. but isn't wax and wanye md1.5 not 2. from what i remember the books set in a more modern style are the books that fit in the time skip
  7. hey thats my question
  8. from what she said about being able to make stormlight for 6 hours after she has eaten something it seems like the food is acting more like metal does for mistborn than her turning calories in to investiture
  9. don't eat the cookies its a trick
  10. i've mentioned it before but my theory is that shardplate is made up on those minor spren
  11. thanks
  12. any way someone could post higher rez pictures on the star charts can't make out most of them
  13. being a mistborn doesn't = one breath. and he is already of the second Heightening at least
  14. how much power is needed to ascend isn't known but if he gets an above average amount form every shard he would be 16 times more powerful than any character, not even counting whatever investiture he had before he started collecting it from shardworlds . he could very well ascend with just that but even if he didn't he wouldn't so insignificant compared to a shard anymore and would give him a number of options
  15. i asked brandon if you could take investiture from every shard and become your own shard and he said rafo because it was to close to something someone was trying to do