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  1. hey thats my question
  2. from what she said about being able to make stormlight for 6 hours after she has eaten something it seems like the food is acting more like metal does for mistborn than her turning calories in to investiture
  3. don't eat the cookies its a trick
  4. i've mentioned it before but my theory is that shardplate is made up on those minor spren
  5. thanks
  6. any way someone could post higher rez pictures on the star charts can't make out most of them
  7. being a mistborn doesn't = one breath. and he is already of the second Heightening at least
  8. how much power is needed to ascend isn't known but if he gets an above average amount form every shard he would be 16 times more powerful than any character, not even counting whatever investiture he had before he started collecting it from shardworlds . he could very well ascend with just that but even if he didn't he wouldn't so insignificant compared to a shard anymore and would give him a number of options
  9. i asked brandon if you could take investiture from every shard and become your own shard and he said rafo because it was to close to something someone was trying to do
  10. kelsier just stands there looking death in the eye and says hope
  11. spoilers

    the sphere in secret history didn't contain steal or seal any shard it just attuned kesler to preservation so he could control the shards power till vin could grab the shard
  12. to early for tv only 1/5 through the series
  13. ruin would have gotten out eventually so might as well let him out when he would lose
  14. your right about the lightweavers ardjet i remember that now it was in a chapter heading thought that would help with art a ton
  15. kal and syl talk about about it a bit when he says it was cheating that he was so good because of the bond and he comments on it after he broke the bond and tried to use the spear. although at the time he was hurt so its hard to say how much of a difference it made