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  1. I'm not talking about Intents overriding vessels there. The holder would determine to some degree how two intents fuse, as remember the nature of magical things in the Cosmere is heavily influenced by how they are perceived, and Sazed would be the one doing most of the "perceiving" of the combined shard, and also making most of the initial actions that might change perceptions of those shards. Ati had a single Shard, so had no control. I expect a large part of the theme Sanderson has in mind around the shattering is that taking these grand Intents out of the context of a larger vision corrupts them, and as context is quite subjective you would expect that any attempt to recombine the Shards would, therefore, be malleable. But maybe I'm reading too much into things. You're quite welcome to disagree as we're in territory of rampant speculation.
  2. Did we ever actually get confirmation that Survival Shard was actually Not On A Planet Shard? I thought that was something people just assumed. Because I was assuming that Autonomy was Not On A Planet Shard but not necessarily Survival Shard. (although, there's an argument that being Survival Shard would explain the slight implications in certain WoBs that Bavadin could be aligned with Odium)
  3. Yeah, it's a fair cop that it's not confirmed that Honour's mobile perpendicularity actually is a single, moving highstorm. It seems very heavily implied, but it is not yet confirmed.
  4. You wouldn't be able to return without a set perpendicularity if whatever got Khriss into the CR works the same way as Jasnah's trip into the Cognitive, and if you tried to return through one that's in the star, you'd just suicide in spectacular fashion. It's possible that there's a way to generate a temporary perpendicularity from the Cognitive side, but we've never seen it done before. It could be that such a way exists and Bavadin has a workaround that stops it from functioning in the local cognitive realm to Taldain. I agree that the star being a source of investiture doesn't guarantee it's a perpendicularity. However, it's pretty good evidence, as a lot of the time investiture does channel through the perpendicularities. I'll see your example of Scadrial's mists, and refer you to both Atium at the Pits, and Stormlight coming through Highstorms. (FYI, this forum isn't spoiler-gated for works that aren't new, but good on you for putting in the effort) In fact, the mists are the only case I can think of when we knew where a Perpendicularity was, and we didn't manage to link a manifestion of matter-based investiture (ie. solid, liquid, or gaseous investiture as opposed to kinetic investiture) back to it. Even on Nalthis, we suspect the dyes they're using in Hallandren are made from flowers that are growing using liquid Endowment. It's possibly they're somehow linked of course, but it's never explained if so.
  5. Khriss escaping without dying into the Cognitive Realm doesn't necessarily mean that Bavadin's perpendicularity wasn't originally inside the star. (In fact, there's a WoB about light from Taldain's star being its primary form of investiture that you could see as backing this up) Remember, it is possible using certain types of Investiture to create your own one-way perpendicularities. (see Jasnah in WoR and her flashback "extra scene" that may or may not feature in Oathbringer- she is unable to get back into the Physical Realm easily after her escape) Assuming this is how she left, even though she has since gained a lot of knowledge, it's possible that Taldain's Cognitive Realm is now more dangerous than it was before, or simply that there are risks to going back that Khriss isn't willing to take, possibly because it's not really her "home" anymore, or that she legitimately hasn't found a way to exit Taldain's Cognitive directly onto the planet yet. I will, of course, concede that it could have been moved inside the star at some point, but it would be very surprising if that point was prior to White Sand, given that the entire magic system is driven by algae in the sand absorbing sunlight. I don't know where you'd expect the perpendicularity to be located if not inside the star. You're right though that we should pay careful attention to the Lost Metal, of course, as Bavadin is IMO the leading Trell candidate.
  6. Right, there are now. What the in-universe book was talking about was whether it was possible to more widely recruit. You don't go calling an idea blasphemous and seditious because it's impossible, you do so because it's dangerous.
  7. If you read the in-universe WoR carefully, it implies that to talk about the number growing beyond three is considered blasphemous, which probably means there are ways for it to happen. That would suggest that going beyond three requires some sort of Odiumspren. I suspect the reason they usually numbered no more than three is that there's a spren of Honour (accounted for, that's the Stormfather) a spren of Cultivation, (possibly the Nightwatcher themselves) and a spren that's equally of both that we haven't identified yet. If correct, that would suggest that there could be at least three, perhaps four additional bondsmiths if there were no risk to incorporating Odiumspren into the order. (obviously, there is, and that's why it was considered seditious to talk about recruited any further) That would be one Spren of Odium, one of equal parts Honour and Odium, one of equal parts Cultivation and Odium, and maybe also one balanced between all three.
  8. 17th shard

    Nah, it's literally just "any ability that lets you travel between planets." That coppermind intro was probably written before we actually knew some of the methods involved or got the WoB from Brandon about it being helpful to be an immortal if you wanted to go Worldhopping multiple times, and so they had probably just assumed it happened instantaneously.
  9. 17th shard

    Having a power that lets you travel in the Cognitive Realm directly, such as Jasnah's, is certainly the easist way to become a worldhopper. However, there's no indication that such a journey is quick or easy under your own power, as we have some indications that serial worldhoppers all have some method of dramatic life extension. I imagine most people taking even a one-way trip between planets are doing so with the aid of Initiated magicians from other worlds, or using Invested devices or cognitive tricks of the trade to aid their travel. I believe Hoid is the only person whose origin we have semi-confirmed as on Yolen. Khriss, for instance, is certainly a serial worldhopper of some sort, appearing in White Sand, apparently leaving Scadrial in Secret History, writing the various Ars Arcana, and having come back in time for Wax and Wayne's adventures to quiz Wax on being a Twinborn. She comes from Taldain originally, not Yolen. edit: That's a quote from Hoid to Kelsier in Secret History.
  10. I think you're looking at this slightly the wrong way, tbh. It's entirely possible that Sazed was as relevant to the fusion result being Harmony as the two shards going in were. If someone else was in his place, you might get Chaos, or Discord, or even Creation. So I'm not sure you can look at two shards and definitively say in advance "I know what they would combine into," because that would depend on the view of the vessel you poured them both into, and the view of everyone else on how the new Shard acts after the fusion. That said, by all means enjoy speculating on names.
  11. That's certainly a possibility. The other one is that you can't get to Taldain by traditional means because Bavadin's perpendicularity lines up with Taldain's main star.
  12. My personal theory is that the "sun" is the cognitive/spiritual equivalent of perpendicularity, (which I assume is a physical/cognitive annex of some sort) that is, it represents the local Shards' power radiating down into the Cognitive Realm, so the "sky" is where the Spiritual Realm's locationless transcendance interacts with the location-based-but-weirdly-compressed Cognitive Realm, with "stars" being locations where Investiture can actually breach between the two in large quantities. Yeah, Civ talks about Toroidal maps because it's mapping a two-dimensional rectangle onto a three-dimensional space, and the result therefore is like a toroid, (ie. a doughnut) not a globe, which is why there are so many open questions for us cosmere fans about the fact that spherical planets are essentially mapped into a two-dimensional holographic space on the "ground" in the Cognitive. (we don't know for sure it's rectangular, but that's one option. It could also be a collection of triangles, or of ovoid shapes, and it's possible even that this changes depending on how people map their spherical worlds on paper on each Cosmere planet- so for instance, a seafaring civilisation might have a similar system to earth, where they use a local variant of the Mercator projection, so the areas of their landmasses nearer the poles look much bigger than they actually are, while a spacefaring civilisation might use some sort of tesselation so that satellite images look "the right shape" to them) That's also ignoring the implications of the fact that the terrain is reversed- ie. bodies of water turn into mountain ranges, and densely populated areas turn into seas of the local representation of cognitive concepts. (in Shadesmar, that's spheres. On Scadrial, it was mist) In terms of analogies for the cognitive realm, probably the best is imagining it as a giant swimming pool. It has depth, but it is also absolutely "flat" in a fundamental sense of the water only going so high before it stops being a pool, either because you reach the bottom or the top, no matter whether its shape is actually rectangular or not. Think of the top of the swimming pool as the interaction with our realm- it forms a reverse image of the shape of the Physical Realm because the two "flow" around each other.
  13. The cognitive realm is never a globe. It is some sort of mapping of a three-dimensional sphere onto a surface in a three-dimensional plane. (that is, essentially, something like a very large blanket- it still has height/depth, but it has a "top" and a "bottom" that seem to be uniform, the bottom being loosely mapped to things in the Physical realm, and, if those of us who believe the sun in the Cognitive Realm is the Spiritual Realm, the top of the cognitive may have some interaction with it somehow) Remember, Brandon has given a WoB that something interesting would happen to a Spren (being native to the Cognitive realm that is two-dimensionally mapped to the Physical) that tried to circumnavigate the world. At some point, it would encounter the "edge" of Shadesmar, (that is, Cognitive Roshar as opposed to the entire CR) and might have difficulty moving any farther in that loop around spherical physical space. (he doesn't actually say the Spren would be stuck, he phrases it as a question, so maybe they teleport from one side of the plane in the CR to the other, who knows)
  14. Also, in HoA Vin describes silver as Allomantically inert, in that it can't be pushed or pulled. So there's something interesting going on with it that it's useful against shades too, it's possible that there was some degree of aluminium in those metals used in HoA unbeknownst to Vin, (especially as TLR clearly knew about Aluminium) but that doesn't explain why she would incorrectly think any silver is inert, and why it works against Threnodite shades. It would also be interesting to know if aluminium would have similar qualities against Shades compared to silver.
  15. I like where we're at with Mistborn so far better, but that's because we've had almost two complete arcs. We're so close to the beginning with Stormlight, but I know I'll love it even more when we're at Book 4 or 5, because it's a better book. I don't think I got quite as excited after Hero of Ages as I did after Words of Radiance, for instance.