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  1. So in my family we love the game Codenames, and I got to thinking how fun it would be to play a Brandon Sanderson themed version. And then it occurred to me, why not adapt it to play on the forums? Should be easy enough, so let’s take a crack at it, yeah? As for the nitty gritty: I’ve never played Codenames, what is it? Okay, I get how to play, but how are we going to Sanderson-ize it? So how are we going to make this work on the forum? If this catches on, then in future games we can experiment with mixing pictures in with the words, and/or focusing on one of Brandon’s series in particular. For this first game, we’ll open it up to all of Brandon’s published works. It won’t be necessary (but it might be helpful) to have read ALL of Brandon’s books to play and enjoy the game, but be forewarned, the game may potentially contain SPOILERS for anything Brandon has written. Play at your own risk! So, who’s game? Reply to this thread and say so if you want in. Also, if you are willing and able to be a Spymaster then feel free to volunteer (for this first game I’ll be one of the Spymasters, so we only need one more). I highly recommend that you 1) play game or two of Codenames and 2) be willing and able to check the thread at least once a day or so and 3) Again, not necessary, but it would be nice if you have read all of Brandon's published works (or at least his major ones). It would be nice if you fulfilled these 3 things BEFORE you volunteer to be Spymaster. Once the two Spymasters are determined the rest of the players will be assigned to one team or the other in the order they signed up, alternating between the two teams. Once we have a handful of players (4 is the bare minimum: 2 per team. 6+ is preferable though) we’ll start the first round. Players may still join in after the game has started, and will continue to be assigned to teams on an alternating basis.
  2. Well, seeing as our other team members still haven’t spoken up, let’s make these guesses official. Forgery The Path No further guesses from me.
  3. Agreed! Mistborn is my favorite series of all time, but as far as stand-alone books go Warbreaker has a special place in my heart. It’s just so unique and fascinating! Anyway, Brandon has made his intentions pretty clear. Go to his website and search for “State of the Sanderson” for more info, but basically, the sequel (only 1 is planned) will be called Nightblood and will fill in the gaps of what happened between Warbreaker and the Stormlight Archive. Unfortunately, it’s pretty far down on his to do list- after Stormlight5 if I remember correctly, which means we still have several years to wait. *sigh*
  4. Don't forget to tag your team members when you post your clues. Thanks. Also, I mentioned this to the Spymasters when I PM'd them, but just realized that I forgot to say anything in the thread. This time around we're going to try a 48 hour time limit on turns, to prevent them from taking too long. So based on the time stamp on @xinoehp512's post, here's a countdown timer to the end of the blue team's turn: Those seems the most likely candidates to me as well. If nobody disagrees (or beats me to it), then I'll officially post those guesses sometime tonight or tomorrow morning.
  5. Okay, here are our teams for round 2 (so far): Blue Team: SM: Xinoehp512 Kered Hemalurgic Headshot Luckat Herowannabe Red Team: SM: Scion of the Mists Steeldancer Rebecca Darkness_ The Spymasters (@xinoehp512 @Scion of the Mists) have their instructions, and are free to begin whenever they are ready.
  6. It’s all good, it happens to us all. added you to the list.
  7. Added you. Also, I have now created the grid for round 2. We'll give it a day or so for players to finish signing up, and to give everyone (and especially @xinoehp512 and @Scion of the Mists as spymasters) the chance to veto any codenames they feel might be too obscure or difficult. Fair warning for spoilers:The grid this time around contains references to people/events/etc from Stormlight Archive (including Oathbringer) Mistborn (up through Shadows of Self), Warbreaker, Elantris, and the Emperor's Soul. The codenames themselves don't contain any spoilers, but the articles that they are linked to can contain spoilers, so if you're worried about spoiling anything then don't click on the respective links. EDIT: forgot the link to the grid, though it's the same one that we used for round 1.
  8. Added you both to the list! And with that we're already at our minimum number of players. I guess I better start getting the grid generated.
  9. Okay, so far we have: Blue Spymaster: @xinoehp512 Red Spymaster: @Scion of the Mists Players: @Kered @Steeldancer @Hemalurgic Headshot @Rebecca @luckat @Darkness_ I’ll play, too, unless it looks like we’ll need an impartial moderator.
  10. Gallant and Sandlings were both blue agents, but the Synod was the Assassin in White! Game over! The red team wins! (and that is why it’s generally not a good idea to take wild shots in the dark. ) here’s the key card for the round. I’ll get it posted in the spreadsheet, too, for easier reference. So that means we can start getting ready for round 2. I figure we’ll start sign-ups over each round, and not try to keep the same teams (unless everyone really wants to). So again, we’ll alternate assigning players to teams based on the order they sign up, and we’ll be looking for volunteers to be one of the Spymasters. Once we have a Spymaster and 2+ players per team we’ll start round 2. Since round 1 ended so quickly, @xinoehp512 if you want another shot at Spymaster that’s fine, and I’m happy to be a Spymaster again if needs be. Also, this time around I’d like to try implementing a time limit on turns so that they don’t drag on too long. I think 48 hours is enough, starting from the moment the Spymaster posts their clue- does that sound good? And along with that, when Spymasters post their clue they should please @ mention the members of their team, so that they know it’s time to start guessing. Speaking of which, I’ll go ahead and mention everyone who signed up for Round 1 in case they want to sign up for round 2. @xinoehp512 @Darkness_ @Silverblade5 @Hemalurgic Headshot @Steeldancer @Kered @Jondesu @luckat
  11. Sometime after your team actually makes some guesses. So far you’ve talked about the grid but haven’t actually made any guesses. Remember to make guesses you simply need to post your guesses in bold. Edit: @Darkness_ @Silverblade5 @Hemalurgic Headshot
  12. 150 points is barely enough to get the Raider by itself on the table. You should go up to 200 or 300. As for facing the raider, just do your best to stay out of its kill zones- the spots on either side where it’s front and rear arcs overlap. 5 attacks in one round will chew up anything.
  13. There was a topic in the General Brandon discussion forum where people were sharing their favorite songs and stuff. It probably makes more sense to discuss it there rather than here in the forum specifically for entertainment stuff that isn’t Sanderson related.
  14. Anyone planning on going to the Salt Lake City Regionals tournament this Saturday? Specifically, those of you I know live in the area, like @Ecthelion III, @Ookla the Philosopher, and @Shumei. I’ll be there (obviously). Just look for the guy with the Mistborn maneuver templates.
  15. Thanks for the mention!
  16. Welcome aboard Luckat! I’ve added you to the red team.
  17. Is that a cinderblock in your pocket, or are you reading Stormlight Archive?
  18. @xinoehp512 you’re up.
  19. Your team hasn’t been given a clue yet, so there’s not really anything for them to discuss yet. That will change soon. Soeaking of which, @Steeldancer @Kered Last call to use your last guess, if you want to. If not, please say so so that the blue team can take their turn. Perhaps while making guesses in general, everyone consider indicating when you’re done. Something like:
  20. Uh... it’s been written. That’s the link I put in my last post.
  21. Be prepared for The Lord Ruler has been discussed. See page 1 of this thread. I think someone did eventually write it somewhere in the past 6 pages... also, there’s this gem:
  22. 1. Reod 2. Battle of Luthadel 3. Oathpact spreadsheet is updated You guys have 1 more guess if you wish to make it.
  23. You can make more than one guess at a time, but they will be answered in the order they are given
  24. Yes. At least, that’s what I was planning. In real life Codenames you have to discuss in the open, so it makes sense to do it that way here, too. Speaking of “mentions,” it probably wouldn’t hurt for the Spymasters to mention their teammates when they post a clue. I guess I’ll go ahead and do so now so poor Steeldancer isn’t left hanging. @Steeldancer @Kered @Jondesu also, it occurs to me now that we’ll need some way for a team to signal that they’re done making guesses and their turn is over. Often times the choice is made for them by making a wrong guess or using up all of their guesses, but many times they have simply made all the guesses they want to make that turn and wish to stop. In real life it’s a simple thing to ask if they’re done with their turn, but in an online setting that “simple” question could potentially take days to get an answer to. I’m open to suggestions on how to handle it, but right now I’m thinking a time limit might be the simplest way, though I have no idea what an appropriate time limit would be. Maybe have players signal when they’ve made all their guesses they wish to make this turn?
  25. This! I’ve wanted to try something like this since as early as LG2. The thing I love most about the anonymous accounts is there is no prejudices based on past games or whether or not the player is new. Players who have earned a fierceom reputation and players who are playing their first game are all on the same footing. That’s really cool.