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  1. Waiting it is then. I still haven’t heard anything from Epic other than that first email anyway. I’m probably going to have to call them or go into the store and talk to them. Anyway, since we’re waiting, does anyone have any preferences as to which day we have the party? The days that work for me are Dec 8th, 9th, 15th, or the 16th.
  2. LOL this one! And this one! Dang it, I had things I wanted to get done tonight. Oh well, here goes. "Do you wanna kill some evil?" *I can't claim credit for the original idea on this one: that goes to @tecslicer and @Claincy who came up with it in this thread (which has some other great song ideas in it, like Bridge Four signing "He's a bit of a Fixer Upper" to Shallan and Kaladin).
  3. This just in: I just barely got an email back from Epic Puzzles and Games in West Valley and they said they are happy to host us. I’m not sure if they have any copies of the game in stock- still waiting to hear back from them, but they said they were Kickstarter backers so they probably do. Here’s the thing: they said that they are free to host us on Saturday 11/18, but at this point that’s only a few days away. That doesn’t give people much time to spread the work or arrange schedules. Next weekend is Thanksgiving, and the weekend after that I am unavailable, so our next window of opportunity is Friday 12/8 or Saturday 12/9 (assuming it works for Epic, too). But what would you guys prefer? Do it this weekend or wait a few weeks?This week is a little crazy for me but I can be available this Saturday if that’s what everyone wants to do. @Themasterhunter @little wilson @firstRainbowRose @Rubix @Ecthelion III @Emerald101 @Elenion @ChaosModifier @RippleGlyph @M0ntz3rin @Shumei @[email protected] Games
  4. Nice! Did he say anything about the card when he signed it? I’m curious what his thoughts are about it.
  5. Is it just me, or is he holding a glowing Syl-spear? And that outfit could easily be a Bridge 4 uniform from Words of Radiance. I’ve seen Boss Monster on the shelf of my local game store before but never played it. My interest level just jumped from “mildly curious” to “oh my gosh I need this game right now.” EDIT: alright, someone tell me, which Boss Monster game(s) and/or expansion pack(s) do I need to play with Branadin Wordblessed and the others?
  6. If anyone is interested, I’m looking at putting together a small group to try out one (or more) of the Sensational Yarns in Masks of the Past over Skype. Any takers?
  7. So can someone remind me, what’s Skyward? Links would be helpful. Thanks! (I would look it up myself but I’m on mobile and it’s late at night)
  8. Yep, Skype is a free video-chat service. You can get it on your computer or mobile device. One of the other players has never played before, so that’s not a huge issue. Do you have a copy of the Mistborn Adventure Game core rulebook? What about the Alloy of Law Supplement and/or the Masks of the Past supplement? anyway, if you’re interested then click on that link up there and we can work out the details (you’ll have to create a steelministry account, too).
  9. I wish I could elaborate, but that’s literally all the information I have right now. Like I said, Crafty offered to ship the game directly to the retail store so we could plan a release party, but Game Night Games opted not to go that route because hey had already ordered copies of the game from their regular distributor, and none of the other game stores I contacted ever responded to me.
  10. That was my understanding as well. It was really generous of Kara to send us some. By the way, for anyone following this thread, I never heard back from any of the Game stores I contacted, which is unfortunate, so we’re back to waiting for Game Night Games to get their shipment from their distributor.
  11. We’ve been talking about a release party in Utah, somewhere around Salt Lake City - Provo. No no clue where it will be available in NYC- I suggest talking to your Favorite Local Gaming Store(s) and see if they are willing to order it in. Or, you can order it straight from Crafty Games. Most of the Kickstarter exclusive stuff is available from them, too. As for the Promo cards, your best chance is to attend a Con that Brandon Sanderson and/or Crafty Games is attending.
  12. See page 3 of this thread, in this post.
  13. Well apparently he said elsewhere that it was not on any of the State of the Sandersons, so I’m guessing it’s something completely new that we haven’t heard of before.
  14. Read through the rest of the thread. Brandon has already specifically said that it’s not the Dark One. (Is the Dark One intended to be YA anyway?)
  15. What just happened to this thread??? Oh well, might as well run with it... You know Moash and Rock and Teft and Lopen, Dunny and Drehy and Sigzil and Shen, But do you recall... The most famous Bridgeman of all? Kaladin the angsty Bridgeboy Had a very shiny Spren (Like a Windspren) And if you ever saw her You would even say she glows (like a sphere-lamp!) All of Sadeas's soldiers Used to laugh and call him names (like Lordling!) They never let poor Kaladin Join in any army games (like plateau assaults!) Then one bloody Highstorm Eve, Dalinar came to say, (Unite them!) Kaladin woah you glow so bright! Won't you help my army fight? Then all the Bridgemen loved him And they volunteered for more (Bridge Four!) Kaladin the angsty Bridgeboy You'll go down in ancient lore! (as a Radiant!)
  16. That's the weekend that works best for me (in November), too. I went ahead as shot emails to Blakfyre, Dragon's Keep, and Epic to see which, if any of them, would be willing and able to host us. I love Game Night Games, but I really don't want to wait an indeterminate amount of time to have the release party- especially since the game IS shipping to retailers now.
  17. We’ll never be able to guess it with that attitude! Here’s my guess: Patrick Rothfuss has finally decided to throw in the towel and give up on Kingkiller3, and instead has sold the rights to Brandon, and now Brandon will write all of KK3 in a couple months when Rothfuss couldn’t do it over the space of several years.
  18. So... here’s where we’re at. Crafty is doing more of a rolling release, shipping to each distributor/area separately rather than having one universal release date. They have offered to ship directly to game stores so that we can do release parties. At Game Night Games they already ordered through their regular distribution channels and are content to wait until the game arrives that way. No word from their distributor yet as to when that will be. Which leaves us with the question: wait until Game Night Games gets M:HW in stock and do a release party then, whenever that may be? Or talk to some of the other stores in the area and see if any of them are willing to order directly from Crafty (or have already done so) so that we can have the release party sooner?11/18 might still be doable if we go that route. What would everyone prefer? I can be flexible, but I hesitate to delay the Release Party any longer than necessary. (tagging everyone I know of who is local and might be interested in the release party) @Themasterhunter @little wilson @firstRainbowRose @Rubix @Ecthelion III @Emerald101 @Elenion @ChaosModifier @RippleGlyph @M0ntz3rin @Shumei @[email protected] Games
  19. I have no idea. That would be a question for Team Sanderson. From what I understand, Brandon was giving the cards out at Gen Con to anyone that specifically asked for them, but he wasn't advertising them or anything. But that was for Gen Con. I assume he'll have a similar policy going forward but who knows- he could change his mind at any point or could run out of promos or something else entirely. This is pure speculation on my part. So my advice to people would be- if at all possible- find your way to one of Brandon's signings and ask him. Based on past observations, choosing to dress up, giving Brandon gifts, or even just wearing swag from his webstore all will improve your chances of getting promo stuff. Or check eBay. Or email Team Sanderson and beg and plead. It couldn't hurt, right? If none of that works, then there may still be hope. Now, I have to emphasize that I can't make any guarantees, but I promise that if I have any extra promo cards left after the release party I will not be keeping them for myself. I'll probably hold a contest of some sort to give them away. Again, I can't make any promises because I don't know how many people will come to the release party, but well there you go.
  20. This is unfortunately true. However I'm still keeping my mouth shut until the Release Party is over. I'm not even sure if I was supposed to say anything about the Hoid promo in the first place- Team Sanderson has been keeping it pretty secret. Another possible option for out-of-staters is to track down Brandon at a signing or a convention and ask him about it yourself...
  21. (although I guess it should be PAFO: come to the release party and play and find out )
  22. A little bit of an update for our release party: Things are slowly marching forward in Crafty's warehouses and shipping containers. Long story short, we're still looking at a retail release for sometime in November, though we don't know exactly when yet. We can, however, narrow down the date of our release party a little bit. Weekends are still the best for me, as well as most everyone else it sounds like, so we're looking at a Friday or Saturday. Oathbringer is being released the 13th, which is a Monday. No real reason why we couldn't do it the weekend before or after though, unless maybe we don't want to overload people with Sanderson parties. Thanksgiving is the 23rd, followed by Black Friday weekend, so things will be crazy. I'd like to avoid that weekend if at all possible. Also, there's a good chance I'll be out of town the weekend of the 10th/11th, so that wouldn't be my first choice. I could probably make it work if I had to though. So that leaves us with the weekend of the 17th/18th. I would prefer to do it one of those two days, assuming the release happens by then. Does that work for everyone else? Also, Game Night Games is still graciously planning on hosting us, they too are just waiting for a release date from Crafty. Last, but not least, I hinted a while back that we were working on getting some promotional material for the release party. Well today, I finally got a little package from Kara Stewart with Dragonsteel Entertainment. So now I can officially confirm that we will have promo cards to be giving away at the release party. Here's a little teaser:
  23. I'm late to the conversation, but I actually asked Brandon this almost this exact same question at a signing a couple years ago. Long story short, it would kill the Kandra. From what I remember, Brandon basically said it would be an incredibly traumatic experience for the Kandra and would kill it. He also specifically said that a Kandra could not send pieces of itself off on their own to do things. Let me see if I can find the transcript of the signing. Paging WOB-guru @Kurkistan in case he's around and can find the relevant quotes before I can. EDIT: here it is (#10 on the linked page) Granted, slightly different from your question, since you specifically asked about a Kandra with 2 blessings (4 spikes), but still, there you go. I suspect that you could not create two Kandra out of one in this way- the Kandra may have 4 spikes but it still only has one soul that those spikes are connected to. When you bisect the Kandra its soul has to end up in one half or the other.
  24. Thanks to @firstRainbowRose and @Elbereth for running this game! Very clever concept and it made so much sense once I learned the secret. Well done! And way to go @Lemonelon for figuring out the pattern!