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  1. game

    Sister. Hmm... Jasnah is almost definitely one of them, since she ties in with voidbringers and sister. I don’t see any other sisters, but Vathi and the Nightwatcher are both female. Or well, the Nightwatcher is sort of female, so I guess I’m leaning towards Vathi...
  2. Given my involvement with the contest I don’t know if it would be appropriate for me to do it, but on the other hand they’re keeping it fairly casual, so maybe it will be okay. I’ll ask Crafty and see what they say.
  3. game

    Don’t worry Kidpen, it happens to the best of us!
  4. Thanks! Have an upvote for your efforts
  5. I’ve been given the green light to run this game, and I’m at the top of the QF list so I’m going to try to get the rules formalized and ready to go so I can post sign ups in the next couple days. Thanks to @Drake Marshall and everyone else (I’m not sure who all helped, since it was all done anonymously in the google sheet, but thanks!) who helped put together the lists of murder methods and pieces of evidence. I have sorted through everything and filled out the lists where necessary and pruned and consolidated where necessary, and I’m pretty happy with where we stand, too. I also filled out all of the scene tiles and I’m happy with them, too. But if anyone wants to look things over and see if anything should be added or changed or deleted, feel free to do so here. The next step is to actually write out the rules and adapt them for forum use, and then to set up the spreadsheet and make it functional so we can randomize the “cards” and deal them to players.
  6. Yeah pretty much. However... I don’t see why this wouldn’t work. I’ll go ask Crafty, just to be sure, but yeah if you know a backer and can convinced them to submit designs on your behalf, that’s one way to get in.
  7. I don’t know I haven’t actually played around with it yet, other than to look at a few cards made by other people. Good luck! Speaking of which, in case anyone hasn’t seen it, Crafty made their announcement official- they’re doing a card creator contest to see who gets the Hoid promo cards left over from the release party. Unfortunately, it’s for backers only because of technical reasons. Details here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/craftygames/mistborn-house-war/posts/2264171#comments
  8. I’m just saying that if Kelsier were in charge of the Ghostbloods then it would all fit together. I know that Iyatil was born in silverlight, but that’s irrelevant. The revering of the Sovereign is tied to culture, not birthplace. Iyatil is southern Scadrian by heritage and by culture. I’m not saying it’s proof, but it is one more piece of evidence.
  9. game

    Absolutely! @Cadmium Compounder Has the right of everything. You are welcome to join this round, even though it may be ending soon, and you will be part of the blue team ( @Kidpen take note). as for our guesses, let’s go with Dalinar and Jasnah.
  10. game

    Ah yes, thank you. And where is @Rhapsody? I’d love to get her opinion on the last few guesses this round.
  11. Just stumbled across this thread. @The Harlem Worldhoppers I think you might be on to something here... By way of further evidence: one of the prominent members of the Ghostbloods is Iyatil, who presumably outranks Mraize. Iyatil is of Southern Scadrian lineage. And who is it that the Southern Scadrians revere and worship?
  12. Um... great minds think alike, I guess.
  13. game

    for future reference, yes you are. Sweet. We have 3 more guesses we can make this round, if we want. I suspect that Vorinism may have been the other deity-related codename, so let's focus on the Voidbringers clue. I think Yeddaw's connection to voidbringers is pretty weak, so I'm leaning towards trying Dalinar and Jasnah. Thoughts? @Scion of the Mists @Rhapsody
  14. game

    I would rank Dalinar and Jasnah a little lower on that list, because they are opposed to the voidbringers. But The Everstorm, Shattered Plains, Kholinar, and Vorinism all seem pretty likely so lets go ahead and make those official and see what happens.
  15. I never claimed that Nightblood gave good advice.