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  1. This sounds awesome- I think I’ll pass on signing up, at least for the first round, because I’m white and cannot rap. I will say though that you should probably judge results via a poll, rather than upvotes. Mucking about with upvotes for the purposes of the rules of a game tends to be frowned upon.
  2. @Jondesu and @Scion of the Mists Yes you are both correct. Red team has one more guess and needs to find the assassin in order to win.
  3. What happened to @Cadmium Compounder and @recneps? I guess I’ll go ahead and guess Siri, followed by Duladel.
  4. Yeah I was wondering about this, too. The blog post said “more on this in a minute” and then never said anything else about it...
  5. Well Hearthstone is the most obvious choice for “city,” so I’ll go ahead and make that one official. The other one is probably “duladel” (which is actually a country) or “the Rose palace” (which is just a palace). I believe we still have one more codename related to “Returned,” so Siri would be a good guess, too. What are your thoughts teammates?
  6. Wow, way to go @Rhapsody!
  7. This actually works fairly well. The arms of your glasses will twist and grab a cleaning cloth and then gently wipe the lenses until they are free from any smudges or grime. Unfortunately, it misinterprets the command just a little, and instead of cleaning themselves whenever they are dirty your glasses will start cleaning themselves whenever you are being filmed. For the rest of your life any home videos of you consist mostly of you cursing and arguing with your glasses as they start cleaning themselves on your face. I want to awaken a long cloak with the command “become as wings for me and grant me flight.” (EDIT: whoops, realized too late that I hard already done this one. Oh well)
  8. Yeah, but I expect Red will have a strong round now. You have the “preservation” clue plus whatever new clue Jondesu gives you to work with.
  9. Hmm, 7 hours left, we better start making some guesses. So, in order, let's go with: Patji Susebron's Mom Wyndle
  10. Sounds pretty good to me. @recneps what are your thoughts?
  11. No worries, don't beat yourself up over it. Everyone makes mistakes as Spymasters, especially when starting out. As for the blue team's clue... Hmm... This one is tricky. Patji and Nightmaws are the two that pop out to me the most, but if that's what Scion is going for it seems like there would be easier clues to connect those two. I could also see a case for Wyndle (being a Cultivation spren and more attuned with Nature) or maybe something like Perpendicularity or the Well of Ascension. But I'm not 100% sold on any of that. Really I'm more inclined to build off of the first clue ("Returned") and guess Siri and Susebron's mom. Thoughts blue team?
  12. @Jondesu I hate to break it to you, but that’s an invalid clue because “Preservation” is actually one of the codenames, and spymasters are not allowed to use part or all of a codename in their clues. According to the rulebook for invalid clues: So we should proceed thusly: @Scion of the Mists Can mark one of blue team’s agents, and then immediately proceed into blue teams turn. On Red team’s next turn, @Jondesu will give another clue like normal, and the red team members will be able to make guesses based on that clue and the “preservation” clue (if it helps, spymasters are allowed to say “unlimited” instead of the number that goes with their clue. This wouldn’t tell their teammates how many codenames their clue applies to, but it gives them an unlimited number of guesses that turn so long as they keep guessing correctly). EDIT: Also, @Jondesu note that @Rebecca dropped out of this game (at least for the time being) and @Rhapsody joined in her place, so the team’s are actually like this: Red Team Spymaster: @Jondesu @luckat @xinoehp512 @Rhapsody Blue Team Spymaster: @Scion of the Mists @Herowannabe @Cadmium Compounder @recneps
  13. Got it! Nice job! EDIT: I just saw @Ishar‘s edit in the post above about what constitutes a god. The “gods” in Spook’s case were Sazed, Kesier, Vin, and Ruin. The names he went by were Jedal (his birth name), Lestibornes, Spook, Survivor of the Flames, and Lord Mistborn.
  14. Nope Nope (still not Hoid) Nope Clue #6: this character survived crippling and disfiguring injuries
  15. Nope. Nope. Hint #5: this character speaks more than one language.