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  1. I have no idea. That would be a question for Team Sanderson. From what I understand, Brandon was giving the cards out at Gen Con to anyone that specifically asked for them, but he wasn't advertising them or anything. But that was for Gen Con. I assume he'll have a similar policy going forward but who knows- he could change his mind at any point or could run out of promos or something else entirely. This is pure speculation on my part. So my advice to people would be- if at all possible- find your way to one of Brandon's signings and ask him. Based on past observations, choosing to dress up, giving Brandon gifts, or even just wearing swag from his webstore all will improve your chances of getting promo stuff. Or check eBay. Or email Team Sanderson and beg and plead. It couldn't hurt, right? If none of that works, then there may still be hope. Now, I have to emphasize that I can't make any guarantees, but I promise that if I have any extra promo cards left after the release party I will not be keeping them for myself. I'll probably hold a contest of some sort to give them away. Again, I can't make any promises because I don't know how many people will come to the release party, but well there you go.
  2. This is unfortunately true. However I'm still keeping my mouth shut until the Release Party is over. I'm not even sure if I was supposed to say anything about the Hoid promo in the first place- Team Sanderson has been keeping it pretty secret. Another possible option for out-of-staters is to track down Brandon at a signing or a convention and ask him about it yourself...
  3. (although I guess it should be PAFO: come to the release party and play and find out )
  4. A little bit of an update for our release party: Things are slowly marching forward in Crafty's warehouses and shipping containers. Long story short, we're still looking at a retail release for sometime in November, though we don't know exactly when yet. We can, however, narrow down the date of our release party a little bit. Weekends are still the best for me, as well as most everyone else it sounds like, so we're looking at a Friday or Saturday. Oathbringer is being released the 13th, which is a Monday. No real reason why we couldn't do it the weekend before or after though, unless maybe we don't want to overload people with Sanderson parties. Thanksgiving is the 23rd, followed by Black Friday weekend, so things will be crazy. I'd like to avoid that weekend if at all possible. Also, there's a good chance I'll be out of town the weekend of the 10th/11th, so that wouldn't be my first choice. I could probably make it work if I had to though. So that leaves us with the weekend of the 17th/18th. I would prefer to do it one of those two days, assuming the release happens by then. Does that work for everyone else? Also, Game Night Games is still graciously planning on hosting us, they too are just waiting for a release date from Crafty. Last, but not least, I hinted a while back that we were working on getting some promotional material for the release party. Well today, I finally got a little package from Kara Stewart with Dragonsteel Entertainment. So now I can officially confirm that we will have promo cards to be giving away at the release party. Here's a little teaser:
  5. I'm late to the conversation, but I actually asked Brandon this almost this exact same question at a signing a couple years ago. Long story short, it would kill the Kandra. From what I remember, Brandon basically said it would be an incredibly traumatic experience for the Kandra and would kill it. He also specifically said that a Kandra could not send pieces of itself off on their own to do things. Let me see if I can find the transcript of the signing. Paging WOB-guru @Kurkistan in case he's around and can find the relevant quotes before I can. EDIT: here it is (#10 on the linked page) Granted, slightly different from your question, since you specifically asked about a Kandra with 2 blessings (4 spikes), but still, there you go. I suspect that you could not create two Kandra out of one in this way- the Kandra may have 4 spikes but it still only has one soul that those spikes are connected to. When you bisect the Kandra its soul has to end up in one half or the other.
  6. Thanks to @firstRainbowRose and @Elbereth for running this game! Very clever concept and it made so much sense once I learned the secret. Well done! And way to go @Lemonelon for figuring out the pattern!
  7. Well, I don't know what to say in my defense. Like I said earlier, I can't actually prove any of my claims since apparently killing one lover doesn't kill the other. Even my death won't reveal anything to you. He most certainly did not die by accident. I voted for him and got him lynched because at the time he was pushing for a tie vote in order to get Aman- the scapegoat- killed along with (as far as we knew at the time) Haelbarde- his lover. So yeah, sure, lynch me. I'm curious what the dead doc has figured out about this game anyway. herowannabe Edit: PS. If there is anyone out there with a corpse-scanning role, don't bother wasting an action on my corpse if you have any other targets. I haven't been lying about anything I've said this game.
  8. Hmm, yes, Haelbarde died but @Amanuensis didn't. I don't know what to make of that- I promise that those two were the ones I picked to be lovers. I don't have any way to prove it but I don't have any reason to lie about it either. Genuinely perplexed here. I wonder if perhaps Haelbarde's death triggered Aman's moment of clarity?
  9. Yep, what he said. I chose the first and last players to sign up- originally that was going to be Haelbarde and Rubix, but FRR suggested that I reconsider in light of her plans for Rubix in the first writeup.
  10. I'll let Aman and/or his lover decide whether or not to reveal that info. If/when they do come forth I'll say why I chose the way I did. In the meantime, time to test a few more theories. Or at least see what sort of info our illustrious GMs are willing to impart. @firstRainbowRose @Elbereth Are there perhaps other actions that we can submit besides lynching? Could I, for example, investigate the strange yelling noises? Or maybe search the inn?
  11. I don't, and I will continue to do what I can to make sure the lynch remains uneven. Killing off two players just to test.... I don't know what exactly... still seems like a bad idea to me.
  12. So according to the write ups we're hearing shouting that isn't actually there... not sure exactly what is being hinted at there, but it sounds like something important.
  13. Yeah, triggering a tie vote in order to get Aman and his lover killed sounds like a really bad idea to me (especially since I know who the other lover is), unless you are trying to subtly influence the group into killing off more players for some reason. Alvron .
  14. I'm back from my trip, what did I miss? *skims thread* hmm... so I gather Seonid's got the doll and we're lynching him to see what happens? Thank you for your sacrifice, @Seonid. It looks like there are plenty of votes to lynch him, so on the off chance that something really bad happens and this plan backfires on everyone voting for him, I'm going to hold back my vote.