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  1. Thanks everyone who came out tonight! As always, it was fun to see and meet fellow sharders in real life. Between all of us who came we got in 3 games of House War. The first two both ended with Unrest, and the last one was so close, with the player in first place having 31 points, second place 30 points, and third place 27 points (IIRC). I had a blast, and hope you guys did too. And of course, this guy showed up for a little bit: Isaac Stewart was with him too, and they played a few games of Magic beforehand but weren’t able to stay long enough to play House War. Still it was super cool that he stopped by. Anyway, I promised that if I had any promos left over I would find a way to give them to people who wanted and deserved them. Well it turns out I do happen to have a handful left over. It’s approaching 1:00am here right now though, and I’m beat, so I’ll figure out details for that later. If you’re interested, watch this space and/or the Mistborn House War Page over at boardgamegeek.com. EDIT: also, if you’re in the Salt Lake area, Game Night Games has two copies of Mistborn House War in stock, and they now also have an included Hoid promo card. They also have a copy of the Mistborn Adventure Game with one of the Warrior Vin cards that Brandon was handing out at Gencon.
  2. Wayne, hands down. Wayne in AoL was funny and quirky. Wayne in SoS and BoM just became crass. Overly so.
  3. So I’m totally cool and hip and I know exactly what’s going on here, but for those unfortunate people that don’t know, would anyone care to explain what in the Cosmere is going on here?
  4. Little Wilson (@Ookla the Itinerant) told me that she is still planning on giving you a ride.
  5. I feel ya! If you're interested in playing via skype/discord, it's not to late to get in on this.
  6. Only two days until the release party! I have several people confirmed as coming, but again, if you’re planning on coming please let me know ASAP. Also, in case you missed it, it turns out that Brandon coincidentally (?) is doing a signing at the Barnes and Nobles in Sugarhouse just a few hours before the release party. That’s only a couple blocks away from Game Night Games. So if you have the free time, head to Brandon’s signing in the afternoon, then pop over to GNG and play some House War with us for an awesome Sanderson-filled Saturday.
  7. Fantastic! But don’t stop there, keep going and finish the song (including the solo by Queen Navani praying that Dalinar will return again) EDIT: Navani: My love, I have nowhere left to turn So this glyph I now will burn I pray we’ll meet again, if he will Deliver us!
  8. @Personification, “I will survive” is perfect! Fantastic job! There’s one small typo that repeats a few times though. I’m thinking the “with” just needs to be deleted:
  9. It sounds like you are missing one key rule: when you are solving a problem you can use any two resources (they don’t have to be the same type) in place of any other resource. So if I have 10 food and I’m solving a Problem that requires 3 food and 3 Skaa I could solve it using 9 food (3 food for 3 food, and 6 food for 3 Skaa). I suspect you’ll find the game much more balanced with that rule in mind. Also, keep in mind that the outcome of the game is heavily influenced by how your particular play group plays. In my experience the game only ends in Unrest maybe 1/4th of the time, but that’s because the people I play with tend to go for Favor and not Disgrace. I’ve heard of other groups where their games tend to end in Unrest more often than not, because of how their players play the game.
  10. What better way to spend your date than to... Nah, just kidding, I can think of lots of better ways. Have fun!
  11. Yes please! I don’t know how many people we will get but I’d rather have extra copies of the game there that go unused than have people sitting around because there aren’t enough copies of the game for everyone. EDIT: so @M0ntz3rin I take it this means you’re planning on attending?
  12. I wasn’t sure if the tags I copied and pasted would work or not with all the ookla name changes.
  13. Okay, I just got word back from Game Night Games. We’re good to go for Saturday, 12/16 at 6pm! It’s finally officially official now! I’ll work on spreading the word and getting a facebooks ok event or something set up for it. EDIT: event details: Saturday, December 16th, 6:00-10:00PM, at Game Night Games in Sugarhouse. 2148 S 900 E Salt Lake City UT 84106-2379 United States ‭ If you’re planning on coming, please let me know so that we can reserve adequate space at the store! As I said in a previous post, Este Pizzaria is right next door to GNG, and will give a 15% discount if you mention you’re at Game Night Games, and they will “deliver” it to you at the game store for free. For anyone interested we can pool resources the night of and order a couple pizzas to share around. And of course, I still have the stack of promo cards I mentioned earlier, generously donated by Kara Stewart from Team Sanderson, and I’ve been dying to finally give them away. @Themasterhunter @little wilson @firstRainbowRose @Rubix @Ecthelion III @Emerald101 @Elenion @ChaosModifier @RippleGlyph @M0ntz3rin @Shumei @[email protected] Games (I get the joke/fun/homage behind the whole “Ookla” thing, but have to say it’s really storming annoying when you’re trying to find specific people on the shard. ) @Ookla the Itinerant @Ookla the Puzzling @Ookla the Incandescent @Ookla the Philosopher
  14. We’ll still be going by 8pm I’m sure. When we did the non-release party back in August we played 2 games, and iirc we went to around 10:00 when the store closes. FWIW Game Night Games has mentioned that they have a game demo night coming up on Saturday, January 6th. If I have any promos left over I’ll probably do a demo of the game on that night, too, though I don’t expect that to be as big an event as the official release party (plus I can’t guarantee I’ll have any promos left over for that).
  15. Who is giving you finals on a Saturday evening!? That’s cruel! The Saturday before does not work for me. I personally could do Friday evening but it seemed like general consensus was that Saturdays work the best for most everyone, plus I don’t know if Friday works for the game store...