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  1. Hey Lanny, unfortunately I didn't see this sooner. As the designers have said, the game looks more complicated on the surface than it really is. It's really pretty intuitive how everything works. There is a playthrough video on their kickstarter page so you can get a feel for it.
  2. This song. I use the username virtually everywhere, and there has only been twice that someone has ever beaten me to it (Curse you Twitter scum!) so if you ever bump into a Herowannabe on another site, odds are it’s me.
  3. You exclude Mistborn for being too powerful and then immediately claim what is arguably the most powerful power-combination in the Cosmere?
  4. A friend and former roommate of mine is something like 90% deaf and gets fine just fine with hearing aids, but at night he takes him out and he can’t really hear anything. So many times when we were roommates our neighbors would be throwing a rock party or whatever in the middle of the night and I'd be laying there, wide awake, feeling so jealous of my roommate for being able to literally turn off his hearing and sleep like a baby. Allomantic iron would be nice to have just tape some tinfoil to everything around your house and you’d never have to get off the couch to get something. Although really I’d be drawn to any of the powers that allow (pseudo) flight, practical or not. It would just be so much fun!
  5. So most of you have probably seen that there is a Kickstarter going on for a board game based on Brandon’s Reckoners series. If not, you should check it out. Many of you may not have seen that they are doing a contest to win a free Epic (all the bells and whistles) version of the game along with a signed set of the Reckoners books and copies of the two other games that Nauvoo Games has produced. Most of the things you can do to get entries aren’t too bad as far as these types of contests go- they’re mostly “visit this site” or “watch our livestream video” and there isn’t really an onus to share it with all your friends via social media (though of course you can if you want, like I’m doing right now). But currently if you do all the things in their list it gives you enough entries to have about a 2% chance at winning the grand prize, so hey, that’s not too shabby. And yes, I realize that this is blatant promotion and yes, if you use the link above to enter the contest it gives me 1 bonus entry too, but I figured that there would still be people who are interested who haven’t heard about it yet. I don’t really care about the contest so much as I care about making sure that other interested sharders out there find out about it.
  6. @Arraenae Seriously, you had me fooled! I was totally convinced you were Wyrm/Kas. Bravo! You know, aside from Arranae, none of the other player reveals inspired that big of a reaction in me, other than “Huh. Okay.” In otherwords, I think the anonymous accounts were a resounding success! It didn’t matter who was who, I was able to just enjoy the game and take each player at face value and make judgements based on that. Thanks to @Orlok Tsubodai and @STINK and @Elbereth for running the game!
  7. I just got a notification from the site that said “faceless mistwraith is now following you.” If you were to take that out of context it would be incredibly creepy. :lol:

  8. @hippiedogmom @Draginon Both of you, don’t worry about the destination, just enjoy the journey.
  9. I'm surprised nobody has mentioned "airsick lowlanders" yet. I wish I could claim that was mine, but I probably use "storming" more than any of the others.
  10. It’s confirmed: “the Biography of Lopen (the welsh corgie, not the one-armed herdazian)”
  11. Thanks @luckat for finishing up the round. I’ve had a fever for the past 2 days and it finally broke this morning, but I’m still feeling pretty crappy. It was a really close game- I thought for sure the red team had it. We’ll start round 4 in a couple days when we have enough people signed up and two volunteers for Spymaster and when I don’t feel so miserable. What does everyone think of the eightball variant? Should we do it again? Personally I like eightball the best but I’m up for whatever so so right now I’m seeing the following players signed up: @Jondesu @Scion of the Mists and @recneps, are you officially signing up? also @luckat @xinoehp512 @[email protected] @Darkness_ Who wants to keep playing?
  12. He has said multiple times before that there are no plans to write any more in the WoT-verse. However, if it is a WoT story, that would explain why it’s up there as a “secret project.”
  13. Scientists. 2. Link to spreadsheet @Jondesu @xinoehp512 @Totally_Not_A_Worldhopper
  14. Remember we’re doing the eightball variant this time around. You have to get all of your agents and then get the assassin.