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  1. I saw "magitek" and thought you were going to make a connection to Final Fantasy. Edit: hmm, inserting the image isn't working for me... Got it, thanks @hoiditthroughthegrapevine
  2. Those parts were interesting to me too. I don't really look at the memory coming back as Cultivation "un-pruning" Dalinar. I see it as: she pruned the memories in the past, now they are just growing back. Also, "Nohadon."
  3. When reading about Nin in Oathbringer, a few questions came to mind. Does being Radiant and wielding an honorblade that grants the same surges make those abilities extra powerful in any way? What happens to his spren when he is sent to Damnation? Does it go with him to be tortured also, or stay behind? Did he ever go to that place between desolations while bonded to a spren, or has he only bonded his spren in the last 4500 years?
  4. In Spanish, Luna = moon, amor = love. I kept thinking "Moon love" as I read his POV chapter. Lol.
  5. Nice, didn't know someone had asked Brandon.
  6. I'm not sure about the correct terms to use, but we all have read about how Lift converts food to stormlight to power her awesomeness. There seems to be some indication that she cannot breathe in or invest stormlight like other surgebinders. From Words of Radiance, she is puzzled as to why Darkness is having gems moved: From Oathbringer, after all the scattered gemstones have been infused by Dalinar, we get this: There is loads of stormlight all around, but she asks where the food is so that she can eat to be sure she has enough awesomeness to complete her task. Despite her being far enough along on her progression as an Edgedancer to summon a shardfork, I don't believe we have any onscreen evidence of her breathing in stormlight. I originally thought she simply hadn't learned how yet, but it seems unlikely at this point that she hasn't seen how other surgebinders do it, especially after the Battle of Thaylenah. If I simply missed when she has breathed in stormlight, please point out to me. It seems possible that if part of her boon from Cultivation or the Nightwatcher was what allows her to convert food to stormlight, then maybe part of her curse or cost was to not be able to breathe in stormlight. Let me know what you think!
  7. Remembering how quickly Syl changed forms in the Kaladin vs. Szeth fight at the end of WoR, I'm imagining a Sprenshardbow that is drawn, then as it is released, the bow disappears, replaced by the Sprenshardarrow that flies toward the target. Then the arrow disappears as the bow appears back in the radiant's hands as they draw back again. Rinse & repeat.
  8. That's what I thought at first too, but Peter confirmed the intended meaning in the typos thread. Like definition 2 below. (of a person) surprised and confused so much that they are unsure how to react. "he would be completely nonplussed and embarrassed at the idea" NORTH AMERICAN informal (of a person) not disconcerted; unperturbed
  9. This use of nonplussed apparently means unperturbed / unfazed.
  10. Thanks for the clarification. A few of the dictionaries I looked at say nonplussed means, "surprised, confused, and not certain how to react." Perhaps the two meanings are not completely opposite but they are different enough to cause confusion.
  11. On page 1150 of the ebook, does this use of "nonplussed" mean surprised? I only ask because in recent years in North America people have started using it with a meaning completely opposite from its definition, and Jasnah has been characterized as one who often appears unfazed. I'm confused as to whether she is surprised, or unperturbed.
  12. Wasn't there a line by Szeth in a previous book about the Stone Shamans being able to somehow recover the honorblade after his death? I wonder how that works.
  13. Maybe it's just me, but abbreviating Midnight Essence as ME just screams of selfishness to me. ;-) Think of the casualties in reading comprehension!
  14. Looks like the gholam fell all the way to Roshar.
  15. I've got it as well (amazon kindle on my phone).