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  1. Personally I believe that Adolin's character is rather interesting though his POV chapters have yet to really dig into the potential of his character. Adolin is one of the least vocal characters with regard to his specific suffering and psychological issues as of yet. With Adolin we have a character who has a lot of potential though. He is the older brother and, until recently, has had to shoulder almost all of the responsibility of his House. Before the return of the Knights Radiant Adolin's life was pretty much completely decided for him. He would succeed his father, be required to lead his house, lead his armies, produce an heir, and so on. He sees himself as inferior to his father in just about all regards and living in his father's shadow has tainted his perception of his self-worth. We start to see a bit of his personal wants and needs in so far as his desire to lead his own life and be his own man when he turns down kingship. His inner conflict between his desire to perform his duty and be his own man I think will start to define his character as the story progresses. With the return of the KR and his father's new position in the world Adolin's life has been turned upside down. He is no longer as relevant as he once was and his position in his family has changed dramatically. He suddenly has much more freedom and can carve out his own path in life. Where once he was bound by duty, he now can pass a lot of that off to other people, including his younger brother Renarin, who has suddenly gone from the sickly youth to a powerful KR. In fact Renarin is not only a KR, but a unique one! This has the potential to make Adolin feel even more unimportant as he used to be idolized by his younger brother, and while that may not necessarily change from Renarin's point of view, it will almost certainly change from Adolin's. We're beginning to see Adolin's self-worth diminish as everyone around him changes and become more and more important while he fades into the background. His discussion with Shallan towards the end of OB shows this. He doesn't feel that he has anything to offer Shallan as compared to Kaladin. Initially Shallan came to their relationship with everything to gain, now Shallan is the vastly more important person in their relationship. Also, I've seen it said that Adolin was raised with a silver spoon in his mouth and that he was sheltered. I would argue that, while he certainly had every advantage, he was anything but sheltered. He was raised in war, expected to fight and risk his life almost daily, and to live up to his father. I think that he is most certainly "damaged", just in a more subtle way, and that we will likely see this affect his personality more and more as the story progresses. I would like to go on but I already feel like I haven't done a great job of expressing what I wanted to here. It's just about 3am and I need to get up for work soon so I'll have to pick this up again later haha. I hope that I've at least given some of the people who think Adolin is a throw-away character something to consider! Good night
  2. I have a theory I'd like to throw out there for discussion. I believe that Honor made the Honorblades work for anyone that could pick them up purposefully. So that the burden of being a Herald could be passed on to others and the Oath Pact could be maintained even after one of the Heralds broke under Odium's torture. This could also potentially support the theory that the "Madman" that is currently holding that position of the Herald of War is not the original Talenel'Elin, though I'm not entirely convinced that he isn't Talenel'Elin. In addition, maybe the Honorblades are not inherently inefficient in their use of Stormlight, but that the wielder must speak something akin to the First Ideal to be awakened to Heraldom and become a better conduit for Investiture. I say these things because it seems very shortsighted of Honor to place such an important task in the hands of ten men and women, who despite being immortal, still suffer from the pains of mortal beings. So there you have it! Please discuss ~sbi
  3. Whose Blade did Dalinar bond in WoR? I think it is unlikely that he did in fact bond Talenel'Elin's Honorblade as we were led to believe. We know that at the end of TWoK Hoid shows up to meet Talenel'Elin. I think it's likely that at this point Hoid swapped the Honorblade for a regular Shardblade. The only reason I say this is because when Dalinar bonds with The Stormfather he has to get rid of his blade and after summoning it hears the screams. If it really were Talenel'Elin's blade then there would be no Spren involved and no screaming. I guess my question really is, what happened to Talenel'Elin's Honorblade and why was it taken? Did Hoid take it? If so, then why? ~sbi
  4. I think that Bridge Four will without a doubt become a Windrunner Squad. In addition to the information posted above we know for a fact that Windrunners typically behaved this way in the past: The question is can all Surgebinders buff groups or is it just Windrunners, Bondsmiths, and Edgedancers? We know the Edgedancers can buff groups from Dalinar's flashback: And it is likely that Dalinar was the one buffing the group of Bridgeman before Kaladin arrived. Though it could have been an unknown Surgebinder. I'm inclined to believe that all Surgebinders can do this. Mostly because we're seeing a lot of overlap in abilities like extraordinary healing and strength. ~sbi
  5. I really like this theory! There doesn't seem to be enough information to confirm it, but I must say I now certainly hope! I'll be keeping my eye out in the future for anything that could link Iyatil to Vin ~sbi
  6. Hey guys and gals, I recorded last night's signing with Brandon Sanderson in "Los Angeles" aka Huntington Beach =P Along with getting a Shardhunt code, an R.A.F.O card, and the audio of the whole event. I also may have received a new Ideal of the Knights Radiant? A reply from an Oathgate? Who knows! My book is signed: All in all it was a long, but fun night. I had a great time talking with the other fans and even Brandon himself. The audio I've attached is about 45 minutes long. Enjoy! ~sbi WoR_Tour-03052014_Part01.mp3 WoR_Tour-03052014_Part02.mp3 WoR_Tour-03052014_Part03.mp3
  7. My assumption with regards to the stone Galivar had was that it was a stone similar to that of a Fabrial, where a Spren can be trapped. We see in the Dalinar's flashback in WoR that some Spren behave differently after being touched by Sja-anat: WoR: (Dalinar PoV) My thought is that these corrupted Spren may be the "Gods" that the Parshendi fear and one is trapped in Gavilar's stone. We know now that the Parshendi bond with a Spren to change forms. What if a corrupt Spren bonding with a Parshendi is what has truly caused the Desolations? I think this could potentially be supported by the statement Darkness makes here: WoR: (Lift PoV) Only recently have Spren began bonding with Humans and Parshendi again. I think what Darkness is trying to prevent is the Spren coming back to Roshar in full force and bonding with many people so that there won't be powerful Spren to corrupt. Just my two cents ~Ink
  8. Great discussion! So many interesting ideas and cross references. You've all given me a lot to think on I had considered the idea that Elhokar may have Soulcasted, but it seemed even harder to prove. For instance, Elhokar presumably has no experience Soulcasting, I say this because it seems unlikely that he would fear the Cryptics so much if he had gone so far as to interact with them, telling them a powerful hidden truth and so on. On top of that, we've seen a handful of Soulcastings in the book so far and the only cases in which gemstones broke were when Jasnah Soulcast the large stone to smoke for Taravangian, and again when she remotely Soulcast the two running footpads into smoke. In both cases it was a smoke Soulcasting of relatively large objects and in both cases it was the Smokestone that cracked. There is also evidence to support the idea that a specific type of gemstone is required to perform specific Soulcastings. For instance when Shallan was poisoned Jasnah is yelling that someone needs to bring her a garnet, again presumably because garnet is related to the essence of blood. So with that information, it seems odd (if we assume that Elhokar is of the same Order as Shallan) that he should break eight gemstones (of the same type?) Soulcasting. Of course it doesn't mean that he didn't, it just seems that in order for those stones to have cracked he would have actually had to Soulcast, and apparently something very large in order to break eight gemstones in one go. Of course none of us have a good reason as to why Dalinar would be glowing if not for drawing in Stormlight from some source. I think it's safe to say it wasn't from his own armor or he would likely have many broken/dun gemstones as well. How's this for a new speculation; maybe he drew it in from the Greatshell itself? Better yet, maybe Elhokar did Soulcast and in doing so he Soulcast Stormlight directly into Dalinar or Dalinar's Shardplate ~Ink
  9. I hope that I'm not repeating a conjecture posted by another member, but I've long since had an idea regarding the broken gems in Elhokar's Shardplate after the greatshell hunt. Quote from TWoK: (Adolin PoV) There are a few points here I'd like to touch upon. One being that Adolin seems to see Dalinar or Dalinar's Shardplate glowing if only faintly. Another is that Dalinar tosses aside his Shardblade. What I posit here is that Dalinar, in an effort to protect Elhokar, invests Stormlight. Presumably from Elhokar's Shardplate's gemstones allowing him the additional strength required to catch the massive claw. This act being something that even other Shardbearers see as something a normal modern Shardbearer shouldn't be able to do. I feel that Brandon is also purposely drawing attention to the fact that Dalinar tosses his Shardblade away allowing him to invest when he otherwise may not have been able to. In short, I think the king's broken gemstones weren't the result of sabotage, but the result of Dalinar's pulling all of the Stormlight from them rapidly. I'd love to hear opinions on this ~Ink
  10. Thank you for all the replies and links! I didn't catch him in Lift's interlude Now I'm even more excited for WoR!
  11. *Possible Spoilers* While reading the Prologue to Words of Radiance I noticed a possible connection to the man who attacked Ym at the end of his interlude and one of the two men seen speaking to Elhokar the night Gavilar was assassinated. From TWoK: (Szeth PoV) From WoR: (Jasnah PoV) From WoR: (Ym PoV) Since in both cases our attention is drawn to the colors of the uniform and the discoloration of the man's cheek I feel like there is a good chance this is the same man, or at the very least that these men are connected somehow. Now I know that one man is described as Azish and the other Makabaki, but could that just be a mistake made by either Jasnah or Ym? Possibly even an oversight by Brandon? I'd love to hear any opinions on this topic, as I've always been curious as to whom Elhokar was speaking with that night! I'm a long time lurker of these forums, but this is my first post so please be gentle I have a ton of other theories, but I figured I should start small and work my way up