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  1. Hi! I’m back! Apologies for taking so long. >> I had two midterms, an essay, family, and a transatlantic plane flight, and then yesterday I didn’t have internet (blame Orlok >>). But I exist again, and ought to be more active for the next week at least. A few comments from previous cycles: Seonid: True, and that does make sense. I’m not sure I agree that it’s less useful than establishing a baseline at all, but I certainly understand your point. Drought: Sure. Which is fairly valid for this game, though less so in general (“progressing our own win con” shouldn’t be restricted only to lynching or killing eliminators, because without discussion and even mislynches there is no possibility of lynching eliminators at all). Drought: Sorry. Back now, if that helps. Jondesu: Just so you know, Steeldancer’s first game was MR22. Mint’s was LG25 (simultaneous with MR16). You started playing closer in time to Flash than Mint did. Just saying. Rae: No. >> There’s not a disconnect. Sart was saying basically that we should lynch inactives because if the Seer is an inactive player, we’re highly unlikely to lynch them later in the game because we’ll be focused on more active players. (Partly because active players are easier to examine, partly because converts are likely to be active.) He was saying that therefore D1 we should lynch an inactive in order to have a better chance of catching the Seer overall. Does that make sense? Right. Beyond that, I agree that Sart’s been suspicious (particularly the post that’s been pointed out a couple times, and a bit this cycle as well), and I’d far prefer his lynch to someone we know (or at least it’s highly likely) is not the Seer. Sart.
  2. That was essentially my reaction as well. >> ...I don't really understand how this relates to QF25. Or rather, if you want to wait for something to go off of, what would you have advocated in QF25, then, or a similar game where the fact that there were only two eliminators was publicly known? Would you advocate never lynching, because there aren't any connections to go off of, or only one? Why is that a good strategy? This is almost always the main argument for no lynch, I'll note. It's not fair to the person who dies. Which is true, yes. But you don't see the eliminators abstaining from their N1 kill just because it's "not fair". What's the difference? That's an honest question - where does the different lie between a C1 kill and a C1 lynch to make one seem more "fair" than the other? I'd point out again what Orlok/I both pointed out near the bottom of page 1 - the info we gain is a baseline of how players are acting in this game, so that we can look for changes if they're converted. Does it? >> It does not seem so to me. Yes. Well... yes. Even if he hadn't proposed this plan he'd likely have had to die eventually - maybe D5 or so? But given that it's uncertain how much information he is receiving, we can't assume that the Seer hasn't converted him. Wrong on pretty much all counts, actually. 1. LG2, the Inquisitor role was given to a new player a. because that player was fRR, who came up with the idea for the game and is the only reason SE was started up again, and b. because 14 out of the 29 players were new because it was the second game ever. 2. Sart's not saying it should be a particularly experienced player, just that it shouldn't be someone brand new because you can't have any idea how active those players will be. He was eliminating people from the shortlist of players-who-hadn't-posted. Of those four(?), two are inactive, and of the remainder you already have a vote and are likely to lead to a lynch. Which, by Sart's argument, is good, because we're unlikely to lynch inactives later in the game. I'll note, by the way, that Sart's argument for a CC is possibly the best reasoning I've ever heard for one, though I'd respond with two points - 1. a Coinshot is entirely capable of carrying out the CC later in the game, and 2. so long as we have open PMs, we can carry out the other version of the CC that started in the last AG, with PMing inactives instead of lynching them. I'm very slightly more suspicious of you now, Doc, though I think it more likely that you only skimmed Sart's post and that your response is inaccurate because of that. With all due respect, no, it wouldn't. Aman (if he isn't the Seer) is a major benefit to the village until he gets converted, and lynching him today if he's village would help the Seer immensely. (This is counterbalanced slightly by the fact that his conversion could help the Seer significantly.) Your presence as a villager, given past games, is far less likely to drive discussion in the way that Aman does, though seeing that change would be lovely; and thus your lynch is far less hurtful to the village. Speaking of your whole "I'm willing to trade info" thing - yours, and Shqueeves', and Joe's. The only reason there was any logic behind making Aman an information hub is because he explicitly plans to lynch himself D3 (which isn't quite logical because he can still be converted before then, but makes more sense than the rest of the proposals nevertheless). The three of you made no such similar claims, so that if people actually do trade info with you, the Seer has absolutely no reason not to convert you. So, why exactly is publicly announcing as you have a good idea, other than painting an enormous target on your back for both the Seer and later lynches? >> From memory, there are two votes on Doc and two on Aman, and an hour left in the cycle? I'm... I think I'm fine with either of those, actually. Not pleased about them, but I'm not sure who I'd actually be happy to lynch, and I don't feel strongly enough to vote this close to the cycle end. So I think I'll leave things as is and go back to studying for midterms. I expect this posting level will keep up until about next Monday - generally one multiquote a day keeping up on what I've missed, and not really following the cycle except when I come on to post.
  3. Cycle 6 [writeup] Randuir was killed! He was a Gondor Nobleman! Asterion was lynched! He was a Gondor Outlaw! Megasif died of inactivity! He was a Politician! Steph died of inactivity! She was a Gondor Outlaw! Vote Count Asterion (5) Manukos (2) Sony (1) Cycle 6 has begun. You have 23.5 hours to send in actions and decide whom to lynch. Player List 1. Lemonelon - Unspecified Politician 2. King Cole - Unspecified Scribe 3. Randuir - Randuir Noble 4. Jondesu - Findecano Nenharma 5. Steeldancer - Twigeye Scribe 6. Sony - Sony 7. Alvron - Zunn the Mad 8. Asterion - Hobo Baggins Outlaw 9. Doc - Unspecified 10. Steph - Unspecified Outlaw 11. Drake Marshall - The Marshall of Minas Tirith Gondor Politician 12. Manukos - Oakmus N 13. Darkness Ascendant - Mori lôm Nobleman 14. Sami - Jedal Snyders Steward of Gondor 15. Orlok Tsubodai - Annatar 16. Mestiv - Unspecified 17. Roadwalker - Silver Feather Outlaw 18. Straw - Straw 19. Brightness Radiant - Unspecified 20. Megasif - Megamir Politician
  4. As usual, the counter to this suggestion is that lynching gives us discussion, which helps with having information enough to establish a baseline for examining players' later actions. I'm not sure whether I think that's a strong enough argument to actually propose a lynch, but it does bear mentioning. Also, we haven't had something like that in ages - since Maill went away, I think? Should be interesting, I think. I'm unwell and in my last week of school before break, so I can't promise to be active in the first couple cycles, though I'll do my best. My activity should pick up markedly after that point.
  5. Steeldancer - Scribe Message: Told you so. die manukos if evil die jondesu. Ask- why DID u die me. Trust orlok FoS semiactives.
  6. Cycle 4: ???? [writeup will be done when Len can manage it] Steeldancer was lynched! He was a Gondor Scribe! Orlok was attacked, but was saved! Vote Count Steeldancer (4) Manukos (2) Jondesu (1) Alvron (1) Cycle 4 has begun. You have ~21 hours to send in actions and pick who to lynch (because this cycle will end at the regular time, not later). Player List 1. Lemonelon - Unspecified Politician 2. King Cole - Unspecified Scribe 3. Randuir - Randuir 4. Jondesu - Findecano Nenharma 5. Steeldancer - Twigeye Scribe 6. Sony - Sony 7. Alvron - Zunn the Mad 8. Asterion - Hobo Baggins 9. Doc - Unspecified 10. Steph - Unspecified 11. Drake Marshall - The Marshall of Minas Tirith 12. Manukos - Oakmus N 13. Darkness Ascendant - Mori lôm Nobleman 14. Sami - Jedal Snyders Steward of Gondor 15. Orlok Tsubodai - Annatar 16. Mestiv - Unspecified 17. Roadwalker - Silver Feather 18. Straw - Straw 19. Brightness Radiant - Unspecified 20. Megasif - Megamir
  7. ...if you insist. I might as well sign up as Cyfna.
  8. C1: The Fellowship of the Lynch Thaurdir, servant of Mordor, leaned against the stone wall of an alley in the second circle of Minas Tirith as he watched the evening’s usual flood of people pour past. None of them paid much, if any, attention to Thaurdir. Had you asked them what a servant of Mordor looked like, they would have described some scarred orc or hulking troll, not a man with average height, build, and facial features who could blend into any crowd. Thaurdir, of course, was more than willing to use this to his advantage as he scanned the passers-by for the man he was supposed to meet. Thaurdir checked his timepiece. Lord Khlenn was over twenty minutes late. “Does that weakling think he can assert his authority by making me wait on his whims?” Thaurdir continued to brood for the next few minutes, until finally he noticed the upstart noble walking toward him at a leisurely pace, as if he had all the time in Gondor. Thaurdir straightened up, adjusting his posture and gait to match those of a lesser nobleman. Years of acting experience made the shift into his new role effortlessly. “Lord Khlenn,” Thaurdir said, “have you considered my proposition?” “I have to say that it amuses me considerably.” Thaurdir grimaced internally. He was not used to amusing baser beings, but he did not allow his persona to slip. “Why does it amuse you, my lord?” “I just wonder what anyone like you would want with the passcode to the seventh circle. It’s not something widely known by anyone but the guard and the servants of the Steward himself, but that’s not because it’s dangerous. Just ask for an audience with the Steward. It’ll cost you much less.” Lord Khlenn didn’t guard his words. Even for someone only in his twenties, he was rash. That would cost him. “Our deal was no questions asked, my lord.” It was taking everything Thaurdir had to keep himself from murdering Lord Khlenn here and now, plans or no plans. “Fine, fine. Do you have my payment?” Thaurdir beckoned to Lord Khlenn to follow, and strode into the building which he had been leaning on for so long. It was a stone-walled warehouse, dimly lit by a few oil lamps hanging from the ceiling. He walked confidently to a single crate in the back, and stopped with his hand on its top. “That’s it?” Lord Khlenn said. Thaurdir turned to face him, ignoring the question entirely. “Password?” Lord Khlenn snorted before finally saying it. He then said, “But I don’t know why I’m telling it to scum like you.” Something snapped in Thaurdir. His mission was to secure the password for Mordor, not to take lip from a nobleman with the ego the size of a cave-troll. He had planned to pay Lord Khlenn, but that was no longer the plan. Now that Thaurdir had the password, Lord Khlenn was expendable. Lord Khlenn must have noticed some change in Thaurdir’s demeanor, because he took a step backward as Thaurdir stepped toward him, but he was too slow to dodge Thaurdir’s hand. It caught him by the neck and lifted him into the air, slamming him against the grimy stone wall of the warehouse. Thaurdir grinned sadistically as he slammed Lord Khlenn into the wall, feeling the strength of Mordor course through his veins and empower his muscles. He was close enough to Lord Khlenn that he could smell expensive alcohol and cheap perfume. “Who is the scum here?” Thaurdir bellowed. Lord Khlenn struggled to speak, but nothing came out. The entire weight of his body was hanging from where Thaurdir had pinned his neck against the wall. Thaurdir could feel his pulse. Thump, thump, thump, thump. THIS “You are nothing but a disgraced nobleman!” Thump, thump, thump, thump. IS “You turn to every vice of this city. Without your money, you would be nothing!” Thump… thump… thump… JUST “I will cleanse this city of its corruption. Middle-Earth will be united once more! And yet you call me scum!” Thump…………… thump……………. THE “But that is why, in a matter of days, I will be victorious…” Thump………………………………… BEGINNING “And you will be dead.” Silence. Thaurdir released his grip and the nobleman’s corpse fell to the ground. Lord Khlenn was killed! He was a Nobleman loyal to Gondor! QF26 has begun. You have 24 hours to vote and to send in actions. PMs should be out in 0-30 minutes. Player List 1. Lemonelon - Unspecified 2. King Cole - Unspecified 3. Randuir - Randuir 4. Jondesu - Findecano Nenharma 5. Steeldancer - Twigeye 6. Sony - Sony 7. Alvron - Zunn the Mad 8. Asterion - Hobo Baggins 9. Doc - Unspecified 10. Steph - Unspecified 11. Drake Marshall - The Marshall of Minas Tirith 12. Manukos - Oakmus N 13. Darkness Ascendant - Mori Ion 14. Sami - Jedal Snyders 15. Orlok Tsubodai - Annatar 16. Mestiv - Unspecified 17. Roadwalker - Silver Feather 18. Straw - Straw 19. Brightness Radiant - Unspecified 20. Megasif - Megamir
  9. .... maybe. No promises. Also, I agree with Wyrm, Wilson. That's... new. May or may not sign up. I'm co-GMing, but the game won't last too long into the LG, so it's possible that I could play.
  10. QF26: Aftermath [writeup will be edited in, as usual, when fRR finishes it] No one died! You won! Spec/Dead Doc Roles Spreadsheet Notes/summary: The secret to this game was that the shades killed. Every time you lynched a player, that player got to choose who the next person to die would be. The person shade-killed figured this out just before they died and were able to grant one person a Moment of Clarity before they themselves died. The game, it was agreed, would end when people figured enough of this out and resolved to stop lynching. Since those conditions have now been met, the game is over. (Finally. Longest QF ever, I think, and very probably longest number of cycles in any game? ) Well done to Lemonelon for figuring out the pattern! Oh - and the doll was completely a red herring. It passed every two cycles (Alv was essentially right that there was a cycle of delay, which was originally unintentional but happened enough that we continued it so as not to throw people more off), and every time it passed it became creepier. There were other potential red herrings with the Moments of Clarity, but that was the primary one that came into use. My only particular comment on this game beyond that is that there should have been an inactivity filter. Both because it’s required by the format (which everyone forgets, thus no one mentioning to fRR that she should put one in), and because it would’ve made the game progress far faster. Other than that, this was an excellent, if different, game, and I look forward to seeing you all playing in the future!