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  1. LOL I answered you on reddit too. Fabrials and Honorblades, Medallions, and airships, off the top of my head, are mechanical means of accessing investiture. Investiture done by people would be the physical kind. That might be phrased poorly. Perhaps organic and mechanical would be a better way to put it.
  2. Weltall, nice post! You are more Ambitious than I am (uh oh?)!
  3. Such good points. Stealing
  4. I'm sure he could manage some small influences while trapped, but what was happening on Scadrial seemed like far more than that. Also, while his investiture might be everywhere, his mind is finite, and is trapped on Roshar.
  5. Yep, which is why I didn't go over it all again. I didn't say I didn't think Odium wouldn't gain anything, I said that I didn't think Odium would get free.
  6. Era 2 takes place after SA 5 but before SA10, so I don't see how it can be Odium.
  7. Yes, Adolin had his Shardblade but did not have it summoned when he went through the Oathgate. I believe the deadeyes stay where they are in Shadesmar, or appear in the Physical Realm, then reappear where they were in Shadesmar before they were summoned. Otherwise Notum having his grandfather in the hold of his ship wouldn't work. And Brandon talks about if you were on another planet and summoned a Shardblade, it might take a few years because of the limitations of the speed of light. When Syl isn't a Shardblade, she's in the Physical Realm with Kaladin, floating, walking, playing with windspren, etc. When Syl is a Shardblade, she's just the Shardblade.
  8. Uh, no, it's definitely the sun.
  9. The Stormfather said that it was due to the genuine fear that the KR would destroy Roshar, as they did Ashyn. That plus their god basically promising them that they would destroy the planet, and they probably thought they were doing it for the greater good. As for killing their spren, here's my "The spren were in on it" theory:
  10. It seems to be just what Wandering Investor said--her ability to create illusions just makes it easy to lie to herself. Lightweaving is just Illumination.
  11. Nope, we haven't yet. It's a tough one!
  12. We've only seen two types of Squires so far that have spent any significant amount of time with their powers (So not counting Vathah, who we see able to Lightweave badly for about 2 minutes). Windrunners, who do get both surges, and Skybreakers. Novice Skybreakers neither have spren nor are accepted as a Squire when they "swear" the first Ideal, which is why they can't access any surges. A "natural" Skybreaker with a spren should be able to access the surge before even swearing the First Ideal. Once they are accepted as a Squire, they are then able to take advantage of surges. It's not the Ideal but the fact that a full Skybreaker is willing to accept them that grants them the surges. This is literally an example of what I mean by Skybreakers being heavily structured. There was only a passage of maybe a week or two between Szeth swearing the Second Ideal and the Third Ideal, so I don't know if it would have been enough time to fully bond the spren before swearing the Third Ideal.