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  1. Some of the Death Rattles definitely sound like they are from Taln. Others are from more mortal sources, like the two about Kaladin. The three Shards on Roshar are Honor, Cultivation, and Odium.
  2. I don't think the Unmade contain enough investiture to be perpendicularities.
  3. Welcome! I hate to shoot down your theory because it sounds like you put a lot of thought into it! But sadly, I really don't think this can be the case. For one thing, Kelsier has a giant storming spike through one eye, which Yalb doesn't. Second, have you read Secret History? That explains what Brandon meant about Hoid and Kelsier. Also, Brandon doesn't want a Mistborn/Stormlight Archive crossover for some time yet, and having Kelsier on the scene would be really problematic for that. Yalb doesn't really talk anything like Kelsier. Kelsier also really hates nobility. Even sheltered, harmless nobility. I don't think he'd have managed being friendly to Shallan the way Yalb was. Honor's dead, so even if Kelsier wanted to punch Honor, he couldn't, and there's no reason to go there to punch a god that's already dead and gone I think the significance of Shallan drawing Yalb and the others was to show that Shallan is able to draw things that are happening far away, even though she hasn't seen them personally. Taravangian also mentions the impending highstorm, when talking to Jasnah about the soulcaster.
  4. Good point. We get an entire novella from Lift's PoV and no mention of anything like that.
  5. The nice thing is that the timeline lists the citations. In this case, it's Warbreaker chapter 32. The story that Hoid tells Siri talks about the discovery of Awakening.
  6. The point being, she didn't give any of that to Lift.
  7. Here is my favorite timeline: Basically, Brandon has said that Warbreaker takes place between Mistborn Era 1 and Era 2. Era 2 takes place ~SA6 or 7. It's about 350 years between Mistborn Era 1 and 2. So, Warbreaker is no more than 350 years before Stormlight Archive. The Manywar is about 300 years before Warbreaker. The First Returned were about 300 years before that. So the time between the First Returned and Stormlight Archive is something around 1000 years. The Recreance was ~2500 years ago. Aharietiam was 4500 years ago. In other words, Radiants were around long before Endowment started being active.
  8. I don't see how the bolded statement fits together. If she's not staying the same, then where does Preservation factor in? And how would Cultivation give her a piece of Preservation? There are a number of ways Demoux can still be around without spikes. Time dialation, medallions, unkeyed metalminds, Breath, etc. Kelsier already has a body. I'm not sure what your point is here. And yeah, you're skipping over Kelsier's need to meddle, the caste situation on Roshar, and Brandon saying he doesn't want the greater Cosmere to be a factor for Stormlight Archive.
  9. You should get an email later saying what number you'll be.
  10. Sorry, I'm not sure what you mean? Are you wanting to come up with your own magic system? Or you just want to know about the ones that exist? There are a lot of rules and we don't know most of them yet, sadly.
  11. It has to do with their Connection to Preservation. Remember that Preservation put a little bit more of himself in humans than Ruin.
  12. I think many of the Heralds are too erratic to be of much help, but hopefully some of them will help the Radiants and share their knowledge.
  13. He didn't completely die but nearly.
  14. So I've seen #12, 18 and I'm #13, and podman is # 44. I wonder who's between me and 18 heh.
  15. And also those characters are not main characters by any means.