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  1. I hope you don't mind that i copied your epic chart and made some adjustments and additions, that i need some help adding


  2. Maybe because when spren cross over, they weaken whatever it is that keeps them away? And that makes it easier for the voidspren to cross? Like, Wyndle mentions "crossing over" several times, and how it's quite traumatic, and cost him memories/abilities. Also, it seems like Ish is a liar, so we probably shouldn't put TOO much stock in what he's said to Naln. He might have just been lying about Radiants coming back causing Desolations.
  3. Wouldn't they have to be the same mass, and orbiting in near-circular orbits for the planet to be tidally locked to them both (as seems to be the case)? That's what I was thinking when I combined the L1 and barycenter points. Yeah I got nothing on the moon. It just doesn't make any sense without magic
  4. Not necessarily. It depends on the temperature of that sun, the distance from the planet, the location of the continent, and a bunch of other things. Theoretically, it could just be hot.
  5. Mmmm it wouldn't really be occasional. Gravity isn't as stable as it seems when talking cosmic scales. Satellites are much smaller than planets, and they have to make constant course adjustments in order to stay in position. Source on the Shard significantly affecting the climate?
  6. Well, the scale doesn't really matter in this scenario. It's kinda a given that the orbits AREN'T to scale, actually, given the sizes involved. The orbits would have to be near circular for the planet to be tidally locked to both suns, though. Otherwise, at least one of the suns would "move" as the planet turned to stay tidally locked to the other, if they were elliptical orbits. I was hoping to avoid the "it's magic" hypothesis, really.
  7. Question about the physics of the Taldain system. It was complicated enough with one sun, one tidally locked planet, and one moon that always rotates around the light/dark terminus. How does a binary system work with this? From what I understand, the L1 point (aka the barycenter) between the two stars is extremely unstable. Any kind of jiggle to the rotations or gravity of the system and the planet spins off into space or crashes into one of the stars. Judging from the sketch of the system, we have the two suns in a near-circular orbit (very difficult). And Taldain in the gravitational center of the binary system, with a rotational period that exactly matches the orbits of the stars? And that still doesn't explain the orbit of the moon, which should stay the same no matter which direction the planet itself is facing. It seems to be an extreme balancing act. I suppose Investiture could account for it, but I kinda hate to see this hand-waved away as "magic," since from what I understand of Brandon, he tries to keep as close to actual physics as possible (red/blue shifts not withstanding ). Does anyone smarter than me have a good explanation?
  8. Is the star chart/constellation chart spatially accurate? As in, that's where the systems are in relation to each other (I know they're not proportional)?
  9. Well, I think all the other Smedrys are going to be a bit old for a 13 year old girl Elend was the first one Vin had any real conversation with. IIRC, she spoke with one other male, and it was only to decline a dance.
  10. Can you provide a general page number/location for the ones in question? I can't remember the context of those off the top of my head.
  11. It's just a pet peeve of mine. And yes, Alcatraz and Bastille being thrown together like that is part of it. Always the first person that ends up being thrown together with 'em and all. It just happens so often that it's a bit tiresome to me. But anyway. Bastille Smedry!
  12. Well Alcatraz trying (and hilariously failing) to ask her out on a date was a pretty big clue I know there's limited pagespace for less relevant characters. It just bothers me when it's like...small town boy/girl goes to big city/joins a group or society/whatever, and the VERY first person he/she meets in that city or group or society that's the right gender and approximate age turns into the romantic interest. Alcatraz does it (Bastille is the first female Free Kingdomer around his age), David does it with Megan, even Vin does it with Elend. It's actually kind of common in his books.
  13. So who noticed that the note at the end was signed "Bastille Smedry?" There've been hints before but it sounds like Bastille and Alcatraz get hitched. Assuming Alcatraz gets his Talent back at some point, can you imagine Bastille with the Breaking Talent? The mind shudders! (Incidentally, while I'm glad that they end up together, it prods at one of my pet peeves in writing. Like, the first person that the main character meets that's not related to his background ends up being his or her romantic interest. It happens a lot in movies/books and I'd like to see the main character get a bit more exposure to the world and its people first, you know?)
  14. Things are looking up for the Wheel of Time TV series!
  15. skaa: I honestly think it would have been better for Calamity to have realized his mistake, and confronted his own fears, and saved a life(or lives) before departing, as a thematically appropriate ending to the series, rather than just going, "oh crap! bye!" Clearly, there was no way to defeat Calamity in a fight, and no one is asking for that. But having him face his fear, and change enough to be willing to save the humans he held in contempt would have been more satisfying, imo, than just poofing. It also would have fit in much better with the theme of the book, and with how Megan and Prof and David were able to overcome Calamity's fear/hatred.