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  1. Well, Steins;Gate is still on my 'To Watch' list. The visual novel is one of my favourite things ever, to the extent that I seriously considered doing a thread about it so I could re-play and analyse the story, character beats, etc. As for shows I am watching though? Right now, I'm trying to keep up with Dragonball Super. I'm holding out hope for a third season of Konosuba! I've heard a few recommendations from people of currently airing series which are great, but I haven't gotten around to actually watching any of it yet...
  2. ...WELL. I can't unsee this now. Thanks? You, good sir, have forced my hand:
  3. So.. I just watched a video regarding trading card game stuff. Now, when I was a kid, I was sort of into Magic:The Gathering, Yu-Gi-oh, Pokemon... but it was never stuff I really got into. Still, this video kind of piqued my interest. Does anyone have any advice on where to look into this kind of stuff and how to get started as it were?
  4. You ever seen History of Power Rangers? Might be a video series that'd pique your interest... (I haven't seen much of the series past Lost Galaxy, though. I watched Super Megaforce and... yeesh. Talk about a waste.)
  5. @Del-light-full Just noticed the Kitty Pryde avatar. Should I start spamming you with X-Men related stuff now too?
  6. Should go without saying, I'll say it anyway: Screw these guys. This kind of passive-aggressive attempt at guilting someone into doing something is sort of downright despicable? So. Yeah. Take that Devianart membership and go have fun with it elsewhere.
  7. @A Budgie @Del-light-full I am not entirely sure how to feel about this. On the one hand, this is cool artwork, and yay, I inspired some art with a dumb random joke! ...on the other hand, I think the implicit part of this arrangement was that I'd write fanfic for this joke if there WAS art, so. Uh. Damnation. I'll.. start seeing if I can figure out some stuff then for actual writing
  8. Couldn't figure out a punny title for this thread. Bleh. Anyway... I feel as though I'm missing something with regards to Lyn, given an early reaction she has. When she meets Shallan, she expresses interest in the Knight Radiants. When Shall mentions that, despite having a Shardblade, she is still feminine, Lyn's reaction get's noticed by the text, and she sounds disappointed. (Don't have OB on me to cite the reference) That stood out to me as a signifcant line or moment, but I can't figure out what it's meant to show. Does Lyn just generally dislike Rosharan gender roles, and was deflated when Shallan reinforced it? She does mention towards the end that one of the other women has been training with a spear for year, jokingly referring to her as "cheating". So... yeah. What exactly are these comments hinting at? Lyn disliking gender stuff is the most obvious conclusion I can think of, but I'm not sure if that was Brandon's itnention or not...
  9. poll

    Amaram. I've ranted about him before on this forum, and the previous posts have gotten to the matter more thoroughly than I ever did, but I ultimately feel like he was a wasted opportunity at best, someone who existed primarily to add to Kaladin's "protagonist status" at worst. Real shame. I understand killing off Sadeas, since he was going to keep rehashing the same plot line of trying to discredit Dalinar, but Amaram had a lot of ties to a lot o characters, factions and concepts that had only begun to be hinted at in WoR, and then were unexplored in OB. I... really do not understand why Amaram died from a narrative standpoint.
  10. Which is why she was the one to reference the idea There's precedent on Nalthis, which is why she was all like "No, seriously guys, trust me on this one, spandex." But she got out-voted. Hey, if you throw some fan art designs of these characters, it'll only make me more and more likely to carry through and actually write this (Also, because I'm nit-picky... the dude in the mask was Tuxedo Mask. I saw him referred to as 'Tuxedo Kamen', btu I'm not sure if that's a "proper" name, or anime fans trying to get some 'street cred' by insisting on using the "real" names only. His purpose was... uh... well, he sure was a love interest.) (I've actually been re-reading some Sailor Moon stuff likely, since I have some nostalgia for it from childhood, so I DO have an actual, proper answer, just don't want to derail the thread with my ramblings. Moreso, I mean.)
  11. There's a fanfic idea I've been considering for a while now. A crossover between the Cosmere and a... certain anime:
  12. @MasterJack was working on some card game stuff, if that's an avenue you're interested in. So far as dice rolling goes... I'm gonna defer to @Claincy? I THINK him (and a few others) ended up making up rules adapting MAG for Surgebinding; I know they had rules for Awakening, at the very least...
  13. I'm pretty sure there was a thread for Cosmere music way back when? Granted, until OB gets de-spoilered, probably best to keep it here, but still. Wouldn't mind reviving that thread, it was a fun source of music... Anyhow. I've been reading up on, researching, and listening to Fate-franchise stuff lately.. Naturally, this means I'm trying to loop Fate/Stay Night back to the Cosmere. On which note... Kind of makes me of think of Aharietam from the point of view of the Heralds; grand, epic final battle, but the ending feels melancholy, as the breaking of the Oathpact should. Okay, this maybe makes the list because of course I need to include 'Emiya' somehow when discussing music, but it might work as a theme for when the Avengers Knight Radiants are assembling uniting during the climax. Leading to... COME ON. The name alone screams 'Alethi', and the image makes me think of the Blackthorn. So I think this works as a general battle theme, for the Blackthorn, and for the finale battle of the book.
  14. Meant to reply yesterday, but my internet fried out on me... Anyhow, so far as the alleyway goes, I think the novel itself bring sup the complications about it (the idea of vigilante justice, baiting people, the fact that these were criminals who the law simply couldn't solve, etc) as something we're supposed to debate and wonder about, much the same way Adolin's actions led to people wondering if spren would approve or bond with him after it. Anywhow. This. Also this. Jasnah's sequence at the end, when she swapped from her blade to her soulcasting on the fly, was awesome. It actually reminded me of Fullmetal Alchemist, and anything that reminds me of FMA is pretty awesome.
  15. I am opposed to this headcanon. Deeply, deeply opposed. Because it goes against my headcanon that Jasnah is ace. Anyhow... The main reason I can see for people disliking Jasnah might come from the alleyway scene in Way of Kings. That whole question of vigilante justice, particularly since SHallan herself brings up the points for and against it. Other than that though? I find Jasnah a really interesting character. And, personally, "interesting" counts for more than anything else when it comes to writing and characters. This is, indeed, cool. Actually, one of the things I was wondering while reading Oathbringer was how Jasnah fitted into line of sucession; the Kholin line are the new dynasty of Alethkar, so they have some liberty to define how they run things going forward. So I wasn't sure if Elhokar was made kind because he was the eldest male, because Vorinism and Alethi warrior society didn't approve of the ruling monarch being a woman, or if Jasnah was removed due to her heretical beliefs. ... of course, all those points could still be in play going forward. i don't expect Brandon to start writing Game of Thrones, but the idea of Jasnah dealing with Westerosi-style political conflicts makes me very happy. (Also, if Jasnah doesn't bring Jochi to court as the court pastry chef/scholar, Iwill be very, very disappointed )