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  1. You mean the solar flare, right? So far as I know -which isn't enough, my user name really ought to be Jon Snow- that's a fairly new move, so I'm cautious about adding it to the canon of Superman's powers; the fact that we've only seen New 52 Supes use it once, and it hasn't been seen since, does a good job of suggesting it might not be a permanent addition to his powerset. (As a comparision... the fact that Spider-Man, for a while, had stingers isn't generally considered one of his "iconic powers", and has kind of been quietly forgotten about) On the other hand, the solar flare made it's way into the Supergirl show, and Kryptonians can burn their powers out under specific circumstances; Clark lost his for a year after the Infinite Crisis, and that says nothing of the effects of Kryptonite. So... DC Canon can be weird. Shocking, I know Anyhow. Entertainment rambles after work; I have a few topics in mind I've been wanting to talk about for a while. The kind of stuff I'd ordinarily post in the Random stuff thread, but...
  2. @Left @RippleGylfI'm debating whether or not to dabble in FEH. Right now though, I'm trying to focu on getting through Fire Emblem Fates. ... On which point! Very nearly finished the Conquest route, and damnation. The gameplay for this has been one of the most downright satisfying experiences I've ever had. The story has been... less good, but still. The actual gameplay was fantastic. I have, I think, three or four maps to finish, then onto Revelations... which I have heard very bad things about, and am debating doing some kind of a Let's Play for on that accord
  3. You... probably don't want to get me started on that series, because I WILL GUSH FOREVER. On topic though... do you plan on doing anything more with this stable loop idea?
  4. So... it's good? I've been debating whether to add it to the list Right now... well, I saw Ghost in the Shell (2017) a few weeks ago. And it... wasn't very good? So I decided to start watching Stand Alone Complex instead, and it's been significantly better
  5. This is an important question. So important. It is, without a doubt, the most important question you will be asked in this thread: Have we done Jim the Fish yet? ...And, okay, as a serious question: You mentioned the Flash as one of the shows you've been bingewatching. Do you watch or have any opinions on the other DCCW works?
  6. Steins;Gate. Which is kind of one of my favorite stories period at this point, so I have strong feelings
  7. You guys ever wonder if, when humanity makes first contact, aliens are going to look at our sci-fi and be terribly offended? Like... "By the third sunheart, I can't elieve you people thought we'd act that way! We have more important things to do than invade and uplift species, you know!"
  8. ...So hey, topic bump, but season Tennant started. Actually, it started last week, but still. I haven't watched it yet, to be honest; in fact, I only just got around to watching the Christmas specials that aired in between. But I'm planning on watching at least the first episode this evening, so I figured I'd bump this up and see if anyone else is watching.
  9. Time travel is one of my favorite tropes. It's definitely the sort of thing I would need to read a few times to wrap my head around though. And -full disclaimer- probably does't help that one of my favorite visual novels is a time travel story, so I will, inevitably, compare back to that. Also, the fact that I am dumb, meaning I need to read it through a few times.
  10. I have to be honest, I kind of hate commenting on this stuff. It isn't anything personal; I've mentioned on the forums, and in PM's, that I've been batting around ideas for a music-based fantasy of mine own for a bit. The problem, then, is that I'm kind of worried of stealing ideas by reading this stuff, or by letting my opinions on stuff colour how I'm viewing yours. So... apologies in advance if I'm not exactly 'on point' when it comes to commentaries. So far as this creation myth goes... it seems solid enough to me. The opening lines, about a sphere developing from nothing, kind of puts me in mind of the Egyptian creation myth, with life springing out of chaos; I'm not sure if that was intentional or not, but it was how I read things. Out of interest, you seem to be using a lot of nautical imagery (as in the Mariner). Which, makes sense: the Sirens are probably the most famous expressions of music in mythology, after all. I'm just curious if that marine theme is one you'll be exploring in the work itself? Only thing I have to ask is... why a dove? Given the fact that it dies, and the fact that the Mariner is water themed, I would have expected... well, waterfowl. Specifically -as cliché as it might be- I would have been expecting perhaps a swan. I mean, 'swan song' is a turn of phrase that people use, even if swans themselves aren't particularly musical. And are only a few degrees less evil than geese. Good lord. But... sure, nice creation myth. Kind of reminds me of the Silmarillion in terms of tone. I'll... try and get to the rest of your posts in due course? Apologies for the delay!
  11. 'Whoah!' Snake's words took her aback for a moment, but only for a moment. Lyla might have been able to pull the wool over Autumn's eyes, but she should have known that Vapor Snake would pick up on what she meant; after all, he was Vapor Snake. Lyla wouldn't expect anything less from the man who defeated Laserius. "Nu uh," she objected quickly. "I wasn't sneaking anywhere, it's why I was asking for permission first! So, the epic who came to town was called the Panda? That's cool! I was just callin' him that 'cause I didn't know what else to call him... are you saying that you guys know where he is?!" Truth be told, Lyla wasn't sure what to say if Snake said 'yes'. She had managed to snag a few shots of the invading forces, animals, the guard and epics, but she didn't think she had a good shot of the Panda himself. Granted, until just a few moments ago, she hadn't been aware he was called 'the Panda', but that was besides the point; having that blank spot in her scrap book was going to bother her. She couldn't help it; she was a collector. Of course, a single epic photo was nothing compared to the opportunity Shiny was offering... but the chance to go looking for an epic with Vapor Snake was tantalizing in it's own way. Shiny had skewed the list some, but Vapor Snake was still one of Lyla's top five coolest epics in the Dalles. There was something about it that just screamed 'cool'; the way he turned up his collar, the spark in his eye, the way he was appraising her. It was another thing that made him so cool; he was, without a doubt, one of the epics who recognised and totally respected her.. There was a special connection between them, after all. Sure, Jack had gifted his powers to a whole bunch of people when Laserius arrived, and okay, it hadn't lasted long, per se.. but still. There was a thing. Fate worked in mysterious ways. If Lyla hadn't been caught outside during the invasion, she probably wouldn't have been sent to the medics. She probably would have just gone straight to the bigwigs to try and peddle the photos, probably would have met Jack, and ended up en route to tracking down the Panda as his apprentice. She did feel a little bit of sadness for the lost opportunity... but fate had put her on a shinier path. "I mean, about leaving, I was just wondering, I guess? I mean, I was talking to this cool lady, and she said she was probably heading out of town and invited me to come along, so, you know. Figured I'd check out how to do the thing, ya know? Huh, Ms Glass?" Lyla turned back to Autumn, trying to look composed. "Is there, like, forms I have to fill out or anything? I mean, hey, 's'not like I can get any parental permission, heh..."
  12. As someone who has vague ideas for their own music-based fantasy, I am unsure whether I should congratulate you... or shake my fist and decry you for being more active on actually writing than I am
  13. ...So, by cookies, do you mean cookies, or "cookies"? ...Look, it's not my fault that the Shard has turned cookies into a byword for "heamulrgic spikes"
  14. Well, this is convincing I'm waiting for UK tickets to get released. Soon as they do, I'll be snagging a set and booking a week off of work.