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  1. Like I said, I sort of resigned myself to spoilers, since I was THAT far behind in things, so... I'm glad to hear that Arrow completed it's comeback. Season 5 was a big step up after season three and four, so glad to hear it kind of ended as a "Good" year for the show. I can wear my fanboy status with pride again!
  2. @Herowannabe Honestly, I pictured Cherry as an Earth Pony, I just figured we had a lot of them, not enough Unicorns, so... compromise
  3. Gravity Falls is definitely one of those shows that got inspiration from Twin Peaks. I caught the show a few years ago, and it's basically a traditional soap opera, with some surrealist supernatural nightmare elements thrown in. Definitely not suitable for kids, I'd say, but I enjoyed it. I'm looking forward to the Return... except I have work tonight, so.
  4. So... quick question. We know Susebron was the God-King, and that there were previous rulers before him. We know that some of the God-Kings were the offspring of the previous one (though not all). ... do we know if they were all KINGS? I don't recall God-Queens ever being mentioned as a possibility, so I'm curious if there might be something going on there, either realmantically (only males can be born to a God-King?) or socially (Hallandren prefers having male rulers) which Brandon has talked about
  5. I have giben up on avoiding spoilers. I'm going to settle for "if the episode is good, I'll watch regardless". So... yeah. Man. Arrow season 5. Can we talk about this for a minute? Because this year has been amazing for Arrow, in my opinion. I like Legends for it's goofiness, but it remains the weakest show for me; typically, Flash has been the best of the three... but this year, I think Arrow really came out ahead.
  6. Odium's status as potential end boss IS rather odd, considering his significance in the Stormlight Archive. We know there is going to be more Cosmere after Stormlight Archive. If Odium is the Big Bad of the overarching 'verse, that should imply that he'll survive Roshar... except he's been set up the big bad of the Rosharan series. He splintered Honor, he's corrupted the inhabitants of that world, he's (presumably) been gunning for Cultivation... For that series to end with him saying "Eh, guess those plans failed, I'm outta here, LATER GUYS" seems... odd to me? Inconclusive. So I have to imagine that there is a bigger bad beyond Odium, at least on the wider scale. (My speculation would be Autonomy, maybe? But we don't know enough yet.)
  7. Maybe? I'm so far behind in everything, so.
  8. @Left Not Scooby-Doo, but the Arrowverse DOES have the Vixen CW Seed animated series. I haven't seen it -I don't think it's acccessible outside the US?- but that might be worth a look. They're also doing one for the Ray this year, I think, and there's been rumors of them possibly making a Constantine one to carry on from his cancelled show
  9. Hmm. This sounds really fun!... just makes me wonder if I should change Cherry, since having two poets might not be great and Crescent sounds more fun. (Then again, haiku emphasises directness of thought, so maybe having a more poetic and metaphorical-type character would create contrast/shenanigans? Dunno.) (And please don't take this as me saying to change your idea! I like Crescent! And as my in-progress sheet shows, Cherry is rather vague right now. So far as societal lore... I can fill in some stuff for you via PM's if that helps? As I say, I think I have a Reputation... but in the broad strokes, there're no guidelines between different pony types.)
  10. Name: Cherry Blossom Type: PENDING. Still musing my options. Cutie Mark: A single cherry blossom, floating on the wind. "I have no C-R. To suggest so is foolish. I just talk this way." (Or, in laypony terms... all Cherry's dialgoue is in the form of haiku. BECAUSE LINGUISTIC QUIRKS, and Trixie already nabbed the third person.) Full description, background etc later, just sort of... clearing this concept with you guys first of all?
  11. On the one hand, I have actually been lax in the MLP fandom of late. Haven't watched any of season seven, missed most of season six, and haven't written any of the fan fics I want to. ... on the other hand, I think I might have a "reputation" as a fan of the franchise on this site, so. Tentatively posting interest, pony pending.
  12. Uh.. well... there're two episodes left? So, unless you REALLY binge... I kinda doubt you'll make it to the ending, bud. On the plus side, you won't have to wait for episodes to be released! Always look for the positives!
  13. This is an important question: Is it a new series? Or is Netflix just hosting the old series for a newer audience?
  14. A rewatch of Samurai Jack, beginning to end, once season five has been completed may or may not be on my agenda.