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  1. I'm still here... but I don't think any of my characters are high-level enough to really "break" anything
  2. Yuuuup. My lasting contribution to pop culture is pointing out there are five Power Rangers, and they are colourful.
  3. Way back at the begining of this thread, I posted a Nalthis meme. That meme now has more than 50 upvotes. That meme is my main, largest and sole contribution to the Cosmere fandom as a whole. I am wierdly okay with this.
  4. Not as far as I know. Which is a damnation shame. There's lot's of cool things you could do with a Cosmere podcast; talk books, realmantics, fandom updates, theorizing, MAG stuff...
  5. I'm gonna drop this here, since it seems like the most likely place to get traffic, attention and interest Including some movie spoilers:
  6. I liked Ghostbusters. And @Kaymyth is right, Holtzman was wonderful. ...I mena, not as wonderful as Wonder Woman, but that's a dang high bar to hit
  7. Tagging in @Herowannabe @Claincy since they are the two guys I know here who have the most experience running RPG's
  8. I've now seen it twice. I really like this movie.
  9. Any way to incorporate a safe hand into the wedding dress? Depending on the design, it could come across as looking very stylish, while anyone who "gets" the reference will elbow and snicker and explain it to everyone else.
  10. ...and now I picture that the first scene of the next film is Luke freaking out about her lazering herself in the eye from the way she holds that thing
  11. I've seen a one-volume edition of Words of Radiance in my local library, I think. But I've also seen the tow-volume set in the local book store.
  12. @Orlion On a Cob Can confirm is decent an coherent. Honestly? I think the 97% mark is a little inflated. In my mind, anything above 90% is just quibbling, and I don't think the film is THAT good. But it's a solid 7 or 8 out of ten in my mind. Might do up a full review in a few days, after I get a chance to think about it and finish my work shifts.
  13. I'm just heading to the cinema now to see it, so figured I'd go ahead and open the topic. Anyone seen it yet?
  14. I'd argue about Emperor's Soul being his best book -wrote my own essay on that subject- but I can definitely understand the appeal of Emperor's Soul; I certainly wouldn't consider what you wrote here to be a waste of time, either. I love heaaring different perspective on things! ... Nothing much else to say. Upvotes, though, because I do like what you have to say on the subject.