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  1. No one likes Campers.
  2. Chiming in, I suppose. I was a heavy Moash fan, for a long time. Even after the attempt on Elhokar at the end of WoR. Bitterness and Resentment make a perfect stew with Hatred. If it was slightly misplaced, I don’t blame him. Ultimate Authority is what ended his Grandparents lives. That Ultimate Authority is all that mattered to him. HOWEVER, he would have had nothing had it not been for Kaladin. That betrayal, the Salute, is what killed it for me. If he had simply done the deed and left, he would still have been redeemable in my eyes. That Salute brought Kaladin into the execution and, in his own mind, gave Kaladin some of the responsibility and guilt for it. I do not like that. Then the Jezrien kill. ‘Here, take this funny knife and kill the old man’ and he does it. That’s going to take some serious Redemption Arcing. Serious. Elhokar had been shown as a sort of a whinging, ineffectual figurehead who was incapable of ruling or even leading. Kaladin’s being complicit in the assassination attempt at the end of WoR, all he had to do was be somewhere else. Well, I didn’t disagree with Moash, so his involvement was sort of an ancillary thing in my eyes. His own indecision and internal guilt is what caused the Bond failure with Syl. his internal strife was initially over conflicting Oaths, and those conflicts made him realize what Elhokar meant to Dalinar. He corrected himself before his inaction was completely irrevocable. Evidenced by Syl reforging the bond. Kind of a lot happened in OB and I simply don’t think there was enough time for the conversation between Kaladin and Dalinar to happen. It needs to happen and Kaladin himself has to tell Dalinar face to face, but I doubt there is any great damage done, because at the penultimate moment, he made the right decision. TL;DR: Moash has some serious work to do if he has a shot at redemption. Kaladin needs to come clean to Dalinar. Even if it is just to clear the weight from his shoulders.
  3. Having something like a troubled past myself, I voted Dalinar. Fictional character aside, his arc is the kind of story that makes someone believe it is possible. Also, Redemption feels like sort of like the Big Picture in SA. Let’s face it. Dalinar needs all the redeeming he can find. He’s made a hell of a start.
  4. Highstorms aren’t consuming the water, though. They move it around, certainly, but I would imagine that on Roshar, all rivers still lead to the sea. The Purelake even has a drain of its own. No one is quite sure where it drains to, but it’s there. Storms don’t result in net-negative water, it’s going somewhere else. If the ocean levels have dropped enough to reveal substantially more landmass, there should be an equal volume of water somewhere else.
  5. No volcanos. No Tectonic Activity on Roshar. Good question, though. Especially since there is no tectonic activity to push mountains higher... Where is the water going?
  6. I voted deliberate. I actually chuckled at the exchange between them.
  7. @Extesian Thank you for that. The biggest flag for me that Jasnah was still alive was the absence of her body the next time we see the room. As for Eshonai, I had some hope that she was still alive after being thrown into the Chasm, but when Venli and Co. found her remains and Shards, she was Dead. If she had somehow come back as a Spren or only been Mostly Dead, it would have cheapend death in the SA for me.
  8. Jasnah was never intended to appear dead... There is WoB on that. But i am crem at finding those. we had enough evidence about Stormlight healing that it should have been obvious that she wasn’t dead from our 3rd person removed perspective. I knew that she hadn’t been killed.
  9. Hmm... White is all colors in the light spectrum combined. This way of looking at it, Black is simply the absence of light. Or perhaps It is simply not reflecting any light back, absorbing any light in proximity. It has been a while since I read Warbreaker, so you might be closer with the simple mixing of colors. I just assumed it was something to do with light and didn’t give it much thought.
  10. Lately has just been rereads of stuff. Here’s kind od a list. So, other things to read. I checked out the other thread and decided to post on this one instead. David Eddings: The Belgariad and The Mallorean, Belgarath the Sorcerer and Pologara the Sorceress, And I think there may have been one more; The Elenium and The Tamuli are all worth the reading. And just because I thought it was good 25 years ago, ‘The Losers’. Stephen King seems kind of obvious, but I LOVE the ‘Dark Tower’ series and most of his books are connected to it in some way. Orson Scott Card: the ‘Ender’ saga. All of them. Though, I haven’t read the ‘Formic Wars’ books yet, I see no reason to doubt their quality. Ian Irvine: ‘The View from the Mirror.’ I remember reading them 20 years ago when I was posting 4 day tours babysitting fences and Humvees. I had to search for the 3rd and 4th books, which makes me think they must have been worth the read. Anything by Kate Elliot. The Jaran comes first to mind, though. I cannot, in good conscience recommend either Patrick Rothfuss or George RR Martin. There are currently too many people bearing me ill will because I tricked them in to the torture of waiting for authors who are slightly less than prolific. Heh, at least I’m not alone. Craig Alanson: Expeditionary Force, I happily recommend it. There is a certain amount of recycling one-liners and banter, but the story more than makes up for it. If you do the audio thing, RC Bray absolutely brings this story to life. I also have a great liking of Dean Koontz. Most of his work is a fairly straightforward read, quick and enjoyable. I did like the ‘Odd Thomas’ books for the most part, but I like his more psychological needling and prodding stuff better. ‘False Memory’ took me a night to absorb after I finished it. Terry Goodkind is alright. The repetition of ‘The Sword of Truth’ gets to be a bit much after the first 3 or 4 books, but if you take breaks between then it’s not so bad. Just my additions to the conversation.
  11. Moved to a more current thread.
  12. AAAAHHAHAHAHAHAH!!! So, Odium cannibalizes peoples Passions. Thereby providing self-justification in claiming himself as Passion. @Calderis. Yes, I absolutely appreciate that now. (Hmm, no feeble attempts at self-justification here). There isn’t any way to spin ‘Odium’ or ‘Odius’ or any derivatives in a positive way. Damnation these life choices.
  13. I feel like this was addressed In World and in WoB. Passion was/could be used in place of Odium. or am I misremembering?
  14. With the possible exception of the detalis about what happened at The Rift, nothing in Dalinar’s past is a secret. He is The Blackthorn, the whole world knows how brutal and bloodthirsty he has been. We have already seen some of the fallout from that, but I am sure there will be more.
  15. Odium has already chosen his Champion, though. And in choosing Dalinar, things went terribly wrong for him. Does Odium get a Do-Over?