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  1. Definitely a nod from Blizz.
  2. I am on a relisten of The whole SA and really only have one issue. Every time I hear the Surges and their respective granted abilities referred to as ‘Powers’ it is jarring and takes me out of the story for a few minutes. It sounds Campy and... I dunno... It just bothers me. I really dislike how jars me out of the story, especially how often it is said.
  3. Nifty. I like it, so I’m sure someone will come along to refute it.
  4. In the middle of WoR on a reread. I was like... ‘WAIT... What the Storms!?!’
  5. The edge of page 449, I think it was. Got a bit of a papercut. But, Jasnah/Renarin and Dalinar vs The Thrill were probably the biggest ones.
  6. In the middle of a SA leg of a Cosmere reread and the scene with Hoid, Shallan, Kaladin and Adolin just struck me. When Our Favorite Worldhopper is challenged about potential romantic interests, he deflects with a comment about the only Potential Match based on age being incompatible. I really want to know what he did to the Holder of Cultivation. I need this to be a Cosmere/SA Novella.
  7. Ok, just gonna toss my jots on the pile... Rude Snob = Elitist Jerk. I get where you’re at with this. At the same time, though, I get where She is at with this. Single minded determination in conjunction with a Superior education and Exceptional Intelligence lends itself to that sort of behaviour. I’ve a 16 year old nephew who does this with music. Aspbergers... And I absolutely appreciate this about Jasnah’s personality. In the same vein, Exceptional Intelligence and Interpersonal Skills have been, in my experience, inversely proportionate. Of course Jasnah has terrible people skills. She has devoted her entire life to Scholarship, Books, scrolls, remnants and scraps of knowledge. With the exception of asking Ardents about specific writings or topics, her people skills as an adult have been developed by interaction with Ardents, Porters, and whomever was conveying her from place to place. Ostensibly ~10-15 years. Shallan commented about her ‘Chronic Condition,’ I believe. That of being Right. She has unrealistic expectations of those around her? ABSOLUTELY. Navani was probably the best weathervane she had as a child and we have already heard Navani’ commentary on Child Jasnah. Jasnah is a machine. Work until you have your solution, then attack the next Thing on your mind. She is probably the most consistently intelligent Person on Roshar. By Accepting Shallan as her ward she has allowed herself to begin Humanizing her emotions, even if it is unintentionally. Our Favorite Bridgeman has already proven himself as respectably intelligent. As such, any Interactions they may have in the future will further Jasnah’s Human growth. TL;DR: Please reserve Judgement on Jasnah for another book or two.
  8. I was under the impression that Shallash was the primer for his lucidity?
  9. I guess I don’t see there being any more Stormlight cost to her increasing her friction as opposed to decreasing it. Cultivation has already shown a longer view of things with Dalinar, so I assume that she knew what she was doing with Lift. I think that the Food to Stormlight conversion won’t be a detriment going forward. Especially considering Lift now has at least 3 separate bases of operation. Plenty of opportunity for food.
  10. @Sazedezas She is always Starvin’. So, there you have it.
  11. Amigo, The Lopen is a bit too much. Anything less in a spren would be unworthy.
  12. I like it. Even though I had Adonalsium in my head as one of the Naaru from WoW, I like it.
  13. Thanks for hijacking a thread that said SPECIFICALLY in the OP ‘Not Romantically’ were there really not enough threads on that before?
  14. I dig it. All of Shallans mentions of Strata in Kharbranth and Urithiru were already rolling around my head. I was just wondering if there were any new WoB’s about it.
  15. Just finished my 2nd go round. I didn’t see anything that hinted at it. Could you enlighten me?