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  1. Lately has just been rereads of stuff. Here’s kind od a list. So, other things to read. I checked out the other thread and decided to post on this one instead. David Eddings: The Belgariad and The Mallorean, Belgarath the Sorcerer and Pologara the Sorceress, And I think there may have been one more; The Elenium and The Tamuli are all worth the reading. And just because I thought it was good 25 years ago, ‘The Losers’. Stephen King seems kind of obvious, but I LOVE the ‘Dark Tower’ series and most of his books are connected to it in some way. Orson Scott Card: the ‘Ender’ saga. All of them. Though, I haven’t read the ‘Formic Wars’ books yet, I see no reason to doubt their quality. Ian Irvine: ‘The View from the Mirror.’ I remember reading them 20 years ago when I was posting 4 day tours babysitting fences and Humvees. I had to search for the 3rd and 4th books, which makes me think they must have been worth the read. Anything by Kate Elliot. The Jaran comes first to mind, though. I cannot, in good conscience recommend either Patrick Rothfuss or George RR Martin. There are currently too many people bearing me ill will because I tricked them in to the torture of waiting for authors who are slightly less than prolific. Heh, at least I’m not alone. Craig Alanson: Expeditionary Force, I happily recommend it. There is a certain amount of recycling one-liners and banter, but the story more than makes up for it. If you do the audio thing, RC Bray absolutely brings this story to life. I also have a great liking of Dean Koontz. Most of his work is a fairly straightforward read, quick and enjoyable. I did like the ‘Odd Thomas’ books for the most part, but I like his more psychological needling and prodding stuff better. ‘False Memory’ took me a night to absorb after I finished it. Terry Goodkind is alright. The repetition of ‘The Sword of Truth’ gets to be a bit much after the first 3 or 4 books, but if you take breaks between then it’s not so bad. Just my additions to the conversation.
  2. Moved to a more current thread.
  3. AAAAHHAHAHAHAHAH!!! So, Odium cannibalizes peoples Passions. Thereby providing self-justification in claiming himself as Passion. @Calderis. Yes, I absolutely appreciate that now. (Hmm, no feeble attempts at self-justification here). There isn’t any way to spin ‘Odium’ or ‘Odius’ or any derivatives in a positive way. Damnation these life choices.
  4. I feel like this was addressed In World and in WoB. Passion was/could be used in place of Odium. or am I misremembering?
  5. With the possible exception of the detalis about what happened at The Rift, nothing in Dalinar’s past is a secret. He is The Blackthorn, the whole world knows how brutal and bloodthirsty he has been. We have already seen some of the fallout from that, but I am sure there will be more.
  6. Odium has already chosen his Champion, though. And in choosing Dalinar, things went terribly wrong for him. Does Odium get a Do-Over?
  7. Though, now that i think about it, there are 2 people who were presented with additional knowledge after reading Way of Kings and incorporating the wisdom into their lives. Perhaps?
  8. We know almost nothing about who he really is. from our 3rd person removed (or whichever) perspective, we KNOW that he lied to Kaladin and Teft and then to Bridge 4. Please understand that I am not passing Judgement on him, I am making an observation. He will have to overcome his refusal to accept the responsibilities that he has inherited. Regardless of how those responsibilities became his. I am really looking forward to finally learning his whole story and reading the arc that his story takes.
  9. I don’t see him as evil. He is the embodiment of what he considers Justice. That is his guidance and his reasoning. He was either given a task by one of the other Heralds (can’t remember his name right now) or in conversation he was convinced of the necessity of preventing any of the other Orders reformation. I guess I’d call him blinded, but i can see where Evil fits well too. My only evidence AGAINST Evil is that he allows Szeth to swear his Oath to Dalinar, the man leading the armies against the Listeners and Fused. And Nale has sworn to fight on the side of the Listeners and Fused, because Roshar was (evidently) their planet first.
  10. I can’t recall the scene with any accuracy. It may be possible that something about it put her in full crazy panic mode and she suppressed it. When Dalinar mentioned it, it simply jogged something. Again, I can’t recall the passage. I really do like the idea of WoK being some sort of Heraldic Primer, though. When someone with “X” quality or qualification reads certain passages it imbues more specific knowledege.
  11. I am not disparaging Rock for it. Everything in the SA so far has been about Becoming. Becoming something new, different or someone Better. He has kept all of his, Stuff I guess, internal and no one has had any idea exactly what’s going on with him. We have just been given a glimpse of what is in his head, heart and soul. Part of his arc is going to be about learning to accept the responsibilities that are his to carry. I absolutely agree that he is being a Coward with regards to his place on the Peaks. He is afraid of the responsibility he will have to take and he is afraid of not living up to his and the rest of the Horneaters expectations. That’s what I think, but I am usually wrong.
  12. Refusing to accept responsibility may also be construed as cowardice. I don't think your heading is untrue at all.
  13. I like this. I don’t have any references, but my knee jerk reaction is that Shallan HAS read the In-World ‘Way of Kings.’ I seem to remember her referencing it a time or two. She did have a Damnation time finding ‘Words of Radiance’ though.
  14. DAMNATION!!! It’s been a while since I saw that WoB... This is a very fine point that leaves plenty of wiggle room if so.
  15. Back on topic, though. I like this theory. Something about it feels right. Kowing that Hessina’s parentage has been RAFO’d, that she had one Lighteyed parent and is more educated than you would expect from a Darkeyes. Also, the sort of phonetic similarity of Aesudan and Hessina is very suggestive.