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  1. Surprise! This weekend at Boskone, Brandon confirmed it as the voidbinding chart. Transcripts aren't finished yet, but you can see the signing report here. That was my thought as well, and my main argument against the rear chart being related to voidbinding. Now that we know I was wrong, I can speculate that it is related to the planet. There were some questions with the AU release about planetary numerology, in which Braize was confirmed to have 9-centric numerology, while the rest of Greater Roshar has 10. The question of whether that is an attribute of the planet, independent of its Shards, received a RAFO, but I think the case is strong. My suspicion now is that Odium's investiture, when interacting with Roshar, produces a 10-fold system called voidbinding. How it relates to surgebinding is very much an open question. (Fuel for speculation: In the same answer that confirmed the voidbinding chart, Brandon said that the oaths that act as gateways to surgebinding are a feature of Honor specifically, so it could be that many of the same "surge" powersets are represented in voidbinding, but the method of accessing them is substantively different.)
  2. That's a great point I hadn't considered. I think it is something worthy of asking Brandon about. I didn't end up asking any of my Sleepless questions at Boskone this weekend, so I will save them for another opportunity (or just hope we learn more in Oathbringer).
  3. 2017-02-17 Boskone 54 - Boston, MA

    I've started a google doc for transcribing the Rithmatist Q&A audio. At the moment it has timestamps for all of the questions, and paraphrased answers, but nothing is verbatim yet. Help would be appreciated. (Audio files are linked in this post above) The first 20 minutes are fairly quiet, since I was sitting partway back in the room. If those portions are too difficult for you to hear, @Ironeyes's recording may be better as he was in the front row.
  4. 2017-02-17 Boskone 54 - Boston, MA

    Boskone Day 2 Preliminary Report Not a ton of questions answered, but a few juicy ones. Perhaps the biggest: VOIDBINDING CHART IS CONFIRMED! As he answered another question, Brandon mentioned in passing that yes, the rear endsheet of WoK is about voidbinding. That has been RAFO'd and argued a bunch over the past several years, so I was shocked to hear him share that info. (at ~46 min in the Rithmatist Q&A) In general, Brandon tended to expound on his answers this time around, rather than going for the short Yes/No/RAFO. The events of the day: A demo of Mistborn: House War, which @DAdam got to play. He can give a report on that. Brandon arrived near the end and gave us about 20 minutes of impromptu Q&A. A panel with Joshua Bilmes (agent), Moshe Feder (editor), Michael Whelan (artist), and Emily Sanderson (wife) talking about the making of his career. It was fun to hear their stories of how they met each other, and hear them compliment (and poke fun at) one another. No book related questions. Rithmatist Q&A. Fans met to discuss the book, and Brandon joined us part way through to answer questions. Tons of background info on the world, magic, and writing process of the Rithmatist. After the allotted time, he moved out into the hall and transitioned into a general Q&A. (Unrelated to Brandon: I also got to have a great conversation with Max Gladstone, and later with Jane Yolen, both of whom were super awesome.) These recordings are available for you to listen or transcribe: (links will take you to Google Drive) Friday Signing Line (2 h 18 min, 260 MB) House War Q&A (22 min, 42 MB) Rithmatist Q&A (55 min, 103 MB) Career Panel (56 min, 105 MB) Note: no book-related questions Questions I asked (paraphrased): Q. Could a Soother prevent a listener from attuning a given rhythm? A. No. A coppercloud could, but I hadn't thought about emotional allomancy interacting. See, the rhythm isn't your emotion and doesn't determine your mood. It is a direct connection to the spiritual realm. So I guess soothing could make it harder just like it makes anything harder, in the same way that driving a car would be harder. It is possible that a coppercloud could play with it. Not a normal power of a coppercloud, but you've seen them do stuff similar. Q. From the Great Circle in Nebrask we know that defenses can be scaled up immensely. Could you also scale up and make a Godzilla sized chalkling? A. This is theoretically possible. Q. If you draw a line of Forbiddance on a chalkboard on the ground and hit the line, will the chalkboard move? A. (heavily paraphrased) No. I get asked this a lot. Rithmatist started out in the Cosmere, so many of the Cosmere rules of perception apply. If you try to draw a line of Forbiddance on something that doesn't cognitively seem stable enough to provide support, the magic won't take. Once the line is in place, moving it is extremely difficult. If you did manage to move the line or the thing it was drawn on, the magic would dissolve. Unless the canon versions of books 2 & 3 contradict this, assume that the same rules apply to Rithmatic lines as to speed bubbles. Other important Rithmatist tidbits: Book 3 is to be called The Nebraskan. The Rithmatist was originally set in the cosmere and was designed to showcase some spiritual realm entities (including both the shadowblaze and the forgotten), to demonstrate how they work. They are different from cognitive entities in important ways, including that they find linear time (and any sort of structure, really) to be a foreign concept.
  5. I would agree with your point here; it is definitely a depressing episode in a rather dim world. The main reason it occurred to me as hopeful is that it answers the specific question Davis asks in his serious moment with Chaz: That seemed like a clear statement of his character theme. Clearly it becomes ironic, because as a Snapshot dupe his own meaningful difference becomes meaningless. But it also means that back IRL the answer is yes, individuals have an impact.
  6. 2017-02-17 Boskone 54 - Boston, MA

    That was also my first thought, but why would that justify the "portentous" verbal comment? It seemed like he was hinting at something more important. I may have misinterpreted though. If it is something to do with Jak himself, my best guess would be hemalurgy, since we have WoB that being spiked makes you repulsive to (most) spren. Pits of Eltania suggest that Jak is a Survivorist not a Pathian, so it is unlikely he would use an earring or something similarly "benign" on purpose. Why would Jak getting spiked be a big deal? I'm probably reading way too much into it, but I immediately start guessing at Secret History sorts of implications.
  7. Seuss-light Archive

    It's finished! Or, as finished as it will get for a while. I printed a physical copy to give to Brandon at Boskone, and he seemed to enjoy it a lot. I wish that I had been able to put more illustrations in it, but there simply wasn't time. I am inordinately fond of my Thaylen eyebrows illustration, though. I feel like it really captures the spirit of the mashup. I'm also quite pleased with the Unkalaki tongue twisters. If only I had figured out a way to stick "Airsick lowlanders!" in somewhere. Anyway, here is the book! (Spoilered for size) I hope you like it! I also had some partial drafts for Stormlight versions of other Seuss books that I didn't make the cut for inclusion. So there may eventually be a sequel or improved draft that includes The Bitter Battle Book (about the war on the shattered plains) and a version of Green Eggs and Ham ("Amaram, Lord Amaram, I do not like the Diagram").
  8. 2017-02-17 Boskone 54 - Boston, MA

    Don't worry. The con staff picked up the recording device. I'll get it from them tomorrow. Preliminary report from Day 1: Brandon started his signing almost an hour early, which was perfect for me because I had to leave shortly after getting my books signed. Hopefully I'll get more chances to interact with him tomorrow. I had fun talking to other fans in line and handed out about 150 business cards directing people to the 17th Shard. Probably 10% of those acted like they might join, so I'm hopeful that we'll get some new members and maybe induce some of the lurkers (I met quite a few) to make accounts. I also got to present Brandon with a copy of my Seusslight Archive fanfic. I'll post images over here later tonight. The signing line was recorded, and @yulerule was standing by the table to listen to all the questions being asked. If the recording is unclear, she may be able to clarify or add context. I got several questions answered. Wording is from memory, but should be pretty close. (book photo in spoiler) Q. What Radiant order would accept Allomancer Jak? A. [written] It would depend on the spren, but possibly. There are a few that would have liked him once... A. [verbal] There is some portent in that answer. Note: There are several ways you could interpret that, but I took it to mean that the spren who would be attracted to Jak were killed or estranged during the Recreance and would be unlikely (or unable) to bond with him now. (book photo in spoiler) Q. Do oathgates obey physical realm speed-of-light constraints? A. [written] Nope! Good question. A. [verbal] We are playing fast and loose with causality Q. Nalthis has 5-centric numerology. A. Okay... Q. Do regular humans count as the fifth type of biochromatic entity? A. I'm going to RAFO that for no good reason, but for lots of good reasons. Q. We know that recording things can lock spren and cognitive elements into certain states. Does the existence of the written Diagram have a Realmatic effect? A. [cautiously]The written Diagram does have a Realmatic effect. Q. Did Taravangian know that when he wrote it? A. Define "know." In the sense that a table knows it is a table, yes. Note: This response didn't make a ton of sense to me. Maybe the transcript will clarify things, but his hesitancy and body language made me think that my theory in this vein is mostly not correct, even if some pieces of it are.
  9. 2017-02-17 Boskone 54 - Boston, MA

    FYI Michael Whelan, the cover artist for WoK and WoR, is a late addition to the program. He will be on Brandon's Saturday 1pm panel, as well as several panels off his own. If you aren't coming to the Rithmatist Q&A, you can try to sign up for the small group "kaffeeklatsch" with him. (Also, I just ran into @Kaladin_Stormblessed in amazing bridge four cosplay.)
  10. 2017-02-17 Boskone 54 - Boston, MA

    @yulerule Not really. Talking to other fans in the signing line is fun, and it gives you the opportunity to ask questions or take pictures, so there are definitely things to get out of signings besides a signature. However, there is a good chance of meeting Brandon at other times in the convention, so if you have other authors to see or panels to attend, the signing line may not be the best use of your time.
  11. I just finished Snapshot, and I liked it quite a bit. There were just enough levels to give the questions depth without moving the focus away from the characters. It's a really intriguing idea to ponder: does what happens in a Snapshot matter? The plot twists won't be too big of a surprise people who are genre-savvy or Sanderson-savvy, but they are well executed. The most surprising thing for me was the darker tone. While unmistakably a Sanderson work, Snapshot has a lot less of his usual optimism. It took me a while to figure out why. He has written oppressive/depressing societies before, notably the Final Empire of Mistborn, and the Fractured States of the Reckoners. But in those books the heroes were actively fighting to make things better, and had a chance of doing so. Snapshot focuses on characters who are a lot less powerful, and who have little to no influence on the world around them. The fact that New Clipperton is not as far removed from our reality also makes the social and governmental dysfunction more frightening than the more fantastical worlds. At the same time, the fundamental idea is hopeful: something as simple as a slip of paper can make all the difference, propagate Deviations that save a life or a soul. That conclusion entails a lot of chaos in the world, precluding true control over your destiny, but does affirm that one person can make a difference. We matter. Even when we're not "real" to anyone else.
  12. Great Cusicesh theory on Reddit

    Interesting parallels, and a neat theory. I'm not really convinced, though. This is where my I most disagree with the given interpretation. The "first A then B" timing doesn't make sense to me. In my opinion the death rattle is better read as a tortured plea for Dai-gonarthis to stop hurting the speaker. I suspect that the "Black Fisher" is feeding off of pain and sorrow by inducing those emotions and/or bringing their memory to the surface and "holding" them in place. I think I'm confused. What is the indication that Dai-gonarthis is weak? The death rattles happen in an apparently wide area, at least including Kharbranth and the Shattered Plains. If Dai-gonarthis is also influencing people in Iri, as one version of the theory posits, then that range would be incredible. My best guess at rephrasing the idea: "Dai-gonarthis is draining people of (some kind of) energy, therefore it must need that energy, therefore it must be weak." Is that what they are saying? If so, I would strongly disagree. A whitespine may derive sustenance when it eats some of your energy, but that doesn't make it intrinsically weak for needing to feed.
  13. Reading the Starfalls chapter again, I noticed something odd about the Midnight Essence. It's not hidden, but somehow I had missed it before. That started me on a train of thought that leads me to speculate about how Midnight Essence is related to voidbinding, voidbringers, and the unmade. In the past I have imagined the monsters as basically a magically corrupted axehound, but the description is clearly different. These creatures can't see well (or at all?) but have excellent smell. As you will recall, they deflate when injured, leaking black smoke. The important point, though is that when the Radiants arrive, they slice the things in half with their shardblades. If you are like me, you probably glossed over that without a second thought, since cutting things in half is something these swords are really good at. But not things that are alive! Shardblades famously fuzz when they pass through living flesh, severing the soul instead. So what does it say about these animated smoke monsters that they can be dispatched in such a way? I know that we have discussed the complementary piece in the past: the ability of the creatures to damage shardplate: Their unusual interaction with plate and blade tells me that they have a strong cognitive aspect to them but no true physical life. So what are they? Recall that this attack is considered a sign that a Desolation is on the way, but hasn't arrived yet. I take that to mean that Midnight Essence is found on Roshar proper (contained, somehow) rather than jumping over from Braize with the rest of the Desolation rabble. Interestingly, the Knights seem to refer to the group of creatures (or to the phenomenon of their appearance) in the singular. There is just one Midnight Essence there that night, and it is apparently responsible for animating/embodying all of the monsters: The idea of black smoke (corrupted investiture, anyone?) and a power being trapped / released makes me think of Gavilar's sphere. Especially with the reveal in the recent reading Brandon did from the prologue for Oathbringer that it makes me think that Gavilar's sphere does hold a spren after all, but one of the more mundane odium spren (i.e. not a named Unmade). In particular, it might be one of the types that enable Listener voidforms. Perhaps the spren responsible for, e.g. smokeform, is also responsible for Midnight Essence. We know that the power of spren can be accessed in multiple ways: nahel bonds, fabrials ancient and modern, listener forms, and the mysterious "voidbinding." Read again what Khriss has to say on the subject in the Ars Arcanum (identical wordings in WoK and WoR): Speculation: Voidbinding is a method of commanding/using spren, likely the same ones involved in Listener voidforms. One manifestation is the Midnight Essence, in which {terror/darkness/nightmare} spren are bound to some physical form, then sent to wreak havoc. Note that there is likely far more to Voidbinding than generating the Ten Deaths, but it makes sense under this paradigm that they would be a subset of the voidbinding powers. Personally, I am not yet entirely sold on this idea. While it makes a lot of sense to me, I am still hoping to be surprised and have voidbinding be substantially different and less Odious than the predictions I've seen so far. What I do particularly like about the theory is the parallel it sets between the Listener forms and the multiple types of human-spren interaction, with potential for all sorts of interesting twists.
  14. 2017-02-17 Boskone 54 - Boston, MA

    For Boskone specifically, the signings are scheduled such that multiple authors all share one a large room, which also hosts booths by various dealers. It is certainly possible that Brandon will do his usual reading and/or Q&A, but since he is sharing space with others he may skip straight to the signing line. ________ On a separate note, I have been looking over the participant list. I am excited to see that Max Gladstone, Jo Walton, and Jane Yolen will all be there, though sadly Tamora Pierce has cancelled. I feel like I should recognize some of the other names as well, but I'm not very familiar with their work. (For example, I've gotten several recommendations for Scott Lynch's work, but haven't actually read his books yet.) Are there any of the other authors/artists that you are excited for or think that I should make a point to see?
  15. theory The Chemistry of God Metals

    These are the most interesting follow-ups, in my opinion. And both remain useful questions whether he answers yes or no to the main theory.