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  1. [email protected] said, it is correct as written. Your proposed version is also correct, but the meaning is a little different. If Dalinar "had instructions" then he had a list or recipe to follow, a directions of how to make it work. If instead he "had instruction" as in the quote, then Kaladin spent time teaching him what to do. Does that make sense?
  2. I'm sure you will get lots of suggestions from everyone's personal lists (mine is here) but my recommendation is to look over the questions that got answered in the most recent events in Boston, Poland, Bulgaria, and Germany. Odds are you will find some that spark follow-up questions of your own, and you can be reasonably certain you are working with up-to-date knowledge.
  3. I will add that the link Ecthelion posted has a map to give a visual sense of where 17S members are located. In addition, this map of Brandon's tour stops gives a picture of where the publisher thinks his fans are (weighted for locations that are easier/cheaper to send him).
  4. FYI, I ended up using the official design I received from Chaos (which matches the site design and color scheme), rather than the one I made above. If I get approval, I'll post that file here. Either way, I am sure you can get the file from Chaos if you want it. I printed them double sided at Staples, and got 1000 for $25. It turns out half that many would have been about right for a three day mid-sized con, but doubling up to 1000 was only $5 more so I figured better safe than sorry. So now I have enough left over for all the future events I get to. :-)
  5. Great song, but I can't imagine that taking the midnight chull is ever a pleasant prospect. (Or that it would take you very far.)
  6. Thanks, I'm glad you like it! You may want to check out the updated version linked in my signature. (also here)
  7. Hmm, you may be right. The great circle at Nebrask is drawn very thick, which suggests to my mind that the thickness does something worthwhile beyond simple durability in the elements. I also had in mind that the chapter with the visit to the crime scene, where Fitch has the workmen with shovels break through the LoF, mentioned the thickness of the line mattering. However, looking up all the occurrences of "forbiddance" in the ebook doesn't turn up any reference to the thickness of the line mattering except one reference to how high the barrier becomes. There are three mentions that how well-drawn it is matters (not specifically how straight, but that may be assumed.) It still makes sense to me that the thickness would influence the ability of chalklings to get through it, since there is more line there to attack, but I guess I don't have a textual reference to support that assumption.
  8. While the event these questions were gathered for took place in February, this thread is still a good place to suggest more questions and discuss them. That event is actually where the spiritual-realm-entity WoB came from. Report is here. Regarding #1 we have theories but no WoB. The main proposals are: that bind points must be marked explicitly, or that the intent of the Rithmatist when drawing it sets the type of circle, and later changes (even if geometrically valid) can't alter the initial determination. For #3 we know from the books that the thickness of a LoF influences not only the strength & height of the projected barrier, but also the ability of the line to resist chalking or LoV attacks. So even though it is likely possible to make tiny lines of Forbiddance, it is hard to imagine a situation where that would be useful -- certainly not in a duel.
  9. Yeah, I had trouble deciding which subforum this belonged in. I'm happy to have it moved if Events would be better. Thanks! I wouldn't have thought to check Theoryland. TGS tour is now entered.
  10. I was curious about where Brandon's book tours usually take him, and got a bit carried away with tracking it. I've pulled all of the event info I could find and compiled it into a spreadsheet and a map. Conventions are noted as stars, to distinguish them from regular signings. The biggest conclusion I came to was Shadows, this man travels all the time! How can he possibly write anything? Since 2006 he has attended 60+ conventions, in addition to all of the book tours and other signings each year. Perhaps not surprisingly, the majority of his book tours hit the same cities (and bookstores) over and over. I guess those are where Tor and Gollancz like to send their people? He has also attended SDCC and Jordancon many times, so he's been to San Diego 14 times for signings, and Atlanta 9, the most events anywhere farther than an hour from his house (i.e. excluding Provo and Salt Lake City). At the moment, there isn't an easy way to see all of the markers for the same location, since they overlay one another. So if the location you are interested in says Brandon has been there multiple times, you can check the spreadsheet to see when each of the visits occurred and for which tours or conventions. I'm sure I've missed some things. The biggest hole is his 2009 tour for A Memory of Light, which I couldn't find listed anywhere. If you have a correction or addition, I'm happy to fix it. I have not made any effort to combine or separate markers that are in different addresses or townships in a larger metropolitan area--everything is located simply by the city noted. Event info came from Brandon's past blog entries, announcements, and 17S event reports. (Brandon's event page purges past events, so it was no help.)
  11. Everything works. I went ahead and added the stragglers who had posted in the other thread, and I'll see about getting it unpinned. Does that mean you don't want to be on the map at all, or do you want to be added in Generic, Ohio?
  12. That's correct**. This thread is the more current of the two, but it hasn't been updated since June (9 months ago). Someone tried summoning @The Young Bard a while ago, but didn't get a response. Let's try summoning the other map mods and see what we get. Our best bet is probably @The Honor Spren as she is the most active here. The others are @Curious Anamaximder and @firstRainbowRose. Rose is an admin and quite busy, but I know she'll see this eventually if one of the others doesn't get to it first. Note to the map mod: I am willing to volunteer as another map moderator if that would be helpful. My email is my user name at **Originally, the Geotracking thread (now locked but still pinned for some reason) was intended to be for refinements/corrections of map locations. The primary locations were taken from the Master List. When the owners of the first list and map stopped updating, Young Bard stepped in to recreate it and wisely added additional moderators so that we wouldn't get stuck again. While new members continue to post there, The Master List hasn't seen an update since before this thread was created. Since neither @Aether and @Quitecontrary have logged in for over a year, I think it's appropriate to request an admin to unpin (and possibly lock?) the other threads. But I will wait to do that until we get an update processed for this list.
  13. My take has been that the girl transferred her memories to Vasher. She gave him a small piece of her Breath that had those memories attached to it. This is speculation on my part, but it fits the text and it matches with what we know of Nalthian magic, which is all about giving things away. Here are the relevant passages in Warbreaker. Vasher and the girl, chapter 49 Vasher and Denth, chapter 57:
  14. Don't forget the annual Tarachin tournament. There are three student leagues you can sign up for, with games throughout the year. Those games do help seed the final brackets, but anyone can challenge into the "sweet sixteen". Last year's tournament drew large crowds when freshman William Ann Montaine defeated the reigning champion in the first round! She didn't place first overall in the tournament, but she did give a strong showing, and she's heading up the informal practice league. So if any of the incoming class want to learn from a talented young player, that is a club you ought to consider.