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  1. @FeatherWriter confessed to not having read Sixth of the Dusk, which actually made me happy. Now there's potential for another Splintercast!
  2. How many stayed for the "real line" at this event? Did it make for more fan-fan interactions/group discussion since all the ones left were the more dedicated type with questions?
  3. How did the express line work? Was it enough of a success that you think he will continue the format at future signings?
  4. There's no real reason it couldn't be a reference to Chana. I haven't categorized that as a Herald reference, but that could be my own mistake.
  5. For the "fanciful (ha)" question--I translated it the same way, but on further inspection that question mark looks funny, almost as if it were in the font for annotations by Nazh. Could the question mark have been added to indicate that the (ha) ending is an interrogative marker? (Rather than an exclamation in the way that we would say "Ha!") ------ For the Taker of Secrets border, I can't make much sense of it. It isn't a simple repeated or palindromic pattern, but certain letters repeat themselves in near-sequence a lot. All of them seem to be interlocking in the way that words are defined in Thaylen, so I can't find obvious breaks between words. Maybe one of you can decipher some meaning from these sounds. Here are my phoneme assignments, starting in the bottom left and proceeding clockwise. hyphens indicate corners, questionable assignments are in parentheses. (unreadable)(Th)ThFRRKThZFS(R)-RRFTh(Th)(unreadable)(V?)LFFTh(B or nothing?)-NSFZThKFRFSK(?)ThSTh(?) (unreadable) RKNSS (unreadable)
  6. I previously made a compilation of the curses and exclamations used in the Stormlight Archive. Because moving that topic to the OB board would remove it as a reference for people who have not yet finished Oathbringer, I have decided to start a new topic here that will incorporate the new material. This can replace or merge with the other thread when spoilers are no longer a concern. To my knowledge, the list is exhaustive for WoK, WoR, and Edgedancer. I have added all the new instances from OB of which I'm aware, but I'm sure that I have missed some. I appreciate your help in completing the collection. OB entries have been incorporated into the catalog below, but a list of the new curses is spoilered here for those who want to identify the novel entries discovered in OB. On attributions: In most cases, speaker attributions are omitted for the sake of clarity, but speakers are identified parenthetically if their identity adds important context to the entry. If you think a particular phrase should be attributed (or not), please make your case in a comment. Storms and Storming are universal, and people use them frequently. So far we haven’t had many scenes from people on the western half of the continent where the storms are weaker; there is a good chance that the storms are invoked far less in such regions. Notably, Taffa uses a storm-related curse in Dalinar’s Starfalls vision, indicating that it was used historically as well. Variants and related curses: "Stormwinds" (Lirin, Taffa), "Storms alight" (Jasnah), "Blustering" (Yalb, a Thaylen Admiral), The Heralds, collectively and as individuals, are invoked across many Rosharan cultures. Vorin speakers most frequently swear by Kelek, but by the end of WoR Vorin speakers have invoked each of the ten Heralds at least once. As they occur in curses, the Vorin forms are: Jezerezeh, Nalan, Chana, Vedeledev, Pailiah/Pali, Ash, Battah, Kelek, Talat, Ishi [Herald] knows or [Herald] send are frequent formulations. ”Chana help” is a similar construction [Herald’s] [attribute] A herald is often paired with a body part or attribute. Some appear to be traditional associations, but others are most likely spontaneous variations. Examples Kelek's breath / tongue Ash's eyes Ishar's soul Nalan's hand Pali's mind—(Adrotagia) by Vedeledev's golden keys—(Kabsal) Talat's hand / palms / nails Other Variants: “Living Heralds above” Heralds send” "What in Kelek's name”—(Talik) notable because Rysn is amused at the usage of a Vorin curse by a Reshi trader Azish speakers use alternate names for the heralds, primarily invoking Yaezir (Jezrien) Variants: "for Yaezir's sake," "Yaezir help" Kadasixes and Stars--used by an Azish vizier. Kadasix is their word for Herald, but the association with stars is interesting, especially considering cosmological features like Taln's scar and the gas giants shown in the star chart in Arcanum Unbounded. Tashikki speakers frequently invoke Tashi, probably the Herald Taln, though other possibilities have been proposed (see this thread). Variants: "Tashi above," "Tashi, God of Gods and Binder of the World" Other Vorin Curses Almighty is a frequent Vorin curse, referencing Honor/Tanavast. Many variants of usage are found: "Almighty above" "by the Almighty's tenth name" "what in the Almighty's own eyes?" "by the names of God himself" "Almighty, cast from heaven to dwell in our hearts" Stormfather is a ubiquitous Vorin curse. NOTE: While the general usage is distinct, we should remember that Vorinism has conflated the Stormfather with Jezerezeh/Jezrien. (We see explicit instances of this conflation from Kaladin, Moash, and Sigzil in WoK.) In contrast, New Natanatan conflates him with Kelek. Damnation is especially common among Vorin speakers. Zahel (a worldhopper living in Vorin society) has also used this curse. Variants and related phrases “What in Damnation's eleventh name?"—(Sebarial) “What in the Halls”—(Van Jushu) a reference to the Tranquiline Halls Other Cultures Passions--Thaylen. Rendered "Blessed passion" on one occasion (Yokska) Flick my sparks –(Lopen) Herdazian exclamation, a reference to sparkflickers. Blight it all – (Axies) presumably Siah/Aimian, but Axies is a traveler and could have acquired it elsewhere Dustmother—(Ton, a Bavlander in a Szeth interlude of WoK). Possibly Vorin? Glories within—(Szeth) Shin Stones Unhallowed -- (Szeth) Shin Kali’kalin’s ghost – (Rock) Unkalaki, possibly referencing a Herald Beautiful lights and fallen stars -- (Rock) Unkalaki Starlight-(Geranid) Speaker is a Vorin ardent with extended residence in the Reshi isles Spren It is not yet clear how spren culture divides, so instances are noted by speaker: Wyndle: “Sweet virtue” and variants of "Mother" including “Oh blessed mother” and "Oh Mother, oh Cultivation!" Stormfather: "Why in Damnation", an apparently Vorin appropriation. Unique or Uncategorized Drynets—a sailor curse implied to be quite inappropriate. Starving--unique curse used by food-obsessed Lift. Variants include "Starve me" Storming Mother of the World and Father of Storms Above. (Lift) Originally Reshi, Lift has travelled widely, so it is difficult to assign a parent culture. Blood of my fathers - So far only used by Dalinar, this may be a feature of the violent Alethi culture frozen -- (Malata) derogatory adjective, possibly Veden Past Eras, as seen in Dalinar’s visions Three Gods--(Taffa) Sweet wisdom of Battar--(Taffa) Worldhoppers Shadows—(Nazh) Threnody By purity's eye - (Nazh) Threnody? Damnation--(Azure) A Vorin curse, notable because Azure uses it ungrammatically as "Damnation me" and "Damnation these creatures," betraying her incomplete command of the language Oh God. Oh Adonalsium! - (Ash) Heavens, no--(Wit) Notable only for the lack of similar phrases by native Rosharans.
  7. Thank you for connecting those two dancing quotes for me, @FollowYourMuse. I was trying to figure out what "Ahu" was talking about, and those two together paint a better picture.
  8. Overall, I absolutely loved it. I was struck again and again by how much Brandon's skill has improved as a writer. I have immense faith in his ability to pull off this whole series with aplomb. One of the things we love about Brandon is his subversion of tropes, and I felt that with the OB climax he very cleverly subverted his own style by letting a number of characters fail that we thought would succeed. Thanks to encouragement from @FeatherWriter I decided to pseudo-liveblog my OB reactions. I've now finished the book and published the collected ranting, musing, theorizing, and fist pumping in this google doc. (Comments are enabled). I've spoilered a few highlights below. I am really glad to have recorded my thoughts as I read. It's fun to geek out to other fans, but more importantly it slowed my reading down so that I didn't get swept along to the ending too quickly. With several past releases, including WoR, I have regretted my automatic stay-up-all-night-to-finish approach to books because I got to the payoffs without time to reflect and let the tension truly build. Making scene-by-scene comments let me absorb the story more, and increased my enjoyment a lot. That's not to say that I didn't stay up all night at one point. My wife tolerates my Sandersobsession, but doesn't understand it. Her comment to me was, "It's a good thing he doesn't write books any faster than he does." I might have died a little when she said that, even though she's right about me losing days or weeks of my life every time there is a book release. If you do read my reactions, you will quickly notice that I was obsessed with Shallan's psyche. Her personas are easily the best part of the book for me. And that's saying a lot, because so many other things were amazing. I'm eager to jump into the discussion, but I haven't read any other posts yet so it may take me a while to get oriented to this incredibly area of the forums. In keeping with the thematic numerology, I've picked a top 10 from my reaction comments to highlight here.
  9. Regular Awakening and the creation of lifeless both require color to fuel the process. Is there a role for color when someone Returns? It's been a while since I read Warbreaker and I can't remember if there are descriptions of color draining in association with a Return.
  10. Fixed that for you. But I agree with the Shallan-keeps-secrets-from-everybody faction. She, Radiant, and Veil are going to find themselves all alone against the world.
  11. Would the metal components of a fabrial resist an allomantic push? (i.e. is the metal invested?) In my opinion these two are the most interesting of the ones you listed.
  12. @Personification I love your Sound of Silence by Lift. Thanks for sharing! I hope to see many more posts from you.
  13. This entry has duplicate text for everything both the questioner and Brandon say. I'm not sure if it's a formatting problem or a text problem. https://wob.coppermind.net/events/34-arcanum-unbounded-seattle-signing/#e5998 Also from the same event, this entry has no text or audio--i think it's simply empty. https://wob.coppermind.net/events/34/#e5994
  14. @jofwu I tried to work out the moonrise difference in Alethkar vs. Shinovar, and got far enough to confirm that yes, they definitely rise hours apart at different longitudes, but I couldn't get much more specific than that because the math is trickier than I gave it credit for, and I did something wrong in my calculations when I tried to move from the simplest case to comparing observations at different points on the continent with different angles to perigee. I started by trying to determine what eccentricity would be needed for the elliptical orbits so that the moons would cross the sky in "a couple to a few hours". We don't actually know how long the moons are in the sky or how their appearance in the sky relates to their perigee points, but @Leiyan describes the best guesses we have in this post. To recap (using 20-hour Rosharan time, as seen from Alethkar): Salas rises at sundown around 15:00, sets around 18:00 An hour of darkness Nomon rises around 19:00, sets around 02:00 Mishim rises around 02:00 (when Nomon sets), and sets near sunrise around 05:00. (Note: We have no real info on when Mishim sets, but it's presumably close to sunrise, since the moon-less hour between Salas and Nomon is the darkest of the night.) Kepler's laws tell us that an orbiting body sweeps through the area of its ellipse at a constant rate, so by comparing the areas of focal sectors of the ellipse, we get different amounts of time. The simplest case assumes that the moon crosses the sky at their fastest speed (i.e. they reach orbital perigee when directly above crossing the azimuth of the sky). This assumption cannot be true for the whole continent, but it's true somewhere so let's plug in the numbers. There is a simple formula for the area (pictured in blue) cutting the ellipse perpendicularly through one of the foci, and since [blue area / total area] = [time in sky / 20 hour day], we can change the eccentricity of the ellipse and see how that alters the amount of time from moonrise to moonset. Equation inside spoiler: When you do this, you get the following transit times (in hours): e=0.49 t=4.0 e=0.54 t=3.5 e=0.58 t=3.0 (value used for ellipse pictured above) e=0.64 t=2.5 e=0.69 t=2.0 Note that these are minimum times for the actual case. If perigee does not occur directly above the observer, the moon will take longer to cross the sky. This also means that not only will the relative timing to sunset and sunrise differ across the continent, but also the relative timing of each moon's appearance. (i.e. Nomon-rise and Mishim-set may not coincide for observers elsewhere on the continent--they likely appear in the sky together in many places, though it is possible that some places experience a short span of time with both moons below the horizon.) If we take the value that gives 3 hours in the sky (e=0.58) and use jofwu's measure of the semi-major axis (a=3.09x10^7 m), that gives us a distance at perigee of 1.3x10^7 m and a distance at moonrise/set of 2.05x10^7 m. That means that the moon will be nearly 60% further away when it rises and sets, and appear proportionally smaller. For the eccentricities above, that difference will is between 50% and 70%, and represents the lower bound of apparent size change, since a moon that (e.g.) rises at perigee will be an even greater distance away when setting. The math is a lot trickier if we want to determine when the moon rises or sets for other places on the continent, and/or if we stop assuming that perigee occurs in the middle of its transit. I'm not sure I'm ready to tackle that myself. If you've taken calculus more recently than than I have, you may want to check out the links in the spoiler box above. By the way: I believe this interpretation is correct. We've been told repeatedly that the 1.1 figure is exact, and it makes more sense to me that they would use even divisions of time for Rosharan hours than that they would hold to Earth hours in the text, especially since the difference is so minor (for those who haven't clicked through to jofwu's reddit link, this would make a Roshar hour 2 minutes, 11 seconds shorter than an Earth hour). Either way, the 3.5% difference should be well within the error of our other assumptions so I doubt it matters much which version you choose.