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  1. @Aleksiel, yeah, that's weird, I'm the one being quoted both times, not just the second time. The point I was trying to make by bringing up Jesus was that the artwork is not a realistic depiction of the Heralds. The Heralds may well have been of different races, I was just surprised that this would have been captured in the artwork. And finally, on the point of Jesus' skin colour, I'm not saying that he was very dark skinned, but he wouldn't have been what most people consider to be white. However, this is a deviation from the topic, and the point has been made, it would probably be best to leave it alone now.
  2. There's actually a more definitive WoP here: Aether's are canon, we just don't know where or how they're going to appear, or even if they already have.
  3. Some very good points here. On Jesus' race, I wouldn't consider Middle Easterners to be white. They're certainly not black, but there isn't a simple divide between "white" and "black". And on the subject of art, it's true that I'm not in any way an art historian (and even less so when it comes to religious art), so I'll readily concede the point here since you seem to know far more about this than I do. I suppose that the artists depicting him would use their own race as a reference point, so what you say does make sense. Being British, I suppose the standard image of him that I'm used to seeing looks something like this, which I think you'll agree is nothing like what he would have actually looked like. (Image in spoiler box for space.) I did consider that the Oilswarn might well not be Alethi (I don't believe that we know his nationality), which is why I based my reaction on Amaram's perception. While the Heralds are often depicted by sculpture, that doesn't mean that there aren't other forms of art used: I remember Shalash slashing up a painting in her interlude, the Ardents in Shallan's Devotary encouraged her to draw the Heralds, etc. Maybe the Oilswarn wasn't Alethi, and Amaram was used to seeing Alethi depictions of the Heralds. But then that would raise the issue of why the Oilswarn would have depicted them as different races rather than painting them all as his own race. And regarding the clothing, I'm actually not that surprised. Artwork is often held to different standards than people are in the societies that produce the said artwork. E.g. this Victorian painting of Adam and Eve: And Shalash is the Herald of Beauty, consider how similar figures from mythology are often depicted (e.g. Venus, Aphrodite, etc.).
  4. Yes they are per WoB:
  5. I'm actually more surprised that Shalash is depicted with dark skin. I would have expected all of the Heralds to have been depicted as Alethi as that's Amaram expected them to appear. This suggests to me that Vorin artwork of the Heralds depicts them that way, much like how Christian artwork of Jesus typically depicts him as being white despite how absurd that is.
  6. Yes, it is! Thank's so much. Have all the upvotes!
  7. Does anyone remember a WoB that said that there might exist evil honorspren? I've tried searching theoryland, @Pagerunner's excellent excel document of Reddit WoBs (not to mention a search of Reddit itself), and I've tried searching google for it, but haven't been able to find it. Either I'm severely misremembering, or it's buried somewhere that I've haven't thought to look.
  8. Okay, let's analyse these respective quotes and see what they are saying: In the first quote, the Voidspren seems to be saying: "come with us, I can't decide whether you will be allowed to join, but if you can fight, you'll probably be allowed to join us." In the second quote, the Radiant seems to be saying: "come with us, I can't decide whether you will be allowed to join, but if you can fight, you'll probably be allowed to join us." Your quote is a historical analysis of an event where a Radiant called Kazilah is executed for fraternising with "unwholesome elements". I presume you're thinking that Kaladin is in danger of following in Kazilah's footsteps. However, even if that analysis is correct, I don't see how that it is more similar to the Oathbringer quote than the WoK quote when those two are practically identical to each other. Moreover, if your analysis is right, I don't see how it necessarily invalidates my interpretation.
  9. I've been thinking about this a bit, and I don't think that the bird is an Aviar. I think the idea that only Shallan can see the bird is a little ridiculous, and I think the idea that Mraize would bring something as obvious as a bird, even an Aviar, with him while spying on Ialai to be absurd. No soldier would ever get away with carrying around a bird on their shoulder. I think the most simple explanation for this is actually that the bird belongs, not to Mraize, but to Ialai. She just didn't want to have to look after it herself, so she foisted it onto someone else, and that person happened to be Mraize.
  10. I agree with @The One Who Connects, I wasn't meaning to imply that Kaladin could become a Voidbinder as well as a Surgebinder. Either the Voidspren is, at least partially unaware of his bond to Syl, or she is going to try and break it. Given Syl's reaction to the Voidspren, there is absolutely no way that she would be happy with Kaladin bonding a Voidspren. While the spren may be attracted to the same people initially, I would be very surprised if they did not then lead them down very different paths. I suspect that the only way that we might see "dualbinding", is if a Voidbinder gets their hands on an Honourblade, or there's a Voidbinding equivalent to the Honourblades and the reverse happens. There's a couple of ways that we could approach this from. @Yata has already stated that he think's it's referring to Braize in the Cognitive Realm, and I agree with him, not least because of the fact that Khriss has stated that some of them may be Cognitive Shadows, and every Cognitive Shadow that we have seen has been in the Cognitive Realm. Shadows for Silence spoilers I'm sure that if I don't mention it, someone will bring up that the Heralds and the Returned are technically Cognitive Shadows, the difference there is that they have been given bodies, and most people wouldn't consider them to be spren, (although I suppose that could be another possibility, Cognitive Shadows with bodies). The other approach we could take would be to consider what precisely Khriss meant when she said that the splinters of Braize were self-aware. As is often pointed out on these forums, self-aware and sapient are not synonyms. Sapience is essentially higher intelligence such as is only observed in humans (in our universe). Self-awareness, on the other hand, is simply the ability to recognise that you exist separately from those around you and from the environment itself. Unlike Sapience, this is observed in many animals. I think it's unclear whether or not it could be applied to the lesser spren or not. I've been avoiding bringing up the Stormfather and the Nightwatcher since there's still much we don't understand about the former, and we know virtually nothing about the latter. They do seem to be following different rules to the other spren, but we don't really know enough to theorise on why. As for spren passing through Perpendicularities, I don't think that this is possible since they do not have physical bodies with which to pass through. Mistborn: Secret History spoilers On the point about the Voidspren potentially be fundamentally different: this is true, but that would give us nothing to speculate on. I'm working on the assumption that it functions similarly because it isn't at all helpful to assume otherwise. And your final point is entirely correct, it is indeed far from the only reasonable explanation. I actually avoided presenting this as a theory post, since I didn't think that there was enough evidence behind it and because there were too many branches in the speculation where it could go in different ways. There's actually quite a bit that I disagree with here. On point 1: we don't know why the listeners could not form Nahel bonds in the past, nor why they might be able to do so now (it hasn't been confirmed that they will be able to yet). However, I doubt that Honour was mandating who the spren could or could not bond. For one thing, the Radiant spren are partly of Cultivation as well as of Honour, so why wouldn't she get a say in it if it came down to the Shard's decision? And Cultivation is still around now, so why would she be okay with it now if she wasn't before? Also, in Dalinar's visions, we heard Nohadon say that the honourspren are more discerning than other types of spren in who they bond. This implies that the spren themselves had a choice and that they weren't being told who to bond by the Shards. What is more, if Honour did mandate that the spren never bond listeners, would that mandate really have ended simply because he died? He was able to force the Stormfather to deliver the visions even though he was long gone by that point. On point 2: I think it very unlikely that a spren's Shard being alive allows them to transition to the Physical Realm without losing their sapience. As I mentioned before, the Radiant spren are partly of Cultivation, and she's very much still alive. If we look at the Cryptics for a moment since they are apparently much more of Cultivation than they are of Honour, yet when Shallan restored her bond to Pattern, he came back, in Shallan's own words "Imbecilic". Surely if they were protected by their Shard being alive, he would instead have come back fully developed. On point 3: there are ten Orders of Radiants, that means that there are ten varieties of Radiant spren (or nine if you consider the Bondsmiths bonding their specific spren). There are thousands of varieties of spren altogether, to say that all of these are capable of forming a Nahel bond is absurd. We know that lesser spren existed back during the desolations because in Dalinar's Purelake vision one of the people there mentioned a riverspren. Honour's death increased the number of spren drastically, yes, but there were still lesser spren before his death. We also know that there are lesser spren of Cultivation as well as of Honour, and as I pointed out above, Cultivation hasn't been Splintered, which shouldn't be possible if they only come about by the spren dying. Not all spren are made of the same quantity of Investiture, the lesser spren are those not Invested enough to gain sapience.
  11. I think that's probably this WoB: I don't think this necessarily means what you suggest. At first, from Brandon's response, it seems like he's talking about Shallan's eyes getting lighter, rather than changing colour. He's saying, it's not the case that a person's eyes will get lighter by a set amount/proportion each time they "level up". When the questioner does bring up the colour itself at the end, they bring it up in relation to the Shards, not the Orders, and so Brandon might be interpreting the question differently. It doesn't help that his answer at the end is so hard to parse, I suspect it's a case where it would have made more sense if we had heard him talking, rather than just reading the transcript. Basically, the WoB could be saying that the only thing that becoming a Radiant changes with regard to the eyes is to make them lighter if they are not already light, or it could be saying that the eyes lighten if they are not already light and does not indicate whether they change colour as well. Certainly, the Honourblades, at least, change your eye colour. Szeth's eyes change from dark green to light sapphire when he summons it.
  12. So, I recently posted in the chapters 22-24 reaction thread about Kaladin's conversation with the Voidspren and compared it to the conversation that Dalinar had with the Radiant in his first vision in WoK. After thinking about it some more, I felt that it deserved its own topic. Given the similarity between these two conversations, I suspect that the Voidspren was talking about Kaladin's potential as a Voidbinder, just as the Radiant was talking about "Dalinar's" potential as a Radiant. So, let's use that as our base assumption. Why then, could the spren not offer to bond Kaladin herself. Obviously, the Radiant couldn't make such an offer since he wasn't a spren, but that isn't really an issue here. There are three possibilities that I can think of: The spren was lying, so as to test Kaladin's reactions. The spren is the wrong type of Voidspren and therefore has to leave it to a different spren. The spren is already bonded to someone. I would like to focus on the third possibility here since I think that it's the most interesting, and it would explain something that otherwise doesn't make much sense. How is the spren sapient? Every other sapient spren that we have ever seen has either remained Shadesmar or has been bonded to someone. This even extends to other worlds. (Elantris spoilers) So, how can this spren be sapient? The obvious answer is that she's bonded to someone. In that case, who could she have bonded? There are no obvious candidates, after all. If we assume that the Voidspren bond acts anything like the Nahel bond, then, firstly, given her level of intelligence, she must have been bonded to someone for quite a while at this point (which rules out the listeners). And secondly, that person must be nearby in order for her to retain her sapience. But then how is it that we haven't seen this person? Well, the person in question has to be a Voidbinder, so an obvious possibility is that they are hiding themself by the use of Voidbinding. However, as we basically know nothing of what Voidbinding can do, I'll refrain from speculating on the precise mechanism that they are using to do that. Another possibility is that the Voidspren bond does not work precisely like the Nahel bond. Perhaps the way that the Radiantspren slowly awake to sapience is the result of Cultivation's influence, and in a system in which Cultivation plays no part, the spren instead awaken to full sapience immediately, in which case it could be as simple as one of the listeners being the Voidbinder. Or the Voidbinder actually isn't nearby at all. This possibility is far less helpful for making predictions than the former, unfortunately. In any event, I am intrigued by the fact the spren is interested in Kaladin. What does it say that there is overlap in the groups of people who are suitable to attract a Radiantspren, and people who are suitable to attract a Voidspren? And could it be that we have finally "seen" Voidbinding, as far as it is possible to see that which is hidden, at any rate?
  13. Possession of an Honourblade definitely does not preclude a Nahel-bond, otherwise, Dalinar would have a serious problem right now. However, why would Nale want his Honourblade if he's got a Nahel-bond? He's still following the tenants of the Skybreakers, so if he did, he would have to be bonded to a highspren. What benefit, then, would he get from his Honourblade? If the spren could bond the Heralds, why did they never do so in the past? All of the evidence at this point suggests that Nale has no spren. At this point, there is no issue with assuming the truth of that proposition.
  14. Yes, we are sure that he doesn't have a spren. He was the Herald to went back for his Honourblade. Your quote comes from when Lift is tailing Nale back to his headquarters, it was only after spying on them there that they find out his identity. Wyndle's reaction to that information makes it quite clear that he had no idea who Nale was before that point. Of course, the proto-Skybreakers following Nale would have had a Nahel-bond. The Heralds definitely did not have one however, the spren copied the Honourblades, after all, therefore the Heralds came first.
  15. I've been thinking more about Kaladin's conversation with the Voidspren. Does anyone else think that this sounds suspiciously similar to what that Radiant told Dalinar in his first vision in WoK? Does anyone else think that this could be our first hint of Voidbinding?