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  1. Yup. This is good. A few edits I would make personally, but overall, this is amazing! :
  2. I probably did ask about Scadrial. I threw away the notecard I was using for my questions. I was reading Elantris while I waited in line. Maybe that mucked me up afterward.
  3. rust. You're right. I get them mixed up sometimes.
  4. Like I said. I pulled this from the Big List. Though we know another Godlike entity was headed there from the end of Shadows of Self. I don't recall if we got a name, since I don't have my book handy.
  5. My questions came out of the Big List of Questions thread: 1) Q:Did Hoid have anything to do with Bavadin showing up on Sel? A: RAFO. (Though interestingly, he asked me why I asked this question. I said I got it off a question list here and he stated that people had been trying to get him to say something on the subject for a while. Trying to pry information from him. Hence the RAFO.) 2) Q: How much of Harmony's manipulation of Wax was Hoid aware of? A: He knew what was going on. That's all I'm going to say. 3) Q: Is an Snapped Allomancer more likely to pass on the Allomantic ability than an UnSnapped one? A: Not necessarily. (I asked if it was pure genetics, then, and he initially said yes, then appended that with 'not just genetics. there's a spiritual aspect to it as well.') 4) Q: Is the flute that Vin saw in the Lord Ruler's secret room in WoA the same flute that Hoid gives to Kaladin in tWoK? A: RAFO. The origins of that flute will be revealed at some point. I hope that helps some people out! EDIT: To the poster above me here: What con were you at when you got that photo with Jason David Frank? I've always wanted to meet that man. A childhood hero there!
  6. As the holidays are in full swing, it seems out dear Brandon will be in Idaho Falls again. Barnes and Noble tells me he is doing a signing on Saturday the 28th at 4pm. So. Pick some fun questions from the Big List, and let me have 'em. I so enjoy this every year. Kinda makes me feel like a bigger part of the board! Ron
  7. I've been re-reading a lot of Cosmere novels for the last year or so and, after finishing Shadow of Self, it struck me: I am very impressed. Like, very. The way that the tie ins and hints and things are unfolding slowly over time. In the first novels, there was little. You really just had noticing Hoid running about. In the original Mistborn trilogy, specifically HoA, you got Sazed's little hints towards the bigger picture. In the Stormlight Archives ones we have thus far, things are get alot more blatant. And now in Shadows of Self we have the stuff in there. I am amazed at the patience, timing, and forward thinking that it took, and is taking, to bring this out in what feels like such an organic and original way. When I read The Wheel of Time I didn't think a serious could possibly get much more intricate or detailed (boy was he detailed! nauseatingly at times. lol), but now, watching the Cosmere unfold, Jordan has met his match. Ok. I'm done. But seriously. Wow.
  8. It'll be interesting to see the mythology that has popped up around the rings, assuming that's what they are, over the past three (?) hundred years. Considering how...tweaked...the history that we know is understood by modern society after all that time, there are bound to be some interesting stories surrounding those. I like that about Sanderson. I feel like it's almost like actual world history. There's what really happened, and then there's the way we understand it. As close as we come, sometimes we are VERY wrong.
  9. I just watched it myself. Meh. I agree with most of hte posters on here. Seemed kinda lazy, production seemed kinda shoddy, and it felt a little off. If you're going to do a whole episode for the prologue (an idea that i'm not against, mind you), you should at least show the last part with the creation od Dragonmount and the death of Lews Therin.
  10. Awesome. Thanks. Id missed that bit from Peter.
  11. Book one say explicitly that the Epics began manifesting powers 1 year after Calamity arrived. The prologue of this book seems to imply that it was almost immediate. Did I misread something?
  12. I dont have my books so i cant recall the name, but Jewels lifeless? He seemed a slightly grumpy sort...lll
  13. Shoot! There WAS a flower! I AM crazy! Lol
  14. Ok. Good. I knew i didn't remember a flower among his artifact. Nice to know i'm not going crazy. Now...theories as to what exactly the items are? Gemhearts are a given. But are we assuming some of these items come from other Shardworlds, based on the assumption that he is a Worldhopper?
  15. I don't have my copy of WoR with me right now, but I've been reading a lot on the forums about Mraize. I'd like to see a list of all teh artifact descriptions we have thus far. I may have missed some things there. I've only listened to it twice. For instance, I didn't get at all that he might have a Tear with him.