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  1. Taln is Idris Alba
  2. Unnnhhh It's 14 hours away
  3. See, from the title of the thread, I thought we were going to just be attributing existing cereals to the Shards or planets, and my mind connected a few before I even opened it. Froot Loops: Nalthian cereal. Very colorful and tropical, could see it in restaurants there tbh Cap'n Crunch: Honor's cereal! It's militaristic, and basically splinters when you bite down! Mini Wheats: Scadrian breakfast. Bland, made with basic wheat. Hopefully you can get inventive with the iron content. Lucky Charms: The personal cereal of Hoid. Only he can eat it and divine their secrets. Shreddies: Odium's cereal, for obvious reasons. Raisin Bran: idk, I feel like it's something Preservation would eat. People will still be eating raisin bran when the sun explodes and the world dies. It's timeless.
  4. Edgedancers: Not only is cutting off your fingers and immediately Regrowing them a sick joke to play in front of children, but it is also a complete waste of stormlight.
  5. A wood-burned map of Scadrial done after the style in the Mistborn Leatherbound Editions would be pretty cool.
  6. Ant-Man was good, but I can't abide their breaking science. Like, if you explain that the magic works a specific way, don't ignore it every other time it's used... The comedy and characters and story was gold though, I agree.
  7. 1. Avengers: Infinity War (It was perfectly made. No other movie got my heart pounding like that.) 2. Doctor Strange (Just such a great movie. Reminded me of a Sanderson book in many ways. Loved the magic and the characters journey, and it was paced perfectly.) 3. Black Panther (Solidly done, but a bit familiar. Awesome cast of characters.) 4. Spider-Man: Homecoming (Still home to my favorite villain, and Tom Holland rocks as Spider-Man. Did extremely well for a third reboot.) 5. (Honestly too hard to decide between all three of the Captain America movies, the first Iron Man movie, and Guardians of the Galaxy.)
  8. Argent trying to go disguised to cons, undetected by Brandon, is exactly how I imagine Hoid trying to go to Nalthis, undetected by Edgli.
  9. My personal recommendation: Read through the stories in Arcanum Unbounded (marked with an asterisk*) alongside their respective novels (in bold) . Selish System: -Elantris -Hope of Elantris* (Contains major spoilers for Elantris) -Emperor's Soul* -Selsih Essay* Mistborn Era 1: -The Eleventh Metal* (Optional, can also be read after the first Mistborn Trilogy) -Mistborn (AKA The Final Empire) -The Well of Ascension -The Hero of Ages -Mistborn: Secret History* (So much better here, but I have a controversial opinion. Major spoilers for Mistborn Era 1.) -Scadrial Essay* Warbreaker: -Warbreaker (Good contrast to Mistborn, definitely read before Way of Kings) Standalone (for now) Short Stories: -Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell* -Threnody Essay* -Sixth of the Dusk* -Drominad Essay* Mistborn Era 2: -Alloy of Law -Shadows of Self -The Bands of Mourning -Allomancer Jak and the Pits of Eltania* White Sand -White Sand (Prose, graphic novels are optional, but canon) -Taldain Essay* Stormlight Archive: -The Way of Kings -Words of Radiance -Edgedancer* -Rosharan Essay* -Oathbringer Unpublished Novels/Further Reading: -Aether of Night (Unpublished, so not canon. Optional.) -Annotations -Way of Kings (Prime)/Dragonsteel Prime chapters.
  10. For some of these qualms people have, I would just ask "What could he have done better? Give examples." And if they can't think of anything, their stance is unjustified. You don't have to like something, but don't invent reasons for not liking something that makes it sound like you don't know it at all. Some of the things I've heard some say is that the books tend to be slow to start. This one I agree with, but I'm not one to be turned away by a slow start as some are. I've also had people say that they don't like some of the things Brandon has done to characters. This comes down purely to opinion or taste on how stories should end, and therefore isn't necessarily something Brandon could do better. I can understand some people not liking the writing style. There are authors like Rothfuss or Hobb that have a beautifully written prose. Brandon's at times seems simple. I think that he does this on purpose and that it allows him to write faster and put out more content. It's also somewhat refreshing to read and not have to think overmuch about what a phrase means.
  11. Alas, Argent's topic is better!
  12. Exciting news! I myself don't have time to read the excerpt right this second, but I will before the day is out!
  13. True! It's also possible that some of Autonomy's Aspects/Avatars/Personas are allied with Odium, and some are not. Let's keep this free of OB spoilers, though, as this wasn't in that subforum.
  14. On this, I don't think he took on D&D alone. I'm almost positive Bavadin helped a lot as well, though it hasn't been confirmed.
  15. Just to jump in here, I agree that Felt is probably not a kandra, for most of the reasons @RShara said. But the point about Felt being a third son is pretty old; Brandon could have changed the canon since then. Still, I think the point about him not looking exactly Alethi and having the same body over 20 years would make me think he's not a kandra. Mrall could totally be the kandra, but for some reason, I've never liked the idea. People asked after WoR if we've seen the kandra yet, and Brandon was unsure. It seems unlikely he'd be unsure given Mrall's somewhat significant role. Then, more recently, he said that we did see them in Oathbringer, where Mrall had a much smaller role.