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  1. I found this on Howard Lyon's Facebook Page Looks like the full picture is both the front and back end papers, and is titled "One Less Threat".
  2. Wit is probably the most important worldhopper there is. He was there when Adonalsium shattered thousands of years ago, and possibly had something to do with it. The hints we've gotten in the books suggest that his goal is to somehow reassemble Adonalsium, but even that is dubious evidence, so we can't really say anything with certainty. Specific to Roshar, we know from the Letters that Hoid is working directly against Odium and is looking for aid. His goals in this happen to line up with Dalinar's in this way, but if it came to the destruction of Roshar in order to permanently get rid of Odium, then Hoid would let that happen (as he alluded to in the discussion you referenced). If you want to know more, here's 504 WoBs on the matter: https://wob.coppermind.net/basic_search/?query=Hoid (though most are probably RAFOs) Welcome to the Shard!
  3. Hyped. Mine might not be here till Christmas as I'm in Canada. Crossing my fingers though! Looks good.
  4. There's a Sleepless in the Kaza interlude. I'm sure there were more that were just not mentioned on screen.
  5. They must be up to something. o.0
  6. Prologue: Eshonai's thoughts referencing humans being the original Voidbringers.
  7. For the most part he figures out the culture of the person, then bases the names off of baby names from a similar country, with a little bit of tweaking. For example, Kelsier, Demoux and Vin are supposed to sound French, and Hammond, Elend and Straff are supposed to sound German.
  8. We've seen so far that the Prologues in the first five books are all happening during the same event--Gavilar's assassination. So far we've seen Szeth, Jasnah, and as of Oathbringer, Eshonai. Who do you think is next? Personally I hope it is Amaram, to perhaps give us some clarity on the Sons of Honor, or Elhokar, so we can see what he was talking to Nale and Kalak about.
  9. Thank you! I wish I was more respondent on this thread--you may have helped me to do so. I really like these ideas! Especially Prudence. I'm worried that Wisdom is what Brandon has in mind, as I agree it is somewhat lackluster. Prudence and Enlightenment both (to me) sound really cool for one thing, and would have more depth than simply "Wisdom". I agree that whichever the Intent of the Shard is that gets this mandate, it'll be the Shard that is hiding and surviving, biding their time, and that Odium would want to get rid of them. I am certain that this thread has at least put forth the Intent Brandon has settled on, we just don't know which. On Inspiration, I don't know why I didn't think of that particular word. It sounds more fitting that Charisma as an Intent, and fulfills most of what it's about. Though the specific mandate I have in mind is more of a combination of the two and something I don't think we really have a good word for in English. I was never really sold on Chaos, but of these, Curiosity doesn't quite feel 100% right either. If there is a Shard of Ingenuity (which I am increasingly finding more likely), I feel like Curiosity would be summed up with it. I like the mandate you're getting at, but I don't like any of the names you put for it. Maybe Satisfaction? Fulfillment? This would make a nice contrast to a hypothetical Shard of Curiosity or Ingenuity. You create, and then are satisfied to finish once it's perfected. It would also, on it's own, be a good Non-Intervention archetype. There definitely needs to be more discussion on which attributes are present in every Shard to an extent, even as a by-product of holding so much Investiture. Which is a good segue to comment on another post: I think a lot of this is more of a by-product on holding Investiture, and little to do with overarching Intents. Shards are eternal and immortal because of the Investiture that expands their soul and makes them unable to age. Ineffable because they are simply too vast in power for an unexpanded mind to comprehend, not because of an attribute like intentional mystery or ambiguity. I actually disagree with these two being something every Shard has to some degree: Immutability: I think it's actually very possible for the Shards to change. I think we've seen evidence of this with how Bavadin interprets her Intent; with how with new Vessels, Intents can be interpreted in different ways, almost like a filter (which we see with Odium calling himself Passion, and perhaps with Dalinar interpreting Honor as Unity); and with Harmony beginning to change over time into something more like Discord. Granted the Intents never change on their own, and Investiture is indestructible. I also think the Intent of Preservation would "sum up" Immutability as an intent. Immutability was one of the "Godlike necessities" that I came across in my own research, but dismissed as it is part of Preservation. Omnipresence: Harmony is a good example of this. He needs to be actively looking into something to see it, he doesn't see all. He relies on servants (kandra) to do most of his work. Ruin also showed that he could only speak to people and not hear their thoughts--opposite to Preservation. Many Shards may have a varying degree of future sight, as a by-product of being able to clearly see into the Spiritual Realm. To be clear, I agree that there may be something to do with Shards having commonalities as far as Intents go, but I would be hesitant to explain what is a by-product of Investiture as something that is an intentional godlike trait from Adonalsium. Welcome to the thread! Sorry about quoting your post out of order. Seconding @SilverTiger that Purity's Eye was already referenced in the Threnody Star Chart, which is why I included it in the OP. I think it is fitting for a godlike Intent, though I see why it's contested. On Wisdom, I expressed above that I hope it's something more overarching, but I agree that that's what we're being hinted towards. Both with the WoB that said "Surviving was a...wise thing for it to do", and Hoid's reference in Oathbringer. Your research was more extensive than mine. I appreciate the thought you've put into it; thank you for joining the thread. I like your categorizing (very similar to my own). If you don't mind me switching yours around a bit (adding in some hypothetical Shards and trying my best to follow your ): Combining the ideas of Shards having overarching similarities, and your idea of grouping into Physical, Cognitive, and Spiritual Ideals, I actually think that Each Shard has a bit of each Ideal in mind within its Intent. I can see this the most blatantly with the Shard of Cultivation. In many ways we see this related to cultivated crops, or symbiosis on Roshar on the physical side of things. But to purely label it a Physical aspect is very far from what we see of Cultivation. In addition to the physical examples I've already mentioned, she also cultivates people by messing with their Spirit Web, as seen with the Nightwatcher. She is very heavily on many levels beyond the physical, which makes it clearer that we shouldn't group Shards into categories like that. It's also hard to justify that thought and separate them into quadrants. I am interested in your thoughts on that. I think I am done for now, but now that the thread is more active, and in light of Oathbringer stuff, I may do an updated list of my 16 candidates.
  10. Maybe both of our responses to siblings and friends inquiring about plot elements like that should just be a RAFO and a sly smile. ....I also shamelessly taunt my family with "what if I told you [insert something ridiculous here] happens in Oathbringer" as I usually read the books before them. Or going, "Ohhh MY, I just learned something so COOL about Redacted that you would be interested in *sly smile*" I hope they don't hate me xD
  11. Mistborn SH spoilers:
  12. The thing Dalinar saw in the storm is probably a glimpse of the cognitive version of a normal spren, perhaps the type that can (when corrupted) animate stone to become a thunderclast. If you haven't yet, the Part Three Epigraphs podcast that our lovely moderators did last week has a lot of discussion on the sibling.
  13. Yeah, saying that that was his original end point is quite a stretch. I was definitely more of a "what if..." for him, or an entertaining thought.
  14. I think Cuisecesh is more likely an Unmade, it's a lot smaller than a Bondsmith Spren and has nothing to do with Urithiru, and people feel drained after leaving its presence.
  15. This would be adorable, actually. They're both somewhat awkward in their own right, and it would be interesting to see what an Ardent would think of Renarin's corrupted spren bond. I do think there would be some foreshadowing already if this were to happen, some mention of them working together maybe. I may have missed it if there is, though.