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  1. I have a hard time picking a marvel movie, but Black Panther had me considering it seriously. I agree with everything @TheOrlionThatComesBefore said.
  2. Ideally, it would be Nightblood, but it could reasonably be Secret Histroy 2, the Silverlight novelly, the Sixth of the Dusk followup, Wandersail, Dark One or something else. I just honestly hope it's cosmere. Though if it turns out to be Rithmatist 2 I wouldn't be disappointed.
  3. Here's their website : As of now, they are up for preorder.
  4. I really like the idea and it's worth thinking about. I'm sure that Brandon initially wrote them to suit the characters, but it does seem odd that they would be so prophetic. It's possible that Brandon added something in there to explain it, and no one's asked yet.
  5. Attracting the wrong kind of spren in Shadesmar would be fatal, but all are harmless in the Physical Realm.
  6. Amazing collection! I might rival you in signed books, but you definitely have me beat with paraphernalia! I especially like the pins, very nice. Do you have any of the vials of metal you can buy of Sanderson's shop?
  7. Brandon has said we've seen at least one on page, but he hasn't said where and as of yet we only have unconfirmed guesses.
  8. Good questions. First two are probably RAFO bait, but you tend to get him to answer the good ones. As for Iyatil, perhaps starting off with "Has Iyatil used the Metallic Arts?" But if you asked the Misting question and he hemmed and hawed that would confirm that she's had a spike.
  9. Looking forward to meeting you on the Sunday! This is my first con as well, so I am unable to answer. The autographs for most of the actors at ECCC seem to cost money, but I haven't seen anything like that for the authors. I'm hoping there's a way to record, and would also like to know what kinds of protocol there are that might be different.
  10. Is it bad that I'm mostly just excited because I know it means Mistborn is next? I totally agree with what you two said, and I'll read and enjoy whatever he writes, but my first thought when I saw it at ninety percent, was "ooh yay, Mistborn's soon!"
  11. Thanks for pulling the quotes. So ask if Yolen is the first land? I suppose that would at least confirm it. And if it's a no, then that would give us an interesting takeaway.
  12. I think as most humans originated from Yolen, that would be a way for Brandon to slide out of the question. But I might be able to ask if Yolen was one of the seven worlds. I do seem to remember a similar question, maybe I can find it on arcanum.
  13. I'm really excited about asking some him the assorted ones, as I feel like those might actually be answered for the most part. My obsessive Shard stuff will mostly be RAFO bait, so I'll maybe do one of each, and get my dad to do one of each, and then we each get some assorted ones in until he tells us to move on. My friend may make some of his own questions, but if he doesn't he'll take from mine. So obviously any questions I add to my list aren't guaranteed to be asked, but it's always better to have more questions than not enough. On another note, does anyone have any questions for Patrick Rothfuss? Is he a RAFOer too? I'm going to get at least two books signed by him as well so to fill in that time well (and not yell at him for stalling on the third) I'll need a question.
  14. @hoiditthroughthegrapevine I added/reworded a few. I particularly like the shadesmar mechanic questions, though I may have to hand them out on cards to other attendees if I don't get all of mine asked. No idea how many I'll be able to get in at a con so we'll have to see. Thanks for the input!
  15. But if we capitalize it, it's an easy way to distinguish "Shardic Intent" meaning the mandate, intent, drive of what the Shard generally wants to do/the name of the Shard, and the "intended actions of a Shard". Just a lot easier to say & less time to type, and less confusing for a reader. Shardpools also aren't written in the books, but we still use that as a specific type of Perpendicularity. Until we have a canonical word for it from Brandon, this is the easiest way to distinguish, and even if it's not "correct", it's widely accepted and easily interpreted.