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  1. You could try contacting Team Sanderson in an email, I'm sure Adam can clear it up for you as well.
  2. This is HUGE! Finally, confirmation that you need to use metal everywhere in the Cosmere for Spiking.
  3. Any Sharders got any juicy questions in yet?
  4. The top one is a (signed) photograph of Brandon pouring glowstick liquid into a weird puddle. It was for a convention/fundraiser thing a few years back (possibly part of a calendar). The bottom one is a painting of Patrick Rothfuss with a sonic screwdriver that I believe you can find at tinker's packs. I also have Steve Argyle's print of Vin on the wall to the left of those, and the cosmere star charts to the right of the book shelf.
  5. My Sanderson Shelf (+ a few). A few of my books are missing in this picture, including White Sand Vol 1, one of my Emperor's Souls, and Snapshot. (Also, notice the Advance Reading Copy of Way of Kings that we won from Tor) Book 8 of Wheel of Time is signed by Robert Jordan, and most of the Sanderson books are signed/signed and numbered. My best number is #26 (Shadows Beneath) followed by my Elantris 10th anniversary edition (#91). A few trinkets up there as well, some coin books, a little tree, bookends from the British Museum, signed RAFO card, etc. I have another bookshelf, but it's disorganized and small so I don't think I'll post it just yet.
  6. 1. Dalinar is the prime suspect for the murder of Sadeas, and Adolin struggles with his guilt and his protectiveness of his family, finally admitting his crimes and accepting the punishment in order to spare Dalinar. Adolin sees the shame in his father's eyes as he's led out of Urithiru to be exiled. In his absence, Dalinar comes to grips with it, and forgives Adolin, prodigal son style. 2. WoB says Kaladin's parents are alive, but may be in a less-than-optimal state. Kaladin arrives at Hearthstone too late to save the majority, only to find his father holed up with the rest of the refugees who finally (conveniently) got over their fears of medicinal practice. His mother may be unconscious. Roshone is dead, leaving a broken Laral in charge, who remembered Kaladin's father just in time to save most of the town. Kaladin's father can't speak to him after he find's out about Tien's death, leading to Kaladin not revealing his "status change" until absolutely necessary. 3. Kaladin takes the refugees with him to Kholinar, trying to figure out how to use the authority Dalinar gave him without his father finding out. Mom finally wakes up and catches Kaladin talking to Syl (who chose to show herself to her, because she know's what's good for Kaladin). This leads to complications, but his mother takes everything a lot better than his father. 4. Dalinar is mortally wounded, then healed by Renarin. 5. The Stormfather will finally be summoned as the biggest, most epic Shardblade, saving the day. 6. Hoid "educates" Jasnah. 7. Nale's change of heart leads him to confront Ishar, and many of the proto-Skybreakers side with Ishar instead, except Szeth. 8. Oathbringer (the sword) gains a new bearer. 9. Navani finds some new toys in Urithiru, leading to fantastic breakthroughs in fabrial technology. 10. The Ghostbloods are actually not as bad as we've been lead to believe, and Shallan is forced to choose between Jasnah and her new family. Some of those were random thoughts and some have been stewing in my head for a very long time. I'm probably wrong about them all, but I've put them down anyway to see if I'm right later.
  7. I don't think it's been confirmed that she is a dragon, but it's an interesting theory (we know that not all the Shards have human Vessels). Some WoBs I remember are "Trell has been many things over the eons" which fits nicely with that weird one about Bavadin having entire pantheons dedicated to her, in which all the members are her as well (male and female). We don't really know too much about dragons yet, other than that they can appear as human, so we can't say for sure that that's what it is. I agree that something fishy is going on,, though.
  8. Emperor's Soul: Alloy of Law: Shadows of Self: Bands of Mourning:
  9. I'll give this a try, sounds fun. White Sand: Elantris: Mistborn: WoA: HoA: Secret History: Mistborn Over All: Warbreaker: WoK: WoR: Might do some more later. Enjoy!
  10. "Shardpools" was a fan-invented term as well, though one that Brandon has taken to using. The all-encompassing term is actually "Perpendicularities" though they come in more forms than Shardpools. EDIT: Also, "Shardholders" as a name for someone who holds a Shard of Adonalsium is another one that fans made up, that Brandon started using. It was often confused with Shardbearers, so Brandon changed the name to Vessels in Secret History. We should be using that term now instead of the old one.
  11. I feel like Moash's story would be much more satisfying if he became a bigger minor antagonist, fighting to choose his friendship of Kaladin over his hatred of the king. I don't want a redemption arc either, but some of that inner conflict at a key point wouldn't be amiss. I'd be okay with him having to die in the end as well (though of course Kaladin would feel bad about it).
  12. I think we know enough by now to say that this probably wouldn't work. It might on Sel, but not off-world. Since you need the Dor to power anything, it wouldn't matter what kind of key you use, if there's no power to unlock. If you brought the Dor with you somehow, and did the Aon Rao trick, then it might work.
  13. It's possible that he's an Amian of some sort as well, but I don't think there's anything to disprove it. The idea has been raised before, particularly on the "where's WalDo" thread.
  14. Getting started on the Signing Line Thanks for posting!
  15. On my first read of Mistborn, I was a bit confused at the beginning as well, especially when Vin was still calling allomancy her "Luck". I was quite young at the time so perhaps I can blame that. The issue with the mysteries that you mentioned, is partially because it's the author's second book, and the fact that "there's always another secret" is highlighted a lot as a theme of the novel. Some of what you said about Sanderson trying to hook you in with giving you a glimpse of something and not explaining it makes sense. But at the same time, Sanderson is a very "show, don't tell" author, and while it can be confusing for the reader at first, Mistborn allows you to learn about the magic alongside Vin, which gives a convenient excuse for the author to "tell" about the magic through Kelsier's training. I just reread the first Mistborn novel this month, and each time I do, I'm blown away by the foreshadowing that Sanderson puts in there, Reen's voice, stuff about Atium, etc. You can clearly see that Sanderson has a plan in mind for the series, but it's very hard to guess it. A lot of the characters don't get any growth until the second book, which you probably found out, which is my only serious problem with the first book. In answer to your question then, though it may be a biased opinion, is yes, you should definitely keep reading. I'd recommend starting with Warbreaker. It's a little slow at the beginning, but even then you start to care about what happens to the characters. I also think it contrasts and reflects the first Era of Mistborn quite well. Instead of dark and depressing, it's light and colorful. There's a lot of humor in it, and the plot is very fulfilling in the end as it ties together. It was written before Wheel of Time was finished though, if I recall correctly, so you may not quite get the feeling of vast improvement like you did with the second Era. The Stormlight Archive is also excellent, and the characters are all much more interesting. It's one where you can see Sanderson's growth at writing character. It's also been described as the series that's close to his heart, the one that's been growing in the back of his mind for a few decades, so he's putting everything he has into it. I will warn, however, that the series is only two books (and a novella) in so far (out of ten), but each one reads like a trilogy, and has several climax points. If you don't like waiting for books, it may not be the series for you, but most of us here consider the wait well worth it (and Sanderson is a machine when it comes to writing, so the waits aren't going to be as long as the wait for Doors of Stone or Winds of Winter). The third book will be coming out in November, though, so we're already decently into the series. Anyways, hope my rambling wasn't too long. Welcome to the Shard!