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  1. I believe Brandon has said that he will cameo, but he wants to die in every scene he's in (like the ultimate redshirt). I think it would be more enjoyable if he was a worldhopper of some sort, but this idea is fun too.
  2. It's possible that he's an Amian of some sort as well, but I don't think there's anything to disprove it. The idea has been raised before, particularly on the "where's WalDo" thread.
  3. Getting started on the Signing Line Thanks for posting!
  4. On my first read of Mistborn, I was a bit confused at the beginning as well, especially when Vin was still calling allomancy her "Luck". I was quite young at the time so perhaps I can blame that. The issue with the mysteries that you mentioned, is partially because it's the author's second book, and the fact that "there's always another secret" is highlighted a lot as a theme of the novel. Some of what you said about Sanderson trying to hook you in with giving you a glimpse of something and not explaining it makes sense. But at the same time, Sanderson is a very "show, don't tell" author, and while it can be confusing for the reader at first, Mistborn allows you to learn about the magic alongside Vin, which gives a convenient excuse for the author to "tell" about the magic through Kelsier's training. I just reread the first Mistborn novel this month, and each time I do, I'm blown away by the foreshadowing that Sanderson puts in there, Reen's voice, stuff about Atium, etc. You can clearly see that Sanderson has a plan in mind for the series, but it's very hard to guess it. A lot of the characters don't get any growth until the second book, which you probably found out, which is my only serious problem with the first book. In answer to your question then, though it may be a biased opinion, is yes, you should definitely keep reading. I'd recommend starting with Warbreaker. It's a little slow at the beginning, but even then you start to care about what happens to the characters. I also think it contrasts and reflects the first Era of Mistborn quite well. Instead of dark and depressing, it's light and colorful. There's a lot of humor in it, and the plot is very fulfilling in the end as it ties together. It was written before Wheel of Time was finished though, if I recall correctly, so you may not quite get the feeling of vast improvement like you did with the second Era. The Stormlight Archive is also excellent, and the characters are all much more interesting. It's one where you can see Sanderson's growth at writing character. It's also been described as the series that's close to his heart, the one that's been growing in the back of his mind for a few decades, so he's putting everything he has into it. I will warn, however, that the series is only two books (and a novella) in so far (out of ten), but each one reads like a trilogy, and has several climax points. If you don't like waiting for books, it may not be the series for you, but most of us here consider the wait well worth it (and Sanderson is a machine when it comes to writing, so the waits aren't going to be as long as the wait for Doors of Stone or Winds of Winter). The third book will be coming out in November, though, so we're already decently into the series. Anyways, hope my rambling wasn't too long. Welcome to the Shard!
  5. Spren based themselves off the Honorblades, so I figure they were Blades first, which is why they're stuck in that form when they "die".
  6. The location dependent thing is only because the Unmade that causes death rattles can only affect certain areas at a time. What happens is, the Unmade uses the spark of death to glimpse into the Spiritual Realm to see a possibility of the future. The Cognitive Realm isn't really used in this ordeal, which is why I think you're right that the fragment collected wasn't a Death Rattle, but wrong about whether they're bonding a spren.
  7. I suppose that makes sense. Though, I think it's likely that the person in the hospital was truly a proto Lightweaver, and the amount of Radiants is what drew the Cryptics. I'm not even sure how they would be able to spy on Taravangian from the Cognitive Realm, unless they hear the death rattles as well.
  8. Pattern was bonded to Shallan for a long time before she came to Kharbranth, as well, and I think Pattern would have said something if he had been spying on Taravangian before Shallan progressed in her Oaths (that is, if he remembered).
  9. @Yata what I'm trying to theorize is why Elantrian's magic doesn't work in Teod, and why Dakhor does. I'm going to get into Secret History spoilers in here. Elantrians need the Dor for their powers to work. This presumably means that there is a huge buildup of the Dor in the Cognitive Realm equivalent of Elantris, because the Aons work there. Dakhor works in Arelon and Teod, but Elantrians need the Dor to draw upon in order for their power to work. Elantrians can live off the Dor's Investiture even off world, so long as they have built a pipeline of the Dor from Sel. We know this from Secret History (Or we think we do). This means that we can assume Elantrians can use their powers anywhere with the Dor. Elantrians can't use their powers in Teod. I theorize that this is because there is no Dor around that part of Sel, otherwise Elantrians would have power to draw on. The Dakhor must have Investiture inside of them at all times instead of drawing on the Dor like the Elantrians, otherwise they wouldn't be able to use it in Teod, like the Elantrians. Now, Teod is part of the Arelish culture, but no one from Teod becomes an Elantrian while living in Elantris. When you look at Aons, they always take the shape of the landscape of Arelon, not Teod. Teod is included in the culture of the continent, but not the magic. I think it's safe to assume that there is no Dor around Teod for Elantrians to draw on, but that they would be able to in areas of Fjordell that do have the Dor. I'm just stating what you know and then what I think we can extrapolate from that logically. I'm not sure where you're getting your facts from, but if you can back them up I'll believe you.
  10. If they went to areas that had the Dor around them, then I presume they would be able to. Similarly, if they brought the Dor with them with a pipeline, they would be able to operate. We've only seen Elantrians travel to Teod, where their power didn't work. Another theory is that Elantrians constantly draw upon the Dor for their strength, while Dakhor could be drawing on their own strength, after being Initiated by the Dor.
  11. When Odium Splintered Devotion and Dominion, he locked their power in the Cognitive Realm, where it melded into what we know as the Dor. At some point, the Dor also began to permeate the landscape of Sel (as the Cognitive Realm is still reliant on position), which led to the Dor basing itself of of the map shapes. The reason the Dor is only powerful in some areas is because, well, that's where the Dor is trapped on the Cognitive side of things. Elantris likely has a larger spot of Dor, as does Fjordell and the rest. Perhaps the reason the Dakhor monks could use magic around Elantris is that they were still powering it with the Dor that was there, and the reason it doesn't work in Teod is because the landscape there lacks the Dor's presence.
  12. Brandon has recently said that the name will make sense once we read the book, so I assume that there will be an in-world book named "Oathbringer".
  13. I just reread Mistborn, and the pace of the book seems perfect to me. Much of the politics helps you understand what's happening, and I don't really find it that boring in Mistborn. I'm also blown away my the amount of foreshadowing going on that you wouldn't be able to pick out unless you've already read the trilogy. There are a few "more exciting" bits scattered throughout, but the story doesn't only revolve around that. It's more about Vin learning about friendship, the skaa's hope. It might help if you listened to the audiobook, as it's more passive and lets you do other things at the same time, also, you don't accidentally skip chapters when the action picks up. Not sure where you are in it, but if it's early on, you'll get into it very soon. As a standalone, it's my second favourite Sanderson book.
  14. Well, we have a WoB that says there's a Shard who's pool is on another planet. It could be Odiums, if his is on Roshar.
  15. Word count is 520k opposed to WoRs 481k (if I recall the numbers correctly)