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  1. I'm afraid that you're right. Though my plans for Astoria are fairly open after the current attack starts. So the best I could do is give a bullet point write up based on the Bloody Mary goes nuclear after Nighthound's death scenario we threw around before.
  2. To be fair, the fighting "skills" can probably be rolled in with enhanced agility. Unless Calamity also beamed knowledge of specific fighting styles in his head, which would be kinda weird in the first place.
  3. Well, now that I think about it, Winterspell was just about to start his public duel. So if that post is meant to be in continuity, he won't find him in his fortress.
  4. Maybe you exploded yourself as a form of regeneration and took longer to come back than expected?
  5. Assuming they can get a grab on Nighthound. He'd probably be screwed.
  6. Fun fact. Humans don't sink in lava (unless thrown in with considerable force) instead bouncing/floating on top of it. So there's actually a chance Nighthound could survive a vulcano, depending on some details and the initial dip not killing him.
  7. I appriciate the offer but no thanks.
  8. Nah. You go ahead and try to get yourself killed.
  9. Seastrider is Voidus actually. We do have our Epics listed in a group document. Probably should give you the link when I get home, if only so you can add yours. (though I think Winter offered it to you at some point? Might be able to find it by backtracking through some pages) For context, Deterrence is my one High Epic and pretty much an anti-Epic weapon. Dowsing, Canceling, Assuming. Being ambushed by her away from armed guards while all in the same place is pretty much worst case scenario. Mephistopheles meanwhile has no direct combat powers, instead able to kill people if they break their word, even if it's just a sarcastic "yeah sure." The end goal here is to pretty much conquer everything by forcing the rules already in place to swear their loyality.
  10. I should probably ask, do you know the powers of the Epics involved?
  11. Well, I could retcon my city's plan to move to Brisane instead to get you involved (assuming @Voidus doesn't mind the change in plans) and a flying city would be rather capable of just appearing out of nowhere. Problem is that they current MO would be setting up mock political negotiations to leverage Mephistopheles' power and if they do intend to just outright attack, that'd likely mean just dropping Deterrence on the TEN, eliminate them without witnesses and then deny any involvement. Not looting the city.
  12. So after finally catching up with all those Waste land posts (good stuff), I'm inclined to ask: @Hemalurgic_Headshot what's up with Hardhat and power surpressing headbands?
  13. Similairly, there's the problem that until he conquered a territory he'd be near powerless. So he'd have to come into power without power. Unless this power conviniently fell into the lap of a high ranking offical. I also apologize this didn’t come earlier. I apparently missed that you made some power profiles.
  14. Talking about timelines, Epics didn't really become a thing until one year after Calamity. And even then, High Epics taking over and making society collapse would probably take a bit as well. Well, that call would probably be easier to make if we had an idea just what capabilities the of the city is. *hint hint short profiles* .ph34r:
  15. Nope, the Wasteland got an entire city. Courtesy of Fallzone. *tips imaginery hat*