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  1. Honestly? Seeing how superpowers don't really have a limit on what they can do (unless placed by the setting in question) you're never going to get a system that's actually going to be superior to just giving a proper power profile. There's just no way to format a system that can elegantly express every possible power combination the human mind can think off, way too much variables. Plus, it's not like "Can throw fireballs" is that much longer than Blaster 5 of whatever, at the same time it holds slightly more information. You still need some way to denounce projections etc, because it does affect the fight in several ways. Be it the fact that just taking out the immediate source of danger won't actually end the fight (and might not even be the best way to do so) and to express the quality vs quantity situation of the threat.
  2. Taking this line by line. For the purpose of this system, we concentrate on threats/applications of a powers, so we don't. Unles the aesthetic changes how you aproach the super in question (such as their glitter being able to blind people.) Though if you really wanted to, you could design an additional category for Aesthetics/Style. Depends a bit on the power category. Offense is a bit unique in that range is one of the biggest differences between the types. For all/most other categories it'd be part of the threat rating (that is to say, the number you insert for X) with higher range translating to a higher rating. That tends to be more system limitations than power limitations, really. Epics just have an inherent resistance to gifting and mindcontrol. Similairy, powers and Worm basically never make a difference between parahumans and normal humans (except for some trump powers that can only affect parahumans, like power negation etc). As such, there's no real need to make it a subrating in any given system. Same goes for the whole "affect living material" really. Exploding something from the inside out with no limitations is just too high a power level that basically no setting just let's its suers do that. The few exceptions that do have such powers can probably just be captured under a high threat rating. Well, what do you want to use the system for?
  3. And thus the sleeper awakens after a hellish string of nightshifts finding that he missed a bunch of interesting discussion on power classification and stuff. As this cannot stand, the topics shall be carried back to the surface. (Expect rambling) Honestly, the biggest problem with the system might actually be that it forgets its own purpose fairly frequently. That is to say, a system to give their response troops a quick overview of what tactics are suited to combating the super in question. For that, classifications like Changer are utterly useless. Okay, so the super can change into another form? How do we deal with that/those alternative form(s)? I dunno, let's add more tags! (Breaker has a similar problem, but at least has some use in that the operatives know to, if possible, aim for the vulnerable not powered state.) Though, while we're listing categories which have multiple vastly different meanings, Trump encompases both powers that alter/grant the powers to/of other people (which already is a fail for the system in that it requires different tactics, but at leas fits together mechanically) and supers that can shift through different sets of powers themsevles, which is vastly different and also suffers from the above problem of telling you nothing wit additional tags. Weirdly, this reminds me of the Puff equivalent of the sword in the stone. If you go with a threat system abstracting it by removing mechanics would likely help with cutting out useless categories. On the flip side, as you yourself kind of adress, this can lead to a bloat in the categories which are relevant, making it rather cumbersome and thus impractical to relate the information quickly. Though, I do have an idea on how to fix that. Short code, so just OX (X standing for any given value of the power score) for an offensive power, for example, to cut down the word usage. (Which also means that same initials are to be avoided, so I'd change Deception to Control, but more of that in a bit) Though, even then just going with "Offensive" is fairly vague. If nothing else, you at least need to now the range of the attack power. For that we can either add more categories, which would bring us closer to the Worm system again and thus defeat the point of the system. What we can do to solve the problem is subtypes, along with a two digit system for the short code. So for example O0X is an eternal/touch power such a super strength or natural claws, while O3X is the ability to fire some kind of beam attack. (Similairly, you could make a combination code of OD0X for Brute power sets.) For other categories you could have, let's say C1X for information control, C2X for controling minions and C3X for controling other people outright. I suppose a stricter coding for the power scale than just "strong" might also help. For example, if type one Logistic powers (L1X) anre mobility powers you could seperate powers that only move the user (enhanced agility, flight) and those that can be used to move groups od people (creating vehicles or group teleportation) in odd numbers (only user) and even numbers (groups). Similairly, syntax can be used to seperate relation amongst the powers. For example, if a super can control minions/people, put powers that the super themself can use before the part of the code that denounces such minions and the parts that relate to the minions behind. So for example: Nighthound: OD0X L1X(odd) C3X M1X (Let's say M1X is the code for gifting) Rachel: C2X OD0X L1X(even) (For those that don't know, that one is a Worm character that can turn dogs into giant monster dogs, making them more durable and suitable to act as mounts for the group) Now, the proposed system I just build from your pitch has one glaring problem I'm sure you all noted. It's as complicated as all stages of Damnation combined, which means I doubt it's a system that would ever catch on for casual use. However, it'd be fairly ideal for expert use, such as the PRT. If only because it means nobody else can easily decypher their notes.
  4. Technically that's Lesser Epics. Minor Epic is a term Voidus made up for the bottom of the barrel that was the MEE.
  5. Correction, there is no dere at all in that relationship on Ray's part.
  6. Man, I always miss the best things. Stupid time zones. Anyway, having just moved out on my own, I can pretty much confirm this. Weirdly enough, those last 20% may be the hardest part.
  7. If it's after the merge, I assume some kind of shared perception. The memories from before that are another matter.Which, I don't think Taya want's to look that his breain that in-depth. What was the plan for the motivator again? It already being made from people that manged to get their hands on some valuable healing and possibly controling people DNA or it being made from stuff Red carries around? I remember both being thrown around.
  8. Have we set it up around Nighthound specifically? A lot of the pieces seem to have fallen into place just through coincidence.
  9. Man, here I'm just going with the flow and somehow you guys manage accidentally set up everything for the worst case scenario. Anyway, I'm going to make time once the Nighthound bit gets involved, no matter what, so as far as I'm concerned setting it off ingame happens whenever Drake manages to set things up.
  10. Does she keep them written down in her little red book to keep track?
  11. Look at that, Red got a nemesis and didn't even need to work for it.
  12. The Metal. Yeah, Florida is fairly hard for people to carry around, unless it's like expanded to stuff/people from Florida. Congratulations! You win a cookie!
  13. Hey, weaknesses don't need to be grand. One of my Epic's weakness was getting their head patted.
  14. Figuring Voidgaze's weakness out is pretty darn hard, unless one obsessively stalks her and measures the time her resurrections take to connect them to something else. Nighthound's weakness, funnily enough, is something you'd only really figure out if you try not to kill him. (or at least not instatnly)