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  1. Would a comic mind blowing effect actually do anything but leave your face a bit sooty? Actually exploding heads on the other hand... that'd certainly give her a reputation. And then people lose their eyeballs and go blind every time they meet her. You know what? I'm sure that with science advancing, you could make motivator implants. Meaning this would be actually possible. Right, there's a bit of a grey are on what is Fortuity level (For example, where's resurrection that makes it nearly impossible to permanently remove the Epic but doesn't make taking them out of the action for a while) but in general I agree. On the instakills, it's not just abilities like plasma beams that are bad news. Once people start packing guns, many offensive superpowers end up being slightly underwhelming. Assuming battles are actually lethal of course, but if they aren't supposed to be, then there's no reason to be worried about insta kill powers anyway. There's the matter of dodging and accuracy, so conditions should maybe be a tad more restrictive than just pointing at people but the general concept isn't a flat out no.
  2. RP started in Spetember 2023 and we set Steelheart's death in 2025. So definetly over a year, possibly two. Edit: Oh wait, the actual destruction. Never said much about that but where shooting for early 2024 at the latest. Meh. Not much unknown relevant information left, really. And even if, no harm done and we just continue with what we setteled on.
  3. I myself am leaning more to pre-. But we haven't actually setlled that as a group yet, I think.
  4. That's... encouraging? That's a good question actually. We don't have a GM in charge yet to veto secrets, so unless we assign somebody, I'd say we should default to openness. We're reviving the Reckoners RP. With the current idea being to take some of the old characters and have them migrate to a city in Canada after the destruction of Oregon. Both Epic and normal characters are allowed to players. As things stand the game is planned to follow mostly character driven plotlines, instead of setting up one big goal players are forced to follow. Though, to keep things simple, I'd say new characters should either be oregon refugees or citizens of the not yet decided on canadian city.
  5. Now I'm imagining some kind of normal people represantative called Mr Maple.
  6. Is this the right moment to mention that a giant pug as a mount is something I've actually written?
  7. The Book of Revalations forgot to mention to Colorful Rider upon her pug.
  8. The Faithful Maple church has a nice ring to it. I now have the hilarious mental image of a bunch of nearby cities coming together in a crisis meeting, because sparks, the crazy Oregoners are coming over.
  9. They couldn't use their power, so the corruption wouldn't come either. They might very well be driven insane with constant panic attacks though. I'm thinking of carrying Voidgaze over, so that'd be one high epic. Perfectly fine with not having any others. Seeing how she's having her little following already, might as well throw in some of the Thoughttown Vanillas that hang around with her. My mind floats around ideas like Ambient Sparkle, but then it always sounds like it's related to that other Sparkle. Sounds like a fun character though. So what's the canadian equivalent of vanilla? Maple syrup?
  10. Fair enough. We should probably hold a vote or something. Thanks. That's about as nice as a picture of someone beat bloody can be. (Seriously, it’s a nice drawing, I like it. )
  11. Slightly leaning towards Canada, I think. Eh, I'd vote against that. Too much for each player too handle with relatively little room for contact with other players.
  12. To be fair, he's kind of dead now, so it's perfectly possible she managed to escape before anyone could come around to her position. She was fun, for as much if a monster she was. And for what it's worth, as long as she didn’t try any double crossing, her survival chances were probably the best out of any of the girls. Yeah, she probably makes the second place on hee do not want list after Nighthound himself. Oh yeah, we'll need new strong slontzes. Most people on the carry over list seem either not that bad or not that strong. How would she react to Nighthound's killer? He's Kobold’s yeah. Actually did anyone tag him yet to see if he's interested yet? Nighthound didn’t kill her at least. Might decide that she’s tagging along with Ray and Voidgaze. Let's hope for her sake that Neverthere didn’t get her hands on her again.
  13. Happy to hear one of mine is requested like that. To be fair, without Nighthound around her behaviour is probably going to be somewhat different, just from the change of circumstances, but she did deserve that break. That's... good? Man I'm sure Ray really hoped to be finally rid of her.
  14. Good. The girl deserves some standards.
  15. God, that's even worse than having to live with Backtrack as your boyfriend. (I'm just gonna assume ex. ) Still around post Steelheart is in the running too.