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  1. @Cognizantastic Wow, I'm impressed by the effort.
  2. One of you could spike out the personality of the other, so we would always run into you two at the same time?
  3. He hasn't been on the site since December last year according to his profile, so unless the Oathbringer release happens to bring him back, I wouldn't expect an answer.
  4. Nighthound slipped away from the collaborations attack on Corpsemaker at the first chance he got. His sister should be able to handle it. Either way, it wasn’t like Corpsemaker or any of his flunkies could kill her. The worst that could happen was some bruises to her ego, at which point he would have to listen to her talking about all the mistakes everyone but her made. He really hoped they weren’t about to spark this up. Once Corpsemaker was out of the way, the mock alliance between them and Thoughttown would come to an end. Lightward’s Empire of light would presumably follow soon. Either way, today was the last day their guards would be down towards him and he had nothing to gain from not backstabbing them. What better moment to pick off his prey? He left Ray and C4 out as bait in a house not far away from where they had send in Voidgaze. It hadn’t gone past him that Ray was holding on to Voidgaze as her big chance to escape. He hoped she would try to rescue her. Killing her then might just be the last push to break Ray. He’d also stashed a couple of hounds there out of their sight just in case he needed an alarm system. None of them had perished yet, so he knew they hadn’t escaped yet. When he arrived at the house, he did find the door open. Seems like his timing was about perfect. When he entered, he also picked up a couple of paint he’d placed there. A bit further inside he found Voidgaze and her walking grease dispenser just freeing his pets. The nearby hounds stirred the moment the girls’ chains were broken. He held them back for now. Ray was the first to notice him, she bolted and stabbed him with an energy lance. “Honestly, is that any way to greet your master?” Nighthound said as he casually continued to walk towards them, pushing the lance further through his body. “And you, Voidgaze, so nice of you to look after the girls but it’s not their time to go on a walk yet.” He came to a stop as close to Voidgaze as the lance in his chest allowed him to and then twisted around. Along with the motion he slammed one hand against the lance, levering with his body to knock it away from Ray. Once she lost grip of it, the energy dissipated. Voidgaze didn’t answer him, instead she simply stared at him. He could see her waiting for the moment he attacked. He could basically taste her fear. This would be good. He had one hound on the upper floor throw itself against the wall as hard as it could without completely breaking it. Voidgaze jumped, turning towards the noise. At the same time he threw the content of one of the paint buckets at her. She didn’t have the time to react anymore. Big Al did. The little Epic jumped into the paint. His death if he wanted to get involved. He kicked him in the stomach, hard enough to throw him into Voidgaze instead. She caught him as gently as she could but either way, there was no chance he’d stand up anytime soon again. Some of the paint splattered over at her but not enough that he’d want to risk getting in close already. Instead he started moving one of his hounds and walked over to C4. He dropped the second paint bucket on one of her hands, roughly. “Now really, you should know better than to go along with them, nono?” C4 barked in response but he didn’t pay much attention to it. He had trained her to see the nono as the signal to excrete her explosives and that was all he’s after right now. There wasn’t time for more playing around. Voidgaze had laid down her boyfriend and seemed was about to attack him. Then his hound broke in through the window. Ray stabbed it to one of the walls with an energy lance. Voidgaze, assuming his ace in the sleeve was dealt with, attacked him. Nighthound threw the second paint bucket. One of her sleeves reached out to disintegrate it but before it could make contact, C4 detonated it. Hot pink paint splattered all over Voidgaze. She reeled back and reached inside her robe. He should be able to crush her skull right now but they she’d just reanimate. He pulled out a gun and shot her in the leg instead. She crumbled and Nighthound gripped one of her arms that ended up flailing around. He broke it. Then- Ray shot a lance through him and into Voidgaze, killing her. So much for dismantling her until she was at his mercy. He jumped Ray and pushed her against the wall. ”I appreciate the effort but you know that until she’s back, it’s just the two of us?” “Sp-” Nighthound punched her in the stomach, ending her insults into a grunt. “Sorry but we don’t have the time to flirt. I’ll have to tie you down before your friend comes back.” Something threw itself at the back of his legs. He looked down and found that it was Big Al, pretty though to still be moving. Ray used the moment to headbut him. “I told you this-” He could just barely catch a glimpse of a pyramid shaped pink paperweight before Ray slammed it into his mouth. Then she used her powers. A lance significantly thicker than her normal ones sprung forth from the object and pierced through his skull. At the same time, it pushed back his head towards the ground with enough force to break his spine. His legs were still pinned by the walking fast food, so Nighthound kicked him away. That still left him with the lance. Ray used it to push herself up to to the ceiling, out of reach. He’d rather not rip it out of his head, that could end messy. That left him with one option, he braced his feet against the wall and pulled himself up on the lance with his hands. Calling the climb pleasant would be a sparking lie but he did make progress. Ray throwing her shoes at him didn’t change that. He came close enough to Ray, he reached out to grab her. At the same time, he could see the wall next to him bleach. His feet were gone before he could do anything and a vaguely human shaped white nothingness stretched out of the wall. Voidgaze reached out and simply cut through his stomach and one of his arm. He held onto the lance with his remaining hand but then Ray dissipated it. They both fell to the ground, she on top of him. She pinned his one arm under her body and brought the paperweight down on his head. And again. Again. Agai- Days Later Bloody Mary, Deathgale and the Metal had gathered outside the remains of the diamond garden, once they learned that their queen was about to return. Mary wasn’t sure if she should be afraid of how displeased Lucentia would be with them or excited. If she was returning from Portland, Nighthound should be with her. Her worry wasn’t alleviated by the Metal just lunging around like the worst he did was forget dusting his room. Not that chiding him would yield any results. The wave of diamond Lucentia was riding on came to stop in front of them and crumbled. She stood before them alone, behind her a man sized casket. Mary ignored whatever Lucentia was saying and rushed to the casket. She pried it open and inside found the badly mangled body of Nighthound. Not healing. No. No. No no no no no! Someone put a hand on her shoulder and turned her around. Lucentia was looking at her, instead of her usual scowl she didn’t seem sure what expression to make. Multiple times she opened her mouth only to close it again without saying anything. Ultimately she simply pulled in Mary for a hug. Sparking what? Lucentia had been with Nighthound and she let him die. And now? Trying to comfort her? Mary pulled out of the hug and meet Lucentia’s eyes. “I-” Lucentia started to say but Mary interrupted her with a quick kiss, blood from her lips prickling into Lucentia. She could see the color drain from her face. First, because of the fear triggered by her weakness, then because Mary literally drained all of her blood outside her body. Leaving her an empty shell that fell to the ground. Deathgale sprung into action but he was blown away in his smokey for by the Metal. He walked over to Lucentia’s body and kicked it away. “Calamity that felt good. So we good now?” “No,” Mary said. “Leave me alone. Just go and destroy things or whatever you do.” “Sure, I didn’t had a good rampage in a while anyway.” With that he pushed himself away into the sky.” She walked over to Nighthound’s corpse. It all just felt empty. Eventually, she removed his bloody tattered cloak and put it on herself. The people that killed him still had to be out there. She’d show them her sorrow.
  5. Okay, so that means I'll have to write that scene. I'll start brainstorming ideas and hopefully get something up over the weekend.
  6. I'm afraid that you're right. Though my plans for Astoria are fairly open after the current attack starts. So the best I could do is give a bullet point write up based on the Bloody Mary goes nuclear after Nighthound's death scenario we threw around before.
  7. To be fair, the fighting "skills" can probably be rolled in with enhanced agility. Unless Calamity also beamed knowledge of specific fighting styles in his head, which would be kinda weird in the first place.
  8. Well, now that I think about it, Winterspell was just about to start his public duel. So if that post is meant to be in continuity, he won't find him in his fortress.
  9. Maybe you exploded yourself as a form of regeneration and took longer to come back than expected?
  10. Assuming they can get a grab on Nighthound. He'd probably be screwed.
  11. Fun fact. Humans don't sink in lava (unless thrown in with considerable force) instead bouncing/floating on top of it. So there's actually a chance Nighthound could survive a vulcano, depending on some details and the initial dip not killing him.
  12. I appriciate the offer but no thanks.
  13. Nah. You go ahead and try to get yourself killed.
  14. Seastrider is Voidus actually. We do have our Epics listed in a group document. Probably should give you the link when I get home, if only so you can add yours. (though I think Winter offered it to you at some point? Might be able to find it by backtracking through some pages) For context, Deterrence is my one High Epic and pretty much an anti-Epic weapon. Dowsing, Canceling, Assuming. Being ambushed by her away from armed guards while all in the same place is pretty much worst case scenario. Mephistopheles meanwhile has no direct combat powers, instead able to kill people if they break their word, even if it's just a sarcastic "yeah sure." The end goal here is to pretty much conquer everything by forcing the rules already in place to swear their loyality.
  15. I should probably ask, do you know the powers of the Epics involved?