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  1. Fixed. Thanks. I need to sleep more
  2. Well folks, it's time to close another game. Many, many thanks to fRR and El for running this game. Having the game be winnable by not killing anyone was a nice twist and not something likely to be discovered with all of us bloodthirsty killers roaming around. A wee shoutout to Rubix for trying to sneak into the game only to be swiftly killed and then harvested for spare parts. (My new liver hat looks very dashing.) And finally, well done to Lemonelon for figuring out the secret and stopping the killings. If anyone would like to try their hand at running a game, please get a hold of Wilson, Orlok Tsubodai, Seonid or myself. Not only will we get you added to the list, but we'd also be more than willing to help out in any way we can. For those wanting to play, MR26: Sands of Lossand is currently accepting sign ups. It won't be open long though so sign up now and sharpen those daggers later. Although blunt/dull daggers will do the job just as well if slightly messier. (Or you could use a spoon. A rusty spoon works wonders.)You can also ask questions and get some hints and feedback from everyone over here in our Art of Game Creation thread as well. With all the games that we've run so far, we have plenty of experienced GMs that can help you refine any game you're thinking about! If you would rather keep some detail secret or are self conscious about posting in thread (there's really no need to be, while we do slaughter each other, we are very polite about it), then I'm sure one of our fantastic committee members (Elbereth, Amanuensis, Aonar Faileas, A Joe in the Bush, and Stink) would be more than willing to help you out in private.Thanks again to everyone that played and we look forward to killing seeing you in future games!
  3. You have been a Sharder for over two years and you don't know why we have Ookla season???? Shocking. Absolutely shocking. This thread by Kaymyth should explain everything one needs to know about the hallowed Ookla season.
  4. If you want to change colors but can't access the palette, you can use [*color=blue] Text here. [*/color] for it. Just remove the * and it will work. If you want a different color then just change blue to whichever you want. Red, green, yellow, cyan, purple .....
  5. Comics: (depends greatly on my mood at time of reading) For heroes: Marvel. They have a far more diverse range than DC. For villains: DC. The villains in the Marvel universe are mostly two dimensional while DC really delves into their stories. Overall: DC because I love a good villain. Movies: Marvel easily wins. TV: DC but barely. Marvetflix is closing the gap though.
  6. Removing vote from Orlok Tsubodai
  7. Voting for Orlok Tsubodai
  8. The sun had long since set as Joxter the Mighty slept soundly in his bed, the events of the day forgotten as he dreamed of a time long past. A time before he gained the title of Mighty. {wibbly wobbly dream scene transition} Joxter strolled down the ash covered road heading from Urbene towards Garthwood. It was his first time leaving the small town and his family had wanted him to take a carriage as befitting a noble. But Joxter had wanted to walk the distance simply because no other noble had done it. Or at least none that he knew of and he knew at least twenty nobles. And that’s like a lot. Of course that didn’t stop the carriage from following him as he walked. “In case you come to your senses.” His mother said. But Joxter had no intention of riding in the carriage. He was finally out from under the oppressive gaze of his father. He took a deep breath of fresh air. A brief moment of joy and freedom spoiled only slightly by the sneeze of the carriage driver. It was an uneventful two days before his feet betrayed him and he was forced to ride in the carriage. If only the rest of the trip had been as quiet…..
  9. Voting for Orlok Tsubodai
  10. You lot are no fun at all. Edit: Just to be clear, I meant that sarcastically.
  11. Ooh, I like. I like a lot! Let's do it again. Let us flip the coin, roll the dice and take our chances on the wings of Fortune.
  12. Eh, if I was an Elim, I wouldn't care if Road was lynched or not. As he revealed, we are in the same House. Keeping him alive helps get us a little closer to the House Win. Plus I'm very confident that he is Village. It's very unlikely he would reveal himself as a Thug so early in House if he wasn't.
  13. Vote Tally:Mega (0): LopenSami (0): MegaAsterion (1): MegaRoad (4): Manukos, Asterion, Ari, Phatt Phatt (3): Sami, Road, Alv, Lopen Mega (0): Ari Alv (1): Road Not looking likely for a tie lynch at moment.
  14. I'm not. I'm working to insure that once the Skaa are found, that the House I'm in comes out on top. We have two unexplained kills on N1. N1! That does not happen unless there is a very good reason to suspect someone or the other Houses are also planning to come out as top House.