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  1. You did but I think it was in the Good News thread so only those that check both know the full story.
  2. Congratulations to all the winners. I also nominate Steeldancer for the Oops award for being the first person to post on the wrong account. I found the anonymous accounts to be most interesting. I'm fairly sure that if I had posted about having a secret voting system on this account, not many would've questioned it. Well done to the Elims for keeping the streak alive. Hopefully we can break the curse next year.
  3. Not all my characters are insane. I mean there's .... um .... hold on .... I'm sure I've got one .... somewhere .... do dead or one timers count? But how can I RP if I'm not on the Shard? When I say I'm taking a break, I mean I won't be logging in until I'm back. Indeed it has but sadly life and other stuff has made it so I need a break regardless of what's being run.
  4. You sure you can handle a member of the Collective?
  5. I know how you feel. I'm taking a break from SE for a couple of months yet I have several characters voicing their displeasement that I won't be using them for a Shard game. And they can be very vocal.
  6. All that does is fire up the imagination. What could he possibly be working on? And is it a stand alone or the start of another series? Brandon! Why must you torture us so???
  7. So by rights, that would also mean that someone can cast a vote and later retract it without dying as they did cast a vote but it wasn't counted in the lynch.
  8. Interesting. So if Joe casts a vote and Len cancels it, does Joe die as technically he doesn't have a vote cast?
  9. A very fun game Sart. Thank you for running it and for giving me a fitting death. Village, you all fixated on an Elim being the one that stole the Map to the point that it clouded your judgments and analysis. Remember to consider all possibilities. Especially if I'm playing. Monster, well done on fooling the village with your analysis about the killing elim not taking an item. It kept the focus on the 6 where the village odds were much smaller for an evil lynching. I can tel you will be a player to keep an eye on in future. Ronald may or may not return at a later date...... He's just dying to tell you some more jokes.
  10. In fact the Shard games are a long series of sequels starting from QF4 run by Joe. LG10 was the first LG of the Shardic format followed by LG14 which was the last one Joe ran. But thankfully Seonid took over and gave us LG21 and LG29. Nyali ran a similar type in LG26 but isn't part of the series. If you want a Shard of your very own, these are the games to play. Personally, I'm more for a Kandra game. We haven't had one of those since LG8 and with the Anonymous accounts, it will be that much better. (This has nothing to do with NaVorl being bored. Nope. Nothing at all)
  11. Since I am not long for this game, I guess it's time for my reveal. Yes, it's that type of game folks. I am the Sneaky person that took the Map. [pause for gasps] Spoilered so as to not scar Steel any more than I already have. Don't open the spoiler Steel, you really don't want to open it. Like really. Wait! What are you doing?? Don't open it! I took it for almost the same reason Orlok decided not to take Bribes. I could see the game was broken with the Supply mechanic and wanted to remove the items to give the Elims a fighting chance. At least partly, I also want to irritate Joe but sadly he died. I do wonder if Joe went after the Map for reasons similar to those Orlok and myself had. Guess I'll be able to ask him soon. I have given the Map to another and have asked them not to use it. I am not going to say who or if they replied. Orlok, you want fun, hunt down the new Map holder and steal it from them. Let's see how long it takes you. Oh and the coin says, Jon. Somehow the Coin landed on it's edge between a book and the wall. So you get both.
  12. Hey now. Don't make my coin toss meaningless. That's mean.
  13. Hmm, do I want a tie or do I want it to be my big reveal post I have typed up already? Decisions decisions. Ooh I know. I'll flip a coin. Heads a tie, tails a reveal. [spinning coin sounds] And the result is...... To be revealed later.
  14. Votes: Alv (6): Drake, Kyne, Jon, Len, Orlok, Brightness Orlok (0): Len, Steel, Alv Eter (0): Jon, Monster Monster (0): Alv, Eter Brightness (0): Monster Jon (3): Steel, Eter, Legend