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  1. The bear in the beehive wants his fiddle back.
  2. That's a shame. I assume being a poltergeist from Dreamer or a Cytonics user from Defending Elysium are also out. Hopefully this one is okay.
  3. Hmm, sounds interesting. Can we be a Brain in a Jar/Liveborn from Perfect State? If so, I'll join as one of them, I'll flesh it out later, with a Wode scroll.
  4. Sticky Glue!
  5. Hungry Bricks! Less than 12 hours to go. Join in on the fun. You know you want to. Tasty!
  6. Flip-flap-flopping fish. On a hook. In a hole. The worms are in my head and they wiggle. Wiggle-wiggle-wiggle-wiggle! Two. Then one … then none. A very fine carpet, sir.
  7. Noooo. I don't want to go back to a mortal body! Smokeform all the way. Great game all. Congratulations to the Guards for pulling off a good win. Mr. Doctor, I can tell you will be one to keep a very close eye on in future games. Steel, your write ups were vastly entertaining. I look forward to you GMing some more.
  8. "BUTTONS!" The sudden voice coming from nowhere jerks several heads around as the gathered companions search for the owner of the voice. A man covered in a dusty travelers cloak emerges from a shadowed alcove. "The stars have aligned. The mist whispers to me. A little piece of ginger glass!" Zunn the Mad has returned and is joining the group!
  9. Disappointing activity. Elandera, you are still one of my top suspects despite others seeming to trust you. You haven't posted so far this cycle which is unusual for you but I'm sure there will be plenty of activity once I go to sleep.
  10. A quieter cycle than I was hoping for. But then I haven't exactly been posting myself so I can't really say much. I've got about three hours till I'm off for the cycle again but given the consistent flurry of votes that's been happening in the last hour or two of the cycles, I'm not sure if it's worth me placing my vote.
  11. Wow. A little harsh don't ya think? And here I was thinking I was being more active than usual.
  12. Gancho. You seem to only be able to post early in the round so it's highly unlikely you will be able to respond to the votes against you but as it stands, you are my best lead in finding the Elims.
  13. Rae has been stabbed in the back several times by players that she trusted. Even those that have provided 'proof' that they are innocent. So I fully understand her stance. Personally, I'm siding with her in not trusting the proof you have offered but then I trust no one as a rule. Thanks.
  14. You will get the hang of it soon I'm sure so I wouldn't worry about it. I have the benefit of playing multiple games with the role-set we have and can probably recite their abilities in my sleep, which is not a good thing I'm sure.