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  1. Diir barely paid attention to what was going on around him. The constant gnawing of his stomach saw to that. Diir no longer knew how many days had passed since he was thrown into the cursed city with nothing but a basket of food. Food that had quickly been taken from him by the others. The only other possession he had was a pair of dice. His favorite pair of dice in fact. Another Elantrian shuffled past but this one was different. This one looked vaguely familiar to Diir. Huh, maybe my luck is starting to change. @Mailliw73 Welcome back O Bearer of Storms. Long have you been missed.
  2. Useful if one double posts, posts in wrong thread or needs a thread to be moved to its proper location. For instance, a new user posts in the Mistborn sector but soon realizes that it would be better under the RP heading. It's not used often but is useful to have when needed.
  3. @Elandera, @Droughtbringer, @Bort, @Devotary of Spontaneity, @A Joe in the Bush and @Cadmium Compounder what are your thoughts? Would you play this type of game again? Did you find the turns lasted too long or were they about right? Do you think 24 hours would fit better? Same goes to anyone that didn't play. What are your thoughts? Did you find it easy enough to follow along? Did you try and make some guesses as to who the murderer was and how close were you? We need to hear from everyone that has an opinion whether good or bad so an informed decision can be made. Last thing we want is for anyone to think they aren't heard for it is the combined efforts of everyone here, players, watchers and GMs that makes these games what they are.
  4. Many thanks to @Herowannabe for running this game and giving us a new format to consider. It's one I personally can see fitting in quite well. It was decided to run a second game so those playing could get a good feel for this type of game as we would like to hear everyone opinion on if we should look at making these Lightning games a semi regular occurrence. At moment something like having one every 3-4 LGs would be the starting point. Most likely they will have a 48/72 hour sign up window rather than the standard week long period so we can slot it in between LGs without disrupting the scheduling too much. 24 hour cycles would also help keeping everything flowing smoothly as well but 36 or 48 wouldn't be out of the question if players want more time. So, player of SE, what do you think? Should these Lightning games become a semi regular thing? Is there a way you can see to improve or tweak them? Give your opinion whether good or bad for only together can we make our corner of the Shard a welcoming place for all.
  5. and that pesky Squid.
  6. Braize it all! The internet ate my post! It was nice and long too. I don't have time to type it all out again so here's the cliff notes. First the funny: @Araris Valerian, I don't know about you but I'm getting a very strong village vibe from Elandera. Mostly due to her being dead and flipping village. Now the serious part: Voting for Phatt, welcome back, great to see you playing again, going to lynch you now, I feel he's evil. Gut mostly but his vote reasons on Steel is something I've noticed elims from past games using. Bandwagon on Snip forming too fast when thread so quiet beforehand. Smells like Elims trying to control lynch. Let's tie the vote again. Will be fun. Thirdly: Let's not leave it to the last minute next cycle. I love a good mad rush in votes as much, if not more, than the next person but if we want to find the Spiked, we need to talk more at the start and middle of cycles. ________ <RP here about how Izzy is ticked that first they were talking and not taking action and now they not even talking but just standing around. It was really good and it played up her lack of humour while hopefully still giving people some laughs.>
  7. @Fifth Scholar and @Devotary of Spontaneity, I greatly dislike you both at moment. Do you have any idea what your write up did to me? I have spent the past 20 hours wondering how sacrificing different animal crackers affects the Gods of Luck and Chance. I just brought five boxes of them to try out different combinations. Fair warning, if the Gods of Luck and Chance are offended by what I'm going to do tonight, I'm pointing them in your direction!
  8. As Drake and Fifth pointed out, Docs allow more free flow and open communication. Some Docs span over 100 pages. Get all that into a PM and you would quickly drown in page after page of banter. There have been some games where the Elims had a PM instead of a Doc but those were Quick Fix ones. There's even been a couple where there was no way for the Elims to communicate with each other. /shudder Plus it's nice to be able to plot and plan without having to be logged in. Sneaky schemes for the win. Docs also have the advantage of being opened to the players as a whole after a game has finished. You can go into almost any game over the past four years and still be able to read the Docs. PMs don't have that luxury.
  9. Something that I haven't seen brought up is the fact that some votes don't count. Let's say I'm evil and so is Itiah. Depending on my role, I could've easily voted on Itiah tying up the vote like I did but knowing that my vote wouldn't be counted thus the seeming tie vote isn't really a tie. Even if Itiah is evil, there is nothing to say that one or more of the votes on them weren't from Elims. This game gives the perfect opportunity for some fake bussing. Nothing builds trust like being the first to tunnel/vote on an Elim. And doing so while your vote is cancelled...
  10. Interesting. While I'm pleased the Gods of Luck and Chance made a guest appearance, I was hoping they picked Itiah. I hope you join us for more games Coop. You seem to be active and a thinker and we would love to see more of you.
  11. Izzy strode up to the groups that were arguing who was the most likely to be Spiked and would be killed. "If a life must be taken, then I won't hide behind others while it happens. Their blood is on all our hands and not just those that held the rope." Kidpen, Itiah.
  12. Vote Tally: Kidpen (1): Alv Coop (5): Rand, Snip, WfY, Itiah, Kidpen Araris (1): Phatt Itiah (5): Sart, Araris, Elan, Stick, Xino Currently a tie vote. But with metalminds being filled, it's anyone guess how the votes really fall. __________ They were still talking but at least it seemed like something was going to happen before the sun set. Izzy thought to herself. And I will be a part of it! If we are going to take a life then we should all take part. After all, no one's hands will be clean by the time this is over.
  13. Talk, talk, talk. That's all that was happening and it was driving Izzy insane. Talking was not going to unearth the Spiked. Only action! And so action needed to be taken. Izzy stalked over to the Kandra that was plain for all to see. "You there. HanTor is it? You claim to be a Kandra and that means you work for the supposed Lord Ruler! Why shouldn't we just kill you now?"