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  1. I'll request a link to the spec doc. I would sign up, but the first week of this game is during finals, so better to play it safe.
  2. Alright, I'm just going to say it, this game is broken. Well, not in terms of balance issues, but in one key mechanical issue. There's no way anyone can freaking die. Half the current players have an extra life, meaning that they won't die unless there is a coordinated attack, or if there is a lynch. Let's look at the ways to make an attack. Braize has unfortunately exploded, so that's a no go. Odium got released N1, so no one has any of his investiture, unless they exchanged some at Roshar. Odium is a way to get past the Shard's extra life, but he isn't using his kill, and is instead helping the village by scanning. Dominion hasn't invested in anyone, so no Dakhor Monks are running around. Preservation hasn't invested in anyone, so no Mistborns are running around either. Tada! I have just gone over all the amount of kills in this game. No wonder no one took Honor; there's no kills to protect against! And even if we kill a player, guess what will happen. They'll just get resurrected! The lynch is our only way to kill people this game, and even that can be reversed. This game will go on forever at this rate. So, what are our options? We could try to go for a Sudden Death Win Con! Unfortunately, the Win Cons are fundamentally opposed, so it's doubtful we can get everyone to put their Shards back into confinement. We would need to kill Survival to do that, and surprise, he has an extra life in addition to the Shardic life. It's unlikely we kill him without Odium's help at this point. Okay, maybe we just need more kills. Quick, let's send everyone to Roshar and pick up Odium Investiture. Unfortunately, that won't work either. First, half the people don't have any Investiture, as they are Shards. Second, the people with Investiture are more than likely to hit a Shard, making their attack useless. Games last forever when the villains can't kill anyone. Well, at least we have the lynch right? Well, no, actually, that won't help us either. Let's suppose we lynch a Villager today. Well, that's bad. Don't worry though, Endowment will just bring them back as a Returned. Okay, well, what if we get lucky, and lynch a bad guy? The team might have Ambition, meaning they can resurrect their teammates, or they could have a way to gain an extra life. This is going to grind the game to the halt. It's Day 4, and only 1 person is dead. If this keeps up, we won't be done with this game till June. This is simply absurd. Eventually the village would triumph over the elims, but it would be a long drawn out process that wouldn't be fun for anyone. Okay, so given that this game will go on a severely long time, I propose the following rule changes to quicken the game. Remove the Shardic extra life. This allows kill actions to actually go through, while still letting Survival have their extra life. This will speed up time dramatically. In compensation, allow Shards to use World abilities. It's odd that they can't do this already. They have limitless Investiture, so they should be able to channel that investiture through the worlds. This allows them to start getting Odium investiture, leading to more kills. Finally, make the Returned and Shade decompose after a turn. We don't want death to be a revolving door, but I still want to keep those abilities in the game. Let them take their special action, and then peacefully depart into the Spiritual Realm. Sorry for being so cranky, but I want everyone to have fun this game. I'm saying this as a Villager. It's not fun when the game drags on forever. Thanks for reading this.
  3. Sorry I haven't been active. I ran a one-shot RPG yesterday, and that took up most of my free time. So my understanding of the lynch is as follows. Straw is Preservation, which means it is unlikely he has been corrupted by his Shard. However, he could still have been converted by someone. Likewise, HH is Autonomy. However, it is likely HH has been corrupted, as he has used 3 Shardic actions already, and he is planning on using his power to swing the vote. I would rather go for a sure-fire bet than a possible victory. Therefore, I am voting on Hemalurgic Headshot.
  4. I can think of several reasons to be on Taldain, Devotary, but I can't think of many that help the village. I've been hiding in Taldain since Day 1 to see who would try to take advantage of its power first. It turns out Devotary went there during the day cycle. If it gets blown up, well, you know who to blame.
  5. That vote swung like crazy, which makes me instantly suspicious. I'm having a hard time verifying why people are saying that Straw gets lynched in the early game. The only example of that I can find is the most recent quick fix, where he was lynched day 2. One game does not a pattern make. That's the only evidence I've see in favor of him. I've still got a grievance with how he proposed blowing up Silverlight, after the thread had already come to the conclusion that it would benefit the Elims more than the village. I should note thatI was not in the most recent Quick Fix, so I am hoping my gut read isn't biased. Perhaps I am tunneling, but it didn't feel natural how the voting went. I don't believe we should lynch Pyromancer, as we won't be able to tell his alignment from doing so. We'll waste the lynch if we do that. I'm also suspicious of Orlok in this game. I don't have any evidence for that, but it's a gut feel in combination with him defending Straw.
  6. If we want to track where Ruin is, it's honestly not that hard. Blowing up a planet is the only way to worldhop during the Night. Thus, all we need to do is figure out which planet the Vessel landed on. If we got unlucky, they made it back to Silverlight, which doesn't have a doc. Otherwise, if someone new showed up on the world you are on, that means they are most likely Ruin. @Seonid can Ruin choose what planet he lands on after blowing up the planet he was on? If he can, then this line of reasoning isn't actually useful. If it's random though, that can be a very important lead.
  7. I disagree on this point. To prevent Hoid or Khriss from getting the sudden death win condition, we should leave one Shard in containment. That way, if one team actually tries to go for it, we'll immediately have a list of suspects, since everyone would theoretically leave Silverlight after the other two Shards are released. I propose we leave Devotion in containment. I don't want lynches getting cancelled in this game, and vote manipulation is more annoying than useful at this point. Honor is good for protecting against Odium, and Endowment can bring people back from the dead, both of which can be helpful for the Village. For that reason, let's free Honor and Endowment tonight, leaving Devotion in containment. I suppose to counter this, an Elim team might try to steal Devotion, but that's not guaranteed, especially if they haven't used all of their conversions yet. Even if they do manage it, we can keep watch for Devotion, as it will most likely be in Elim hands.
  8. Since Autonomy has invested in Nalthis, that means the Vessel of Autonomy is on Nalthis. Is anyone else besides Autonomy on Nalthis? They are probably still a villager at this point, but it would be helpful to know if they get corrupted who is holding the Shard. It's something we should keep in mind at least, if we ever decide to go for the Sudden Death Win Condition.
  9. The one saying we should stop all discussion and vote for 5th Scholar? No thanks. We've still got 4 hours in this cycle, which is plenty of time to discuss our suspicions and draw more information. I've been in the position of signing up for a game I don't have time for, and I know it sucks. However, I don't want to waste this lynch. In this case, I would rather have the GMs deal with it, whether through a pinch-hitter, or just revving up the inactivity filter. That may be harsh of me, but I think it's the best outcome for the village.
  10. I didn't read the rules carefully enough, and didn't realize that when a Shard breaks free it prevents people from getting investiture. That significantly weakens my plan, and puts the non-Shard village at more of a disadvantage. I disagree on the point of concentrating Shards in Elim hands. For one, it would draw immediate suspicion on the people still in Silverlight. In addition, to steal a Shard a full team of Eliminators would have to give up their action, barring any village help. That means, at least in the short term, that the Elims can't take a Shard without relying on village help. If we could coordinate what Investiture we are taking, we would have a good shot at keeping the Elims from the sudden death win conditions, by leaving one Shard in containment. So, I guess I'm okay with people staying for this night turn at least. If any other Shard breaks free, there will at least be the chance it goes into villager hands. This stuck out like a red flag to me. Didn't we already discuss how that benefits Khriss? That completely wrecks any plans to seal away a Shard for the game, and would make tracking actions a nightmare. In addition, you've also been jumping on several lynch trains today. I think something is off with you Straw.
  11. I hate it when I feel behind in a game. I was hanging out with my family over Spring Break, so I haven't been paying too much attention to this thread. However, I'm surprised to see a lack of discussion when it comes to world-hopping. We have two main options. We all stay in Silverlight, attempting to get more Investiture and Shards. The downside from this is obvious. This gives the conversion teams a large variety of people to convert, which is something we don't want happening. In addition, it is very difficult to put a Shard back into containment after it leaves, which helps Hoid and Khriss with their sudden death conditions. I know people want Shards, but having them free isn't necessarily a good thing. We start spreading out. Everyone probably has 1 use of investiture, right? That's enough to take one action, which is fine. In addition, we can always exchange the type we have by going to Roshar. That is a fair amount of power, even if it seems boring compared to having Shards. It also blocks Hoid and Khriss from converting from a large pool. I propose we head out to the various worlds. We can pop back in to Silverlight if we run out of Investiture, while preventing more conversions. I'm curious to see your thoughts on the matter. Having no consensus will probably mean most people staying, which as I outlined is problematic to the village.
  12. The world shook, and Sam felt afraid. He gasped, searching for air. How long had he been standing there? He needed to move. He took a tentative step, and winced from the pain. His legs had atrophied from lack of use. How much time had passed? He remembered a black void, and then something calling him back, but it didn't feel right. He had been incomplete, a statue of himself. But with that shake, he suddenly felt alive again. He could move again. Where were the Shards? If they escaped... Sam shuddered. He didn't know what had just happened, but he wasn't going to let this opportunity pass him by. The Shards were too dangerous to run wild.
  13. There appear to be 2 main schools of thought here. One idea is to reveal who is taking what Investiture, so that none of the Shards leave containment. That keeps us closer to our win condition, but it has downsides. It lets the Elims track what power is going where, which makes converting powerful roles much easier for them. On the other hand, we could not reveal what we're taking from, and let the Shards escape. That advances the Elims sudden death condition, but that gets us powerful roles for the village. It's risky as hell, since the Shards can start getting their own Win Conditions if we're not careful. In my opinion, we should try to balance this out. Don't reveal what power you are taking, as that will likely lead to highly profitable conversions. However, try to go for some Shards that aren't as likely to be claimed by other people. That way we can keep the Shards contained, and not have to deal with a bunch of differing win conditions.
  14. Sam Taswell knew peace couldn't last. He had seen it shatter, seen his bones ripped to shreds. He had come back. His thoughts were slow now, broken, halting, stagnant. He was a lookout. He was dead. He had come back. Sam Taswell knew peace couldn't last. He had seen it shatter. His thoughts were slow, repeating, broken, halting. He was a lookout. He would keep watch. The Shards. They were all that mattered. He had seen them shatter. He was dead. He had come back. He would keep watch.
  15. Yes, behold, I was Saffron Iguana the whole time! ... Yeah, no one cares about that, considering I died Night 1. So much for my streak of winning the AG awards. Still, the game was fun while it lasted. I'm glad I was able to encourage RP in this game, and my list of RP names actually got included in the write-ups, which was a nice touch. I was also able to hang out with the dead doc, which was a lot of fun. Unfortunately, I stopped following it once my Mid-Range game got underway. I volunteered for that and jumped everyone's spot in line because I was getting really bored not being in a game. Congrats to the Elims, even if it was nearly a sweep. I hate it when last minute vote switches don't work as intended. Balance wise, I did have some issues with this game. The mechanics for this game are tried and true, so I didn't have an issue with them. I did have an issue with the role distribution though. The Eliminators were very powerful this game. Yes, I know there were only five of them. However, they had some really good roles. I especially don't like having Elims with extra lives. If the village is lucky enough to lynch an Eliminator, I want that to stick. The extra life plus the vote manipulation effectively gave the team an extra person, which might have balanced out. Add in the Scanner role, and you have a team that's extremely tough to beat, as they can easily find key players to kill. And then they had a random role and a protection role on top of that. Talk about powerful! Unfortunately, the village didn't have anything to counteract that. We had no scanners and only one protection role. Alongside some vote manipulation and extra lives, the village was 44% Vanilla. I'm of the opinion that the Elim makeup should somewhat resemble the composition of the village. In this case, that would mean having 2 Eliminators be vanilla. That's not a hard and fast rule, but it should be something we keep in mind for later games. And yes, I know AGs are traditionally hard for the village to win, but it never felt unfair until this game. Regardless, this was a ton of fun to watch, and I'm glad we had so much good activity. I'm excited for the possibilities that Anonymous Games provide, and can't wait to see more.