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  1. You're tunneling on Phattemer. He was the first vote on Kidpen Cycle 3, although he waffled and ended up third on the vote count. I highly doubt he's an elim, although his logic for not suspecting me leaves a lot to be desired. You're forgetting that Rathmaskal or Worldhopper could have sent in the kill. My alibi isn't solid by any means, and thinking I'm clear is foolish of you. Still, at the very least, we know I didn't kill anyone last night. So someone else had to put in the mafia kill. The question is: who did? True, it's unlikely that there is a third Pewter Ferring. But, that doesn't stop you from being a Spiked Full Feruchemist, does it? I didn't suspect them Day 3. However, once Kidpen flipped, I suspected the people who didn't vote for him a lot more. The main thing I noticed was this post by Kidpen Day 2. That's obviously not a slam dunk, but it's enough to lessen my suspicion of Steel some. So, in conclusion, there's no good reason to trust me, but I'll try to help the village as long as I can.
  2. Honestly, I would just say post it at this point. We've waited long enough for a QF, and I trust you to run a fair game.
  3. Cadmium Compounder jumped way up in suspicion when he kept his vote on Randuir late in the cycle. He had the last post that Day, and stated that he saw no reason to move his vote. Now, I'm not sure if that means he was an Eliminator, but that post stuck out like a sore thumb. Now we have evidence that he was attacked and protected last night. Since it's unlikely to be Pewter tapping, that only leaves us with one other option. Someone protected Cadmium last night. In that case, who benefits from him being protected? He was one of the main suspects, so protecting him would suck if it turned out he was a Spiked. In my mind, there's only two likely scenarios. Either his Spiked buddy protected him, or Cadmium is a member of the Snyod. Since the Synod has killed a villager, we can no longer be sure of their innocence. I hope they are innocent, but we can't be sure of it. I wasn't the one to attack Cadmium Compounder. I had planned on killing Worldhopper, but someone role-blocked me, plus the Synod took care of them any way. I'm probably going to get lynched, and there's not much I can do about it. I can still give my suspicions, although they might be a poison pill until after I'm dead. Unfortunately, I doubt that everyone voting on Kidpen is innocent. Even if we assume that Cadmium is guilty, there's probably still another Spiked left. Kidpen was trying to kill Steel, so that seems unlikely to me. Ark is a new player which makes me think his mistakes are based on newness and not malice. Jondesu has been voting on Cadmium. And I know I'm innocent. I'm even doubting my read on Cadmium at this point. I wish I was guilty, but I'm unfortunately a Villager.
  4. Hmm... Not sure why Cadmium Compounder didn't die. The only two scenarios are tapping Pewter, or being protected by someone else. If they tapped Pewter, they did it during the day, which doesn't make much sense. He wasn't under that much suspicion beforehand, so that would take some planning. If he did in fact tap Iron, t doubt the Elims would have two of the same role. Of course, he could be a Spiked Full Feruchemist, which would balance out a Full Feruchemist in the Synod. On the other hand, if he was actually protected, who protected him? I was told Cycle 1 that you couldn't self-protect, so that's off the table. In conclusion, I'm not sure what's going on, but I would like an explanation.
  5. I'm not on the rules committee, but I have some concerns: First off, I was confused on this particular line. " The Oracle may put the tiles in any order they wish, and marks one item on each tile that best fits the crime. " The first part makes sense, but the second one confused me. I didn't realize that a tile was a general category. I thought a tile was a general word, like "The Victim's Build was Large". I would reword that section slightly. "The Oracle receives 4 random category tiles. They mark one item on each category, and can arrange the categories in any order." I only figured this out once I saw a video explaining how the real game is played. My major concern is the role of the Oracle. Quite frankly, I don't think that should be the GM's role. In the games we run, the GM is supposed to be impartial, so they can resolve disputes between the factions. Having the GM be on the village's side is a very slippery slope. While I know you would never abuse it, it's a really dangerous precedent that I don't want to set. In more practical concerns, I imagine there would be some kind of write-up, which the GM might be tempted to put more hints in. To avoid this situation, why don't we have the Oracle be another player? They would still be banned from posting, but would control the category tiles through a PM with the GM. The GM would still be responsible for confirming player's guesses. That would alleviate my concerns, and allow for another player to join in. The main issue is timing. To setup the game, the murderer selects a piece of evidence and a murder weapon, and then the Oracle marks out information implicating those items. The Oracle can't do their job until the items are indicated. If we allow 24 hours for the murderer to select those, then we would need another 24 hours for the Oracle to work. That's 48 hours where no one is posting to the thread, which would be highly annoying. The simplest solution is to determine the key evidence and murder weapon randomly as well. That would save 24 hours, while still giving the Oracle time to make their case. Overall, I'm excited for this game, and I hope you consider my suggestions.
  6. Welp, my gut is a Darkfriend. Might as well post the vote count I did earlier. Phattemer (1): Steeldancer Randuir (2): Cadmium Compounder, Sart Kidpen (6): Rathmaskal, Stick, Phattemer, Randuir, Xinoeph, Bort Cadmium Compounder (1): Jondesu Worldhopper from Yolen (1): Ark/Pretty Sart (1): Kidpen The people who voted on Kidpen aren't cleared from suspicion of course, but people who voted on others are probably more suspicious. So, going down the list: Steeldancer: Kidpen expresses suspicion of him on several occasions. Thus, I have a village read there. Cadmium Compounder: A big suspicion. He seems to know that Kidpen will flip Elim, and writes a post accordingly Jondesu: It's hard to say. He's going off of gut, which isn't helpful. Probably not elim if Cadmium is elim. Worldhopper from Yolen: Defended by Kidpen several times. Definitely suspicious, although it could be pocketing a new player. Ark/Pretty: Probably not evil if Worldhopper is evil. Sart: In my defense, Kidpen did vote for me. However, I look really evil right now. I wouldn't be surprised if I get killed tonight by a villager. So, if I had to give my biggest suspicions, I would say Cadmium and Worldhopper are the last two Spiked. However, I've been really off this game, and it's entirely possible that a bad guy joined the bandwagon late in the cycle. Still, those two are my best bet.
  7. Phattemer (1): Steeldancer Randuir (2): Cadmium Compounder, Sart Kidpen (6): Rathmaskal, Stick, Phattemer, Randuir, Xinoeph, Bort Cadmium Compounder (1): Jondesu Worldhopper from Yolen (1): Ark/Pretty Sart (1): Kidpen Hmm... This is a total bandwagon. I guess I shouldn't be too mad, considering that Kidpen is voting on me. On the other hand, I recognize that I haven't been playing the best this game. My night lynch plan was a terrible idea, because the Elims probably just let me submit the kill and do their dirty work for them. So, that means he's at least doing some analysis, even if it was just a boneheaded idea from a villager. Unfortunately, because of the nature of the bandwagon, I can't do much to turn this around. Based on the candidates with one vote on them, I'm going to go with Randuir. I don't like villagers arguing for bandwagons. Bandwagons are easily susceptible to manipulation, and don't work unless there are two or more bandwagons happening at the same time. It just feels wrong to argue for a lack of discussion.
  8. Hmm... I'm worried I'm tunneling on Phattemer. I had forgotten about his day one vote on Araris. It wasn't a poke vote, although I still don't understand the reasoning behind it. However, I'm willing to widen my suspect pool. I'm going to place a vote on Stick for now. Not sure why exactly, but it feels like they've been slipping under the radar.
  9. "Well, that's awesome! I mean, not about Izzy, but still. We got a Spiked! And it was the rug merchant, huh. Well, he tried to get the lynch off Citonia (Phattemer). And, well, Izzy (Alvron) was voting against them too. So, like, this is a pretty good case, right?"
  10. "Um, that could have gone better." Xineoph (1): Sart Worldhopper from Yolen (1): Ark1002 Kidpen (1): Stick Phattemer (2): Steeldancer, Alvron Snipexe (6): Araris, Rathmaskal, Worldhopper from Yolen, Xineoph, Kidpen, phattemer
  11. "Well, um, that didn't work. We're not, like, out of options, but it's hard to tell anything from that. Cuz like, the bad guys would be on both lynches, y'know? Well, at least everyone was here tonight, so, um, that's good. Um... so... I'm suspicious of Era, I guess? I mean, my last suspicion was a total dud, y'know? But like, she's been..." "Oh. Um, okay, so Era was a villager. So, like, my suspicion meter is like, way off. I'm suspicious of Ereheman Tresni (Xineoph) but I don't really have any evidence. So, um, that's kind of where I'm at right now. Yeah."
  12. "Well, um, it's probably important, to, um, know who posted where, y'know?" Vote Count for Cycle 1: Worldhopper from Yolen (0): Sart, Coop772 Steeldancer (0): Araris Valerian Kidpen (0): Alvron Rathmaskal (0): Coop772 Stick (0): Worldhopper from Yolen xineoph512 (0): Elandera Araris Valerian (0): phattemer Coop772 (6): randuir, Snipexe, Worldhopper from Yolen, I think I am here, Kidpen, Steeldancer I think I am here (7): Sart, Araris Valerian, Elandera, Stick, xineoph512, Alvron, phattemer "So, like, um, that was super bad, y'know? Cuz like, an Archivist would have been super good. So, like, maybe we should kill Itiah tonight? So, like, If you're submitting an action to kill someone tonight, just like, put it in the thread. That way it's like a lynch, except, y'know, random. Cuz that would be super helpful, for tracking. But, like don't vote if you're not gonna kill. I mean, obviously people need stuff in their metal minds, right?"
  13. "Well, erm, I might as well post a vote count:" Worldhopper from Yolen (1): Sart, Coop772 Steeldancer (1): Araris Valerian Kidpen (1): Alvron Rathmaskal (0): Coop772 Stick (1): Worldhopper from Yolen xineoph512 (0): Elandera Coop772 (1): randuir Araris Valerian (1): phattemer I think I am here (1): Sart "So um, like that's not good. Cuz like, I don't really suspect Tarin (Worldhopper from Yolen). They seem friendly, which is, like, super important for new guys. But, um, I haven't seen Kardik @Ark1002 yet. And like, that's not good, cause they're new and all. Please come on by. But um, like, that's leaving it to chance, y'know. And that's not good. Like, I mean, we're mostly good, right? So, luck isn't a good idea. But, um, the person I think is guilty hasn't been voted on yet, so like, it would still be tied. Erm, well, I'll do it anyway." "So, um, Itiah VI @I think I am here. There's a couple things off. He says not to be suspicious of people talking in docs, cuz of the Synod, but like, the Synod's anonymous. And also, he said to not put in kill actions, which like, means the Elims get to do them. And also, he said to make lynches, like, total bandwagons, which makes it easy for bad guys to control it. And he's also, like not voting, which is super lame. And he's not even Terris, so why is he even here? Like, it's all super weird. It's not, um, concrete, or anything, but it's enough for me, y'know?"
  14. "Well um, hmm... well, yeah, obviously the kill is a big deal, you know. I mean, obviously, the Spiked aren't going to sit around. I mean, they'll probably kill one of us each night, so, like, our numbers will go down fast. But, um, if we kill, y'know, at night, then, well, our numbers keep going down. And if the Spiked take that... Well, so we should take it. Yeah, but I mean, not we alone, but um we together, and um... This is... What I mean is, um, we have like a night lynch. Anyone who, um, votes, puts in an action for killing the, y'know, person they want dead. And then, well, we know who's doing what. And if you don't, um, vote, you can do whatever. So, yeah, that way the bad guys won't take it. Ya know?"
  15. "Ohmygosh I'm late. I'm sorry, sorry, so sorry. Um, anyway Spiked. There's Spiked. And they're bad. And you know that. And I know that. Obviously. But we can't be too careful, I mean there could be lots of them. Well, maybe not that many. Maybe like 4 of them. That's still a lot. Like a lot, a lot. And they're bad. I already said that. Um, right. We have to, we have to kill someone. That's, that's the only way to be certain you know? So, um, who should we kill? It's not, it's not easy. Um, but we gotta do it. So um, let's um....maybe... if they're new, they're suspicious. Er, well, I'm late, but I'm not new, you know. Er, you might not know. I'm not new. I'm just, uh, trying to think, and I, um, anyway. Um, so new people. Um, Tarin (Worldhopper from Yolen) is new. So like, I don't know them. I mean I don't know that they're Spiked. But um, if they talk, then I'll know them. And if I know them, I know they're not Spiked. Um, well, I guess they could still be Spiked. But they wouldn't, like, be the big scary Spiked in the dark. They'd be like, the tiny Spiked that we can deal with, you know? So um, Tarin @Worldhopper From Yolen do you want to, um, say hi?"