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  1. What happens if the last 2 survivors of a House die on the same turn? Do they both lose?
  2. We should really sticky this. If you want to color your vote red on mobile, type [color'=red]Vote Here[/color] with the apostrophe removed. See It works!
  3. "Stop the violence? Are you mad? Ivan Heron (Mafia) has been spotted recently, yet has not spoken in our presence. If one wishes to be a noble, then @Mafia had better act like it. Otherwise, the Lord Ruler might have to get involved."
  4. So, was this game balanced? I waffled back and forth on this issue throughout the game, and have continued to do so even after the game ended. I can say that the game was close. The Thief ended the game with 3 Bribes, the Forgotten nearly swept the village, and the Village had a come from behind win. The game ended with only 4 survivors, and lasted for 6 Cycles. It should have lasted for 7 cycles, since MonsterMetroid blocked the gunshot, but the rest of the village had decided he was evil, so it was a foregone conclusion. That's a close game. And yet, there were some elements in the game that were clearly unbalanced. Let me go over them: Revealing who took what item was a bad idea from the start. Yes, it made some interesting game play. I wanted players to be semiconscious about what items they took. I wanted players with the Gun to be feared. However, this created a major problem for the Eliminators. If they wanted to submit the kill, they had to not take an item, which would draw immediate suspicion. I tried some ways to lessen that burden. The Forgotten started with new players, who could claim that they went inactive without sounding too suspicious. I gave the village some items, to use instead of taking an item. I made failing to take an item that was out of supply not appear in the write-up, to give the bad guys a different excuse for not taking an item. I made a Villager Sneaky, so that they wouldn't appear in the write-up at all. I also banked that a villager might not submit an action. It happens naturally. With all that being said, there were 6 people who weren't listed as taking an action. That gave the Forgotten some breathing room, which they used to great effect. If I ran this game again, I would cut the confirmation out entirely. The idea was interesting, but it would work just as well if no one knew who took what. There's still a danger that the good guys would be able to track item usage, but that risk would be diminished. Speaking of items, their usage was too easily tracked. If you Bribed someone, a vote would be removed. If you role-blocked someone, they would be told they were role-blocked. If you used a Crab, you could tell what item a person did to confirm your story. The only one you couldn't tell was used was Chalk. Even the Gun and Map were obvious when they were used. That's really annoying, and leads to a lot of information for the village. The map didn't work as I intended. First off, there was a huge loophole I didn't realize with the Order of Actions. One player could use the Map, then another player could grab the newly created Map in the same cycle. That would result in new items every turn, which would flood the camp supply, leading to a massive Villager advantage. Thankfully that didn't happen. Instead, the map traded hands a bunch, and was never used until very late in the game. Honestly, that helped keep the game from going lopsided, but it wasn't what I intended. I wanted items to appear roughly every odd cycle. That was enough to keep things interesting, while not be overbearing to the bad guys. In addition, the number of items should have scaled based on the number of living players. It should have been roughly half the number of living players. I changed it to approximately 10 to give the Thief a better shot at getting a Bribe, which was a mistake. Speaking of mistakes, let's talk about the Thief. The idea with the thief was to give them an obvious way to win, that they would have to convince the town to go along with. Unfortunately, everyone was paranoid about that win condition, which sabotaged it. The Bribes needed to get out of the Supply for the Thief to win, but they sat there instead. I considered making the Thief sneaky, which would have helped that problem, but it still would make them stand out like a sore thumb when items were taken. A better solution would be to change the Thief's win condition to be getting 1 of every basic item. That would be easily do-able, but it would still be challenging, especially if they didn't know who had what item. The Forgotten were pretty powerful this game, even though they lost. I gave them 4 members because I knew Cycle 1 was going to be difficult for them. I also gave them powerful roles. 1 was just vanilla. Half of the village was vanilla, and didn't feel right giving all the Forgotten roles. 1 started with Chalk. This was to protect from the Gun kill, and was an opportunity to do a WGG if desired. 1 started with Acid. I disliked trust-groups, and was worried one was going to form with the Extra-Life item. I changed Acid to destroy Chalk to give the Elims an unblockable kill at one point in the game. That was an important advantage, and one I'm proud of. 1 was Quick. If he could convince the Village to let him use the Gun, the village would be in deep trouble. In addition, he got first pick with the items, which was an important advantage. So, there was a lot of things wrong with the game, but it still ended up being close. Each side was over-powered in different ways. Does that mean the game was balanced? No. The best way I can describe it is that the game was too swing-y. It was either going to end in a landslide for the village, or a landslide for the eliminators. Going back to Cycle 1, Steeldancer, a Forgotten, was saved by a coin-flip. If he died, I have no doubt the game would have been rough for the bad guys. At the same time, the village was saved by a coin-flip on Cycle 4. If Elenion had died instead, it would have been 4 Forgotten vs. 4 Villagers. I'm pretty sure the Elims would have swept at that point. If the bad guys hadn't been super-paranoid of Orlok, he might have been able to win, even after revealing himself to the thread. This game could have gone so many ways. It may not have been balanced, but it was a lot of fun to see it unfold. I'm going to tweak the rules, and I'll hopefully run this again in the future. I'm excited to see what kind of crazy stuff happens next time.
  5. "Right then..." Taswell paced nervously. There were already plots spawning, trying to resolve this peacefully. It was absurd. Everyone wanted power, and there was a power vacuum. They were drawn to it like moths to a flame. Some would burn, but others would soar to new heights. They were Nobles after all. Plotting was what they did best. It would be safer to run, to hide, to avoid the call of the flame. Such an act would be cowardly though. If you weren't trying to grab more power, you were no better than a Skaa. He penned his letter, hoping to draw a response. "Those who have recently joined our Houses have an inherent advantage. They have no enemies to speak of, and we have no idea how they will react. For all we know, they were the ones who started this, hoping to claw up from the depths of obscurity. I will not let them flee into the shadows. I vote for the head of Ivan Heron (Mafia). I do not know who he is, where he comes from, or how he is related to the Herons. @Mafia I urge you to take a moment to address the Nobles. Come, play the game. I want to see how brightly you burn."
  6. Links to the various docs: Master Spreadsheet Forgotten Doc Dead Doc
  7. The remaining Forgotten were outnumbered. Steelchalk and Nb'Nub fought like they were possessed, but the Rithmatists had the upper hand. The chalk stored in the cave was proving to be a life-saver. A lucky Line of Vigor from Kadal pierced Steelchalk's Line of Warding. Aiden siezed upon the opportunity, whipped out his knife again, and was able to deal the finishing blow to her. Nb'Nub was growing desperate. He couldn't fend off all the attacks at once. Cacooo Moreau had leveled a gun at the last Forgotten. "What are you things?" the soldier asked, staring down his opponent. "Better." cried Nb'Nub, throwing acid onto Moreau's face. He had been saving that from the very beginning, in case the Forgotten had need of it. Unfortunately, he had to flee. He started running out of the cave. The wild chalklings he created were hampering his pursuers, and he might have lived. However, Mya wasn't going to let him go so easily. She reached out, and managed to trip the fleeing traitor. Cacooo wiped the acid from his eyes, and shot the last Forgotten. The camp paused to catch their breath. There were only 4 of them left. "What do we do now?" asked Kadal. "We stay here." said Aiden, solemnly. "Look." He pulled out a piece of paper from Nb'Nub's pocket. It read, Once you have eliminated the traitors, report to high command. Long live the Tower. "High Command?" asked Mya, shocked at the implications. "They've taken over our generals!" exclaimed Cacooo. "We can't leave. If we do, we'll be labeled as traitors, and executed." continued Aiden. "So then what do we do?" asked Kadal, incredulously. "We fight. We gather the supplies we have left, and we fight. We don't stop til the Tower is gone. We're all that's left. Let's make it count." The survivors nodded, their new purpose in mind. They were soldiers, and there were still Forgotten to kill. Vote Count: Steeldancer (4): Jondesu, Devotary of Spontaneity, Brightness Radiant, Eternum Devotary of Spontaneity (1): Steeldancer Steeldancer was lynched. He was a Forgotten. MonsterMetroid technically blocked the gun shot, but he died anyway. He was a Prepared Forgotten The Soldiers have won! This was a hard-fought victory, and this game was super close. I want to commend all the players for doing a great job this game. I'll have another post about balance later on. Player List:
  8. Cycle should have been closed hours ago. Sorry about that. I don't actually have time to do a write-up tonight. The game is practically over, although there technically should be one more cycle in this game. However, with all the Forgotten having been revealed, I think it's appropriate to call it. Expect a final write-up tomorrow.
  9. The camp had finally regrouped in the cave mouth. With the new supplies, fending off the wild chalklings had been possible. After the battle, they were all exhausted, gasping for breath. "What's our next move?" wheezed Lara. "Attack!" cried Steelchalk. Suddenly, chalklings began pouring out of him, as well as Lara and Nb'Nub. They quickly overwhelmed Mr. Klenion, eating him alive. "No! It can't end like this!" shouted Aiden. He led a vicious counterattack, pushing through Lara's Lines of Warding. He whipped out a knife, while she pulled out her own. In the end though, only one could survive. In the end, it was a matter of brute strength. Aiden grabbed Lara's arm, twisted it, and stabbed her in the heart with his free hand. She collapsed, dead. Vote Count: Caesura (4): Jondesu, Devotary of Spontaneity, Brightness Radiant, Eternum Eternum (3): Caesura, Steeldancer, Monster Metroid Caesura was lynched. She was a Prepared Forgotten. A Piece of Chalk was added to the Camp Supply. Elenion was killed. He was a Soldier. A Bribe was added to the Camp Supply. Camp Supply: Player List: This cycle will end on February 14th, at 7PM Eastern Time. If you want, we can shorten it.
  10. Just a reminder. Don't put votes into edits. It makes it much easier for me to miss them when I'm doing my final tally.
  11. Glad to see you liked my suggestion. In regards to the second point, does that mean I can pass Atium and do another action in the same turn, or does that mean I can pass Atium, but I can't take another action.
  12. You can paraphrase, but don't copy and paste. It's a forum-wide rule for a reason.
  13. This cycle is 2 days. The countdown was incorrect. I've corrected it in the main post. I figured someone would ask about that. If 2 players go for the gun, no one dies, and both players get guns. If 3 players go for guns, all guns will be lost, and only 2 people will survive. If you are Quick, you are guaranteed to be one of the people who survive, unless 3 Quick people went for the gun.
  14. Mr. Klenion was fed up. "You all think I'm a Forgotten? How dare you! I'm innocent. It's Myka, he's the Forgotten!" Klenion suddenly charged the actor, stabbing Myka in the gut. Myka stared at his wound, as he started coughing up blood. "Why would you..." Klenion paused, tears in his eyes, hoping against hope that his hunch was right. Then suddenly, Myka's eyes glowed white. In a slow, almost robotic tone, Myka pronounced, "That was a bad idea." Suddenly, wild chalklings began pouring out of his wound. They flowed out of him, hundreds at a time. There were too many to combat, especially with the shortage of supplies. "RUN!" shouted Orlok, making a beeline out of the camp. "Go, now, before it's too late!" shouted General Manukos."I'll hold them off, just run!" He was flinging acid at the things with remarkable accuracy, buying the camp enough time to escape. The rest of the camp broke into a sprint, chasing after Orlok. Myka had started laughing, going delirious from the pain. The flood of chalklings turned into a trickle, then it stopped entirely. Myka, slumped to the ground, defeated. Still, the enemy numbers were too great for Manukos. He fought bravely, but in the end, the horde ate him alive. Meanwhile, Orlok had reached his destination. The map led to an old smuggling hole set in a small cave. It would hopefully have more chalk, and more bribes too. He couldn't fight those things any more. He needed as many bribes as possible, then he was getting out of here. If he could bribe one of the guards, he could escape without getting shot. He rifled through the stash, not noticing someone at the mouth of cave. He didn't realize that the stranger's eyes were glowing white, or that they had sneaked up behind him. When the town reached the cave, they found Orlok's body, dead amidst a pile of riches. Vote Count: Kynedath (4): Jondesu, Orlok, Eternum, Elenion Elenion (4): Kynedath, Caesura, Steeldancer, Devotary of Spontaneity Monster Metroid (1): Brightness Radiant Kynedath was lynched. He was a Quick Forgotten. A Piece of Chalk and a Bucket of Acid were returned to the camp supply Orlok was killed. He was a Thief. A Gun and 3 Bribes were returned to the camp supply. Manukos was killed by the inactivity filter. He was a Quick Soldier. A Spring-Powered Crab and a Bucket of Acid were returned to the camp supply. A Map was used! 1 Chalk, 1 Bribe, 2 Crabs, a Map, and a Gun were added to the camp supply. Items Taken: Camp Supply: Player List: This cycle will end on Monday, February 12, at 7PM Eastern Time