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  1. Agreed. Trying to ape Game of Thrones by making it a "Darker Edgier Lord of the Rings" it would be a scandalous waste.
  2. Hmmm, an orc centered story would be interesting. I tend to look warily on prequel material though, so we shall see.
  3. I do however, avoid some stories. Currently I refuse to buy any more books by S.M. Stirling because he simply seems to be milking his one series for all its worth despite not producing anything resembling the quality work he has done in the path and the story meandering in unsatisfying directions. He has a new alternate history novel he is working on, but I'm reserving judgement. David Weber is another author I'm currently avoiding, but that's for bloat issues in his series. I used to read a lot of political fiction back in late highschool early university years, which I now mostly avoid. Otherwise I'll read almost anything that catches my interest, but if I find a book objectionable I'll probably put it down and not finish it.
  4. So I discovered that Amazon will be producing a Lord of the Rings prequel series. I have mixed opinions. In more short form I don't know how well they can pull if off. In my own humble opinion a story centered on Aragorn as a prequel would be a disaster. However, one centered on say, Faramir and Boromir (and other secondary characters) could easily take off and do well. Do any other Tolkien fans have an opinion?
  5. To be honest the first three books are excellent and don't really have an overtly anti-religious message. They read well even though Pullman has a bad habit of leaving loose ends for plot lines. However, I should note that while I enjoyed the trilogy the third book drops all pretense and rather bluntly bludgeons you over the head with the anti-religious message and it threw me for a bit of a loop. That said I would recommend that series overall.
  6. Precisely my point. The thematic intent seems to have been sabotaged in changing that bit of the chapter, and the payoff seems less clear than it was. I'm sure these revisions will serve a point down the line, but I would really hope for some important context to be added in upcoming books to help us readers feel why these changes were important overall.
  7. It struck me because thematically it wasn't as appealing in terms of the fight set up between Kaladin and Szeth, and because then Szeth's resurrection isn't quite as impressive in overall terms. Honestly its probably saved online somewhere, but the best way would be to find one of the original hard copies.
  8. It changes the canon nature of Szeth's death, which I found dissatisfying. Maybe later works will clear things up a bit, but we shall see. The only feeling I commit to at the moment is that it makes me leery of material released before the official release and I'm withholding judgement until later in the series.
  9. True. Still, that kind of big change made me leery, but I'm also trying to avoid getting too deep at first. I am looking forward to going downtown and getting my copy tomorrow though!
  10. With the release date in mind that is a relief, but I still worry Brandon might make another post-release change that will effect the way the story is meant to be viewed.
  11. My fear is of last minute edits that will throw me off later in the books. Then there was Brandon's decision to change the nature of Szeth's death in Words that also threw me, so I'm playing it safe by not reading for the moment.
  12. In light of some of the (what I found to be) disappointing changes and unfortunate later edits to Words of Radiance I have personally skipped out on reading the previews posted on Tor.com. I'm curious if anyone else has adopted this policy or whether I'm alone in doing that If other people have, what are your reasons?
  13. Tomorrow I will be reading Oathbringer and The Well of Ascension (second Mistborn trilogy read through) so I will have a very solid day ahead of me!
  14. I understand that they are sentimental (and largely assume them to be "hunt trophy's/souvenirs") but don't think that makes them suspicious. My underlying assumption is that worldhopping is known amongst the Ghostbloods, which would allow things very distinctly not Rosharan, to be displayed amongst the inner group (who wouldn't be overly curious since they know about the off world escapades) and as examples of what can be achieved. Of course an outsider wouldn't recognize them, at least not one who is not very cosmere aware. I'm just using this as a hypothetical argument for the Ghostbloods being worldhoppers as a part of their organization. It's possible I'm wrong, but since they seem to be able to recruit from off world, I have my suspicions.
  15. Personally I think Hoid wasn't the total mastermind, but part of a diverse group of interests. Hoid may have had more of an understanding of the implications, but from what Frost says, they didn't fully understand what the implications of killing god would be. I think Frost seems to believe there was/is a greater plan, but doesn't grasp what it is. From what he's saying it appears to be hindsight that has wrought misery with their actions. So while the 16 gaining shards seems to have been an intent of almost all parties, I think that the consequences are well beyond what was expected. I think we have too limited an understanding to fully speculate on how and why Adonalsium was shattered, but I personally think Hoid has less of a leading role than we think.