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  1. Here is the link to my video of the event. Part Four, the reading from 'Oathbringer' will go up on the 24th in accordance to Brandon's wishes. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLkofJDqiXZYqLn8P9tJtAvdcUWQ0cDaPI
  2. I was the guy filming next to you! I haven't gotten a chance to post my video yet, but its coming. The reading part will be posted after the UK tour finishes up. I asked a followup to my where did humans come from because I was still confused as to why Preservation had to "create" humans on Scadrial if Scad wasn't the birthplace of humans and Brandon said that Preservation was attempting to copy something he had seen before. I'll post again when my video's are up, though as you said, nothing very exciting in the Q&A
  3. I took video of the event: My question to Brandon was if the too still pool of water on Roshar was the Origin. He said it was a good question and to pay attention to the bar scene in WoR
  4. These are some amazing prizes! GJ sharders!
  5. Thats a good point. Two years running around killing Mistborn might explain the wealth.
  6. So those who fell would have a random distribution of powers? I wonder if there were any bendalloy/nicrosil etc in there. That would have been confusing.
  7. Re-listening to the series, and I just got past the part in TenSoon's trial where a Kandra mentions that they were offered a huge sum for OerSeur's contract. How did Kelisier get such a stockpile. I know he was stealing a bunch of atium, but even when he hit Straff he only got 7 or 8 beads. Also, unrelated question about the math on the Mist-fallen. Exactly 16% fell to the mists, presumably 1 for each metal, and 16% of those stayed sick for a week, they were atium mistings. But, atium is not one of the 16 metals, therefor shouldn't it have been 17% instead of 16?
  8. oh ok, it was pretty confusing because it was a good "paragraph" worth of him burning bronze. I knew he had switched metals between drafts (i think Iron and Steel got switched, or at least, mixed up a couple times) but had not seen that clubs was originally a seeker.
  9. So I am listening to the series, and just went over a part where Vin is talking to "OreSeur" and thinking about the pulsing to the north that she can feel with her Bronze. She mentions that she had clubs burn Bronze, and that he can not hear the thumping. Problem is Clubs is a smoker/copper burner, not a seeker/bronze burner
  10. I was late to the signing, but got .
  11. Durings BS's ama on reddit he stated Does that mean that everyone in Cosmere has breath, they just dont know how to use it. or is the Bio-Chroma a bi-product of the shard on Nalthis?
  12. Who doesn't need more signed copies?!