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  1. I think all that stuff is against the spirit of the game though.
  2. I'll sign up in support of games with simple rules! Also, I'll be traveling on the 26th, so I'll probably be limited in my posting ability that day.
  3. This game is going to get going right around when finals are for me, and any faction with an inactive player is kinda doomed with this ruleset. Also, I don't want to get involved ina game with complex rules right now. I'll sign up for LG 41 (or AG4) when it comes around.
  4. Well Wyrm, thanks for running this! I know there were a lot of inactives, but we also had several cycles with good discussion, and I don't think anybody got lost in the rules. I think my only complaint is related to Orlok using blue text to drop out of the game. The way this came out made it very clear that Orlok was a villager when he was a viable lynch target that day. I don't fully understand the context of why Orlok decided to leave, but I think it's somewhat gamebreaking to allow players to leave the game while essentially proving their alignment. That's what the lynch and other kills are for; removing a player and making their alignment known. I'm also interested in what other people have to say about this sort of thing. For all the players that went inactive this game, I'd just like to ask you to find some part of these games that you enjoy, and focus on that. If it's RP, or PM schemes, or super long analyses, do you. And I'm pretty sure if you just play to have fun then staying active won't be too hard. Just keep your win condition in mind and think how you can help your team along the way, because we're all in this together (unless you're secretly a backstabbing Spiked or Skaa). I've realized that I need to stop trying to create new characters and just stick with what I know, so that I can write RP without having to create a new personality for a new environment every time I sign up for a game. The best games we have had have been combinations of all the things I mentioned above, not any one of them standing alone.
  5. I don't know, I would have been happy if everyone had given the same amount of effort that you did. I mean, I'm not exactly the paragon of activity myself, but I figure if everyone does a little, it adds up to make a fun game.
  6. Elbereth is dead, Seonid. And we've been pinging the inactives all game. They deserve to lose the game at this point. There weren't enough active players left for us to stay hidden.
  7. @Aonar Faileas, where are you?
  8. Well, you forgot @Aonar Faileas. He's was active last cycle at least, although he never voted.
  9. When does this game start? Also, do all Nobles not in the House with the most favor Lose to the same extent that the Skaa Lose? I guess what I'm getting at is: Is this supposed to be a Faction Game? Losing a player C1 is -10 points/cycle, which seems hard to overcome after even 1 or 2 cycles, at which point the only possibility for those players to win is to kill other villagers.
  10. The "kill a villager" specifically applies to the scenario where you are elim and Seonid is village, which is one of two possibilities I am discounting. The other possibility I'm discounting is that both you and Seonid are elims, in which case you could have removed your vote to cause a tie (since you were actually online at the end of the cycle I believe, unlike DA and Seonid).
  11. Of the living active players, I'm most suspicious of Seonid. As I mentioned last cycle, he and DA could have been working together to lynch Orlok, who would have been the largest threat to their team since he was a Soother. I can't really explain why neither DA nor Seonid voted to cause a tie at the end of the cycle, but if one elim can goof up then I guess two can just as well. It's not like inactivity is outside the norm in this game :/. I think we can also be fairly confident that Wilson is a villager. There is no reason for her to have one of three total votes and to kill her own teammate. Much simpler to kill a villager and just win.
  12. Well, I think we still lose. The elims kill one of us tonight, and then its 2-2 with them having a Soother. Although I'm surprised DA didn't vote to protect himself, and that the elim Soother didn't do anything.
  13. Okay, Seonid your approach seems to be aimed at shutting down discussion just as much as Orlok's. He took the momentum of the Rae lynch and used it on Lemon, and you are taking the momentum of the Lemon lynch and directing it toward Orlok. Just saying. Also, I'm not sure how I feel about the ramifications of Orlok dropping out. I mean, he says in blue text that he was manipulated in reference to lynching a villager. So there is no possible way that Orlok could be elim unless he is abusing blue text. (which seems a little cheaty :/) Beyond all that, I agree with what Elbereth mentioned about the Lemon lynch being somewhat inevitable. I believe that both DA: and Seonid: were preemptively trying to cast suspicion on Orlok. If they were elims then they would know that Lemon would flip village and in theory that would give them an easy lynch on Orlok. Of these two, I'm more suspicious of Seonid. He was the first person to suggest lynching Orlok if Lemon flipped village, and compared to DA has given us less to work with. Also, on the active players note, I count 6. Myself, DA, Wilson, Aonar, Seonid, and Elbereth. So we may have actually lost this game, since the elims almost certainly have a soother and 3 votes. If we don't have a smoker/rioter/soother active then they control the lynch. Considering Seonid/DA had no way of knowing that Orlok would drop out, their plan of lynching him would lead to winning as well. I really have to go do some grading, so maybe somebody else can ping the inactives for us?
  14. Just popping in to say that I'm going to be offline for the next 24 hours because life.
  15. Well, the rules say it should be 48 hours. So I'm not sure if that's a mistake, or if Wyrm said somewhere that this cycle would be shorter and I just missed it.