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  1. The Kandra are cool, and I definitely plan on taking them into account for my plans, but there is no way that I'll allow myself to be Kandrafied (which presumably involves dying first) while somebody else in my House (or one of those other sorry excuses for Luthadel nobility) claims all the glory. I'm going to vote for Droughtbringer.
  2. I'll sign up as Hadrian. As for longer cycles, I'd say daytime. @A Joe in the Bush Does the Kandra apply to any death? So, if a player is lynched and a Kandra action targets them, that player instead survives the lynch and changes their win-con?
  3. Great game Joe! I enjoyed the fairly straightforward rules and the twists added a lot of flavor. Unfortunately all the exciting stuff happened after I was dead, but I was keyed in on Drake as an eliminator, so I wuldn't have been much good regardless. Nice job winning Steeldancer. I think your the first SE player to get in a relationship with Vin :D.
  4. Just popping in (having a hard time sleeping) to respond to Drake about that night I said I was inactive, I sent in an order during the Day and Joe let it go through. In case I survive I'd rather not roleclaim, and I haven't done/learned anything useful to justify claiming to stay alive.
  5. @Seonid, why am I a better candidate than Shane? You haven't really presented a case against me, and I'm making the game more fun for everyone (hopefully) by being active. Also, basically every game that I've played, someone says "Araris is flying under the radar." It's definitely not something I try to do, because I've given stances on a lot of things that have happened this game. Also, I'm wiped and need to call it a night. So I won't be able to offer any defense against a bandwagon on me.
  6. @Steeldancer, did you Soothe Drake?
  7. I'm convinced that Darkness is a village Soother and Drake is not the Unstable Mistborn. Darkness didn't know nutella was dead, so he's probably village or the Mistborn. The Mistborn wouldn't risk getting counterclaimed, so that leads me to believe the DA actually Soothed Drake. Which also means that Drake isn't the Mistborn. I'm decently suspicious of Drake as an eliminator though. @Straw, How can DA be Mistborn? Who do you think actually Soothed Drake? @Seonid, this level of activity and explanation is fairly normal for Straw. My top 3 lynch choices are HH, Straw, and Shane. Straw and Shane have both been present but haven't contributed much to the discussion. HH is still a reasonable candidate for the Mistborn. Drake comes 4th, but he can be seeking for the Mistborn at Night, so even if he is an elim he's useful to keep around for a bit.
  8. @Drake Marshall How do you get from "Darkness couldn't have scanned me" to "Darkness is the Mistborn"? It seems like if Darkness was the Mistborn and scanned you, then he would have seen Brass, and thus not confirmed your role.
  9. @Darkness_ Nutella was killed and flipped village. Also, he was confused about the elim win con D1, so I was already leaning village on him. Also, I'd wager that Drake was seeking Sart last night. I'm leaning towards agreeing with the idea that HH is the Mistborn. My second guess would be Darkness.
  10. @Darkness_, your post reminds me somewhat of when we were elims together recently. Also, I'm going to move my vote back from Drake to Drought. I'm honestly surprised that there are as many votes on Drake as there are, I was just trying to generate some better discussion than "let's lynch Araris!" Okay, @Seonid, just saw your post. I've been waffling about Sart. On one hand, he started a lynch on an eliminator. However, that lynch shouldn't have been as helpful as it was, and since Ornstein was inactive, was an easy way for Sart to gain trust. So he's definitely on my radar. Also, his vote today isn't super helpful, so that makes me more suspicious of him. I would vote on Sart as an option. @Sart, what do you have to say about things? The thing about Drake mentioning the Unstable Mistborn is mostly NAI to me. As either Village or Eliminator, it directs all the other players towards the actual win condition. Both the Village and the Elims want the Mistborn dead. However, I am pretty sure that Drake is not the Mistborn himself.
  11. Steeldancer, you think the elims had 4 players plus a rioter? That would be enough to practically win the game D1, since it would be a 6 vote swing, which was more than 1/3 of the starting players. I'd wager that there are only 2 left.
  12. I'll be completely without internet access on the 2nd, so an extension means I would miss the night cycle (assuming I'm still alive). However, my role isn't that helpful, so I'm fine with an extension.
  13. Well if you actually are village and do lynch me, then just be careful. Unfortunately there are a lot of people that aren't contributing right now. Seonid kinda hit the nail on the head; a large part of the reason I'm voting for you is that you are one of the only people that has said enough for me to form any sort of opinion, and I fully acknowledge that it's a stretch. I'm just worried because nobody seems to have a problem with lynching me this cycle. So if I flip village, you guys should consider either that the village is being led by an elim, or that the elims are lurking since we haven't locked onto them.
  14. @Seonid my opinion is that there isn't really a good player response to inactivity. Last cycle the end result was useful for two reasons, but as I mentioned earlier that is due to the particular mechanics of this game and the result of the die roll. Also, asterion was not totally inactive, but present and choosing not to participate. So the two wagons weren't inactive versus active, they were lurker versus inactive. @Steeldancer, @ShaneysRus, I understand that you are suspicious of me. However, it isn't too helpful to leave your vote on me and have done with the discussion. What are your thoughts on players that weren't involved in the two wagons? Of the players that voted for Ornstein, who are you most suspicious of? If Drought and I were both dead, who would you be voting for? The following players haven't posted this cycle: @Straw, @Hemalurgic Headshot, @Darkness_, @shanerockes, and @Aspen. You guys are nearly 1/2 of the living players. I'm going to withdraw from Drought now, since I think I've gotten my point across about him. And if I get lynched and flip village, I would prefer you guys lynch Drake rather than Drought. I think Drake might be trying to lead the village through a chain of lynches. He was the 3rd vote on Asterion, but then tried to distance himself from the result of the lynch. His post about dying in the night would be very safe to make as an elim (unless he got mistborned, I suppose). I think Nuttalla is village, and probably Steeldancer as well. My next suspicion would be Seonid.
  15. @nutellaspren lynching inactives is unhelpful 9 times out of 10. An inactive player hasn't participated in discussion, and there is little reason for elims to defend an inactive teammate. This game is a weird case where we had two bandwagons, both people died, and there was an inactive elim on D1. Not to mention that we were forced to lynch someone or risk losing the game. All of that together means that the elims might have tried to defend their teammate, but as a general rule I agree with Drought that lynching inactives is a bad policy. I mean, an inactive elim still loses if they are the last player left, since they can't send in kills.