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  1. I haven't done a QF in a while, and I like this ruleset. I'll sign up as Aralis, a crotchety old man.
  2. I guess enough people are reading the thread that I'll post this separately. Emphasis by MarkIV The difference here is that I voted, and Bugsy didn't. Maybe a better thing to have said was, "A 1% change in alignment read isn't making any effort to convince the village of anything."
  3. @Hemalurgic Headshot What did I do that you found suspicious? I think I condemned Bugsy talking about a 49% village read, as opposed to making a decision and voting based on it. I, on the other hand, took my 49% village read of Bugsy and said that was enough for me to kill him. I'm not sure what is hypocritical about that. (I do concede that voting for Bugsy the first time, because he is a pirate, was hypocritical)
  4. I didn't really have time to explain my vote on Bugsy, since I made it right before I went to bed, but his post about me seemed to be hedging unnecessarily. A 1% change in alignment read isn't helping anyone out, so why even mention it? Also, @Mr Doctor, it's Day 1. We kinda have to be willing to vote for someone with minimal justification. When I said "someone must lead", I was referring to voting on somebody with the intent to kill them, rather than a poke vote (or Bugsy leading us as the first lynchee).
  5. I don't know. I'd lynch you, Bugsy, without any discomfort at all. Someone must lead, so that others can follow.
  6. LYnch or LOse. Nobody on here really uses abbreviations, but Randuir just came from the Mafia Championships where everybody talks like that.
  7. @Bugsy I am aware that we are all pirates, but you are the only person that actually called yourself a pirate. Since you chose your name before alignments were assigned, I'm not sure how me mentioning it could be an elim slip. Regardless, Dread Pirate Cummerbund. @randuir There doesn't seem to be too much reason to speculate on elim numbers. the 20% and square root rules both land us solidly around 5 elims. LYLO would happen at Day 9 I think (8 mislynches and 8 elim kills leaving 6 villages and 5 elims). But that isn't reliable, since Miracle Max and Dread Pirate Roberts can speed up/slow that down. Then there are the dagger and rum abilities, which could further influence when LYLO happens. We can probably start worrying around cycle nine or ten if no elims have been killed. Fade spoke to the gathered pirates in a whisper, although there was no subtlety to the volume of his voice. "Don't twust you. Keep secwets to mysewf. Don't twust me eithew. Don't want youw secwets." Another voice suddenly echoed from the heavens, causing all present to cover their ears with the volume. "Pwactice Pwivate Message Safety you foows!" Fade gestured vaguely toward the voice in the sky by means of agreement, and then wandered off.
  8. Araris was slightly taken aback as he saw what passed for a healer around here sticking body parts onto a corpse, that was apparently still alive. I am definitely not on Carna any more. "My name is Awawis Vawewerian and..." Araris frowned. "My name is Awawis Vaw ... Bother." He retreated behind a building and made some minor adjustments to his appearance. Araris came back around the corner and could hardly be recognized as the same person, with matted hair covering most of his face and an ugly brand partly hidden underneath. He had a broad, witless smile on his face, and spoke slowly, slurring his words a bit. "My name is Fade. Me hewp?"
  9. Well, RP-wise I am totally out of my depth, perhaps to my own personal shame. However, Araris Valerian will have nothing to do with any pirates, including Dread Pirate Cummerbund.
  10. I'm kinda surprised again at the reaction to my lie about House Urbain. Hopefully we can all be less trustworthy next time.
  11. Very good game everyone, and a lot of thanks to Straw for running it. I'd also like to see the other docs, primarily to see what was going on in Venture.
  12. I'll sign up as Araris Valerian, who has a penchant for helping out women.
  13. Well, that would be telling. But if said people want to shoot themselves in the foot then I can't do much about it. And it might be only 1 person.
  14. I'm pretty sure there are some people voting for me right now when it isn't in their best interest. But I'm not entirely sure who they are.
  15. You know Ripple, after what I went through to inform you that Itiah wanted you dead, I'd think you'd be a little more considerate. I'm almost 100% sure that Dalinar Kholin has the Secretive role (seeing as he hasn't voted in thread at all), which would make him a much better kill target than me.