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  1. Whoops, the hero bit must be the only thing I can remember about you
  2. I guess I'm not going to join this one. It runs through the first 3 days I'll be back to school, and I should probably be focusing my energy on other things. Thanks for running it though, Wyrmhero Herowannabe!
  3. @Herowannabe If I'm going to be offline all day Monday, should I avoid signing up? Or will Day 0 be on Monday? Edit: If you're fine with that, then sign me up.
  4. Well, that's good, but I don't think I'll be able to play the rerun since I'll be entirely off the grid for ~30 hours around Monday.
  5. Yeah, a ranged weapon would probably be more of a severe injury sort of thing rather than an accident.
  6. I think ranged weapons fit with Accident and Sudden Sound, but not with Partial. None of the ranged weapon options seem like they would remove part of a body.
  7. @Paranoid King You might want to reference the rules:
  8. I think that Aon Ehe (Fire) and Aon Daa (Power) could both be the culprit. Accident brings to mind when Raoden tested the chasm line on Ehe. Also, an Aon could cause a Sudden Sound. The generic Explosion and Fire methods also seem to fit with Sudden Sound and Accident.
  9. @Wyrmhero Does "partial" refer to the state of the body; part of the body is missing, or does it refer to the wounds being on part of the corpse, or is it up to our interpretation? Edit: Or perhaps could some impartial source answer this? @Alvron
  10. Thanks @Fifth Scholar and @Devotary of Spontaneity a lot for running this game! @randuir, @xinoehp512, and @Kidpen, you guys were a great team, and I think we were pretty close to pulling a win off. The writeups were amazing this game and and interested to read Fifth's essay on the game :). But I'd definitely sign up for this ruleset again without any changes, even if there are things that can be tweaked. I didn't feel like the rules were too significant of a factor in how the game ended up.
  11. This sounds like a lot of fun, if there is still room then I'll sign up as Aralis.
  12. Extra Credits is a nice channel, they have a series called Extra History that covers both well known and more obscure historical events. I'd suggest the episodes about Admiral Yi, and the ones about the South Sea Bubble.
  13. Sorry, didn't see that, all I saw was the vote.
  14. I'd like to hear from @Alvron and @Steeldancer about Phatt. While it would probably be hard to lynch someone besides Snipexe, I'm curious as to why the two of you voted on him. Next cycle I almost certainly will not be so slow to participate. Also, @Snipexe, who would you lynch this cycle if it was entirely up to you, and why?
  15. As far as the D1 lynch goes, since both candidates were village, that means that the elims were probably evenly distributed between them, as has already been mentioned. It also means that the elims didn't really have any stake in the result, so that suggests to me that votes later in the cycle are more likely to be village aligned. I'm going to look in detail at the players that placed the first 3 votes on each of the players as given in Sart's vote tally, minus myself (someone else can analyze me if they want :D): Randuir mentions that we should try and have a large vote margin because of vote manipulation, which makes me a little uncomfortable, but I guess it's a valid village opinion. My preference would be that people whose votes are going to be erratic refrain from "voting to lynch" during those cycles, so that we don't end up with bandwagons to solve this problem. He gave a list of game mechanic thoughts, which is NAI, although I disagree about the roleblock. I think this is much more useful for the village than for the elims, since if even a single elim gets roleblocked, then that's a quarter of their night actions gone. A successful roleblock could even be used to catch an elim if the night kill doesn't go through. Snipexe and WfY are responsible for the counterwagon on Coop. Snipexe says he is fine with either lynch, which seems off to me. As an elim, you wouldn't care which of two villagers died in a lynch too much, but you would stand to gain from a counterwagon placing suspicion on someone else. Snipexe hasn't posted since. @Snipexe WfYseems to assume that Coop is the only other legitimate option to lynch besides Itiah. I'm going to hold off on too much analysis into WfY, because I tend to disagree with some of the things new players do, and consequently read them as elim. I'll need to see how her progression of thought develops though the game to get a better read. I have a village read on Sart, because he suggests the village killing Itiah during the night with the village kill. That's not something I would do as an elim, since usually a close D1 lynch (especially between two villagers) ends with both people dead pretty quickly, regardless of who actually got lynched D1. I also agree with Sart's reasoning for voting on Itiah, which I mentioned in my vote post. I don't have much of a read on Elandera, but if I'm assuming that early votes in the bandwagon are more likely to be elim, of the players voting on Itiah she is the most suspicious. I'll have to watch more for a better read though.