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  1. Yeah, Aman is not 100% confirmed good, guys. You should lynch him next cycle. Or, better yet, we could kill him now!
  2. If you didn't catch from my RP, I was converted to Shu-Dereth by a Derethi Pendant.
  3. Sorry, I've decided to avoid QF (and mostly MR) games due to the business of my life. I just can't commit to being available every day for the span of one of these games.
  4. The religions of the world were false. A Korathi priest had apparently tried to kill Elysian with the power of the Jeskeri Mysteries. Elysian himself was a devout member of Shu-Korath, Shu-Dereth, and the Mysteries. He wore a Korathi pendant around his neck, proof enough of his loyalty to that church. A nice man had told him the truth about Lord Jaddeth, and given him a second pendant, although Eysian couldn't seem to find that one anymore. And just the last night he had made a grand sacrifice in the name of Jesker. Yet where were those gods now, as the folk of Arelon hunted for his blood? Jaddeth, Domi, and Jesker, each a pile of hogswash bigger than the last. Elysian thought frantically of how to escape. He returned to the place where Daoate's corpse still lay in a pool of blood. In the name of religion, the life of one man was nothing. However, if that religion was false, then Elysian was a murderer, and deserved death. He sat in the corner and began to pray, although he didn't know what to. I know that there must be some higher truth. Please, but reveal yourself to me, and I will be your servant to the end of my days. I cannot die a simple orphan and a murderer! Elysian sat for several minutes in the room, until he began to feel foolish. Perhaps there was no higher power, no way for a worthless life to be redeemed. He stood up to leave, taking one last look at his grisly work. Then, out of the corner of his eye, he noticed blood flowing on the ground underneath the altar, which was strange, since the corpse wasn't very fresh. Elysian stepped closer and saw that a single phrase stood out in bright red against the stone of the chamber. It read: PRAISE THE JA! Elysian didn't know who this Ja was, but he knew that his prayer had been answered. He needed to return to the pool that had led him to this world, to find the truth. He didn't have any belongings beyond his clothes, so Elysian took a cloak that would conceal his face and set off for the Perpendicularity. Praise the Ja!
  5. We were lynching Bort, then he did something it would be silly for an elim to do, Aman pointed that out, and shifted the bandwagon onto Randuir, whom he came up with some reasonable D1 arguments to lynch. Now we know that Aman is a Priest with a Jeskeri Pendant.
  6. If I was an elim, I would poison Aman, but I would probably use something a little more permanent than the item involved in this game.
  7. Well, the two aren't mutually exclusive (ish). You could be sent to Elantris first, and then get lynched or something. Although I don't really see us getting much information out of lynching a player that isn't interacting with us.
  8. Hm, I thought the cycle ended 80 minutes ago. So Bort is probably village, and presumably Aman can do something to confirm his role. Aman's role doesn't say anything about his alignment, although stepping out to stop a bandwagon is somewhat risky this early in the game. Claim: Randuir's reasoning of pinch hitters is an elim way of thinking. I'm not sure I buy this. Over the course of the Contribution Crusade we have beaten to death the topic of inactives, and that lynching them doesn't give information. Randuir's post is relevant because not all games have pinch hitters, and that is a further point that doesn't apply universally to all SE games. I personally wouldn't have put enough thought into responding to a vote on an inactive player to mention pinch hitters though. As for the vote on Bort, I agree that the justification is bad, and this is probably the biggest thing against Rand. However, I don't see too much of a link between HB and Rand. Inactives are rarely lynched D1 (or ever) because of the lack of information we get, as previously mentioned. Thus there isn't really a need to switch the lynch off of HB. However, the cycle is almost over, and people switching to save Bort makes a lot of sense. I'll have to think some more about this cycle to say anything more, since my reads are pretty neutral (meaning I'm fine with killing pretty much anyone) right now. @little wilson You say that, but in a cycle or two you'll be saying I'm flying under the radar again
  9. I'm going to have to agree with Eternum here, and vote on Bort. Half the fun in this game is killing people, and kudos to you if you were responsible for the day's lynch. It means the rest of us now have something solid to read off of you. Not wanting that to happen is equivalent to wanting to stay hidden.
  10. @Drake Marshall I think there would have to be a fairly specific setup for the Derethi pendant to actually make a difference in winning the game. Especially since a blocked lynch would mean that the next thing to happen would be an elim kill, so the village would be worse off than before. I think the only time it could really make a difference is if people start going inactive and the elims do a hammer before they have actually won. And again, that wouldn't help much if the Gyorn is still running around. Everyone else had sort of decided that the pendants weren't helpful, so I was trying to think of a possible use, but this what I came up with was somewhat specific.
  11. I guess beyond the thoughts I posted earlier about the Derethi, there really isn't any reliable/consistent way for us to know if someone is telling the truth about their conversion status, unless they claim to be converted, which seems unlikely to be a lie. I'm somewhat swamped with school, and will try to have coherent vague suspicions plus a vote by the end of the cycle, but that will be within 3 hours of cycle end if it happens.
  12. @Elenion I think every convert needs to consider the real possibility that by claiming to be a convert, they run the risk of seriously harming their team's win condition upon becoming Odiv. I also suspect that any player claiming to be converted will be more likely to be targeted by the cultists, since they would be able to search for the Odiv, work towards their own win condition, and also avoid making the Gyorn closer to winning at the same time. As for the Derethi Pendants, the only use I can think for them is to stop endgame lynches on villagers. So there doesn't seem to be too much harm in getting rid of them.
  13. Praise the Ja! And again, Praise the Ja!
  14. I'll sign up as Elysian, the orphan of Elyle who accidentally worldhopped to Sel. I'll elaborate on character details if I have time.