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  1. I'm curious, @DroughtBringer, were you being honest with me in our PM the cycle before you died? Because your PM with Dalinar had all of us convinced that you were lying to us and fishing for information when you told him to target me with a kill. And I guess the Forest elims didn't hit Dalinar the last night. That's the only way the game would have kept going.
  2. Thanks for running this! Overall I think this game was done very well. My largest complain was the lack of GM provided player lists each cycle, which was somewhat inconvenient. I am interested in hearing what happened the last night, since I thought the game would go for one more cycle.
  3. Except that I'm not court anymore. I'm probably going to die during the Night if I don't get lynched now. It's a waste of your vote to put it one me since I'll die anyways.
  4. @The_Lady_of_Chaos I'm not an eliminator, so it doesn't help you to vote on me.
  5. My alignment is in no way related to the Zeta Realm, so no Whitelegs.
  6. Well, I'm still somewhat attached to them, since we worked together the whole game. My new win condition is technically compatible with theirs still. But I am not Court anymore.
  7. Guys, I'm seriously not an eliminator. You know the rest of my team, vote for one of them please.
  8. Orlok. Cloudjumper. I'd also like to mention that I'm actually not an eliminator anymore, by the way. Kinda stinks, because I'm pretty sure that we would have gotten the tie.
  9. Majestic, you should probably take the Test tonight. Maybe you too, DA.
  10. Spaghetti is in the other thread, actually.
  11. We could make a neutral role next cycle with the Medium vote. Edit: @DroughtBringer are you able to take the Test? I would like to know your win condition, but if you can't get it then the Test would probably help with that.
  12. @Burnt Spaghetti @Drake Marshall Don't give up. We have the upper hand over here as well.
  13. @A Joe in the Bush Does Elbereth get a second extra life? I don't know if it matters, but if it does then it would be nice to know.
  14. @Eternum That was kind of the point