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  1. Before Nightblood was awakened and imbued with breath, was he different from a normal, steel sword? I mean, if I went and forged a sword on Nalthis, and then Vasher and Shashara decided to awaken it and command it to destroy evil, would it turn into basically the same thing as Nightblood? Does Nightblood have a key command phrase like Vasher's squirrel or the lifeless? Could Nightblood's original creator regain the breath from Nightblood like with other awakened objects? Would the breath be altered? Would there be more of it or of higher quality?
  2. Ingenuity... Sounds like something Hoid would resonate with (along the lines of novelty/timeliness). Also, if I may coin the phrase... we got robbed (RoB-ed) so hard on that one.
  3. Exactly, but the bearer would probably have to be utterly convinced that the shardblade was, in fact, a different weapon type. And that would have to override everyone else's belief that it was a sword. Also, we have no confirmed idea where shardblades go when they disappear (though I think it is the spiritual realm, since they have condensation on them when they are summoned - moisture pulled from the air because of the thermodynamics involved in transferring from realm to realm most likely, just like frost crystallizes on Szeth and Kaladin when they use large quantities of stormlight - pulling investiture from the spiritual realm and giving it a physical directive/form). Aaaanyway, long tangent. The point is, it's possible that over the centuries the blades have developed new identities as swords, and therefore developed new essences as 'shardblades' in the spiritual realm and it might be as hard to convince them as it would be for Shallan to convince a highly invested stick to turn to fire. Guess I have another set of questions for Brandon now: Would a dead shardblade appear as a bead in Shadesmar? Or what else would it look like? Would it even have a manifestation in shadesmar? Does it depends on how long it's been dead?
  4. This is a pretty big post, so
  5. makes some sense... Both she and Bordin were spying on Aesudan, and if she saw him hurry off with a mysterious, shrouded stranger, she could easily choose to follow. I dont know what her incentive for swapping blades might be... Maybe someone was following her blade's trail and she had to get rid of it?
  6. The diagram didn't exist when Jasnah contemplated assassination, Taravangian only went to the Nightwatcher after Gavilar's assassination. I'm not saying she couldn't be a diagrammist these days, but it certainly wasn't the reason for Jasnah's deliberations.
  7. Just popping in to mention that the intent Autonomy could lead Bavadin to want to free the other shards from their mandated intents... This seems to be similar to Trell in a way with the 'better to be dead and free than alive and controlled' attitude. If this is the case, I could see autonomy attempting to free everyone by simply shattering all the shards. If this is the case, it would take some special mental gymnastics to not go suicidal from her own paradoxical mandated intent, by which she could be said to be controlled or at least influenced. Perhaps she'll shatter herself last once her shard is the most influential force in the cosmere. (even if she just chooses isolation, I cant see how she would be ok with being so influenced by her intent... And if she was autonomous by nature before taking up a shard, why would she be ok with accepting a shard into her life?)
  8. what, if anything, do shards themselves gain from having perpendicularities (aside from worldhopping minions)?
  9. I cant think of a mutation case off the top of my head, maybe Terrismen are a case for this? but we've definitely seen widespread genetic changes through interracial mixing in the population on Scadrial, and selective breeding (horses, Aimian cremlings) on Roshar. So I can't think of why evolution wouldn't occur.
  10. and which attribute you'd steal
  11. Then the next big twist will be that the 'man' is Nightblood, and not Vasher.
  12. I wonder what would happen if we just spiked the whole planet...
  13. my wife and i were kind of playing with the idea that if Eshonai gets locked in a room with nightblood, she would be drawn and pick him up and he would consume the voidspren, and then she would throw him away in revulsion... Instafix.
  14. The Adolin PoV seems to me more like he was remembering a short tidbit about his past, and then using that to highlight a present situation, more than a true 'flashback' chapter. I would call Dalinar's vision an 'Honor flashback sequence' before I called this snippet 'Adolin's flashback'. but hey, that's just how I reddit
  15. that's right! We cant just spike the birds, we have to get to the worms! Maybe if we built a mini fragmentation spikenade into the cookies...