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  1. I ended up getting mine at exactly 2:05 am CST, so maybe there's something to that after all.
  2. Ouch. Ya I pre-ordered mine back in July. Looking online I found a guy that says his amazon.ca Kindle order a few years back was processed at 2:05am CST on the release date. That would be 35 minutes from now if the same thing applies here. Haha apparently I'm desperate if I'm looking that far abroad.
  3. Just edited it in. Super helpful, eh?
  4. That's my situation. I'm from Canada so my store is synched to that. The Australian store doesn't even have the ebook for it. I'm talking to Amazon customer service about it right now. Service Transcript:
  5. Tried that, it only allows me to pre-order, not outright purchase it. Still says the release date is Nov. 14, 2017, with no release time. I've pre-ordered it with 2 different cards and neither worked.
  6. Still not out on my Kindle I've already tried cancelling and re-ordering it with a bunch of different cards... any advise?
  7. My Kindle pre-order still isn't coming through
  8. You're not alone But my kindle says it isn't out yet
  9. 46 minutes and counting.
  10. Sounds like it could be a continuation of Sixth of the Dusk! Hopeful connection to the Ones Above
  11. "IT IS NOT SOMETHING I CAN DO, SON OF TANAVAST. IF THE WIND STOPS BLOWING, IT IS NOT A WIND. IT IS NOTHING." Stormfather is basically a more literate Stick, confirmed.
  12. That's one problem solved Oathbringer given to Amaram. Maybe HE'S the author! lol
  13. I also think that the thing in Urithiru only mimics intended violence so far. We'll need a bigger sample sign to make sure though. Would be interesting and frightening if it did turn out to be responsible for drawing in Shallan's notebook.
  14. But i needz 2 nooooooooo! Seriously though, assuming that Shardplate is capable of storing a feruchemical charge (firstly you personally would need to be able to store it in general, and even then shardplate may already be too Invested to take any charge even if it is keyed to you), you would need to find a way to unlock the Breath, possibly the plate itself, and the charged attribute for the mistborn to even consider accessing the extra Investitures, otherwise it would be the same as burning whatever the plate is made out of. That's all assuming a mistborn's spirit web would recognize shardplate as a burnable metal, and the mist orn is able to ingest the piece before its many Investitures degrade or the possible seed soaks up the Investitures in an attempt to regenerate. I mean, uh... Yup sharders are totally indistinguishable. Also, Ardent, you could just wear a 'welcome home' style airport sign that says 'Welcome to Newcago'. Oh, and the red scarf idea is epic and I would totally go buy one just for this if I were in Utah.
  15. I like your criteria and I think this is a very important discussion to have in this world we live in. I also think that - fortunately - most people on the shard seem to share similar core values and morals, with enough diversity of opinion and thought to keep discussion interesting but civil. The 17th shard is the only internet community I've engaged in that has unreservedly welcomed each new poster with positivity and grace. All that said, I dont think the Oathbringer chapter 25-27 spoiler board is quite the place to be having this conversation. A separate thread within the spoiler board would be wonderful, since from what I've seen I think everyone involved is mature, level-headed, and empathetic enough to discuss this admittedly charged topic without hostility. So as a non-mod with really no authority on the matter, could I please ask that future posts in this thread be centered on the content within chapters 25-27? Thanks family