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  1. your name is just too good! Actually I did that completely subconsciously... Just picking a word that was like 'speedreaders' haha
  2. both fair points. Upvoted I'd like to tie this back into the original topic. Szeth is not a cognitive shadow; his real soul was returned to his body... it just isn't sticking very well. Hence the afterimages. Someone proposed that the afterimage Lift sees is Szeth's Cognitive aspect lagging behind his Physical aspect. I actually think the opposite. I think the lagging Szeth is actually the physical aspect that everyone else sees too. Szeth's Cognitive aspect would then move in front of his Physical, which makes more sense to me scientifically. First you plan a movement, and then you execute it. We've seen similar thought processes when mistborn spoiler This would only matter to the few individuals which could see Szeth's "afterimage", who could feasibly get a split second warning of what Szeth's Physical aspect was about to do. I dont have WoB or textual evidence for this, but to me it makes more logical sense that the Cognitive moves first, and then the Physical moves a split second after.
  3. like YOUR waffles! Haha
  4. That is definitely the crux of the matter. The only concern I would have about it would be purely philosophical: If the soul has been so thoroughly and efficiently replaced/altered as to basically be the original person, but made from slightly different stuff, does that person's original soul (in the form it was before being 'transfigured') actually become the new investiture, does it meld and cohabitate with the investiture, or if not, where does it go?
  5. this is the WoB I got my thought from originally:
  6. (Heavily edited after catching up on sleep and enlightening discussion) The soul is the essence of who a person is, and is used fairly loosely by Brandon with respect to only the Spiritual component vs. both Cognitive and Spiritual. Cognitive shadows are what results from a person losing ties to the physical realm, but maintaining existence in the Cognitive Realm by virtue of having sufficient investiture in their souls prior to death.
  7. Exactly then start again from the ashes of another year.
  8. The order of the Phoenix. The order of Pagerunners. The Truthwatchers. All seem equally applicable right now
  9. My wife is due on November 11th, and the end of year exam period begins on November 13th, so... I guess I'll have my parents come care for us and repeat my year Drastic times... oh well... Journey before destination!
  10. I wish no, I have a crappy Nokia Lumia 635
  11. I'll try to get that up, but I'm not very hopeful. I don't have a way to connect my phone to my laptop, and the file is too big to transfer directly. I am completely sure about the accuracy of my transcript though... it's possible he just couldn't remember at the time what Ivory was up to, or misheard the question. I'll see what I can do about audio though. If I do figure it out, I'll edit it into this post.
  12. Still possible that she saw the results of Szeth's work and put 2 and 2 together. It's obvious that he was creepy when Liss had him, that some of his previous owners had people die around him, and that he was very good with a shardblade and had some kind of supernatural power (eye witnesses could confirm). She must have known at least that he had a shardblade and strange abilities. It's possible that Liss figured out more.
  13. I think you meant for this to be a sobering comment along the lines of, "it ain't all fun and daisies", but what you just described is WAY more attractive than I thought the beta reading process would be. You mean you get to rip the book apart AND catalogue every minute detail obsessively in corroboration with a team?! hmmm... I can be persistent and memorable too! Brandon will definitely remember me from Sydney lol. Do I have to live in the States? I'll be in Canada by the time the next one goes to beta aaand I just realized that I should probably email team Sanderson with any serious requests rather than explode all over your thread.
  14. Stormlight burns away alcohol, and if Jezrien somehow still perceives himself as the king of the heralds, then I'm sure he could make a recovery. However, I would be awfully surprised if Navani didn't grill Shallan about Pattern in this next book. From that she should find out about dead/living shardblades and realize that the honorblade is something else entirely. From there it's a very short step to her convincing Dalinar to let her study it. It really is a mechanical means of accessing the surges (like soulcasters), and she might be able to learn some things from it. I doubt that she will be the one to bond it though. I honestly have no idea who would, if anyone does at all. It is the blade that slew Gavilar, and wreaked havoc across much of Roshar. I'd like it better if Dalinar reclaimed oathbringer than bonding this blade to be honest.
  15. Just FYI This happened... definitely not a joke. Friday, June 16, 2017 at Sydney Supanova.