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  1. I know that Gawx was more assertive than the viziers had thought he would be, but it's still completely possible that the viziers have basically taken over Azir. The response Dalinar got from Yanagawn sounded way too bureaucratic to be Gawx by himself. I'm thinking the viziers are currently obfuscating the political climate and Gawx has very little real power. Re: @BlackYeti I agree with this, but even if I didn't... Adolin seems like the type of guy (read: honorable) that would hold himself up to a certain standard. Yes, he is certainly freaked out by his killing of Sadeas and the potential fallout, so he isn't bringing it into the light anytime soon. However, I think if 'they' (in the vague sense) found him out, and Elhokar decided to put Adolin on trial, then Adolin is the type of guy that would accept the consequences of his actions. If Elhokar demoted him and took away his Shards or exiled him, Adolin might ask for a formal duel to have the Almighty prove his side, but short of that I think Adolin will accept Elhokar's judgement because that's just the kind of guy he is. Disclaimer: The above is just my opinion, and may or may not have any basis in fact or bearing on reality.
  2. I don't really think there is a precedent for removing dead Shardblades. If my suspicions are true, then Shardblades only die when the radiant sufficiently betrays their oaths. This was done en masse during the Recreance, but I suspect it was an extremely rare event during the Golden Era of the Radiants. Now that I think about it more, what I would personally do is burn the Radiant's body (the betrayer), and lay the spren (the betrayed) to rest in their native land (Shadesmar). It's possible there are a bunch of dead Shardblades hanging out in the Cognitive Realm. But again, I get the feeling it was a very rare event up until suddenly it all happened at once. Generally when a Radiant died of natural causes or trauma, I don't believe the spren would die alongside them. More likely they lost their ties to the Physical Realm and returned to Shadesmar, recovered with time, and eventually chose a new person to bond. So by the time there actually were a bunch of dead Shardblades to worry about, there were suddenly no Radiants or living Shardblades to do the worrying. It isn't my working theory, but it would actually make a good deal of sense if the order that remained had at least partial access to Shadesmar (explains why there aren't more blades).
  3. My first thought was that Taravangian's "Radiant" was actually Palah. Possibly he figured out who she was awhile ago, possibly she just decided to surface. Either way he is definitely playing a deadly game.
  4. Taking away the Thrill of contest mods? That's not very fun :'( haha
  5. no luck so far, but I'm not giving up!
  6. I've seen a few comments from people that seem to be thinking there's something funky (reads: magical) going on with either Shallan or Urithiru that makes her unable to draw it. I have to side with Shallan herself on this one, guys. 'She couldn’t get an angle from which to view the entire tower'... and, '"I’ve been trying to draw the tower,” Shallan said, “but I can’t get it from the right angle.” Maybe when Brightlord Brooding-Eyes returned, he could fly her to another peak along the mountain chain."' I think her unease is an understandable, non-magical response to her being unable to fathom something that is so alien to her. It's just a really, REALLY tall building that has 10 levels, each one tall in itself and much wider than the one above. Makes sense that the rims of the lower tiers would cut off the view of the tiers above them from a person standing on the ground. That's my reading of it anyway. Would be cool if Urithiru was made of super-special 'unhallowed stones' that somehow resisted magic and was messing with Shallan's ability, but I kind of doubt it in this case.
  7. Upvoted. Thanks for going through and collecting all that I was wondering about him. Too little info for me to comment on him though I think for now.
  8. So this deserves a separate thread. Some of the old spren used to have 4 genders because people didn't imagine them. Parshendi have 4 genders. Male, malen, female, femalen. That was cool. And significant. And oh bother... the spren had 4 genders originally because the Parshendi were the first ones responsible for directing their identity!
  9. That was my thought too. Could just be that he saw a similar thing in a vision, or someone with black Shardplate.
  10. This week was SOOOOOO good! ok, theory time. So confirmed that spanreed requires Stormlight. Also, Kaladin is going to take it with him, so I guess the Connection between reeds just needs a stable place to be active, and not necessarily attuned to a specific physical location. I like this new Laral. I loved Syl talking about Kaladin's previous weapons, and the 4 genders lol Hesina had a baby! Called it I also loved how she reacted to glow-Kal. Lyn the scout sounds very familiar. Anyone got a bead on her? So Bondsmiths... they tug on other radiants and boost their abilities? I wonder if this can also translate as a physical tugging, like will other radiants be subconsciously drawn to him? He also seems to have forged a minor bond (transient?) between Shallan and the Stormfather. PARSHENI HAVE 4 GENDERS!!! OOOO! That just clicked! Spren had 4 genders... Parshendi had the additional malen and femalen! Renarin seems to know things about the champion, but I could also read that as no one looking at him because they were all bug-eyed too. But he definitely senses/knows about Adolin and Sadeas. And Pattern was humming at the bathhouse situation too So, copycat murder of some random guy from Sebarial's camp... first thought is maybe Ialai is trying to flush out a rat, or the Ghostbloods are messing around. That shiver Shallan got on the back of her neck when Ranarin stood behind her. I think it is significant in some way, but it might just be a life-sense type of thing (like with Breaths).
  11. Sorry to say it Flash, but Pattern beat you his thread was further down the list than yours.
  12. You win sir. I'll delete mine
  13. In all seriousness, this is the kind of subtle detail that team Sanderson might appreciate an email about from you. It adds to the realism with some very minor adjustment. In tin foil hat land, Alethi simply have different physiology from Earthlings, in such a way that it makes the finger slide become the ultimate strike in hand-to-hand combat
  14. I am on the train of 'Adolin is the most overhyped in SA'. I don't dislike the guy. I actually liked him a lot more before all the discussion about him, unfortunately. Now I just... you know... wouldn't be sad if he had as little a part as, say, Rock. All that said, I do want to point out something I see as an inconsistency in your arguement, and actually it's a point in Adolin's favour. Hoid says to good people what they need to hear in order to be stronger, better, more capable. He acts this way with Jasnah (giving her knowledge and directness), and you already mentioned the rest. But you maybe missed the key part here. Hoid doesn't make special efforts to make Adolin grow. Why not? Well... you could argue that Hoid doesn't care if a non-radiant son of Dalinar falls by the wayside, but that honestly seems unlikely. It doesn't fit the demonstrated character of Hoid, who invests quite a bit of effort into everyone around him. Making Adolin the exception to this rule makes less sense to me than applying the rule to Adolin. Applying that rule would mean that Hoid quite simply knows that Adolin is doing just fine and doesn't need his special consideration. I take it as a compliment to Adolin that Hoid spends so much time with him, but doesn't spend it all trying to reshape him, because Adolin is already growing in the right direction on his own, and Hoid sees that. It's also quite possible that Hoid saw Adolin's fascination for Shallan and, knowing the track record of interest --> boredom --> next venture, Hoid intervened a little in the interest of making Adolin actually have stakes, something to fight for, which makes the union more valuable and durable to Adolin. I admit that part is total speculation though. On a different note, a few pages back you made the comment that 'Adolin is the most anticipated character in Oathbringer' or something like that, but you forgot to specify 'to me'. Just saying that at least to me, Adolin's arc, even with the cliffhanger from WoR, still just feels like a distraction from the real story. Probably why I don't really enjoy Rysn that much either. Too much hype, not enough relevance. I see that Adolin lent valuable perspective to our main characters, and Rysn did a beautiful bit of world building, but I'm just not biting my nails over their personal stories.