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  1. From what we have seen all shardblades are unique weapons, its said in the books that flamestance is favored by shardbearers with shorter blades which could help offset the weight of the blade, as for smokestance well we haven't seen anyone use that with a shardblade so no idea, although to me it looks ideal to use with a long thin blade like a fencer(jasnah perhaps?).
  2. I put in my vote as well, lets hope this ends up working out.
  3. The bands of mourning eh? Sounds interesting but as far as we know the only metalminds we know of are those atium bracers. But the first thing that occurred to me was that the bands are most likely not the lord ruler´s rather, they are the metalminds that sazed left behind after his ascension.
  4. It sure is interesting being able to see how the sharders are spread out. Also I should probably mention that I live in the city of Buenos Aires.
  5. Hmm well it seems everyone wants me dead (again) , and sorry about me going inactive, things were a little bit hectic and I didn't get the chance to log on unfortunately, and in my defense I prefer to sit back and watch what everyone else does. It also seems quite suspicious to me that they want to start lynching people who did nothing because fain didn't act, perhaps fain is being sneaky? As for who to pick to get lynched I will follow the public and vote for Jim Bob Dirt. Also New One I think its better to be active rather than getting slaughtered by the dark friends so I read everyone's name and profession and then tried to anticipate who would gamma pick for each role.
  6. Hmm, well the first thing you gotta think of is how much money you wanna spend, once you have an idea then we can perhaps give you a list of things you could use but personally I suggest getting a new laptop if you wanna play some of the more modern games, mostly you wanna get your hands on something with a decent graphics card and processor, around 2-3 years ago I went looking for a laptop that could play a variety of games and I have seen a lot more variety now than back then. Hope this helps you and good luck
  7. I say we we start off by lynching people its better go go on the offense rather than see our numbers get reduced bit by bit, I have a hunch but its by no means accurate. I say we lynch either the manure salesman or the seanchan morat'raken.
  8. Might as well join in, Lam the humble street sweeper will be making a return , and even though I didn't last very long in that other game I still think this should prove... interesting.
  9. I would be quite surprised if anyone could make a humorous image of my username
  10. Well I feel a bit lonely down here , still we can say that we almost have a member in each continent .
  11. Hmmm I really should be getting some sleep but one thing that we don't know exactly about the Skybreakers is exactly what set of laws they follow, Perhaps the Radiants had their own set of laws in which case there shouldn't be too much of a problem, but if the Skybreakers had to abide to the different rules in every single country then things might get complicated. There's also the whole matter of the Highspren, so far we've seen most bonded spren act as guides of some sort, Perhaps the highspren can help decide and lead a Skybreaker on exactly what laws he should be following. I cant wait for the third book to get more intel on the Highspren, apparently they keep records and interest me quite a bit.
  12. After failing to come up with a witty title I gave up and just went with the obvious. Anyways the other day while rereading WoR, I started having quite a few random thoughts about these rather intelligent horses, I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that their intelligence and size was due to some sort of spren bond like most Great shells. We also know that Ryshadium choose their riders, forming some sort of bond, so far we have seen only two Ryshadium (Gallant and Sureblood) and they match everything we know about them(So far). Now the interesting thing that set me thinking was this particular quote: It seems that the radiant put use to these horses capable of carrying people wearing shardplate, but one of the things that made me curious was the fact that the Radiants don't really need horses. Going into battle in a desolation on a giant horse is asking for trouble,we saw how well that turned out for Adolin, and there's not really much point in the speed advantage when you're capable of sprinting at great speeds while wearing plate and infusing stormlight, there's also not much point in charging with a horse considering that the Radiants use shardblades and those don't tend to shove things around, overall Ryshadium, haven't impressed me so far in combat. The other potential use for Ryshadium is transportation, Shardplate is heavy, and Running everywhere probably isn't a good idea, now the problem with this is that a lot of orders can move much faster than a horse, We know that Windrunners can fly and Skybreakers (probably) should be able to fly as well. Then we have the Elsecallers and the Willshapers who have access to the transportation surge making horses pretty irrelevant. Now that leaves us with 6 orders who don't have any Surges that facilitate travel (Friction might work, but I doubt its as fast as flying or teleporting),but there's also the fact that in times of Desolations the knights have access to the Oathgates, allowing them to get to anywhere in the world really quickly, so Ryshadium for long travels aren't that useful either. The only use I can see to the Ryshadium is for carrying equipment but then again you might as well use regular horses, so I cant see Ryshadium being that special in that regard. Honestly I'm kind of stumped on the practicality of Ryshadium (Shardplate for horses! ) but perhaps someone else can enlighten me on how they can prove useful.
  13. Hmm well I'm no tech master but I've been searching a little on Google and I asked one of my friends who's studying computer systems and from what I have understood its basically a bug/exploit (It's not meant to be there!) that allows someone to steal protected information. I'm not exactly quite sure what you can steal from sites vulnerable to heart bleed but passwords, usernames and private messages etc, can be stolen. Luckily some fixes have been going out, and most websites should be patching the problem. As for what sites are vulnerable, I cant exactly give you a list but unless you use the same password for all websites then you should be safe, if your really worried then I suppose changing your passwords cant hurt. As for how the thing works well, when your computer asks for information, it sends a message to the server asking it to return data to check if the server is there, normally this is harmless (say it returns the value of 123) but when you use the heart bleed, your computer sends a message and the server responds with a bunch of information it shouldn't be sending (as an example say it returns 123server admin pass:happyface,and other secret stuff on the server)and so in this way somebody can steal all sorts of useful information on the internet. Hopefully this helps you out Quiver.
  14. So far I only managed to introduce one person to Brandon's books and I started him off with the Rithmatist which he enjoyed quite a bit, I then sent him off to read mistborn, and he really enjoyed the complexity of the magic system and the metals. My next goal is to pester him into reading Way of Kings, although hes been discouraged by the amount of pages it has.
  15. Oooh That look's very nice, your a lucky chap