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  1. So awakening was a Rosharan Magic I originally? I wonder if that's part of why we have some Nalthian influences showing up in WoR, to set up scene and Brandon had planned with Surgebinding and awakening.
  2. I saw the intro post. What I meant was I'd like to see you write with Arthur or a different character more before you tackle a character with as much going on as Shattered in Corvallis. I'm concerned about how you will integrate him into existing plots in Corvallis at this point, and would prefer for you to start with a less complicated character. You don't need a rare and prevalently misunderstood disorder to develop complex character plots and conflicts. That's just my opinion though, so do what you will. For Shattered, I'm also still concerned about the number of powers he has (It's quite the list), but I guess there's nothing preventing him from having that many. For the corruption, I don't know exactly how it would work with multiple personalities (another reason I'm leary of the concept without further research), but I think it should be affecting them all. I posted it in reference to my Taylor Swift Epic because TS is giving me epic vibes in it. I think it's largely a tongue in cheek self parody with a catchy beat.
  3. Maybe just take out the bit about the radio? We can have that come in on a police scanner in person the next day? Or you could just leave it as coming from a police report later. The main issue that that last bit doesn't really come from Shattered's point of view, which makes things difficult. Generally most posts (someone correct me if I'm wrong on this) for this RP use third person limited. Since I don't think the Queen's would let an attack this small take up Radio time (their narrative is that Corvallis is still safe, so they wouldn't want to mention violence they don't have to mention), maybe it would be better to just take it out for now? Also, I missed where the discussion ended up on his personality divide and powers. Secondly, now that I've caught up, I couldn't find where you addressed the concerns I raised about Shattered's personality disorder (or my suggestion that you introduce a non-epic first). Do you mind pointing me to where you posted that (sorry that I missed). Personally, I'm still not sure about the complexity of the character, and would like to see more of Arthur first. Here's my comments, for reference: Also, I keep meaning to post this here, but I'm pretty sure my prediction about Taylor Swift becoming/being replaced by an epic is coming true. Calamity really is here you guys! (slight language warning in the last few seconds)
  4. @Captains Domon, glad to see you posting, but generally we don't jump forward a whole day like that. Things tend to move a little slower. Also given the level of Chaos in Corvallis right now, I'm not sure if such an isolated attack would make the news or not (though it would make it to the police). In general great post! Sorry to all that alive been quiet. Hoping to post soon.
  5. Taylor's been itching to get into a Government Building to check the Dalles's records. She's just waiting for the right opportunity and the right face to get her in. After meeting Emma and Deathwish, either one could probably get her in, so she could be an option for the 'attack'. I know she's not a huge threat on the Arsenal/Quicksilver scale, but she could push them over the edge. I just let Blackhoof know that I'm open to moving forward on Corvallis, but now isn't the best time for me. We are currently house shopping, and work is super busy, and I have some other 'free time' commitments that are going to keep me very busy for the next month or so. I'll touch base though when I can, and try to keep up with this thread. I DO have a pretty firm and outlined plan for what happens with my characters, and I've chatted with a few of the players about how to incorporate their characters into future plots previously. Once I have more time I'll get everything together in one outline and share it with the people involved. Re: Upgrade - I'm open to moving him wherever :). It would be kind of cool to have him hop from city to city, bringing destruction in his unassuming wake. Personally, I've always wanted to see what Euphoria could do with his help.
  6. I'm a little concerned about Shattered's personality disorder, and the number of powers he has. Personally, I'd like to see how you other characters are handled before giving such a complicated character the go ahead (I'd also like some research, but maybe that's just me). I agree that Arthur is the most interesting at the moment, and I thought we were trying to avoid direct connections with Phaedrus to avoid canon wrecking. I have a pretty firm outline for Corvallis. I think I could destroy it in three-ish game days if I could get things moving. If people who aren't interested in writing, or don't have time, would be willing to let other people write their characters for the time being, or to at least let us know their intentions so we can use them as NPC's, we could get the ball rolling. I have some ideas for Argon and Summer.that I've been meaning to discuss with you, involving a plot point that starts at the end of the current game day. I forget if I've spoken to you about it or not, but we should plot when you have time :). Actually, I've already adopted him! EDIT: One thing I tried on MBI that might be helpful here is that we could make a list of open plotlines, and then go through and decide which ones can be 'summarized' (so we just provide a quick post providing a summary of what happens) and then which ones we think are important to RP out in full. That might help move things along if we can get over some tricky points. We could even leave some posting space to fill those scenes in later when people have time.
  7. Nope, just post here for starters, and then we can go from there. If you don't want people to know your epic's weakness, you can PM it to Twi and I.
  8. Hey Captains Domon, sorry I didn't see this until now. The last few weeks have been so nuts I haven't even had time for my usual lurking. You are of course welcome in Corvallis, provided your character passes inspection by the group.
  9. Happy birthday! 

  10. There is also a thread summary somewhere that may be of assistance. You'd be welcome in Corvallis though Also Showtune is awesome. Even if he starts in Salem he and Princess GOOD need to have an epic showdown at some point. I'm curious how their powers would interact.
  11. Thanks! Things I was worried about: (1) the reinforced glass - I did some quick wikipedia research, and then extrapolated on what I thought a reckoners world equivalent might be (since they have more technology), but it still felt a little forced to me (although, if you are wondering why in the world they would use glass instead of shutting Rainmaker in a metal box and throwing her into the ocean, I DO have a character/world-building reason for that). (2) How Rainmaker's PI Works - In my mind, putting Rainmaker in a constant state of danger (such as removing her oxygen) would force her into a kind of stasis. It felt kind of cheap for her to just come out of that after a long period as a cloud good as new, so I added in the starvation/dehydration thing, and had Skinsaver heal the damage. I think the healing part works - Rainmaker's body would continue to deconstruct until she got food and water, but Skinsaver's power got her to the state she would be in if her body had just entered that state. What I'm worried about is her time in cloud form - would she be consuming calories? Why does the starvation/dehydration catch up to her? I could just hand-wave it and say it works, but I'm curious what people's thoughts are (especially the science-y people).
  12. New Skinsaver post that took way too long to write, and was way harder to choreograph than I initially thought. It's pretty rough, so any suggestions for improvement, or comments on what worked, would be appreciated, even if I never get around to editing it.
  13. Skinsaver slumped back in his office chair, closing his eyes. How did Rainmaker expect him to run his hospital effectively in the middle of a Sparking zombie apocalypse, while also running the entire city for her? Of course, Rainmaker's expectations were rarely grounded in factual circumstances, and Skinsaver was in no position to defy her. You would think after all I've done for her... "Busy day?" Skinsaver bolted upright, nearly knocking down his chair. He had expressly asked not to be disturbed, and had locked his office door. And yet, an unfamiliar man, thin and dressed all in black with a smug grin, sat across from him. "Who do you think you are? How did you get in here?" "I wonder, why does she put you in charge hmmm? I took me a bit to figure out where all the calls were going, and when I did I was... surprised. Why not delegate to one of her more well liked or more competent underlings?" "I don't know who you are, or how you got in here, but I'm telling you ..." "Then, it hit me," the man continued, as if Skinsaver had not spoken. "If she's going to replace her right hand, she needs someone she can trust. So why does the Queen of Corvallis trust a healer above her fellow rulers? What makes Skinsaver so important?" Skinsaver felt a chill. "GUARDS! SECURITY! GET IN HERE NOW!" "No need to shout, my friend. You told everyone not to bother you, remember? I've dealt with the staff in the area. No one can hear you." Skinsaver lunged for his phone, but the man seemed to vanish, only to reappear, catching Skinsaver's wrist before it could reach the phone. "No need to worry. This won't hurt at all, and it will only take a moment." Skinsaver adjusted his goggles and pulled off one of his mittens, shivering as the brutal winds hit his exposed skin. In his hurry to get inside, he keyed in the wrong pass-code, and had to try again before the electronic door slid open and he was able to replace his glove. Today, the inside of the facility was almost as cold as the outside, except for the absence of the wind. The industrial strength heaters that lined the walls hummed loudly, blowing hot air at full strength, and yet doing nothing to change the temperature of the room. "I'd keep the coat on today. She's in a chilly mood. Just be ready to pull it off if she throws one of those heatwaves at us." While the blizzard outside was nearly constant, the heat inside the complex tended to fluctuate at random, responding to the whims of the prisoner. Skinsaver had spent most of his time as a site nurse alternating between treating frostbite and heat exhaustion, often both in the same day. Skinsaver nodded to the door guard, and made his way through the halls. One or two of the few people he ran into on his way stopped and asked where he'd been last week. Telling people he had been hiding out during an epic attack in his area assuaged most concerns. The staff at the facility was kept small, out of necessity. The fewer people who knew about the prisoner, the better. Finally, Skinsaver made his way down to the heart of the complex. Two guards sat, protected behind glass on either side of the hall. It's now or never. You can do this. Today, he was going to change his fate, and claim his destiny. "What's going on?" Skinsaver pulled up his goggles and face mask for a moment and flashed his I.D. "Why are you here?" Skinsaver gulped, trying to keep the nerves out of his voice. "Just checking if anyone needs some medical." "Not while on shift buddy, you know the rules." Buddy. Skinsaver felt his temper start to rise. "Right. Of course. Sorry. Just a slow day." "I feel you, buddy. Part of me wonders why we don't just abandon this place all together. No one is gonna come looking for her." As the guard spoke, Skinsaver let his vision shift so he could see through the walls, searching for any information he could use to get through that door. "You should probably get back to work," the second guard chimed in. Gazing through the walls, Skinsaver could see he was reading a book. "Right, of course." Hating himself more with every step, Skinsaver turned and made his way back to the staff room. I can't do this. I've been chosen for something grander and greater. Those simpletons should be worshipping him, not calling him 'buddy'. Skinsaver sat in the staff room for what felt like hours. He refused to work, of course, it would be beneath him now. But try as he might he could not think of a way to get through that door that wouldn't end with him in custody. Eventually, one of the guards from the prisoner's door waltzed in as his shift changed. "Oh! Hey there buddy! You on break too?" The guard--Skinsaver had never bothered to learn his co-workers names--sauntered over to the armory and opened the door with a flash of his key card. "I'm done for the day, myself. Those night shifts are the worst. At least we are safe in here though, eh? I heard you had some epic trouble back home... ...What's up?" The man turned around to find Skinsaver standing in the doorway. We are alone. I could take him. The man was a good twenty years younger than Skinsaver, but he had power now. Skinsaver lunged, and grappled with the man, jamming his fingers under the man's face-mask and into his mouth to stop him from screaming. The man bit down, his teeth tearing into Skinsaver's hand, but Skinsaver sent the damage back, watching through the man's gloves as his hand began to bleed from severe bite wounds. The two continued to struggle, Skinsaver holding on to the man's jaw like his life depended on it and transferring every straing or bruise that was inflicting on him back to its source. Finally, the man got his hands on his gun and fired twice into Skinsaver's abdomen, and then crumbled to the floor when Skinsaver transferred the damage back. Skinsaver took a steadying breath and then grabbed the gun off the floor, checked to make sure it still had bullets, and fired one last shot to put the guard out of his misery. "See you later, buddy." He grabbed the guard's key-card and dashed out of the room, knowing his time was limited. Knowing the shots would have been heard, Skinsaver dashed away from the staff room, avoiding running into people where possible, using his x-ray vision to keep track of how people were moving throughout the building. By the time the alarms started sounding, he was almost to the door. The two guards currently on duty stood at attention, watching the hall from their protective cages. "Help!" Skinsaver called, not needing to fake the terror in his voice. "We're being attacked!" The guards watched impassively as Skinsaver reached the doors to their secure chambers. "We're in lockdown. Can't let anyone in." "Please! They'll be here any minute. You have to let me in!" The guards shared a glance with one another across the hall. "ATTENTION" blared a voice over the intercom. "ATTENTION. THE NURSE, HOWARD JENKINS, IS ARMED AND DANGEROUS. REMAIN AT YOUR POSTS, AND DETAIN OR INCAPACITATE HIM BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY". In what felt like slow motion, both guards eyes slipped to Skinsaver's ID badge, and then rushed to grapple with the controls for the guns mounted in the corners of the hall. And then the heat wave hit. Bone-chilling cold transformed into sweltering heat in an instant. The guards froze for a moment, torn between incapacitating Skinsaver and stripping off their winter gear to avoid succumbing to the overwhelming desert heat they were being subjected too. Skinsaver took his chance, and rushed for one of the chamber doors, using his key card to enter. The guard reached for his handgun, as Skinsaver began shooting at him wildly, praying that one of the bullets would hit. The guard took a hit to the leg and to the shoulder, but still managed to get a shot in on Skinsaver. As he felt the pain of the bullet in his belly, Skinsaver lunged forward, grasping wildly, taking two more bullets in the process. I'm going to die. Panting, the guard began backed out of Skinsaver's reach, and frantically began removing his winter gear with his good arm, both to get a look at his wounds, and because of the heat. Skinsaver, still in his jacket and mask, felt his head begin to go fuzzy, both from the heat, and from the blood loss. "He's down?" The guard from across the hall entered the chamber, letting his jacket fall to the ground and revealing a sleeveless shirt underneath. All the staff in the compound were prepared for sudden weather changes. "I think so. Just... argh! Here, help me with this will you? The sparking nut case got me, and I can't quite manage these buttons.... Sparks I'm thirsty, do you have any water?" As the second guard passed by, something stirred in Skinsaver. A primal need to survive, to continue to live at all costs. Gods shouldn't die. Skinsaver reached to his side, grabbing at the guard's ankle. The heat of the guard's skin seemed to sing to Skinsaver, urging him on as he healed himself. He gasped as the bullets were forced out of his body and the guard collapsed on the floor next to him, bleeding out from wounds more severe than those Skinsaver had been dying from moments before. The remaining guard shrank away from him as he rose to his feet. "You... you're one of them." Skinsaver smiled. ****** After stripping off his winter clothing, revealing the light scrubs he wore underneath, Skinsaver made his way through the open door into the cell. The heat was even more intense in the room. Skinsaver took out a canteen he had recovered from one of the guards and dumped it over his head, and then took a drink from the second one. He didn't know how long it would take to free the prisoner, but he didn't want to overheat in the process. He reached back and dragged the remaining living guard, still living despite his injuries, into the room and set him aside, just in case things didn't go as planned. In front of him, a white cloud churned and thrashed behind a thick pane of glass. Rainmaker. Skinsaver studied the chamber, looking for any sign of a mechanism for opening the prison. The chamber was airtight, he knew, to prevent the epic from escaping in her cloud form. Initially, he had thought the controls might be in the guard chambers outside, but his search had been unsuccessful. Skinsaver stepped closer to the glass, searching the room with his x-ray vision, looking for any clue that might tell him how to open the door and unleash the monster within upon the world. A face stared out back at him. Skinsaver jumped back, shifting his vision back to normal. The face wasn't human--without any air or food for the entire period of her imprisonment, Rainmaker would die if she became flesh once again--it was shaped out of cloud, subtle patterns in the shifting mass, making the shape of a human face. She's watching me. "Hello? Can you hear me? I'm trying to free you." The giant face reformed, taking a vaguely human shape. It--she seemed to shrug helplessly. "So you can't hear me?" The figure shrugged again, and then pointed towards the glass. That answers that question. He had expected Rainmaker to be in a relatively mindless state after her long confinement. It was surprising to learn that she was still conscious, and had some awareness of the world outside her cell, despite being made of cloud. "You," Skinsaver said to the guard, "How do I open this?" "You can't. They've sealed her in permanently." "Then why guard the bloody place?" The guard fell silent, leaving Skinsaver to stew about his problem. A sudden motion from behind the glass drew his attention. The clouds began to swirl rapidly, and when he looked up, they transformed again, forming into what looked like a shorter rectangle attached to a slightly longer tube. What is that? I'm running out of time! Why is she giving me riddles? Not knowing what else to do, Skinsaver took out his gun and fired several shots at the glass. Cracks spread, but the bullets didn't appear to penetrate all the way through. The clouds reformed again into a face, which nodded. She wants me to shoot the glass? But it's obviously reinforced? Skinsaver took another drink of water, trying his best to ignore the sound of the alarm and the repeated message on the intercom. A quick glance backward with his x-ray vision told him he only had a few minutes before a group of the remaining guards would reach his position. He had to act now, or they would kill him or lock him in some prison. Shaking his head, Skinsaver took several more shots at the glass, trying to hit his existing holes, but his aim was off. Out of bullets, Skinsaver retrieved more and reloaded the gun, and tried again. The glass began flashing rapidly between white and transparent, momentarily obscuring the clouds within. It took Skinsaver a moment to realize that Rainmaker was trying to rapidly heat and cool the glass, hoping to weaken it. Shouts echoed from down the hall. They were coming for him. One of the bullets punched through the glass. Skinsaver was thrown backwards by a powerful gust of wind, and he watched as the clouds rushed through the tiny hole, coalescing on the other side. The clouds changed, taking the form of a thin woman with long dark hair. The woman gasped in a breath of air, but she seemed to wither before his eyes as her cheeks began to grow hollow. She collapsed and then returned to her cloud form. She shifted back and forth several times, each time appearing more emaciated than the time before. She's starving. No one had ever fed her, of course. To do so, they would have needed to let her breathe, which would have potentially allowed her to escape. Now, all that time being without food was catching up to her. The next time she reformed, Skinsaver scanned her with his x-ray vision, and watched as her organs began to fail. The goddess who was supposed to save him was dying. Four guards entered the room, only to be knocked backwards by another powerful gust of wind. The winds continued in force, seeming to howl as their mistress died. I need to save her. Skinsaver slowly rose to his feet, bracing himself against the wall. "I can help you!" He shouted. "I can heal the damage that starvation is causing to your body. I can transfer it to another." The winds around Skinsaver lessened somewhat as Rainmaker took human form once again, this time close enough so that Skinsaver could see into her eyes. She was terrified. "Just give me a moment." At his words, Rainmaker shifted back into cloud, and Skinsaver dashed over to the nearest guards, who were still being pinned to the floor by Rainmaker's winds. Reaching, Skinsaver grasped the nearest guard by the ankle, and then reached out with his other hand. "Grab on! I need skin contact for this to work." One moment, the clouds seem to fill the room, but the next they were gone, a bony hand clutching his. Skinsaver acted instantly, focusing on the damage starvation was causing and transferring it from Rainmaker to the guard. In moments, the guard stopped breathing, and Skinsaver moved on to the next one, feeling Rainmaker's grip begin to strengthen. When he looked back to check on her, her skin was shining bright with light. "Grab the canteen from my belt. I can heal the damage caused by starvation or dehydration, but I can't transfer their water or calories to you. You need to drink, and we need to get you some food as soon as possible." Rainmaker nodded, and began gulping down water greedily. Her skin began to shine even brighter, lighting the room like a miniature sun. When she finished, she wiped her mouth and the tossed the canteen aside and took her hand from Skinsavers. With a gesture, she sent the remaining guards crashing from one wall to the next, crushing them with powerful gusts of wind. Skinsaver, still uncertain of how well Rainmaker's recovery was going, would have preferred to have kept a few specimens alive, but he held his peace, waiting until she was done. As the bodies crashed against the glass with a sickening crunch, Rainmaker relaxed and turned to face him. "You... you've freed me. You've saved me. Why?" Being subjected to the shining figure's scrutiny made Skinsaver sweat, even though the intense heat from before had faded. "I... I guess I wanted an opportunity. You have power. The power to change things. I thought that if I freed you..." "That you could rule under me, hmmm?" Skinsaver didn't really want to rule--he was more interested in exploring his powers and using them to surpass what mortal surgeons like his parents were capable of--but he nodded anyways, thinking it best not to disagree. "Well then. Rule we shall. But first, lead me to some food, little epic, and then let's see how many more of these useless wretches we can kill."
  14. Don't stress too much Kobold! Sorry you are having a rough time writing, I know that can be hard, and I've seen it happen a lot on MBI (myself included). If it helps, you could start by writing something that sounds fun, instead of something that you feel you have to write. If you provide some reactions for other characters to go off of in quick point form here, others can show what is going on from their characters point of view. Are my characters up anywhere? I know I haven't been around much. I think I need to put in an Altermind post, but I don't think anyone is waiting on that. Last I checked I was waiting for @Blaze1616 in Corvallis? No rush honestly--I'm crazy busy at the moment--but I wanted to make sure I wasn't holding anyone up. I've been keeping up in the Question thread, even though I've been silent. Hope everyone is feeling okay :D.
  15. So, hypothetical situation - say Shiny makes a pass (or Shiny's equivalent of a pass) at Nathan - How does Funtimes react to this Shiny Goddess flirting with her boyfriend?