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  1. Question 20

    Don't stress too much Kobold! Sorry you are having a rough time writing, I know that can be hard, and I've seen it happen a lot on MBI (myself included). If it helps, you could start by writing something that sounds fun, instead of something that you feel you have to write. If you provide some reactions for other characters to go off of in quick point form here, others can show what is going on from their characters point of view. Are my characters up anywhere? I know I haven't been around much. I think I need to put in an Altermind post, but I don't think anyone is waiting on that. Last I checked I was waiting for @Blaze1616 in Corvallis? No rush honestly--I'm crazy busy at the moment--but I wanted to make sure I wasn't holding anyone up. I've been keeping up in the Question thread, even though I've been silent. Hope everyone is feeling okay :D.
  2. Question 20

    So, hypothetical situation - say Shiny makes a pass (or Shiny's equivalent of a pass) at Nathan - How does Funtimes react to this Shiny Goddess flirting with her boyfriend?
  3. Question 20

    Once this has gone on for a while, part of me would love for Alterminds episode with Quota's attack to end with running into those two (or three). Not sure where they are at this point though, or if that would be feasible. I can only imagine how he would react haha great posts guys!
  4. The OA

    I really liked the construction of the story and felt the actors did a good job of digging into the subtle nuances of their characters, but have also agreed with some of the critiques I've read so it's probably a matter of taste. I loved it but it's not for everyone certainly. Parts of Episode 8 were a little iffy for me as well so I'm hoping the next season is as enjoyable as most of the series was
  5. The OA

    So please tell me someone else has watched this? I just finished and cannot stop thinking about it!!
  6. Question 20

    I like him. It would be nice to get a little more detail, because it's kind of sparse at the moment, but everything you have looks good :). I might suggest seeing if @Blaze1616 has time to give approval, since Buttercup is in charge of the police, but if he's not around or doesn't have time for it, I'm good. Maybe just wait a few days to see if Blaze has time to take a look. Just an FYI (because I think some wires were getting crossed), I don't think anyone was saying you could not make your own character. Twi was just (repeatedly) bringing up a concern about the viability and practicality of having Battery ruling a city with a power grid (if I'm understanding her critique correctly) that never got responded to, even after Cog drew your attention to her comments. You could have worked with her to develop Battery's backstory if you wanted, but you seemed to ignore her instead. I don't know if it was intentional or not, but it kind of seemed that way when you responded to other comments but not to hers (more than once). If you don't like the idea of changing Battery at all, then that might be a problem, but if you are open to revising him, I don't see a reason why he wouldn't work in the future. It's great though that you are interested in adopting an epic, so I'm not at all trying to discourage you from doing that. I just wanted to note that Battery isn't necessarily incompatible with the RP, you are just going to have to be willing to respond to critique and edit accordingly. For my opinion of Battery (just in case you come back to him at some point), I am concerned about how common 'energy conversion' type powers are coming. We have at least one epic in almost every city who can do some sort of energy transference, and any time epic powers start being repeated I get a little concerned. I also share Twi's concerns about the plausibility of his backstory, and would suggest figuring out a more realistic community for him to rule that is suited to the setting and his power level.
  7. Question 20

    Looks fun to me! Is the illusionist supposed to be Altermind? It would be fun to work that into his history.
  8. Question 19

    Remember to post her or him here first to get the approval of the group and workshop a little before adding, same as an epic!
  9. Human Character Ideas

    Hey all, So I've been workshopping a vanilla character with @Chasmfiend, and I realized that although we encourage new people to make vanilla/human characters as well as epics, we don't really have a good list of suggested roles for vanillas to fill. Now obviously the roles available to vanillas vary city to city, so I'd invite the other G.M.'s (when they have time) to post a list of suggested roles here. Other players are also free to post suggestions as well, of course. I can copy and paste master lists into this post, if others agree, so that it's easy to find. Corvallis Vanilla Roles: I hope these help as a starting point. Individual players can give blanket consent if they want to people making servants or workers in certain sectors.
  10. Question 19

    Taylor is still waiting to find out whether or not she's going to have to explain away the fact that those missiles do her no harm or not. Once that's dealt with, blaze away @Kobold King! Here's the quote for easy reference.
  11. Question 19

    I think we are still waiting on Buttercup and Blossom to finish up with Argon? As soon as that's done I think the meeting can go ahead. Then it's on to another announcement from Rainmaker, and then I think we can start moving towards wrapping up the day? Am I missing anything? The issue is that the typical pattern has been that people create one or two epics and then leave, which means we have a lot of epics and and lot of abandoned epics. Vanillas are less common (hence the new rules) and we need more of them, so I'd encourage creating a new vanilla, just ot move towards more reasonable numbers. That's just me though, others might disagree.
  12. Heirs to the Final Empire: Roleplaying Thread

    Sorry to kind of necro this (one month isn't too bad right?), but I finally found time to grab the link to the family tree Wilson and (mostly just Wilson) I set up. It's not complete, but its fun to play around with. I'm not sure if the link will work for more than one person, so if it doesn't work, let me know and I'll create more links.
  13. Question 19

    Soo, I've realized that I made a mistake with my Altermind post, and I've been struggling with how to correct it, so maybe you all can help. The mistake is that Altermind should have noticed Quota's Upgraded despair wave, but he didn't. I jump over a decent amount of time in his post, so in order for it to line up with when it hits Funtimes and Co., I think I need to add it back in. If you guys feel that the timing is flexible enough, I could do another post where it hits him while he's on his way through Portland, or I could go back and edit the original post. I'm worried about messing with the flow of a post I was happy with, but if that's necessary then there's not much to be done about it. The other option is that Altermind is so out of touch with his emotions that he doesn't notice, but given the strength of Quota's powers, this doesn't seem feasible. I'd also like to get Taylor's plot in the Dalles moving soon. Right now she is with Deathwish. I know Kobold is busy, so is there any way to move things along there without him? @TwiLyghtSansSparkles, you took over Edgerunner, right? Would a post from her point of view work to move things along? Sorry I've been quiet - things have been hectic this month and we've not had internet. I've been keeping up with the Question Thread on my phone and hope to be more active soon!
  14. Just rereading Emperor's Soul, because it's amazing, and Day 98 falls on the the 98th page of the anthology. How nifty is that!?
  15. Heirs to the Final Empire: Roleplaying Thread

    2500 AS for me. I tried my best to up it as much as possible and spent extra rep when arranging NPC marriages.