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  1. I like the idea that the weapon might have something to do with the gem Hoid carries (which might be the “element” that’s Hoid says is safe)? I think that’s the connection Brandon is referencing.
  2. Whew caught up. Sorry I don’t have much internet access this week. @Sazedezas [Admin Voice]: I’m going to have to veto your proposed signature for Karabiner. I get the significance it’s just not the type of thing we can have displayed on the site. Please remove it from your post and don’t use it going forward. He’s with a Brandon. Read Brandon’s first post and he’s there. I am a little worried about this plot line as well, and personally would prefer if the groups he persecuted weren’t exactly the ones hitler did, mostly because I’d be worried about someone reading that out of context or someone with a lived experience of racism or anti-semitism being hurt by what is written. I’d be game to share the reckoners, and I definitely like the idea of them finding out about upgrade and trying to eliminate both him and Nicro.
  3. Also just because people aren’t thinking about looking for him doesn’t mean people aren’t looking for him. If his existence is rumoured I could see Notley trying to find him just to eliminate the threat he represents. It’s not her most pressing concern so she’s not gonna think about it unless it comes up, but she probably has operatives out there searching. I think she probably would just to say “hey we caught one of your operatives stealing from our facility. If you want to collaborate on a mission we would be happy to work out the terms of such an endeavour and thought you should know what one of your agents is up to” EDIT: also Upgrade is mine and has been introduced
  4. I just caught up reading so no haha. Im confused though. I’m not sure who you mean by “common” people but most people know the difference between provincial and federal governments. It’s like the state and the feds in the states.
  5. @Hemalurgic Headshot I’m tagging you because I saw it in your post, but I’ve seen it elsewhere too. The Alberta’s Government was provincial, so they can’t really be called the “Feds” (which would be the federal government of Canada and probably don’t exist anymore). We probably need a different nickname for them.
  6. What’s the idea? I’m gonna try catching up now
  7. If you have some out of canon stuff I’d definitely be down to have it posted. @winter devotion I like how you set out your points. Interesting thoughts. I don’t 100% agree but totally understand where you are coming from and I liked reading it. On the point of teleporters and meta powers, I know originally we tried to keep meta powers limited (after we learned they existed because before that we just didn’t use them) and we tried to cut back on teleporters after Book 3 came out, but we already had a lot. I agree that teleportation and meta powers are fun, but I also think finding creative ways of working within the rules set by the books is part of the fun of these sorts of projects for me, so personally I kind of like limits. I definitely agree that the RP has managed to take the world in fun new directions not explored by the books and that is all kinds of fun.
  8. @Drake Marshall - Just so you know, I'm not sure if you had a healing epic in mind or not for helping Taya, but Skinsaver's abilities should be able to help her out, and he's coming to Edmonton. It would also be a reason for our characters to bump into each other.
  9. Thanks @ladymxdnight! And I love that point about Vin and Goradel!
  10. Anyone want to make a minor epic who can do this?:
  11. The tagging system might work good for that purpose. Helps a lot with searching too.
  12. It was a good post and good to see some growth in Red. Calamity knows she needs it!
  13. Glad to see the enthusiasm folks! Some quick clarifications: (1) I actually just spoke with BitBio - to avoid spamming and bumping old topics, I would prefer if people just PM @Voidus or I, or use the Report Feature to report if a thread is in the wrong place. This includes threads that may have been moved by mistake (moving 60+ threads, that is bound to have happened at least once). EDIT - You can also paste links to threads in this topic. That works too. (2) Thank the whole staff. I'm just carrying out the group decision. (3) Anyone who wants to be added as a leader can take it up with @Voidus. I think he just gave me a couple of names off the top of his head, so there wasn't any sort of formal selection. I think in the end I just wanted to choose somebody, so I wouldn't take 'leader' status as anything recognizing or ignoring an individuals contribution to the RP, just people who know what is going on who can answer questions.
  14. It looked like Alleyverse to me. If it is not, please let me know, and I will move it back.
  15. Due to its popularity, the longstanding social group and role play experience known as the "Alleyverse" now has it's own sub-forum. Check it out, and please post any Alleyverse related threads there going forward. Old threads will be moved over eventually, but due to the volume, it may take a little bit of time, so please bear with us. Enjoy