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  1. @Overlord Jebus, check out the Shallads in full colour! Loving all the Gaz love :).
  2. Great post Blackhoof! The fight scene was really fun, and I like how you brought some of our heroes together.
  3. I tried to leave things open since they are @Blaze1616‘s characters. If Blaze is not around or gives permission, I’m fine with you using them however you wish.
  4. I’m fine to do a Rainmaker reaction if need be. Would anything further be needed from me?
  5. Kameron Hurley does some really cool thing with gender in different cultures in her Worldbreaker Saga (two books out, one forthcoming). She's got societies with four genders, one with three where masters of slaves choose their slaves' gender, and a character who shifts between genders periodically. If people are writing books involving different gender systems, I'd definitely recommend it as an example.
  6. Let me know if you want to workshop anything Voidus! I left things vague when it comes to the actual destruction, so feel free to fill in the blanks. Euphoria (through RM), would involve Cornucopia in the destruction (if you want), and then you can decide where Cornucopia goes from there.
  7. OOC: I am posting the final scene of What Happened in Corvallis, along with a short summary to get people caught up with what was going to happen. People are still welcome to post here, and fill in what their characters were doing during the five-ish days of the Corvallis story, but I will not be checking for continuity or approving characters anymore. People are also free to post summaries like I am doing, if they just want to share what they had planned but don't feel like writing. In the summary, I'll mention a few plots that were just ideas in my brain, which may have changed or evolved as I consulted and wrote with the other players, so keep in mind that their 'canonocity' will be dependent on the approval of the players involved. Feel free to use some of the events referenced as jumping off points if you want. Writing these characters and creating these stories with everyone has been a real privilege, and I thank everyone who contributed their time and talents. Hopefully I will see you all around. - Comatose SUMMARY Three Days Later I failed. Euphoria lay back on her bed, feeling the sudden wave of exhaustion rush over her. She'd barely slept in the last few days, and when she had Insight had haunted her dreams, driving her to continuing her mad struggle for survival. A part of her urged her to get up, to lift her leaden limbs and continue to the fight until the last possible moment, and to spit in Insight's face when he came for her. He wants me to fight. Why give him what he wants? It was true, Insight had to be getting some sick pleasure from her efforts, for why else would he have released her? To be fair, Insight had never truly released her. Even now, she was sure he was there, silently watching, hidden from view, exulting in her defeat. It doesn't matter. She hadn't broken any of the rules, but Insight was going to kill her anyways. Perhaps she should count herself lucky that Insight would probably insist on doing it himself, rather than abandoning her to the monster whose twisted creations were prowling the streets. She knew Insight would have killed her no matter what, even if she had completed his challenge. Her only hope had been to play along long enough for Insight to make a mistake she could capitalize on. Unfortunately for her, unlike the man she had once known, Insight did not appear to make mistakes. Despite herself, Euphoria felt her eyes growing heavy. Without a compelling reason to fight off her exhaustion any longer, Euphoria finally succumbed and fell asleep. The nightmares were waiting for her. "Part of me wants to keep the poor thing here, though it wouldn't be right. And you know that sparking man would have made sure I had heaven and hell to pay if I tried to challenge his custody." Leila stopped mid-stride, crouching to the side of the door instead of entering her aunt's living room. Her mother's sister was the only member of that side of the family who Leila had any contact with for as long as she could remember. Despite Leila's prodding, her aunt refused to speak of Leila's mother, or why she had left Leila and her father when Leila was still in diapers. "You'd really consider going to court over this? I mean, I know you're a blood relative, but he's her father, Melanie. Caroline's pretty much abandoned any parental rights she might have had at this point, and with him taking care of her for so long on his own, you wouldn't stand a chance." "I know, I know. Besides, can you see me raising a child? I wouldn't know where to start! I just . . . can't stand the way he is with her, you know? Every time I see them together, I remember how he was with Caroline, and it just. . . I worry. He's so controlling I'm surprised he even lets her visit me." "Probably thinks she needs more 'feminine' influences in her life. At least his out-dated values have a slight silver lining in that way." Leila's aunt snorted. "A very dim silver lining, if even that. I know it's out of my hands, but, I just wouldn't be able to forgive myself if he ever did something to her. . ." "Oh Mel, you don't think he would do anything like that? Surely he's not a danger to her." Leila felt her pulse begin to quicken. A part of her screamed internally, begging her to leave, but her curiosity won out. No matter how much it hurt, she had to know more, and her aunt certainly wasn't going to be more forthcoming if she confronted her directly. "I don't know. It could be my imagination and bias against him getting the better of me, but I do wonder. She's the spitting image of Caroline, you know? And the way he tries to control everything she does, and how she dresses, it's the same crap he tried to pull before Caroline came to her senses and ran off. I don't know what she saw in him in the first place, honestly. And then sometimes he gets that look, in his eye, you know, when he's looking at her. And I just don't think that's how a father should be looking at his daughter." "Mel, don't be dramatic. Surely Caroline wouldn't have left Leila behind if she thought there was any risk of that. She knew him better than anyone. If she thought he was capable of . . . I just can't believe she wouldn't have tried more to protect her own daughter." "Caroline wouldn't have had the patience for the endless drama and legal struggle. She knows Rick is stubborn as a brick, and as good as she is at playing mind games with people, he might be better. Once she decided she needed a clean break, I honestly don't think she spared much thought for the poor girl. I know it's awful to say, her own daughter, but honestly I think it's the truth. I love her--I mean, she's my sister--but she is far from perfect, and she's less suited to being a mother than I am." Not understanding why, Leila noticed her breath coming in and out in quick bursts. She felt a strange agitation, a tightness in her chest, and in her head, like her body was so full it could burst at any moment. I need to get out of here. I can't be here anymore. Leila stood carefully, listening to make sure her aunt and the guest hadn't noticed her presence. Once she was out the front door, and out of earshot, she started running as fast as she could. She didn't know what she needed, only that she needed to get away from that place, and those things her aunt was saying. It's not true, she told herself. It's not true, it's not true, it's not true. Her Aunt hated Leila's father. That was it. She was only saying those things because she was angry with him for fighting with Leila's mother so much. Leila ended up at Danny's house without meaning to. Not wanting him to see her so upset, she turned to leave. She couldn't let him see her, otherwise he would know something was wrong, and she would have to tell him. And she couldn't tell him what was wrong, because admitting what she heard and that she was upset about it meant that part of her wondered if it was true. It's not true, it's not true, it's not true. "Leila? What's up?" Danny was standing on his front porch wearing his pajamas. Numbly, Leila heard Danny's mother shouting at him not to leave the door open and to put a jacket on if he was going outside. On then did she realize she had left her jacket at her Aunt's house, and that she was standing outside, in early November, in nothing but a filmy pink dress and tights. Shouldn't I be shivering? "Leila. Are you okay?" Danny ran down the stairs. Leila flinched. I need to keep running. I need to get away. Her feet refused to move. She stood in place, frozen. "Hey, hey, it's okay. Don't cry." Leila sniffed, choking down the emotions that were threatening to overwhelm her. "I'm not crying." Her tone was forced and devoid of emotion. She couldn't fool him, not with that on her mind. "Don't do 'whatever-Leila-does-instead-of-crying' then," Danny smiled and Leila felt a bit of her anxiety begin to melt away. "Come on, I'm sure we can figure it out. I'm just playing the new game my mom got me last week. You can watch me play if you want. And my mom made homemade oreos! They're so good. I'll ask her to make us some hot chocolate too." Leila let Danny usher her inside, and did her best to leave her fears out in the cold. Euphoria opened her eyes, not sure if the memory had been a part of her nightmare, or Insight snooping through her past again. It had been so vivid. She had never visited her aunt again after that day, throwing a fit whenever her father tried to make her until he relented and decided she was better off not seeing her mother's family at all. Her relationship with her father had never been an easy one, but it had changed after that. The unrelenting stubbornness and harsh commands had always annoyed Euphoria, but her aunt's words had put darker thoughts in Euphoria's mind, one's no amount of logic or reason could dispel. Despite her fears, Danny had never asked what was wrong that day, though she could tell he wondered about it. Somehow he had known, just like he always did, exactly what to do to make her feel better. Danny is dead. And so is Leila. Only Euphoria and Insight remained, and soon one of them would be dead too. Likely me. Glancing over to the clock, Euphoria noted that she had only been asleep for a little over an hour. She still had several hours left until sun down and Insight's deadline. Might as well get up. Wouldn't want to die in the bed of a slave. As she got up, Euphoria heard one of Argon's other slaves who lived in the same building calling after her, scolding her for dozing off during her shift. Euphoria ignored the woman, and retrieved some hair products from one of her hiding places. Argon wasn't home, and thus far he had proven to be a lenient master. Even if he did return and find out she wasn't there, he likely wouldn't care she had been ignoring her duties. It took almost an hour of scrubbing and rinsing with several different products to get most of the brown dye she had been using to disguise herself out of her hair. When she was done, her hair still had a slight brown tinge to it, but for the most part it looked like her regular strawberry blonde. Caroline the slave of Argon could die too. Euphoria had no need of that role anymore. One of the soaps she used to get the dye out smelled faintly of honey. Euphoria usually avoided wearing scents, especially ones which were traditionally feminine, but today, she couldn't bring herself to care. So what if her hair smelled sweet? Maybe it would complement the smell of her corpse rotting. Euphoria returned to her hiding place, and switched out her plain wire frame glasses for a pair with her standard thick rims. She tied her damp hair back into a sensible tail. If she was going to die, she might as well do so as herself. Once she was ready, she exited the tenement and started wandering through town. The sun was shining brightly as it slipped towards the horizon--either Rainmaker was in a better mood, or she had stopped caring. Euphoria avoided the centre of the city, knowing that was where she was most likely to run into someone who might recognize her. If she met someone, or saw another person walking towards her, Euphoria would turn off as soon as possible to avoid them, but otherwise, she didn't pay much attention to where she was going. Insight had stolen the mystery of the hour of her demise from her, but there was something comforting about letting fate decide where she would meet her end. The streets were mostly empty. People avoided going out once it started getting dark, thought the ghouls came out in the day as much as they came out at night. Eventually, a familiar structure came into view. What was it he said I missed? Something about the swings? Euphoria looped around Garfield Elementary, which Rainmaker had never bothered to re-purpose into anything, to where the playground was. It was still standing, surprisingly, likely because Rainmaker simply hadn't cared enough to have it torn down. Euphoria walked over to the rusty swing set, and sat down. The swing was low, and she had to stretch her legs out in front of her. I still don't remember. She supposed it didn't matter what she had missed. Insight had discovered her deception, and now she was going to pay for it. Euphoria absently brushed away a bee that was buzzing around her head, discarding her earlier acceptance of her scented shampoo with a curse. "Trying to figure out where you went wrong?" Insight appeared as the sun slipped below the trees on the other side of the field. Euphoria shrugged. "Not much else to do. My plans have come to nothing, and while I've avoided being dismembered by your zombie friend, somehow I don't think that means I passed your little test, if you can call it that." If she focused, Euphoria could still see the scenery behind Insight, indicating that while he had made himself visible, he remained incorporeal and unable to be touched. Even now he fears me. At least in that, she had been successful, even if her success had sealed her fate. Insight frowned. What's the matter? Is it less fun to torment me when I've given up? Isn't seeing me fail the whole point of your little game? Euphoria held her tongue. Her last moments would surely be painful, if Insight's previous treatment of her was any indication. There was no sense is antagonizing him further. Euphoria swatted away another insect which was fluttering around her head, a butterfly this time. The little thing hovered for a moment, and then fluttered over to where Insight was levitating. Insight became corporeal, and collapsed on the ground. Something primal stirred within Euphoria, propelling her to act on Insight's momentary weakness. She stumbled slightly as she came out of the swing, but sprung forward to conserve her momentum, tackling Insight to the ground before he could rise. Her fingers found his throat and she pushed, dashing his head into the gravel surrounding the swing set. Somehow, he managed to get his legs up far enough to lash out with them and force her off of him. Breathless, Euphoria snarled and renewed her attack. She lunged again, striking with her feet and fists and hand fulls of gravel. Insight fought back, striking her in the face and chest, but Euphoria bore through the pain. She scratched at his face, and bit down on his fingers when he tried to strangle her, drawing blood. As they tumbled, her hands found a larger rock, which she grasped and swung into Insight's temple. As he fell back she surged forward, climbing on top him. She brought the stone down again and again, screaming as she did so. When she finally stopped Insight had long since stopped moving, and what remained of his face was barely recognizable. Frightened, Euphoria scrambled backwards, both in awe and horrified of what she was done. He's gone. He's finally gone. Insight was dead and, against all odds, Euphoria had survived. She rose gingerly to her feet. Her body ached from a dozen bruises and scrapes, and her face felt like it was on fire, but she didn't think anything was broken. She pointedly did not look at where Insight lay. Somehow, her week of terror had ended, and she was still standing, if barely. Euphoria found her glasses, which had been bent and partially shattered in the struggle. She'd have to go back to one of her safe houses to retrieve another pair. After spending what seemed like an eternity in hiding, it was time for people to know exactly who she was. Now it was time to make sure she was never left so vulnerable again. Skinsaver spun as the doors to his office swung open. "I said no one was to bother . . ." he trailed off as he recognized his guest. Though her face was battered and bruised almost beyond recognition, the strawberry blonde hair and the distinctive glasses gave Skinsaver enough visual cues to recognize Euphoria. "Euphoria . . . but . . ." "I have no time for this Skinsaver. I clearly need medical attention." Her voice was strained, but commanding. "Yes of course, right this way." Skinsaver led Euphoria out of his office to the nearest patient room. Though out of sorts, he noted that every staff member they passed seemed to be humming or staring off into space in a contented daze or stupor, enthralled by Euphoria's power. "Does, uh, Rainmaker know you are back?" Skinsaver touched the shoulder of a sedated patient with one hand and reached out for Euphoria with his other hand. As he examined her with his X-Ray vision, he could see that she was favouring one leg, and that she was covered in many scrapes, lacerations, and bruises. What had happened to her? "I will visit Rainmaker as soon as I am well, but that is my concern." Euphoria eased down onto a nearby stool and took Skinsaver's hand. "Butting into other people's business isn't the way to avoid. . . disappointment in the post." Skinsaver shrunk back at the allusion to his weakness. He hadn't realized Rainmaker had shared it with Euphoria, but it only made sense. After all, Euphoria had basically been running Rainmaker's dominion for her. For all he knew she had written the letters Rainmaker used to threaten him. He activated his powers, focusing in on Euphoria's individual injuries, and then doing a generally healing of her entire body. When he was done, his patient had begun weezing in her sleep, suffering from injuries more severe the ones he had healed Euphoria of. "Say nothing of my return. I need to discuss next steps with Rainmaker. We will be in touch." "Yes, of course. But . . ." "Yes of course, my Queen." Skinsaver frowned. Euphoria had always been one of the few Queens to avoid the formalities of her position. "As you command, my Queen." Euphoria nodded, and then left him. "Halt! This area is restricted!" Euphoria didn't break her stride, but lashed out with her powers, and the guard slumped against the wall, giggling with glee. As she made her way through Rainmaker's compound she gave every person she met a similar dosage. Rainmaker's servants had always had the most access to Euphoria's powers, and had no doubt felt the consequences of withdrawal more keenly than other citizens. The sudden restoration of Euphoria's unnatural happiness could be overwhelming for anyone, but for Rainmaker's staff it was all consuming. Many collapsed to the ground, and most barely even seemed to notice her passing. Euphoria opened the doors to Rainmaker's bedroom slowly, and closed them silently behind her. The Queen of Corvallis tossed and turned in her bed, well in the grips of her most recent nightmare. Euphoria took a loaded syringe out of her purse, recently retrieved from another of her safe houses, and mentally prepared herself for what she was going to do. Be calm Rainmaker, I am here to help you. This medicine will help you sleep deeper and keep your nightmares at bay. For extra insurance, Euphoria spread some oil-based lubricant on Rainmaker arm before attempting to pierce her skin. Thankfully, either Rainmaker's danger sense recognized that Euphoria meant no harm, or Euphoria's guess about her weakness had been correct, for the powerful epic did not shift into cloud form. When the syringe was almost empty, Rainmaker's eyes fluttered open. "You . . . Euphoria, is that you?" Rainmaker's voice seemed to slur slightly, as the sedative took hold. "What, what are you doing? Do I dream still?" "Hush, sweet Queen. Go to sleep and all will be well in the morning." "All will . . . but what about the spill? The streets are being flooded. We must clean it up, get rid of it before it reaches us." "Hush, Rainmaker. It is being cleaned up as we speak." "Cleaned . . . yes. Good. Euphoria can handle . . ." Rainmaker trailed off as the sedative took hold. Euphoria emptied what remained in the syringe, and then set it aside. Euphoria clasped Rainmaker's hands in her own and went to work with her powers. She started by focusing on her absence, colouring Rainmaker's perception of the last week with as much pure fear and terror as she could muster. She left periods when she and Rainmaker had been together untouched,--she would go back and increase the positive emotions associated with those times later, saturating Rainmaker's memory with devotion for Euphoria--but then intensified Rainmaker's feelings of fear whenever they were separated. When she got passed their first meeting, Euphoria again focused on fear, drenching Rainmaker's remaining memories with it. Rainmaker's whole life had been one of fear and uncertainty until Euphoria stepped in, and Euphoria was Rainmaker's one source of light. When Euphoria was done, she went back over Rainmaker's emotional history again and again, adding subtle nuances to her revision to make it feel more real. Yes, it had been particularly heartbreaking when people refused to succumb to Rainmaker's rule easily. Couldn't they see she deserved obedience and respect? And then Euphoria had arrived and made everything better. She alone gave Rainmaker what she needed, what she craved above all else. The thought of Euphoria leaving was nearly as frightening as her actual absence. It was only with Euphoria at her side that Rainmaker got the attention she deserved. Her powers made her a mighty force to be reckoned with, but with Euphoria's help she was a goddess. Without Euphoria, Rainmaker was nothing, a thought too terrible to contemplate. There was a reason Rainmaker preferred to rule the way she did, rather than instill terror in her people like some epics. Above all, she craved the adoration of the people around her--she wanted to be celebrated far more than she wanted to be feared. Euphoria worked through the night, not daring to stop until Rainmaker woke up, lest she accidentally miss something as she had with Insight. For this to work, her revisions needed to be perfect. If Rainmaker suspected what had happened, it could all be for naught. Once the sun rose, Rainmaker's mobile started going off. With a free hand, Euphoria sent out a general text instructing that Rainmaker was not to be bothered, and she incapacitated any vanillas who called from outside the door with powerful doses of happiness. Euphoria sat back as Rainmaker's eyes fluttered open, sweeping the empty syringe and the container of lubricant into her purse before they could be seen. "What . . . Euphoria?" Rainmaker's confusion melted away, replaced with an expression of pure joy. She sprung forward, wrapping Euphoria in a tight hug. "It's you, it's really you!" Euphoria suppressed a shudder and returned Rainmaker's embrace. "Yes it is me. You're safe now." "I was so scared without you. Things have been just wretched. I . . . I don't know what to do." "There's only one thing to do, Shining One." "But what? Everything we've built. It's all falling apart. I was so lost without you." "This city does not deserve you anymore, Bright One. They have squandered your generosity and patience. They are not worthy of you, or of us." Euphoria began to run her fingers through Rainmaker's hair in what she hoped was a comforting fashion, and hugged her closer, bringing her mouth even with Rainmaker's ear. "We need to destroy Corvallis." One Year Later Caroline gasped as what was left of her former home came into view. She had to check her mobile several times to be sure she was in the correct location. To be fair, she hadn't been back since long before Calamity had arrived, but even still, she had expected to at least recognize some part of what remained. Instead, she was greeted with complete and utter devastation. The land was torn and broken in a chaotic heap, barren and completely unrecognizable as a place that had once been home to thousands of people. At least now I know he's probably dead. Though the ruins of Corvallis, if what was left could even be properly called a ruin, were particularly bad, what Caroline was seeing was not all that different form what she had seen elsewhere in Oregon. The rumours of its destruction by the warring of its epic masters had proven founded. Caroline took one last look at the desolate landscape, spitting on the ground for good measure, and the returned to her camp. Good riddance. The city and its inhabitants had only bred misery in her life, and the best decision she had ever made was to leave it. A small part of her wondered about the small child she had left behind. Little Leila, named for her mother, against Richard's initial wishes. I hadn't been that hard to convince him, she'd just pointed out what a traditional and feminine name it was, and half the battle was won. Maybe Leila had made the smart decision and gotten out when she could. Maybe Richard had done the little girl a favour by driving her away before she could be caught up in the destruction. No sense in being emotional about it. What's done is done. It took her a few hours to retrace her steps back to her camp. When she returned, the others were making supper--canned beans, again. The only food they had was what they brought themselves. "I'm back," Caroline threw down her pack and sat down next to her friend, Hannah. "So," Hannah turned, offering Caroline a canteen of water, "What happened in Corvallis?"
  8. Activity has been low for a while, so it's tough to say when a good time would be. The post is going well, and I'm pretty happy with it thus far. I'm gonna take a break to eat some supper and will hopefully post later tonight. EDIT: And here it is! I hope everyone enjoys. This was really fun to write, so I'm curious about what people think. I'll still be checking in, so don't hesitate to post if you have questions or want to run something by me (though you don't have to run it by me). I might even be willing to collab on a few one off scenes here and there if there is enough interest, but for the time being, I'd like to consider my part in telling Corvallis's story completed. Thanks to everyone who helped co-write this. It's been a blast. The End of What Happened in Corvallis.
  9. Hey guys. After debating for a while, I don't think I have the time to devote to WHiC any more. There hasn't been movement there in a while, and a lot of the key players (like me) haven't been around much. Rather than leave it open forever, I'd rather get around to writing some scenes that I've been really excited about for a long time. My thought is that I can post the final scene (three days ish from the present day) with a brief summary of Euphoria's plot, since I was really excited to write that part. Then, if people want to 'fill in the blanks' by posting in Corvallis, they are free to do so with their own characters, but I'd prefer not to be involved with supervision/approval anymore. I'm open to staying involved with my other characters is other threads, since they play less major roles, and I don't have the same oversight responsibility, but my feeling is that it is time for Corvallis to meet its end. I have time today, so my plan is to write out the final scene in one sitting. I'll update here when I'm done :).
  10. So awakening was a Rosharan Magic I originally? I wonder if that's part of why we have some Nalthian influences showing up in WoR, to set up scene and Brandon had planned with Surgebinding and awakening.
  11. I saw the intro post. What I meant was I'd like to see you write with Arthur or a different character more before you tackle a character with as much going on as Shattered in Corvallis. I'm concerned about how you will integrate him into existing plots in Corvallis at this point, and would prefer for you to start with a less complicated character. You don't need a rare and prevalently misunderstood disorder to develop complex character plots and conflicts. That's just my opinion though, so do what you will. For Shattered, I'm also still concerned about the number of powers he has (It's quite the list), but I guess there's nothing preventing him from having that many. For the corruption, I don't know exactly how it would work with multiple personalities (another reason I'm leary of the concept without further research), but I think it should be affecting them all. I posted it in reference to my Taylor Swift Epic because TS is giving me epic vibes in it. I think it's largely a tongue in cheek self parody with a catchy beat.
  12. Maybe just take out the bit about the radio? We can have that come in on a police scanner in person the next day? Or you could just leave it as coming from a police report later. The main issue that that last bit doesn't really come from Shattered's point of view, which makes things difficult. Generally most posts (someone correct me if I'm wrong on this) for this RP use third person limited. Since I don't think the Queen's would let an attack this small take up Radio time (their narrative is that Corvallis is still safe, so they wouldn't want to mention violence they don't have to mention), maybe it would be better to just take it out for now? Also, I missed where the discussion ended up on his personality divide and powers. Secondly, now that I've caught up, I couldn't find where you addressed the concerns I raised about Shattered's personality disorder (or my suggestion that you introduce a non-epic first). Do you mind pointing me to where you posted that (sorry that I missed). Personally, I'm still not sure about the complexity of the character, and would like to see more of Arthur first. Here's my comments, for reference: Also, I keep meaning to post this here, but I'm pretty sure my prediction about Taylor Swift becoming/being replaced by an epic is coming true. Calamity really is here you guys! (slight language warning in the last few seconds)
  13. @Captains Domon, glad to see you posting, but generally we don't jump forward a whole day like that. Things tend to move a little slower. Also given the level of Chaos in Corvallis right now, I'm not sure if such an isolated attack would make the news or not (though it would make it to the police). In general great post! Sorry to all that alive been quiet. Hoping to post soon.
  14. Taylor's been itching to get into a Government Building to check the Dalles's records. She's just waiting for the right opportunity and the right face to get her in. After meeting Emma and Deathwish, either one could probably get her in, so she could be an option for the 'attack'. I know she's not a huge threat on the Arsenal/Quicksilver scale, but she could push them over the edge. I just let Blackhoof know that I'm open to moving forward on Corvallis, but now isn't the best time for me. We are currently house shopping, and work is super busy, and I have some other 'free time' commitments that are going to keep me very busy for the next month or so. I'll touch base though when I can, and try to keep up with this thread. I DO have a pretty firm and outlined plan for what happens with my characters, and I've chatted with a few of the players about how to incorporate their characters into future plots previously. Once I have more time I'll get everything together in one outline and share it with the people involved. Re: Upgrade - I'm open to moving him wherever :). It would be kind of cool to have him hop from city to city, bringing destruction in his unassuming wake. Personally, I've always wanted to see what Euphoria could do with his help.
  15. I'm a little concerned about Shattered's personality disorder, and the number of powers he has. Personally, I'd like to see how you other characters are handled before giving such a complicated character the go ahead (I'd also like some research, but maybe that's just me). I agree that Arthur is the most interesting at the moment, and I thought we were trying to avoid direct connections with Phaedrus to avoid canon wrecking. I have a pretty firm outline for Corvallis. I think I could destroy it in three-ish game days if I could get things moving. If people who aren't interested in writing, or don't have time, would be willing to let other people write their characters for the time being, or to at least let us know their intentions so we can use them as NPC's, we could get the ball rolling. I have some ideas for Argon and Summer.that I've been meaning to discuss with you, involving a plot point that starts at the end of the current game day. I forget if I've spoken to you about it or not, but we should plot when you have time :). Actually, I've already adopted him! EDIT: One thing I tried on MBI that might be helpful here is that we could make a list of open plotlines, and then go through and decide which ones can be 'summarized' (so we just provide a quick post providing a summary of what happens) and then which ones we think are important to RP out in full. That might help move things along if we can get over some tricky points. We could even leave some posting space to fill those scenes in later when people have time.