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  1. Gotchya. So you are saying if "after" and "during" were the same category, then it would be 9 to 5, or 7 to 7 if the two who said they wouldn't be opposed switched? That makes sense. Sorry for being mixed up.
  2. I'm confused. I didn't give an after vote? My vote was always that the RP should happen before Calamity leaves. My statement was that, in that time period before Calamity leaves, I think it should be around the time of Steelheart's death. I never meant to give a second vote. By my count, we have 4 for he leaves during, 9 for the RP happens before he leaves, 1 for RP is after Calamity leaves, and 1 person is neutral.
  3. I did vote before.
  4. I'm fine with Voidgaze. Didn't we kind of figure out she might be redeemed without knowing it? I know we want to strictly limit the number of those, but I recall that being an potential explanation in her case since she was made before we knew how corruption worked. I'm also actually fine with some PIs (like straight up invincibility or Resurrection), as long as they aren't too common, and aren't paired with worldbreaking powers. Basically, I think it would be good if you make an invincible character, to give them interesting limits otherwise. There are lots of ways to stop or defeat someone without killing them, so I don't think PI = OP. The only thing we need to be careful of is ratios. I'd prefer to keep things in the current epics thread, mostly so I don't need to change the link in my signature. I have also been including my vanilla characters there. For another slang term for humans (not crazy about "maples") how do people feel about "basics"? That's a term that exists now with similar connotations to vanillas that I could see being adapted. So, since it seems Edmonton is the place we are going with then? I think if it is we should start working on a premise - something to start things off with a bang and give the plot some drive, and the characters something to engage with so it isn't just "a bunch of vanillas and epics wandering around". Any ideas? As an aside, after watching Jessica Jones, I've always thought an epic with Killgrave style powers, but who is very physically weak and vulnerable, would be fun.
  5. My vote is right after Steelheart dies, in the gap between Steelheart and Firefight. I think it would be fun to have our characters getting news of a major epic's death.
  6. I think post Calamity is a little too unknown to venture into. I prefer pre personally. How long before Steelheart was Oregon destroyed again? I can’t find the timeline we worked out. @Voidus @Edgedancer
  7. No worries KK! I’m sure you’d be welcome to hop in any time with a single or as a side character, which might be less busy than what you were handling before. Love your writing so even a limited opportunity to write with you would be great Of course its totally understandable if even that is too much. Life is busy and that makes sense. Edit: #pleasebringbackbacktrack
  8. I'm kind of thinking of grouping some of my epics together with a bunch of Vanillas who enter the city as refugees. Masquerading as vanillas to avoid their enemies, these epics would be a little less corrupted for the time being (kind of like Megan in the books), and then when they start using their powers the corruption would start again.
  9. We are pretty multicultural, so you can probably go with anything. Also, since we would be RPing post end of the world epic crisis, populations tend to move around a lot. I had a new thought, what if we did Edmonton? My thought was, since Calgary is also a pretty major city, what if most of the most powerful epics from Alberta and the surrounding area (maybe even some from the northwestern states) flocked there to try to take it over, and it ended in a huge blood bath. Calgary was utterly destroyed, and Edmonton, the slightly smaller city, was left comparatively unscathed? I kind of like the idea of life going on as normal right next to complete and utter devastation. (I'm a big ideas person, so unless someone stops me I'll just keep throwing stuff out there. Please everyone feel free to turf anything you don't like).
  10. Calgary is huge geographically and has over a million people if we are looking for a city that size. Due to how it sprawls, it might be tough for the epics who live there to control, and other than Edmonton which is close by, it is fairly isolated. It's also close to the mountains, and has some rivers, so lots of fun terrain. Winnipeg is another fairly large but isolated city that could be fun. No mountains, but lots of lakes in the surrounding area. If we are looking for a place with many cities close together, something in Ontario or Quebec would probably be the way to go. We've already referenced Vancouver in the RP, but that could be another option. I'm kind of partial to the west personally, mostly because of its proximity to Oregon. I also worry that using Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal might be difficult if we go for the chaos of many mid level epics approach, as they are all big enough to attract powerful high epic rulers. A less major city might be more believable. Pros and cons to each, it depends what people want.
  11. Oregon's destiny was destruction, but we are somewhat less limited than we were in Oregon, though obviously we would have to keep things somewhat low key to explain why the Reckoners' attention was occupied elsewhere. Regardless, destruction or lackthereof can occur regardless of whether there is a high concentration of high epics or not. I'm fine with allowing a good amount low powered epics with prime invincibilities (Fortuity, for example). Even Taylor Swift (who I would really love to use) is powerful and has a PI, but won't be levelling any cities any time soon. I think where issues occurred was having too many epics with world breaking offensive capabilities. Some of these were necessary for plot reasons (the rulers of the different cities, for example, had to be capable of keeping lesser epics in line or they wouldn't be in charge), but personally I think it would be cool to focus on mid-level epics for the sequel What if, whatever city we choose, has been relatively untouched by High Epics, aside from the odd rampage now and then, as most powerhouses have moved on to more important cities? The vanilla population still lives in fear of course, and mid-level epics strut around like they own the place, but the relative lack of high powered epics to impose order makes it both chaotic but somewhat free?
  12. Obviously part of the fun of writing in the Reckonersverse is making epics, but it would also be cool to have some Vanillas. Any ideas for those? I already have Brandon and I could introduce Ian since he never made it to the Dalles. Any others? Also, do we want to set a limit on OP epics (Rainmaker, Lucentia, Soulcaster, etc) and encourage non-high epics or high epics with less devastating offensive powers to encourage the development of mid level epics and vanillas? Getting overpopulated with High epics was a common problem previously so we may wish to avoid that.
  13. I voted Canada, but I think Mexico would also be an okay option in terms of location, but might require more research.
  14. I see the issue you are having. The distinction I had was that (b) is how or why the Shard acts, and (c) is what the shard is doing (but not what they want to accomplish). Both are qualitative (need a better word) in that they define an action rather than a result, and govern how a shard acts, but... I think I need to think more. The qualitative/substantive distinction is essentially the journey vs. destination distinction in some ways. I feel like in/out categories are not as useful in this context, but I am lacking the vocabulary necessary to articulate what I am getting at. When I have a moment, I'd like to get back to the original categories and then rethink the groupings.
  15. I think my primary preference for Canada over Europe is its geographical proximity to Oregon. It might stretch plausibility to get a bunch of Oregon characters to the same place in Europe. I really don’t think lack a familiarity will be as much an issue as you might think. Most of us knew nothing about Oregon and we made it work. Especially if we start with one city a quick Wikipedia read supplemented by a player whose been there should be enough.