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    Hello! Welcome to my humble Shardic page of stuff. I hope you enjoy your stay.

    I'm extraordinarily awkward in just about every way possible. I give out hugs and memes. I'm learning to play too many instruments. My hands are dead.

    I love dogs. I want 12 of them.

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  1. I got my ACT score, and it's much better than I thought it would be! Colleges, please give me all the scholarships.

  2. "We're alive!" Mistrunner shouts. "We just sometimes go on snazzy quests with no real purpose or sleep for indeterminate periods of time."
  3. Well, Camp NaNo is coming up fairly soon...
  4. Well, even a $100 scholarship is $100 less to earn, so $20,000 is pretty fabulous. Congrats!
  5. Mistrunner nervously nods, remembering the horribly cringy posts she used to make. "Exercise caution," she warns.
  6. Success.
  7. Thanks everyone for the advice. I'm going to follow my stupid dreams and if that means ending up sitting on a street corner reciting sad poetry and playing melancholy tuba music for money, so be it. Hugs!
  8. Mistrunner reflexively grabs the fire extinguisher.
  9. If you want examples of weirdness, I'd point you in the general direction of the entire Oregon RP.
  10. Can I join your England/Denmark group? I, too, am a delicious pastry. (Get it? Danish? I'll show myself out.) I have a lot of Viking blood as well. You can really tell by the aggressive way I eat corn chips.
  11. I'm not feeling great about the future. I'm getting to the point where I have to think seriously about college and what my major will be and career choices and GPA and whatnot and besides it being overwhelming it's kind of scary. I know what I'd like to do, in an ideal world, but it doesn't pay well and I don't think I'll be able to get to the skill level I need to be at within the one year I have before I need to apply. I honestly don't think I have the capacity to do much anything else, though, which is the problem. I have one sort of backup, which is also a major that doesn't pay and would lead inevitably to teaching high school students who don't care a lick. I don't want to be stuck for the rest of my life doing something I don't enjoy. I also don't want to dedicate myself to trying for this goal I have when I doubt I can get there in time. It seems like there's no way to win. I don't know. I'm just stuck in a constant war inside my head between "be practical" and "but what if you can".
  12. I didn't even realize the Washington accent was different until I moved and people started looking at me funny.
  13. I'd be up for doing this again!
  14. There's also the sort of accent you get in the Midwest around Minnesota and stuff. I probably couldn't name all the kinds on the east coast. And even with the more standard, neutral American accent there's slight variations from place to place simply because of the size of the country. And, interestingly, a lot of people, especially around where I live, seem to have differing accents based on who they're with. A lot of people I know say they speak neutrally at school but with a more Southern sound at home.
  15. The queen does not walk through the rain! As someone originally from the northwest, I thought it was hilarious. However, I decided to ride the bus they sent because I wanted the full Midwest cultural experience.