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  1. Ever have one of those weeks where it feels like it's been forever but it's only Tuesday? Well, that's been this week so far. It's not shaping up to be a good school year. Two of my teachers don't teach, one of whom is my trig teacher. This is very, very bad. The reason I'm awake right now is because I've been trying to figure out this homework she's given without any instruction whatsoever out of a precalc book. The other one who doesn't teach is my history teacher (also the football coach, which explains a lot) who keeps assigning essays without covering the material. My English teacher so far is shaping up to be fairly incompetent and can't spell my name, which isn't a huge surprise but she marked someone's paper down for misspelling hers, so I feel like I'm entitled to be petty here. The homework piles keep stacking up and it's hard to find time to breathe. I haven't been able to practice my instruments nearly as much as I'd like. I want to start doing extra things for college applications but I just don't have the time or the energy. I just need stuff to stop for a while. Long enough for me to catch up. A few months would be nice. Unfortunately, things aren't going to stop happening for a very long time. help
  2. Congrats to you both!
  3. My dad's applying for jobs in the Middle East. I'm not super psyched about moving anywhere that's hotter than where I am now. :huh: Exciting, though, I guess.

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    2. Sunchicken


      I'd be more worried about the political unrest... But I definitely agree with your unenthusiasm for hot weather.

    3. Darkness Ascendant

      Darkness Ascendant

      Middle East doesn't necessarily indicate somewhere that is affected by political unrest. UAE is pretty good this time of year (should be ...autumn there I think?)

      But yes, I HATE hot weather so much, humid or dry I don't care (tho humid is worse). The cold is my home.

    4. Mistrunner


      I'm also not that hot on moving to anywhere with any proximity to Syria, but y'know. Weather is more pressing. :P

  4. Orlion=Shard of Identity confirmed
  5. It's from a song. Happy birthday, happy birthday Misery is in the air, people dying everywhere Happy birthday, oh happy birthday
  6. @Kaymyth May the cities in your wake burn like candles on your cake! Happy birthday!
  7. In my US History class (I'm still unsure as to whether it's AP or just honors- the teacher says it's AP, but my schedule says honors) the teacher has one of the most obnoxious but, annoyingly, not rare attitudes towards his students. Every other sentence he just goes of about how we just believe everything we've been told and in THIS class we will learn to THINK for OURSELVES!!!!!!! Unfortunately, I've heard that spiel a lot from various teachers, but this man is by far the most ridiculously arrogant about it. First day of class he asked us for any fact we knew about US history. I gave him a random date I remembered. He asked how I knew it, I told him I learned it in eighth grade history, and he acted like I said I picked it up from a propaganda piece out of North Korea. Then he went on a spiel about how history is written by the victors and we can't just accept any opinion as fact and that's all fine and all but what does that have to do with the fact that the slave trade to the United States ended in 1808? Of course I don't accept people's opinion as fact, of course I have a healthy skepticism of subjective statements about the past, that's just having common sense. But to say I shouldn't believe that a date was correct that I've seen from several reputable sources is just ridiculous. He was obviously setting us up for the lecture on "don't trust what anyone says about history" but if I can't believe even a date then, by his logic, I shouldn't listen to a word he says. Besides that, he constantly questions anything students say to answer his questions, which really does not promote healthy class discussion. I understand he's trying to get us to "THINK FOR OURSELVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!" but it sounds like he's trying to shut us down. He asks "how do you know?" in response to pretty much everything anyone says. It's ridiculous. To top it all off, he tried to teach us that Columbus had to convince the court of Spain that the world was round. He prompted the class to come up with ideas as to how he may have figured that out, giving examples such as solar eclipses and sunsets. I have a suspicion Columbus may have figured it out by reading Ptolemy's Geography, a copy of which he owned, which stated a round Earth as fact. When I tried to bring this up during class, all he could say was "BUT WHAT COULD HAVE TIPPED HIM OFF THAT THE WORLD WAS ROUND" which was dancing around the fact that the "Columbus was a revolutionary scientist" schtick is a massive myth. I brought it up after class, and he assured me he knew, but most people still believed it was flat, of course. It bugged me to no end. Also he has this really obnoxious permanent smirk that just screams "watch me educate these idiotic children who haven't had an original thought in their lives!" He's already assigned an extremely high workload as well (essay due Friday assigned Wednesday with an extremely vague and extraordinarily broad prompt, among other assignments), and it's only the first week. It really gets under my skin because I'm really interested in history and I actually pride myself on looking up multiple reputable sources before stating something as fact. He's so condescending in his treatment of me and the rest of the class and it makes me incredibly angry.
  8. I have a summer assignment on Great Gatsby due on Monday and I may or may not be procrastinating horribly. There's more important matters at hand, such as philosophy. What truly is an essay? Are books simply figments of our imaginations? What are page limits but limits on arbitrary portions of infinite space?

  9. Every day this bird comes up to the windowsill and watches me judgementally while I eat dinner.
  10. "Too much fat? In my diet? Impossible!" I say, eating half a jar of peanut butter in one sitting.

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    2. Mistrunner


      Peanut butter is just so good, you know?

    3. Sunchicken


      YES. There's no such thing as too much peanut butter!

    4. Mistrunner


      That's actually something I say all the time. :D You can never have too much peanut butter, no matter what anybody thinks!

  11. I've got an audition today. *insert internal screaming*

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    2. Sunchicken


      What was the audition? Something band-related, I assume. :)

    3. Mistrunner


      Yep. :D It was an audition for band placement at a camp I'm going to. There's three at the high school level, and I made the top one! It was a bit of a surprise, to be honest.

    4. Sunchicken


      That's great; congratulations!!

  12. I've never thought of evil thank you "I am known as enormously evil. Take that, Happy Hannah."
  13. Getting to know you games. Specifically, "let's all say our names and an adjective that starts with the same letter!!!!!!!" Do you know how many adjectives start with E? I am neither excited nor energetic. I've tried 'enigmatic' but nobody knew what that meant. I'm not exactly eccentric, and I'm definitely not extraverted. I'm left panicking in a circle of Happy Hannahs and Kind Kaylas as I desperately search for a vaguely applicable adjective that people will know the definition of.
  14. The hot new trend for teens: the Fidget Dabber!

  15. Mistrunner wakes up. "SnsdklsgAAAA," she says coherently, realizing how much time has passed. @Cluny the Scourge, of course you can add it to your signature! The Knights Awkward pass up no opportunities for self-advertising. Welcome, @Tesh Kholin and Cluny. Please enjoy some complimentary bookies.