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    Hello! Welcome to my humble Shardic page of stuff. I hope you enjoy your stay.

    I'm extraordinarily awkward in just about every way possible. I give out hugs and memes. I'm learning to play too many instruments. My hands are dead.

    I love dogs. I want 12 of them.

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  1. I've got an audition today. *insert internal screaming*

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    2. Sunbird


      What was the audition? Something band-related, I assume. :)

    3. Mistrunner


      Yep. :D It was an audition for band placement at a camp I'm going to. There's three at the high school level, and I made the top one! It was a bit of a surprise, to be honest.

    4. Sunbird


      That's great; congratulations!!

  2. I've never thought of evil thank you "I am known as enormously evil. Take that, Happy Hannah."
  3. Getting to know you games. Specifically, "let's all say our names and an adjective that starts with the same letter!!!!!!!" Do you know how many adjectives start with E? I am neither excited nor energetic. I've tried 'enigmatic' but nobody knew what that meant. I'm not exactly eccentric, and I'm definitely not extraverted. I'm left panicking in a circle of Happy Hannahs and Kind Kaylas as I desperately search for a vaguely applicable adjective that people will know the definition of.
  4. The hot new trend for teens: the Fidget Dabber!

  5. Mistrunner wakes up. "SnsdklsgAAAA," she says coherently, realizing how much time has passed. @Cluny the Scourge, of course you can add it to your signature! The Knights Awkward pass up no opportunities for self-advertising. Welcome, @Tesh Kholin and Cluny. Please enjoy some complimentary bookies.
  6. I'm a bit late, but may I?
  8. covfefe

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    2. Kaymyth


      This is never going to be not funny.

    3. Mistrunner


      I'm not sure if I want to take twitter away from our dear president or encourage him to use it more.

    4. bleeder


      covfefe was only actively a meme for about eight hours early this morning, but I was awake for all of those hours and watched the whole thing go down. 

  9. I got a haircut!
  10. The Tiffany Aching books are some of my favorites! I'll say the same for them- they really got me to start looking at the world around me. Not to mention the fact that they're hilarious.
  11. Excuse me while I go search them up.
  12. I never knew I needed this in my life until now.
  13. Thanks Slowswift! (Man, somebody needs to invent Baymax stat. I need him in my life.) I haven't laughed this hard since the Dark Lord came to power, thank you Twi And pugs are always appreciated. . Edit: I just realized it sounds like I'm taking about Trump when I say "dark lord." Rest assured I'm not making fun of political leaders, I'm just strange.
  14. On the subject of the musical, I haven't seen it, but I know generally what it's about. In my opinion, it's always good to be able to make fun of yourself. You can't ever take things too seriously. However, I'm not a huge fan of the musical. A lot of people already have a lot of misconceptions about the Mormon faith, and the musical isn't helping. Some of the humor in it I actually find funny, but a lot of it comes too close to being actually mean-spirited, or, perhaps more accurately, condescending for comfort. It leaves a bad taste in my mouth. As for whether or not it's offensive, that's really no question. The musical itself has almost used that as a selling point. Honestly, in my opinion and based on what I know you'll get better "making fun of Mormons" content from Mormons themselves. We have much more experience in that area, and we'd like it done right.
  15. I'm... not really doing too well right now. Hugs would be appreciated.