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  1. I love the fact that we are all freaking out. I am already so in love with this book. And I just changed my time settings on all my devices and still no joy.
  2. Ahhhh it is not downloading! I am devastated to wait three more hours!
  3. Hey everyone.. I still haven't had a chance to download the audio from my phone or even edit yet but it is coming. It was a very busy weekend.
  4. I got almost two and a half hours of the signing line recorded before I had to leave. It may take sometime to post because it will need to be edited for some stuff that Brandon doesn't want to the public at large. I will try to get it this weekend though.
  5. Well I am just leaving work in Renton now and have to run back to Bonney Lake to get my son then head to U District. I will probably not be able to do dinner.
  6. Can't wait to see everyone there. I will be with my son and will try to record the line. I don't have my handy dandy recorder this time but will try to use my phone unless controlled_slide shows up.
  7. Hey!  Will we see you on Thursday?  I am excited for another signing!

  8. I will be there like always! Alice, we should totally have a meet up for dinner before or something.
  9. Yep.. That Shawn was there and the questions above were part of the general Q&A. Controlled_Slide and I recorded the whole signing line though so we will have an audio recording we can transcribe.
  10. Controlled_Slide, Thanks so much for doing this. I saw that Nikki stayed til the end too. For any other fans, Donnie, Nikki, Alice Arneson, Controlled_Slide and I discussed having a Sanderfan lunch in a couple months. Just a get together and chat session, let me know if you would be interested in participating.
  11. I am here in a black, purple, and Grey sweater with a 7 year old boy.
  12. I will be there as always!
  13. Hate to bust the theorycrafting bubbles but he told me when i picked up my phone that was recording the signing line that he didn't want to canonize this answer specifically about the aluminum and shardblades. It was asked while I was not nearby so I had no idea what he meant but there you go... Sorry! Good news.. I recorded approximately 60% of the signing line and will post any other questions that were asked.
  14. Hey I am here. To the left of the podium in a grey shirt with silver stars!
  15. Yeah.. I was a little excited. I will be there on Saturday. I don't know if I will stay for the whole thing and record all the signing questions but I will be there.