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  1. It's funny, that twist couldn't have been more off my radar. The first time my wife reads it, she calls the earring out nearly instantly. The second time it's mentioned she's got it pegged. As soon as it becomes clear what Hemalurgy does, it's the first thing she says. "Vin's earring works the same way." I think you nailed it - different reading styles. She picked up on a mystery and it was a the front of her mind the entire time she read. When I read books, I'm kind of just along for the ride. My wife reads much faster than me though, so I don't think our example fits the theory that slow readers catch more. I think she just focusses on different things. She doesn't catch as much of the character interaction as I do, but she actively hunts for answers and clues to particular issues.
  2. Holy First Witness!!!!
  3. My reasons aren't nearly as story based, so they are definitely the most debatable, but I just can't see Sovereign being anybody but Kelsier after Brandon's writing toward the end of Bands and Secret History. The big Bands reveal is supposed to be that Kelsier is back alive, followed by Kel implying that Sazed is lying (when he says Kelsier can't get back to the Physical Realm), and then there is an entire Afterword section telling fans that Kelsier is going to have more adventures and is far from finished. I know we're reading an author that's got some complex twists to throw around, but that's all a little direct to be dangled in front of us and then pulled away. Personally I'm open to any of these possibilities being extremely entertaining, but that was my feeling. I can't see Kelsier experimenting with any Hemalurgy for his personal uses, but I could totally see a reunion scene with Marsch where they get over some things and then Marsch gives Kelsier one of his own eye spikes. Maybe Marsch just knows where some abandoned spikes are, as were mentioned to be in Kredik Shaw in Secret History. Or maybe Spook goes and collects those spikes, puts them in a host body, and Kel is put together like some kind of (better quality) koloss? As mentioned above, his scars are a part of his identity and could appear on any host body. What concerns me most about any of this is Sovereign's reputation from the Southerners. It's implied (heavily) that Sovereign would casually shoot a coin through someone's skull if they spoke out of turn. Reeeeeealllly hope that's not Kel. Or Spook or Marsch.
  4. Great addition. Whether you post a lot or not, logging on in other locations after relying on auto-fill can be a real pain.
  5. I have nothing constructive to contribute but I really like that you are doing this. I've done something similar in the past (though not nearly as well collected) and I know it makes for a much richer experience, which (not necessarily applicable to me) leads to much better theories! And nit-picky analysis is really fun, hahaha. Hope you keep it up, although you have a pretty long way to go...
  6. No, you're supposed to do the wishing BreathTaker.
  7. I think it'd be interesting if David could create Epics. They'd still go through all of the corruption stuff, so his power would basically be deciding whether or not to gamble with people's souls. But I don't think Calamity would risk that. Can't say I know his motives though...
  8. I feel like I might be missing something. Why does this have to be explained? David explained that both Regalia and Obliteration have religious backgrounds. They bought into an idea that Calamity was an angel sent to end life on Earth. Calamity himself may even have decided on the title seeing as he is in communication with Regalia, who is in communication with Obliteration. What are we looking for?
  9. I agree with both of these being errors. More just oversights than errors, but 5 mile radius should need more than a couple points to begin with if we are being generous, and in context it is only David whose classification we are concerned with, and he is the one who says 2 High Epics. They can be explained away and swept under the rug (which is the good kind of oversight), but I do think they are inaccurate.
  10. I was pretty crushed after finding out they split. If you ever find a band like them, be sure to post!
  11. Playing though Shadow of Mordor still. Didn't seem like my type of game, but it turns out that gameplay+nemesis system is just too good. Playing Hearthstone now that the expansion is out. Lots of fun still. Finished playing the Hal 5 pre-beta beta - that game is outstanding so far. Surpassed my expectations.
  12. I'd very likely just end up twirling it around making lightsaber noises until I got hurt. Unless it made noises of its own. Then I'd just get hurt to those noises instead.
  13. I never get booted from Destiny on XBL. They've recently done a lot of patching, and it looks like they are making some preparations for the Dark Below to drop, so that could be just a Destiny thing in general. can't say for certain there, but mine has been working well.
  14. , the link function is already in place, but I don't know if that gives a notification.
  15. No PVP.