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  1. But I don't think we have it confirmed anywhere that it's possible outside of Sazed's circumstances. I think it's possible that some (or even the majority) of Shards would be incompatible with each other. Or that, after a period of time, any Shardbearer would be too molded by its Intent to pick up another.
  2. Would this be possible? My understanding is that Sazed was only able to pick up two Shards because he picked them up at the same time. This might be me speculating wildly, but existent Shards would not be able to pick up a second Shard. We know for sure Odium hasn't, but that might be because of his Intent and not an inherent restriction.
  3. I agree with the others re: humor feeling forced, but it becomes pretty clear that Brandon is in on the joke here. Wax was a dumb, cocky kid. So fun
  4. It's so good! Wow. So good. I would like a novel's worth of young Wax plz.
  5. That sounds very likely to me. Nightwatcher just wrapped the curse and the boon all into one.
  6. That's the thing - we know from the intel she's gathering that Nazh is also on Roshar. And we know for a fact that they disagree on the topic of interference. That's why I think it's far more likely that he's referencing her and not Cultivation. Note: We have WoB that Nazh knows about as much as Hoid about the cosmere, with only "Khryss" knowing more. That's why I assume she is the same age. And good to know about the Blade. That one really tripped me up. Kept expecting Dalinar to manifest abilities, then he bonded the Stormfather at the end and I just gave up trying to figure it all out.
  7. Two things! Both spoilery. Don't know why you're here if you dont want spoilers. First thing: Dalinar has Taln's blade, yes? Is it not an Honorblade? I'm very confused about this Second thing: When Hoid makes the joke about women his age, he's almost definitely referring to Nazh or Khryss (whichever of them is female, I think Nazh), not Cultivation. We see their disagreement in several chapter headers.
  8. Aha! I figured that we'd find one or both of these people in the unpublished stuff. And I'm 200 pages into WoR now, and seeing that several of the pictures are signed by Nazh...it's super cool :3 Have we seen the name before now, though?
  9. I believe Brandon referred to Khriss as a "he" - could be wrong. Also, thank you Peter for the spelling <3. I wasn't expecting to get such juicy info. I basically chose that questions at random from my thread. I'm impressed that there was so little overlap between the Sharders.
  10. I got there late and my number was later than I expected, so sorry I didn't get around to meeting any Sharders! We got some good answers though go team! Crys (sp?) is definitely more knowledgeable than Hoid, and maybe Naz. I would assume those are characters from Dragonsteel - Chaos has read that, hasn't he? We need info o.o
  11. Very impressive! The "Is Hoid the most knowledgeable?" question was mine - the answer really caught me off guard. I guess I should've been expecting names we wouldn't recognize . Chris (Kris?) and Naz...very interesting.
  12. Oooh, I like that Hoid question. Will definitely try that one if my nerves don't get the best of me. Also the Adonalsium one, but I don't want to take too much of his time. Interesting. Not sure how Hemalurgy would apply there. But I'm behind on my theorycrafting. Not really sure what the bond is supposed to be made of in the first place. Cognitive primarily, I guess?
  13. Sell. It would break the beautiful symmetry of Allomancy. Although it would be great fun. A character (not Shai) from The Emperor's Soul will appear in the Elantris sequel, even if it's just a brief cameo.
  14. Shard of Frustration. It gives you opportunities and then sets you up to fail. Could also be called the Shard of Passive-Aggressiveness.