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  1. Well she was still making use of those gemstones to surgebind, so she's was still putting a lot of stain on them really quickly. I'm assuming any large, quick withdraw of stormlight would cause a gemstone to crack
  2. Ok so I guess that kinda shuts my idea down without some crazy person logic. I wonder if lift could power any other magic systems though
  3. That's exactly what I said tho... I'm proposing that since each metal is a key to a different power, Lift would naturally be able to treat each metal as one. She breaks food down into Investiture. Food isn't Invested and has no realmatic properties, atleast no food I know of. Definitely not the food lift is eating. So if she can take something as mundane as food and turn it into fuel for surgebinding, I'm 100% sure she can do some incredibly wonky things with a magic system that uses ingestion as it's conduit.
  4. The only thing I could think is maybe she could power every metallic art with any one given allomantic metal. She basically transforms food into raw Investiture, and each metal is just a "key" to Harmonys Investiture. So I think she would probably break every metal into it's most basic/raw form of Investiture, which, like the mists, would power all allomantic powers. Every metal would be a skeleton key.
  5. Honestly that gap is pretty great imo. It gives enough time for everything on both sides to solidify for the most part. The KR will have decent numbers and so will the Voidbringers. Alliances will have fallen into place, people will have to unite themselves a little in that time before the real storm hits so we can read about it.
  6. One thing I wanna point out is that whatever method it was, it acts so similarly to hemalurgy that in-world characters would consider it the same thing. So it has to have ripped out a chunk of Jezrien, we just don't know what chunk that was. It could be Odiumlurgy (that's what I'm going with atleast) can only target one attribute which happened to be one that a CS needs to live. Or maybe whatever u hate when crafting the spike drives the Intent of it, so each spike needs to be made specifically and by someone passionate about the goal? Idk, I'm sure im of base but my point is Odiumlurgy steals an attribute of some sort in exact same manner as Hemalurgy, but if Brandon says he considers them 2 seperate systems, then there must be something that sets them apart. And since we've seen them produce the same effect and also seen that how they're used is the same (stabbing completely through someone) the only thing that can be different is how they're crafted, besides the obvious choice of metal.
  7. Also, can you even put Breathe into a hemalurgic spike? It's already Invested, so I wouldn't think you could, or atleast it would be difficult.
  8. I'm not gonna take the time to even try and find the WoB, but I remember seeing one a few years back saying that WoK does the same thing for SA. I'm sure it'll be relatively obvious what line/lines he meant when book 10 comes out lol.
  9. damnation, I didn't take timelines into account lol. And there's no way in hell he didn't bond that spren. Just saying.
  10. Ok so we know Hoid bonded a cryptic at the end of OB, and we know it's hard to get a spren/shardblade off planet, though if anyone could it would be Hoid. But is he effectively stuck on Roshar until he can figure out how to get his spren off world? And how hard will it actually be? Like does he need to have shardblade status first or what?
  11. @QuaN7umVo1D well I'm not really sure but my best guess is that Nightblood has either some imperfection/flaw in its design or that the... strain? Wrong word probably but whatever. But the strain of keeping a normally non - sentient thing sentient permanently requires regular Investiture, which Nightblood can retain and use when sheathed but leaks when not. Or what if Nightblood is an Awakeners version of a Returned??
  12. Yeah, I get that. What I'm saying is when he's unsheathed but also not actively being wielded by anyone. There's atleast one scene in Warbreaker I can think of when this happens (boat scene and at one point stabbed into the ground so make that 2) and still the black smoke
  13. This would imply that the distance Renarin and Odium can see into the future is the same, which is kind of interesting.
  14. Going off this, cuz I don't think it's worth a new question and idk if we even have a definitive answer on this, how long does Nightblood retain the Investiture he absorbs? Because every scene I can recall of him being unclasped has him leaking black smoke even when he isn't actively receiving Investiture from someone. Edit: specifically scenes where Nightblood is out of his sheath for awhile, like 30 minutes atleast in Warbreaker if I remember correctly. And he was still leaking Investiture.
  15. Ok. Well tbh I got more it if that question than I was expecting so thanks. Maybe I'll try and email Brandon and see what how long it takes me to get a RAFO lol