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  1. So I found this quote in Oathbringer page 405. The Stormfather implies in this passage that the fuses are dead listeners who did not move on, but he isn’t necessarily a reliable source for information. I personally don’t agree with your theory but it is just as plausible as any.
  2. Short answer is yes. He was a sliver and could have continued after physical death as a cognitive shadow, so I think it is safe to assume that he was ascended. They do call it the well of ascension after all.
  3. We know that the visions Renarin sees can be wrong and I feel it is safe to assume that they originate from Odium. Furthermore, Odium seemed extremely very confident that he would win, probably because of future sight. Shards can look ahead and predict the future, but there is a level of uncertainty in what will actually happen and most shards have to bank on what gives them the best probability. I personally believe that the death rattled are predicting Odium’s ideal Future and that anyone who believes they are all true will act in a way that conforms to Odium’s untimate goals. Many of the death rattled are true, but things can always change. The danger comes from the belief that they are infallible and people living with the assumption that they cannot b changed. I have a theory that one of the main purposes of the unmade is to keep people from attracting spren and becoming radiant. Not all of the unmade do this, but I see it most evident through the thrill. The death rattles may have the effect of creating a sense of hopelessness in people who pay them heed. In part five, Renarin is show to be resigned to both his and his father’s fates. He is hopeless and helpless, but Jasnah is able to save him. Every person who becomes hopeless is one less person Odium has to contend with.
  4. Near the end of the book Taravangian has his conversation with Odium regarding the diagram. Odium remarks on the diagram and is in awe of what Taravangian was able to accomplish without Fortune. Now I know that Fortune has been discussed extensively, but as far as I am aware discussion regarding it hasn’t touched on a persons ability to literally guess at the future and be correct. This makes me wonder about a number of things such as how Fortune could effect technological developments among other things. Irregardless I find it interesting that Odium mentions Fortune specifically as than may hold an implication that manipulating it may be possible on Roshar, although I may be just grasping at straws. In any case It got me wondering regarding different applications of the surges for different orders. Dalanar has been shown using adhesion to form spiritual connection in order to communicate. I have seen in other places on here plenty of theories regarding the physical, cognitive, and spiritual manifestations of surges and I wonder if Fortune could be a something that a certain order could use. On Roshar sailors commonly refer to Mandras as luckspren, although this may not be their real name. We also know that each order has been shown to have an affinity to drawing large numbers of certain spren to themselves such as creationspren, wind spren, and glory spren. I currently don’t have any theories as to which other order could possible use this as there just isn’t enough information about many of the orders. Irregardless I would like to hear some ideas and thoughts. Also if anyone has a handy link to a thread discussing Fortune it would be much appreciated.
  5. I am specifically thinking of what Adolin whitnessed with Jasnah in part five. Here’s the quote. So I think that it is entirely possible that Jasnah may have already swore enough ideals to get her Shardplate, but is keeping it a secret for some reason.
  6. I thought about that, but the back cover specifically references Radiance returning to and shining towards the people referenced. I went through the list of possible surgebinders and felt that the only ones who could fit were the two I mentioned. I personally am torn between Venli and Renarin simply because every other character referenced is a human. Venli seems to fit the description of having ambition much better that Renarin but Jasnah specifically thinks of Renarin as a traitor when she goes to confront him in part 5. The only issue that I can see with this is that the dust jacket references each of the five as either being radiant or approaching radiant. But until we get a WOB or the next book I suppose that anything is possible.
  7. So I just finished the book and realized that I hadn’t read the back of the dust jacket. I was just wondering who the Traitor was referencing specifically. The quote is, ‘The Traitor, broken by ambition, seeks freedom. So I want to say that this is in reference to Renarin but I think it could also be referring to Venli. I feel that the passage regarding ambition and seeking freedom apply more to her than Renarin but I am just not sure. I could be overthinking this though and have completely missed the mark. My brain is a little saturated with stormlight right now and I should probably get some sleep.
  8. In the epilogue Hoid mentions that the man, to whom he entrusts the orphan girl, is named Cob. That is the name of Wax’s carriage driver
  9. I've been a lurker here for some time, just haven't gotten around to posting. Yeah, that's about it...
  10. This topic is to post any questions you asked Brandon at the signing. I asked; We know that investiture physically affects and changes people's bodies, so aside from the cance of being born as a misting, feruchemist, ect. Can investiture physically or biologically affect the magic user's descendants, and if so then in what way? Answer: You are on to something there, but I can't give details without spoilers. He then elaborated that it plays a major part on Sel. In response I asked if the Alethi were descendants of the original Knights Radiant and if their descendants had light eyes due to their ancestor's use of stormlight/Natal Bond. He said I was on to something but to RAFO.